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Three things you NEED to do before you read this issue. One, comb your hair. Two, hang your stockings. Three say ho, ho, ho loudly to the person sitting besides you. Can’t see anything beyond Christmas trees, tinsel and candy canes? Can’t stop gushing about the foggy weather? You have a list of things you want ready, the stockings are put up, the ridiculous resolutions prepared, you know its Christmas and the beginning of a new year! Well, the theme is RED, keeping the festive and rotaract season in mind! Flip the pages ahead, to read interesting letters to Santa, to sip a hot cup of coffee with Santa and KKKK-Karan, and much more! This is wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Yours-in-Rotaract, Rtr. Wayne “Ed” D’Cruz, Rtr. Nilofer “Eddy”Rehman, Editors-in-Chief

Koffee with KKKK-Karan Zohar

Kzo: Well my Christmas wish was fulfilled the day, this guest agreed to be a part of the show! I’m truly excited and overjoyed to be spending some time with the man who’s loved by all. Confused? Well, let’s make it easy! Coming all the way from the North Pole, people, put your hands together for Santa Claus! Kzo: Hello, Santa! How does it feel to be a part of Koffee with KKKK-Karan Zohar?

Rtr.Simiran“QuirkQueen”Lalvani, Editorial Co-ordinator.

Santa: Well Karan, I certainly am on top of the world. Come to think of it, I am ALWAYS on top of the world na! I stay at the North Pole. =P, Anyway, you do tend to put people on the spot with your rapidfire questions. In fact, I can’t wait for it! Let’s start with the rapidfire round! Kzo: Well, I’ve never seen anyone so excited before! Anything for you, Santa! <winks>, here we go...Any pick-up line used on you, so far?

WEB PICKS Web Picks takes a festive twist with this issue of Zing. =)

Santa: Well Karan, when I once took a short break from riding my sleigh, a young girl asked me, “How do you like to ride, Santa...slow and easy or fast and furious?” I was stunned and Rudolph’s nose was redder than usual! Kzo: <covers mouth and laughs> Santa, you sure seem to have a wild side! On that note, what’s your wildest fantasy? Santa: Karan, it would definitely be me ditching the sleigh for a Harley Davidson; the wind blowin my beard all over and Sheela in the backseat! That, my friend would be my wildest fantasy! I hope there are no kids watching the show. It’s got a late night slot, na? Karan: I’m not too sure about the kids but I’m sure a certain Mrs. Claus must be glued to her TV screen!


Santa: Now that you’ve brought it up...<pause>...Mrs. Claus and I are no more a couple! She ditched me for some young stud! She says she deserves a fitter and better looking man! Never did I take her ‘Kaun Abraham’ fantasy seriously! It’s all because of that movie of yours, where he prances in a pair of yellow trunks! And to think I thought you stood for family values and all that jazz! Hmph! Karan: Omigosh! I’m so sorry! How could I possibly make it up to you? Santa: Well for starters, just hand me over that hamper of yours, it’s got my favourite Belgian cookies! And then, you could set me up with Sheela! I simply adore her jawaani! xD

Letters to Santa Dear Santa, After last year's memorable Christmas celebration, I have been waiting rather eagerly for Christmas to come again this year. And now that it is so close, I am expecting very exciting gifts from you. I have made a painting of you also, I'll show it to you when you come to give me my gifts. And please remember to get my bike which you forgot to get last year and the year before that. But this year I don't want many things. I have recently heard, thanks to a controversial movie, that the world is going to come to an end in 2012! That shouldn’t be true. But please Santa, spread a lot of happiness, light and joy in the world and do something that makes everyone tension free and makes them all smile. And coming back to wishes for myself, please get me the 'HOT WHEELS THUNDER' game. I really want that desperately. Almost all my friends have it! Also, I want the gorgeous iPad.There are many other things that I would love to have but my mom says that I should not be very greedy so I'll keep the other gifts pending for next year. Wish to see only smiles! Hope you fulfill everyone's wishes. Love you Santa! Aditya “Adidavinci” Shah.

