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Geoff Ballotti

President and CEO

Ricardo Montaudon

President and Managing Director Latin America

Juan Ignacio Rodríguez

Senior Vice President of Business Development Mexico and Central America

Eugenio Macouzet

Senior Vice President and Managing Director Caribbean

Luis Mirabelli

Vice President of Business Development South America

Ana Acevedo

Vice President of Special Programs and Director of The Registry Collection Latin America

Alfonso Heredia

Vice President Operations Latin America

Jorge Fernández

Vice President of Finance Latin America

Gabriel Hernández

Vice President of Legal Affairs Latin America

Carlos Pérez

Vice President Revenue Management Latin America

Jesús Calahorra

Director of Business Development Cancun – Mayan Riviera

Gustavo de la Serna

Director of Business Development Mexico and Central America

David Fuentes

Director of Tourism Oriented Real Estate Consulting and Advisory Latin America

Gonzalo Seemann

Director of Strategic Accounts and Marketing Latin America

Angélica Hernández

Senior Manager of Business Development Mexico – North Pacific

Miguel Ángel Loya

Senior Manager of Business Development Cabos

Jannyn Solís

Jr Manager of Publications and Events Latin America and the Caribbean

Mario Ocampo


Mónica Reyes

Graphic Design and Production

Latin America and the Caribbean RCI® Offices Directory RCI® Latin America Regional HQ Horacio 1855 – PH Col. Los Morales Polanco 11510 México D.F., México (52-55) 5283-1000 RCI® Mexico - Puerto Vallarta Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio Plaza Neptuno Locales C7 y C8, Marina Vallarta Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48354 México (52-322) 221 - 1365 RCI® Mexico - Los Cabos Camino a la Plaza 180-B, Local 2 Fraccionamiento El Pedregal Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23453 México (52-624) 143-4720 RCI® Caribbean Ave. Bonampak Lote 4B-2 SM 4-A Plaza Nayandei, Torre Sol, Oficinas 101-105, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo (52-998) 887-1822 RCI® Argentina Paraguay 1178 Piso 10 C1057AAR Buenos Aires, Argentina (54-11) 4819-2900 RCI® Brazil Alameda Lorena, 427 - Conjunto 56 Jd Paulista - Sao Paulo - SP CEP: 01424 - 000 (55-11)2177-0777 RCI® Colombia Carrera 11 No. 82 - 01 Oficina 901 Bogotá, Colombia (571) 621-4939 RCI® Venezuela Av. San Felipe, Edif. Centro Colinasa, Piso 8, Oficina 81, La Castellana, Caracas 1060,Venezuela. (58-212) 276 - 6522 RCI® Uruguay Zonamerica - Ruta 8 Km 17,500 - Local 126 91600 Montevideo, Uruguay (598-2) 518-4100

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5 Industry News

AMDETUR - 25 Years of Promoting Mexico RCI® Continues as an Industry Leader 13th “Friends of RCI®” Golf Tournament

13 Affiliations

Boosting Vacation Ownership

17 Innovations

RCI Presenter - Creativity and Support to help Close Sales RCI® Revolutionizes Member Communications ®

18 Inside RCI

Trading Power RCI® Platinum - A higher level of RCI® Subscribing Membership

22 Online

All your destinations in one place… RCI Affiliates - Online Contact with Affiliates

25 Market Outlook

New Technologies in Vacation Ownership

27 Publications

NEW EDITION - 2011 Latin America and the Caribbean Vacation Ownership Fact Book Specialized Information for Better DECISION MAKING

