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The Rapid City Journal Readership Traffic

The Rapid City Journal’s readership is: 34,000 Sunday 34,675 Daily

The Rapid City Journal’s average circulation 13,600 Sunday 13,870 Daily Over 20,000 Black Hills Weeklies are distributed by mail each Saturday to non-subscribers.

We are the #1 Local News Website Our Site averages‌ Over 5 million Monthly pages viewed on

Over 710 thousand Monthly unique visitors on

Our Jobs average‌ Over 9.5 thousand Monthly pages viewed on our jobs page

Over 6.3 thousand Monthly unique visitors on our jobs page*

*Monster Snapshot Internal Data, Mar 2013-Feb 2014 Opportunities 1

4 2

Be there as jobseekers begin their search. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

3 New!!

ROS Leaderboard Big Box Ad Featured Employer Expanding Billboards Email Blasts Retargeting Opportunities

4 E-Blast Send your open position to over 8,000 opt-in subscribers through the Rapid City Journal’s ever-growing list. Space is limited and is on an as-available basis with only one email blast going out per day.

Going Mobile – Mobile

Mobile Advertising Benefits

Mobile Audience

• •


average monthly page views

69,500+ average monthly unique visitors

Reach a younger demographic of 25 – 44 Exclusive, uncluttered environment Complete mobile web page with offer information Click through rates higher than basic online: average between .30 - .50% Closely associate your brand or service with our quality content Enables you to continue the dialog with the user through various forms of engagement: − − − − −

Click to call Visit a site Invite to text back Offer a coupon Apply for a job

Site Retargeting–

Retargeting Benefits •

98% of customers will leave a site without converting. Retargeting is a chance to reengage them. Retargeting capabilities: • • • • •

Site Search Contextual Demographic Facebook Exchange

Our Newspapers plus Monster.

This partnership brings together a trusted local media source with the online recruitment advertising market leader providing employers with: o


Broader local and national reach to both online and offline job seekers in the market Single source solutions of print and online recruitment advertising

#1 Site Visitors Every second on • 80 job searches are performed • 38 jobs are viewed

Every minute on • More than 4,700 job searches are performed • More than 2,200 jobs are viewed • 21 new resumes are added to our U.S. database

Every month on • More than 206 million job searches are performed • More than 97 million jobs are viewed • More than 915,000 new resumes are added to our U.S. database Source: 1comScore monthly average, Q1 2013; 2Monster Internal monthly average, Q1 2013

Monster’s Local Reach:

Attracting Local Candidates Partnerships with over 1,100 daily and weekly papers in the United States – Our top 125 newspaper partners attract more than 68 million unique visitors to their websites each month

The Media Audit

Monster Delivers Locally and Nationally


Monster US Monthly Average

Monster – Rapid City DMA Monthly Average

Job Views1

Over 96M

Over 89,000

New Resumes Posted1

Over 1.4M

Over 175

Total Resumes1

Over 56M collected

Over 8,000 active

New Accounts1

Over 990k

Over 151


Over 13.4M

Over 2200

Monster has the seeker base to meet the recruitment demand among companies of all sizes locally and nationally 1Monster

Snapshot Internal Data, Mar 2013-Feb 2014

Job Views in the Rapid City Designated Market Area (DMA) Job Views Accounting/Finance/Insurance Administrative/Clerical Banking/Real Estate/Mortgage Professionals Biotech/R&D/Science

52,904 102,055 15,045 2,006

Building Construction/Skilled Trades


Business/Strategic Management


Creative/Design Customer Support/Client Care Editorial/Writing

5,070 48,605 9,779





Food Services/Hospitality


Human Resources Installation/Maintenance/Repair IT/Software Development Legal

7,844 109,208 25,714 8,106











Project/Program Management


Quality Assurance/Safety

Sales/Retail/Business Development Security/Protective Services Grand Total 1Monster

Rapid City

Snapshot Internal Data, Mar 2013-Feb 2014


218,006 20,246 1,140,332

Job Postings/Slots

Print to Web Sample

Job Postings: The Ultimate Hiring Tool


Reach qualified candidates with Monster Job Posting o

o o o o


Post in minutes Filter responses online Save time and increase productivity with our tools Add screening questions Manage candidates online

Flexible options o o o

Unlimited ad space – no character limits Purchase as needed or in advance Variety of duration options for both quickto-fill and ongoing and tough-to-fill postings

Monster Slots Monster Slots are flexible one year subscriptions that allow you to rotate your job listings depending upon your needs. Each slot subscription provides a ‘parking spot’ on Monster for the jobs you need to fill.