Dearest Santa, It’s been years you’ve been gifting children and spreading joy and happiness all over the World. The very mention of your name can light up faces! Everyone loves waking up on a chilly winter morning and finding a gift in their stockings. The bitterest of the bitter people melt when they think of you and your generosity. But undeniably, there have been some big questions about your existence. A lot of scientific minds like to believe you’re a figment of the human imagination. Some ridicule people who believe in you. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) launched a NORAD tracks Santa programme, that happens every year, they allegedly track you and the children can see you travel with the help of Google Earth. Obviously, the point of debate here is not about whether you exist or not, whether or not you’re actually going to read this letter, whether or not you drop off a gift for me each year, diligently. The point is that from you, we learn love that is unconditional, and never ceasing. We learn hope and belief. We understand that in every winter morning, the sun is going to show up, no matter what. We learn to give. And not expect anything in return. Over the years I’ve not been able to help but notice how some of us get just some chocolates for Christmas while some get big fat gifts, the price of which could perhaps help a poor family survive for a year. We do live in an ironic world. But just so that you know, we believe in miracles. Sometimes the hope grows so big that it just becomes reality. Provided one tries. So, this Christmas, I wish and pray, you gift each one of us, the strength and tenacity to tread our own paths and survive as real individuals. And before I forget, did you know, Chanel’s absolutely gorgeous autumn/fall collection is now in stores! (Hope you’ve taken the hint) ;) Yours lovingly, Simiran “QuirkQueen” Lalvani.

The True Meaning of Christmas This is the season to be jolly, fa la la la, la la la la! ♫ ♫ ♫ Speaking on a truly personal basis, Christmas is one of my favourite festivals! It is a time to be with your family and friends, to take some time out of that busy schedule to spend some quality time with your loved ones. There is a different joy in itself to spend the whole day decorating a Christmas tree with your sisters, to fight over which bauble goes where. My favourite Christmas memories do not revolve around me moaning about which gifts I did or did not get, whether I got the most expensive laptop, or the slightly less expensive one. They revolve around Christmas dinners with friends, hand made cards from my sisters, and lots of plum cake! I would really like to get down to this, what is the true spirit of Christmas? Is it about contentment? Or joy? Or gifts? Or about generosity? Is it about saying thanks? Or who can buy more gifts? The true spirit of Christmas isn't about rampant commercialization, its warm, loving, friendly, and full of fun. To see those Christmas lights twinkling away through the night, singing age-old carols which every adult and child knows is joy. We've all heard about Christmas miracles, I think it's time to create some of our own! Why not go out on Christmas and give some of the less fortunate some gifts, maybe they deserve them more than we do, and isn't Christmas all about giving? Well maybe it's time to think it's not only about giving gifts, but about giving some joy too! It is all about the simple things in life sometimes, there's no need to make such a beautiful holiday so complicated. This Christmas, we all pulled our mattresses under the tree, and slept under the twinkling Christmas lights. So live it simple, live it true, it's all about the spirit, and sometimes it's not only about you! It is the season to be jolly, celebrate this spirit, spread some to the joyless too!

Rtr. Jiya ThinkerBell Jaisingh elaborates on the true meaning of Christmas.

The Vantage Point Christmas Celebrations- A Gimmick! Rtr. Devanshi “NotQuiteTh eGirlNextDo or” Sanghvi, tells us why she feels that the festival of Christmas has been reduced to a gimmick.

It’s December. The much awaited and cherished winter season is finally here. And the first thing that comes to my mind is... Christmas! The birth of Jesus Christ in a stable in Bethlehem (the stable, by the way, is replicated in churches all over and believe me, it’s s0 beautiful. Very picturesque!). The lights, the carols, beautiful, tall decorated trees, plum cakes and spending quality time with your loved ones. And of course, who can forget Santa and his entourage of elves! Whose laughter rings, “Ho Ho Ho!” as he travels to your home on his regal chariot of reindeers! And shakes his belly like a bowl full of jelly! :D Slipping in goodies in your stockings, when you’re fast sleep. Sheer joy! Going to church for mass with your family. This is what Christmas used to be about. Repeat, USED to be. Over the years, everything’s become commercial and it’s safe to say that we’re living in a material world. And of course, festivals and holidays aren’t spared either. Yup, Christmas too has become one of the most commercial holidays of the year. For many, it’s just merely another excuse to party the night away. From boutiques to restaurants to night spots and even the travel and tourism industry, it’s boom time! For all the above profit-seeking institutions, it’s the perfect excuse to induce customers and get them to “buy two and get one free”. And people, well, cooperate (so naïve, so naïve!). The true meaning of Christmas has just been lost in translation.