29 Events

Upcoming Industry Events

Amid an outlook of constant challenges and changes, the vacation ownership industry today requires, more than ever, the creativity and the support from all of us who belong to it. In RCI® we have the unyielding purpose of innovation in all solutions related to promotional and sales activity that takes place in your business. With this in mind, this Ventures edition includes information regarding the programs, products and services that we’ve developed with the latest technological applications to support and induce your business growth. For example, you’ll find the description of the improvements we’ve made to our RCI Weeks® Vacation Exchange Program, with the clear purpose of offering our Members more options, more transparency and more information about Trading Power. We’ve also included information in our new Welcome Kit and the electronic Directory of Affiliated Resorts which will allow Members an easier browsing experience, while enhancing communication with These new products are also congruent with our green philosophy which RCI® practices in order to care for the environment. In addition, you’ll also see information about RCI® Presenter, an interactive presentation of high impact that will revolutionize the way in which sales forces position the concept of RCI’s vacation exchange systems to your customers. Finally, we share with you a brief description of the latest affiliations to RCI® which, in spite of the difficult global economic environment, demonstrate that our business in Latin America is still growing. These and other interesting articles are featured in this edition of Ventures. I invite you to read it with optimism because you may find in it new ideas that can propel your business and help us re-energize our industry.

In accordance with the provisions of your Affiliation Agreement and the Procedures Manual, you have received this publication because you are an RCI® Affiliate with a current Affiliation Agreement. Please contact your Account Manager with any concerns or comments using the telephone numbers indicated in your Affiliation Agreement and Procedures Manual. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The information contained in this publication is confidential and may contain privileged information. The information published herein is for the exclusive use of the person or entity for whom it is intended and is regulated in accordance with the Affiliation Agreement that you or the company that you represent has signed with RCI® and/or the Procedures Manual. All persons or entities other than the intended recipient are prohibited from in any way using, reviewing, disseminating, forwarding, distributing, copying or in any other way distributing this information. If you received this notice by mistake, we kindly request that you call the sender. All material published in this publication is the property of or has the necessary permissions and authorizations of use required and/or applicable to RCI® 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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Sincerely, Ricardo Montaudon Corry President & Managing Director RCI® Latin America

Industry News


25 Years of Promoting Mexico The Mexican Resort Development Association AMDETUR, made the celebration of its 25th Annual Convention very special with important innovations and a spectacular program of activities. The event, held from June 22-24, further strengthened AMDETUR´S importance in the industry and also marked the announcement of Amdetur's new campaign as an institution dedicated to development and growth of the Mexican tourism real estate industry. The Convention's silver anniversary was celebrated during the event, marking 25 continuous years of successful conventions and deservedly reflected in the theme: "AMDETUR, 25 Years of Promoting Mexico". As a part of new development strategies, Amdetur decided that the convention would now travel, in order to encourage development in regions where its affiliated associations are located. Therefore, after many years of being held in Mexico City, this year it was held at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Hotel in Cancun, Riviera Maya, a tourist destination that was, without a doubt, the launching point for vacation ownership. It has also been able to continue to be one of the most attractive spots in the world for both our industry and for tourism in general.

An Innovative Program Among the many innovations, this year the Convention included three modules that were of high interest to those in the industry. One was directed at Tourism students and served as a follow-up to the "Business - Relationship" Program that AMDETUR and some affiliated companies and developers have been promoting for over two years. Its objective is to help future industry professionals learn about the realities and needs of an industry that is constantly evolving. The presentation featured highlyrecognized experts who offered a general overview of vacation ownership, its importance and future outlook, buyer profiles, and the advantages and challenges facing professionals working in this industry.

"Forum of the Americas on Marketing and Sales for Vacation Clubs", was another module, offered by the Association of Vacation Clubs of Quintana Roo (Acluvaq). This Association was also celebrating the 25th anniversary of its establishment and presented a series of conferences directed at one of the key elements of the tourism real estate industry: the sales force. The forum included discussions of the myths and realities of sales, new marketing strategies, and the integration of hotel operations with vacation clubs. In addition, outstanding presentations were given by recognized

From left: Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, Chairman Tourism Commission; Juan Carlos González Hernández, Tourism Secretary, State of Quintana Roo; Gloria Guevara, Federal Minister of Tourism; Roberto Borge Angluo, Governor, State of Quintana Roo; and Juan Vela, Chairman, AMDETUR.