Key Benefits include: o

Enjoy greater flexibility

o Post, rotate and repost your jobs as needed o

Control recruitment costs

o Streamline your recruitment spend with annual subscriptions o

Maintain candidate flow

o Build a talent pipeline for ongoing hiring needs o

Manage candidates effectively

o Create candidate folders for unique positions o

Keep on top of your hiring processes

o Use Monster’s candidate management functions and our time-saving resume filtering


Job Enhancements: Stand Out, Reach More.

Bolding – make your job opportunities stand out in search results. Bolding drives an 11% average increase in apply starts1

Diversity Posting – reach an additional 22 million+ diverse Job Seekers2 and deliver a 10% avg. increase in applies1.

Auto-Refresh – automatically move job postings to the top of the search results after 14-days. Auto-refresh provides a 43% avg increase in job views1.

Enhanced Job Branding – differentiate your Job Posting and reinforce your company’s brand Monster internal data.

#1 Diversity

Source: 1US comScore, Q1 2013 monthly average; 2US comScore Plan Metrix (reach includes duplicate traffic) Q1 2013; 3Internal Partner Data Q1 2013, reported by InteractiveOne; 4Internal Monster Data Q1 2013


The Monster Diversity Network offers access to up to 24 million Unique Visitors per month1 and has approximately 35 million registered members across Black Planet, and corresponding partnerships.2 o Reaches more than 36% of online African Americans1 o Reaches more than 31% of online Hispanics1 o Reaches nearly 26% of online Asian Americans1 o Reaches nearly 22% of online Females1


The Monster Diversity Job Network o Delivers approximately 7 million job views and nearly 400 thousand diverse applications each month3 o Averaged more than 9 million Unique Visitors monthly1


The Monster Diversity Network resume access: o Houses more than 4.5 million searchable diverse candidate resumes providing for the largest known commercial diverse oriented resume database in the U.S.4 o Can be accessed through powerful search technologies such as Power Resume Search速 using 6Sense速 search technology

Enhanced Job Templates Uses the graphics from your corporate site and applies to standard posting

Monster Audience Sponsorship

Follow your target audience. Buy demographics to reach the most relevant audience

Monster Audience Sponsorship Segments

Accounting & Finance Administrative & Office Support Advertising & Marketing Agriculture, Fishing & Food Production Animal Care and Veterinary Architecture & Landscaping Attorneys & Legal Support Banking & Lending Business & Strategic Management Business Operations Call Center & Telemarketing CNA, LPN, LVN & Medical/Dental Aides Communication, Publishing & Traditional Media Computer Science & Software Development Computer, and Information Technology Construction

Credit and Collection Culinary Services & Kitchen Customer Service Database & Data Management Dental & Medical Practitioners & Therapists Digital Communication and Web Design Education, Library Sciences & Training Engineering - Chemical Engineering – Civil Engineering - Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Mechanical Engineering - Electrical and Computer Financial Planning & Advising Healthcare Management Hospitality, Casino & Restaurants HR General Insurance

Law Enforcement & Public Safety Machinists/Assembly Maintenance, Repair, and Facilities Management Manufacturing and production Medical Technicians & Laboratory Nurses Personal Services Pharmacy Public Works & Gov Real Estate Retail Sales & Management Sales & Sales Management Science Social Services Telecommunication Systems Trades Transportation and Warehousing

Reaching Jobseekers Beyond the Job Board

Career Ad Network (CAN) automates the creation of display style recruitment advertising Job Posting

Ad Unit

Career Ad Network

Job Postings provide creative assets! • Logo • Job Title and link to posting • Job Description • Job location and Category

Monster Career Ad Network –

Finding Candidates Where They Live Online  Serves over 3.9 billion job ad impressions per month1  Syndication to thousands of sites1  Reaches on average over 69 million users in the U.S.2

A 30 Day Career Ad Network unit drives 46% more job views Monster Network Vertical Partners/Ad Networks Reaches thousands of sites

* Monster adds and reviews network partners on a monthly basis

Reach Job Seekers in their inbox. Increase traffic to your postings

Reach Educators, Parents and Students Begin fostering potential employee relationships early

Fastweb Advertise on the premier online resource for paying and preparing for college • • • • • •

Established in 1995 $3.4 billion in scholarships Scholarship awards database contains over 1.5 million scholarships 1 in 3 college-bound seniors use Fastweb Fastweb has helped more than 50 million students pay for school (9 million are active users of the site) More than 30,000 educators nationwide use Fastweb

What’s New?