Rtr. Anuja “Raapchik Robin” Pardeshi is sure to get your mouths watering with her yummy Chocloate mint cookies recipe!

Chocolate mint cookies Preparation time - 20 mins. Cooking time - 10 mins. Ingredients :• • • • • • • • •

¾ Cup of butter 1 ½ cups of brown sugar 2 tablespoons water 2 cups of choco chips 2 eggs 2 ½ cups flour 1 ¼ teaspoon of baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 3 packages of chocolate covered mint Procedure:In a sauce pan over medium heat, cook the sugar , butter and water mixture. Stir occasionally until melted. Remove from heat and stir in the choco chips until melted and set aside to cool for around 10 mins. Pour the chocolate mixture into the large bowl and beat in the eggs one at a time. Combine flour, baking soda and salt and stir into the mixture. Cover and refrigerate the dough for at least an hour. Preheat oven into 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degree Celsius) Grease cookie sheets. Roll cookie dough into walnut sized balls and place 2 inches apart onto the cookie sheets. Bake for 8 to 10 mins. in the preheated oven. Be careful not to over bake it . When cookies come out of the oven, press one mint wafer into the top of each cookie and let it sit for a minute or so. When the mint is softened, swirl with the back of the spoon or toothpick to make the pattern with the green filling of the mint wafer And your cookies are done ...enjoy them!!!

G.B Speak Rtr. Shantanu Ugrankar reminisces about the month of December and elaborates on his RCJC experience!

R.E.D, Christmas and the magic of December ~ ~ ~ Excitement was lurking in throughout RCJC by the time December dawned. The reason was RED! At first, taking a peek at the videos, I imagined RED to be overhyped and highly over-rated. But at that point I never realized that I was going to be proved wrong. I never imagined what the forthcoming days were to behold and how the excitement would unfold. RED Sports, I heard, was AWESOME. Seeing the excitement on the faces of the RCJCites, I sensed that I was going to miss out on a lot if I wouldn't attend RED. So I decided to go with the flow and ended up taking part in dramatics. As RED moved closer, RCJCites sporting the RCJC shirts started swarming the campus. The numbers went on increasing day by day. Batti Bandh and tireless practice sessions and preparations for RED were the highlights of the week. Skipping to the days of RED (11th-12th December) RCJCites helping out and participating in RED were tired from the weeks of preparation but cut no slack. Along with the events RCJCites or more appropriately Zone 1A had parallel games going on. From Sakhli to an attempted Mafia, to games I've never heard of but enjoyed playing. We, from Zone 1A were clearly out there to win but nothing is ever possible without a fabulous support, which we NEVER lacked. Every moment had something new and exciting in store for everyone. The most breath taking moments were the amount of cheers in the DHAK DHAK moments and Rtr. Behnaz Mogrelia and Rtr. Hardik Jain being announced as Ms. and Mr.RED respectively.(Although Hardik was the second runner-up, it was a victory). By far, RED was the most fulfilling event I've ever been a part of! RED was all about new bonds, team work, lending a hand and helping out. It was all about supporting and encouraging your fellow mates but, most of all the joy of giving and helping which is a stand out attribute of Christmas. The magic of Christmas is so superb, it changes the whole atmosphere. If you live in an area where the Christmas carols can be heard louder than automobiles zooming by or honking it’s an all together different experience. The happiness and excitement while buying and decorating the Christmas tree is present in children and adults alike. And not to forget, the kid inside us, when we unravel the presents from Santa! But still, the most important part of Christmas is giving. And it doesn't matter if it’s to family, friends or the needy and under privileged. December was truly a magical month!


L.A.X- The Literary Arts Xtravaganza

Batti Bandh was an event under the avenue of Community Service, spanning over two days. Day one involved performance of a street play at the popular Carter road, Bandra.The play addressed the problem of daily wastage of electricity, it highlighted things one can do daily that can eventually help saving electricity. Dressed in white, with a red cloth around their waists, the enthusiastic team of actors, organizers and supporters took over the crowd and made a strong point. Day two saw a human chain as also, a large white canvas laid at Marine Drive and buckets of paint, the stage was set for a session of canvas painting; people flocked to write some words of wisdom and some spoke through art, the street play was performed again on day two.