From left: Mark Carney, Marketing and Sales Director, Royal Resorts; Ricardo Montaudon, President & Managing Director, RCI Latin America; and Luis Uranga, Business Consultant.

leaders including Jim Madrid, President and Founder of Entelechy Training & Development; Linda Clemons, CEO of Sisterpreneur and an expert in body language for sales and marketing; and Lyn Heward, Creative Director for Cirque du Soleil, who spoke about the "inner spark" that we all carry with us and that we must expand in order to find success. All these and more recognized figures in the field participated.

Karla Wheelock, Mexican climber who reached Everest peak, during her motivational conference.

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Industry News

Convention As an additional module, the 25th AMDETUR Expo and Convention was inaugurated and presided over by: Gloria Guevara, Ministry of Tourism, Roberto Borge Angulo, Governor of the State of Quintana Roo, and Rep. Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, President of the Tourism Commission of the House of Representatives, among other important figures. Hosts included: Juan Vela Ruiz, President of Amdetur and Patricia de la Peña, President of the Executive Board of the Association of Vacation Clubs of Quintana Roo (Acluvaq), along with José Alfonso Bayón, Executive President of Amdetur, who managed the event. From left: Aurelio López Rocha, Tourism Secretary, State of Jalisco; Héctor de la Cruz Ostos, Undersecretary for Innovation and Quality, Sectur; Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, Chairman, Tourism Commission, Representative Chamber; Gloria Guevara, Federal Minister of Tourism; Roberto Borge Angulo, Governor, State of Quintana Roo; Juan Vela, Chairman, Amdetur; Patricia de la Peña, Chairman, Directive Council, Association of Vacation Clubs from Qunitana Roo; Gabriela Lima Laurents, Delegate, Semarnat; Eduardo Pacheco González, Delegate Profeco, State of Quintana Roo; Howard Nusbaum, President, American Resort Development Association; and Alfonso Rubén García Díaz, Vicepresident, Nacional Confederation of Commercial Chambers, Southeast Chapter.

and Central America, and Marcos Agostini, VP of Resort Sales and Services for Latin America, Interval International. Also noteworthy was the attendance of Adriana Pérez Quesnel, Director of Mexico's National Trust for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur), who discussed the direction that Mexican tourism development is headed. Luis Pazos, Professor of Political Economics and author of 40 books, spoke about Mexico's economic outlook for 2012, and Dr. Juan Ramón de la Fuente, President of the International Association of Universities, headquartered at UNESCO, gave his opinion about the country's current mission.

From left: Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, Senior Vicepresident, Business Development RCI Mexico & Central America; Rafael Carranza Cabrera, Operations Director, Original Resorts; Santiago Merizalde, Director, Business Development, Life Style Holiday Vacation Club, Dominican Republic; Francisco Medina Elizalde, General Director, Santa Fe Hotel Group, Club Krystal; Enrique Escalante, Project Director, Fiesta Americana Vacation Club; and Armando Millet Vales, Operations Director, Royal Resorts.

As part of the program of conferences, topics addressed included: Green Economies and Social Responsibility, led by Francisco Córdova Lira, President of the Business Coordination Council of the Caribbean; Social Networks and Digital Marketing, offered by Carlos Drombo, Partner and Director of Wigilabs; and Updating the Industry, explained by Juan Ignacio Rodriguez, Senior VP of Business Development RCI® Mexico

6 | RCI Ventures, 2011

Industry News

Miriam Cortés Franco, Executive Chairman, Association of Vacation Clubs from Quintana Roo.

In various panel discussions, relevant industry figures discussed different topics, including: the importance of Human Capital in our industry; Mexico the Product, and how to sell it, with participation by Rodolfo López Negrete, Assistant General Director of the Mexican Tourism Promotion Board, and Roberto Gaudelli, President and General Director of Gaudelli MCW, among others; and a “2011, The Year of Tourism” panel that included Gloria Guevara, Ministry of Tourism; Juan Vela Ruiz, President of Amdetur; Roberto Angulo, Governor of the State of Quintana Roo; Rep. Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, President of the Tourism Commission of the House of Representatives; and Francisco Madrid, Director of the School of Tourism of Anáhuac University. More information about the conferences and presentations from this event can be found at v

Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, Senior Vicepresident Business Development, RCI México & Central America.