Not All Interested Seekers Apply to Positions Right Away

So how do we capture these seekers who could be potential candidates for the next hire? Seeker arrives at customer’s career site

Seeker views posting

Seeker clicks to apply

Application/ resume

Seeker applies to job

Introducing Interest Capture •

Window appears when seekers click to apply to a job that links to the customer’s off-site apply. Seeker enters email address and is then redirected to the customer’s career site. Monster provides customers with a list of email addresses captured for their jobs. Customers engage seekers who did not complete the apply, and turn them into potential hires.

Result: Increased ROI for Monster Postings!

Pre and Post Hire Solutions

Monster Talent Management Suite

Helping you meet your talent management objectives by continuously extending Monster’s value

Fully integrated, hosted solution

Eliminates manual processes

Designed to meet the needs of any business, regardless of size, industry, complexity, geography and budget

Introducing Monster SeeMore


The World’s First Semantic Search Platform for Talent SEARCH • Use patented 6Sense® search technology on YOUR databases and talent pools • Identify top candidates based on relevant skills and experience – not just keywords. • Access Monster’s resume database (available with Power Resume Search® license).

TALENT MATCHING • Automatically score and rank resumes in folder(s) against job-specific criteria. • Identify the best matched candidates with unprecedented precision and ease. • Save time with instant side-by-side comparisons of your top talent.

TALENT DASHBOARD • Gain invaluable insight into your candidates and employees. • Identify skill strengths, gaps, and trends. • Get rich analytics to support talent acquisition and planning activities.

HOSTING • Monster will host a copy of your resumes to allow SeeMore access. • Merge various private talent pools. • Set different levels of access control for your users.

BUSINESS GATEWAY • Connect your talent pool(s) with SeeMore. • Different resume repositories can include ATS, HRIS, NAS, and more.

Power Resume Search

Power Resume Search with 6Sense®Search Technology

• • • • •

Provides unrivaled candidate matches Understands concepts and context Bases matches on actual, relevant experience, skills, education, and more Automatically sorts, scores, and ranks Provides at-a-glance comparisons

You Can Now Find Candidates You Want In A Few Words, Not Twenty

Instead of typing this in a keyword field:

All you just need to type is this:

(“Director of Corporate Finance” OR “Dir. of Finance” OR “Director, Finance”) AND ((“GAAP” OR “SOX” OR “Tax Audit” OR “Revenue Recognition” OR “SOX 302” OR “SOX 404” OR “Financial Audit” or “Audit” “or “Financial Disclosure”) NEAR (“to present” OR “current”)) AND NOT (“White” OR “White Sox”)

Director of Finance

Introducing Monster Power Resume Search TM

Stop Looking and Start Finding Your Next Hire

Monster Power Resume Search.

         

Delivers unrivaled search results using 6Sense® semantic search technology Understands the meaning of words on resumes, including relevance Automatically sorts and ranks candidates with the best matches first Provides at-a-glance overview of qualifications Balances essential vs. nice-to-have attributes Offers flexibility to easily broaden or narrow search criteria Displays side-by-side candidate comparisons Enables geographic or national search in the areas you are looking to hire Includes search agents Facilitates making notes and emailing resumes to decision makers Stop searching, start matching, and spend more time with the right candidates to make the hire.

Less Time Searching, More Time Hiring 65% Less Time

Less Time Taken using PRS vs. keyword search

150% More Candidates

More qualified candidates found



Preferred PRS

PRS is faster

Recruiters preferred using PRS over keyword search

Recruiters believed PRS found candidates faster

Data collected from 48 recruiters, managers and executives from 15 enterprise customers nationwide after hands-on testing of PRS vs. various Keyword Searches

Live Demo

We appreciate your time! Schedule an appointment to talk with us about your current recruitment needs by April 28th and receive one FREE 30 day Monster posting with 14 day auto-refresh. Thank you, The Rapid City Journal & Monster.

Rapid City Journal - Monster 101  
Rapid City Journal - Monster 101  

Rapid City Journal - Monster 101