Literary Arts Xtravaganza was an event hosted by the Editorial, on the 6th of December. The first event, ‘Whizman’ was a competition based on movies. Blanks, hiding the actual names of the movies were put forth in front of the contestants and they had to guess them, incorrect answers lead to losing one part of the Wizard or Witch. The second event, ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ was a crazy news making competition in which contestants were given whacky situations and had to present news on them. The third event, ‘Let the Music Play’ was a music quiz competition in which teams of 2 were formed and questions related to music were asked.

R.E.D (Rotaract Entetainment Destination) Mighty Ducks! Mighty ducks! Was all you could hear the crowd screaming at VJTI. Red was one fantastic event. It was grand and fun and a superb place to make new friends. It started off on the 4th of December, with ‘galli ke khel’ like lagori, gilli danda and lots more. Then was the main event which went on for two days, 10th and 11th of December. This year the theme was Desi. That’s the reason why we had very desi events like Warli pot painting and Quizzes like Paheli and Rapchick which was basically a Hindi rap competition. Also rotaractors enjoyed playing the all time favourite Aantakshri . The second day was all about dance,carnivals and fashion shows. The theme for the fashion show was the different cultures of Mumbai. We also had JAM (Just a minute) and other Literary Arts events. Also, we had a superb drama performance. Many rotaractors bagged a lot of prizes. Every single person who attended this event enjoyed it to the tee, made loads of friends and also the whole of Zone 1A came together. RED was an absolute fun and a memorable event. The memories of the event where everyone came together and sang cheap songs loudly and cheered for our friends and our beloved President, won’t fade away for a long time!

STREET O MANIA A unique, never-before-seen event was organised on the 16th of December- a street football tournament. A bang by the avenue of sports after the battle of avenues! It was held at Jolly makers at Cuffe Parade. There were 70 participants divided into 16 teams. All the games were full of thrill and excitement especially the ones in which our 'gunda director' also played. Every team was classy and skillful but out of all the teams 'THE HOTSHOTTZ' were the best and won Street o Mania. They bagged a prize money of 800. But the 'ALL STARS' were no less. They were tough opponents and gave in their best. During the finals, the field was totally on fire. So much tension on both the teams...WOW!! It was simply amazing!

Battle Of The Avenues Which avenue this event falls under was a matter of controversial debate! On the 3rd of December, all the avenues from Club Service to support functions like P.R, participated in the battle of the avenues. All the avenues were evaluated on the basis of events organized by them, their success and the efforts put in for the same. Each avenue gave the other a tough competition giving the jud ges a hard time choosing the winner. Community Service bagged first place, followed Professional Development and Editorial. Congratulations to all winners and participants! WORLD AIDS DAY


World Aids Day is celebrated to spread awareness about AIDS. On that day, a project spearheaded by the International Service Avenue, saw red ribbons being sold in college. The amount earned was donated to the J.J. AIDS ORGANISATION. The project was very well supported by approximately 250 students who bought the ribbons.

The night of the 23rd of December at Khar Gymkhana was a memorable one, because the officiall prom of Jaihind College was held there. The avenue of Club Service did a fantastic job organizing the party. From the mystic masks provided to the very entertaining band ' 11 Room Number ', all of it was simply awesome. The people who came stag, danced like crazy showing no sign of missing a partner while the couples enjoyed their own lovey dovey time together. In short everyone enjoyed the party. So those who missed it...certainly missed a hell of a party!

DISHKIYAON Dishkiyaon was a counter strike tournament held on the 18th of December at 'WIRED' at Churchgate. It was a real encounter. There were 48 participants who came in teams of 4 to finish their rivals and achieve victory. There were many serious battles but the last survivors were the 'DEMOLITION' team. There were a few teams which had the most hilarious names. One of them was 'laal garam mirchi papad'. :P