Gloria Guevara, Federal Minister of Tourism, delivered recognitions to the best time share salespersons. Important personalities from the vacation ownership industry witnessed the event.

From left: Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, Senior Vicepresident, Business Development, RCI Mexico & Central America; Sergio Yuadie Anguiano Cortés; Lyn Heward, Creativity Director, Cirque du Soleil; and Martyn Ravenhill, President & CEO, Lloydshare Ltd. Inc.

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 7

Industry News

continues as an industry leader at the AMDETUR Convention RCI® is an active participant in the AMDETUR National Convention, one of the most recognized and anticipated events for members of the industry. This year was the Association's 25th anniversary and several RCI® directors were invited speakers as part of the convention program of presentations. Ricardo Montaudon, President and Managing Director, RCI® Latin America, acted as moderator for the panel "The Industry's Vision for the Future". During the discussion, the audience was made aware of industry trends and predictions. In addition, Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, Senior VP of Business Development, RCI® Mexico and Central America, spoke as part of the "Industry Update" presentation. The event allowed convention attendees to learn about the current conditions that the industry faces. From left Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, RCI; Gabriel Macias, and Alejandro Macias from Marina Fiesta

8 | RCI Ventures, 2011

Industry News

At the AMDETUR Expo, the RCI® booth exhibited recently-implemented technological innovations that support the business of Affiliated Resorts. For example, several touchscreens were installed on which the attendees were shown the new interactive RCI® Presenter presentation. The presentation revolutionizes the way that timeshare salespeople can introduce the concept of RCI® Vacation Exchange to potential customers. Also demonstrated were the benefits of RCI® Platinum that provide more added value to RCI® Membership and make generating more business for the Affiliated Resorts possible. The booth also displayed: RCI® TV developments, an RCI® corporate video, the new image of RCI Affiliates, various solutions from Business to Business that RCI® offers Resorts and, of course, the latest from The Registry Collection. The interactive sessions held with customers at the booth were a great success and showed the interest that convention attendees had in learning everything new that RCI® has to offer the market.

The following information was provided by Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, Senior VP of Business Development, RCI® Mexico and Central America, during the "Industry Update”conference. The Industry in Mexico, 2010 445 timeshare resorts in Mexico, representing 5.4% of the total worldwide. 62 thousand timeshare units, accounting for 41% of the hotel accommodations in the major beach destinations. 152,457 weeks sold, generating a sales volume of over US $2.8 billion. The sector consists of 397,000 jobs. Direct annual spending received from timeshare visitors is US $1.734 billion, double the amount spent by a traditional tourist. The occupancy rate in timeshare units is 67%.

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 9

Industry News

To celebrate the convention's 25 years, RCI速 organized an anniversary cocktail party with a fun "Mayan fiesta" theme. For the party, one of the rooms at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort was spectacularly decorated to recreate a Mayan archaeological site. The cocktail party featured a ballet representation of a Mayan ritual and atendees were treated to a heartfelt celebration of the Association's anniversary with a toast to 25 successful years. v

10| RCI Ventures, 2011

Industry News

13th “Friends of RCI®” Golf Tournament

Roberto De la Peña, Original Resorts

On Wednesday, June 22, at the Hotel Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Golf Course, as a preliminary event for the AMDETUR Annual Convention, the traditional “Friends of RCI®” Golf Tournament was held. The players enjoyed the spectacular golf course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, that features an environmentally-conscious design and perfect ecological harmony. The course is surrounded by beautiful views and natural woodlands, offering the players an unforgettable experience. After the tournament, a lunch was held and winners were awarded prizes. The tournament both brings together RCI® and its customers and strengthens the business relationship between them. v

From left: Phil Woodward and Don Eastvold, Exotic Travelers; and Ramón Hernández Cordero, Blue Bay Group.

Claudio Balderrama, Meliá Azul Ixtapa

From left: Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, RCI; Javier Mollo and Gerardo Rioseco, from Grupo Posadas; and Sergio Zertuche, Palladium

From left: Paul Rado and Alberto Rayas, Grupo Velas; Gabriel Hernández, RCI; and Ramón Bernal, Grupo Velas.