ROTOTHON Rotothon was a two day extravaganza dedicated solely to RCJC. Eight avenues had one project which spread over two days- the 22nd and the 23rd of December. The theme on day one was saree and tie, whereas day two, the theme was jackets. As usual, RCJCites were dressed perfectly! DAY ONE: Giants of Douai: This event was organized by the avenue of International Service, participants were expected to make giants out of material like cloth and cotton and wires, participants formed teams of three or four. This event was inspired by a festival celebrated in France. Aye, kya bolti tu: This event was organized by the Editorial avenue, it involved showing clippings of movies and advertisements which were mute. The participants were expected to write lines and dialogues for the mute clippings. CSI: The event was organized by the avenue of Club Service, the event was a novel idea and the participants were given case papers and numerous clues they were expected to de mystify the cases quickly and correctly. DAY TWO: Memories- The movie: This forty five minute movie called memories was presented by Web Communications. It was screened to a limited audience only. Puzzle Dazzle: Puzzle Dazzle was an event organized by the avenue of Professional Development, it was a puzzle race. Participants were divided into teams of four where in maximum number of pieces of puzzles where from one set but the other pieces were from other puzzle sets. So all participants had each other’s puzzle pieces. The catch for the participants was to find out who had their puzzle pieces and they had to convince them into giving those pieces to them and no other team. India ka Obama: India ka Obama was a photography contest organized by the avenue of Community Service, participants keeping in mind the narrow time frame, had to take five pictures of what they saw as symbols of change in society. Mulaqaat: The event was organized by the avenue of Partners in Service (PIS), it was a dinner at Cream Centre, alumni of RCJC, the board of directors and the cocoordinators bonded over dinner. Kheecha Taani: 'Kheecha taani' was a tug of war event organized by the avenue of Sports, in spite of being the last event of 'Rotothon', the enthusiasm was unbeatable.The aim of the event was to give the General Body members a taste of RED Sports. Approximately 16 participants came to Oval Maidan all geared up to play tug of war, with the same enthusiasm which was there at RED....UNBELIEVABLE! All the teams pulled hard and tugged with all their might! Congratulations to the winners and the organizers!

Winners of ROTOHON:DAY ONE:ONE:GIANTS OF DOUAI:DOUAI:Ritika Zatakia Jinal Shah Divya Pikale Pia Sanhvi AYE,KYA BOLTI TU:TU:SHANTANU, SHANTANU, DHAUNI, HARSH CSI:CSI:Yash Shroff, Maimoona, Aditiya Shah. DAY TWO:TWO:PUZZLE DAZZLE:DAZZLE:1st 1st place :- Aditya, Naela, Amy 2nd place :- Alifiya, Shroff & Joshua INDIA KA OBAMA:OBAMA:1st place :-Tarang Gupta and Aditya Shah 2nd place :- Krutika and Joshva KHEECHA TAANI:TAANI:- “GLADIATORS”


BOD AWARDS December 2010: Star BOD: Rtr Qais Hussin Best Project: Click, Snap and Shoot President’s Special Mention: Rtr. Yash Shroff


Jay Samani, Aditya Pourana, Sheroy Mistry, Shardul Thakkar STREET O MANIA:“THE HOT SHOTZ”


Blog Along!

(My Say…My Way!) RCJC’s lil birdie does a “Saksham Special” in this issue of Zing! A big thank you to all those who contributed! As for the others...Warning: Lame alert ahead! Don’t blame us, you’ve been warned! X: Are you serious? Saksham: No I’m Saksham! ************************************************************ Wayne: You’ll lobby for the awards at the Conclave, na? Nishtha: Lobby? Huh? Saksham: Arre, (very descriptive with hands)....1st floor, Ground floor, Lobby!!! Wayne: Gosh! Saksham.... LAME! Saksham: Phir toh... graduation ke baad, jab koi Law karta hain, Law-bhi! ************************************************************ Aanchal: Hut! Hut! Hut! Saksham: House! House! House! ************************************************************ (via SMS to all the Board of Directors) Study Well!! And also don’t forget to study River, Ocean and Sea! . ************************************************************ (At Café Coffee Day) Saksham: CCD, CDVD, CFloppy! ************************************************************ X: I’m hungry Saksham: I’m Spain ************************************************************ Saksham: Oh, you’re feeling hot? Chalo, I’ll go out! Behnaz: Arre, then toh I’l feel even hotter! <Bawi Gibberish*>. (* Vague words. Muffled Laugh. Weird Expressions.) ***********************************************************

EligibiltyEligibilty- RCJC member, Ability to connect to the Internet. Well if you fulfil the above minimum qualifications, it’s time to give wing to your thoughts! You don’t need to be a Wordsworth! All you need is a passion for RCJC! Tell us your say, and see it published your way, in its UNEDITED version!

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You can love Saksham’s humour or you can hate it… but you most certainly can’t ignore it!!



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