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 11

Industry News

From left: Miguel Ángel Loya, RCI; Enrique Peña, Eduardo Flores and Víctor Reynaud from Hacienda del Mar. From left: Santiago Merizalde, LHVC; Mike Lion, Marival Resorts; Enrique del Río, Golden Shores; and Juan Zamora, Fiesta Americana.

From left: Ricardo Montaudon, RCI; Juan Vela, Grupo Velas; Fernando González, Marival Group; and Mariano Mariscal, Vacaciones Mundiales.

From left: Ricardo Montaudon, RCI; Santiago Mariscal, Vacaciones Mundiales; Luis Lara, Pacifica; Claudio Balderrama, Meliá Azul Ixtapa; Gustavo de la Serna and Juan Ignacio Rodríguez, RCI.

Alberto Rayas, from Grupo Velas (center) with Juan Ignacio Rodríguez and Ricardo Montaudon, RCI.

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New affiliations

2010 brought forth some recovery for the Latin American markets in the aftermath of the economic crisis. In synch with the good news from the economy, global tourism registered a 7% increase in international arrivals compared to 2009. Hence, the vacation ownership industry reacted positively to this recovery trends. RCI® continues to support and enhance growth for the industry in the region by incorporating new affiliations to the Vacation Exchange system, thus strengthening the industry and increasing the timeshare offering in new Latin American destinations. Enlisted below you’ll find some of the new affiliates to RCI® Weeks during the first semester of 2011.

BRAZIL Aldeia Das Aguas Resort Barra Do Pirai, Río de Janeiro ID C537

Located in Barra do Pirai, 120 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro’s downtown, Aldeia das Aguas Resort was established in 1994 as a water theme park with approximately 45,000 square meters of constructed sites. Later, it became Rio’s biggest water theme park with the addition of a wave pool, the kids place and Rio Corrente. In 1999, the complex jumped to world fame with the construction of the Kilimanjaro, the biggest slide in the world topping nearly 50 meters, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Maluí Ilha Do Sol Sertaneja, Paraná ID C544

Malui Ilha do Sol Hotel & Resort will be constructed in an island in one of the most beautiful landscapes from Parana. The resort will feature 200 units distributed in luxury suites, chalets and bungalows with occupancies for 4, 6 and 8 people. With more than 2,500 square meters featuring pools, the resort will also offer “biribol” –a Brazilian version of waterpolo-, Spa’s, movie theater, sport & tennis courts, convention center, the Villa Malui, pizza parlor and a showcase for folkloric art. Visitors will be able to practice water sports such as: jet ski, water skiing, or take cruises in yatchs, sailboats and kayaks. As a privileged spot for fishing, the resort offers special training programs for fishing fans and ship owners will have a marina for their boats.

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 13

Affiliations Thermas Boulevard Suite Hotel Caldas Novas, Goias ID C670

The contemporary architectural style from the Thermas Boulevard Suite Hotel can be appreciated in all the details of its construction. The resort is just perfect for organizing events and it offers a complete work out center with gym, games parlor and beauty salon. Guests will also enjoy its vast variety of pools: two for adults, one featuring a pool bar, while another presents a toboggan for children and a last one built specifically for the visitors’ relaxation. This resort also features bars and restaurants with an unsurpassed dining quality.

CARIBBEAN Presidential Suites by Lifestyle Punta Cana, Dominican Republic ID C618

Presidential Suites by Lifestyle is the most recent property from Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The resort is located in the exclusive beach known as Cortecito. With brand new facilities it features 80 luxury units of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms decorated in a modern and minimalist taste. The resort will operate the European Plan which makes it doubly attractive due to the fact that most of the Dominican resorts offer mandatory all inclusive plans.

COLOMBIA and ECUADOR Hotel Blue Cove San Andrés Island, Colombia ID C538

Located in Ensenada Bay, 20 minutes away from San Andres city downtown, the resort features a natural pool of crystal water equipped with a toboggan. Diving fans can also practice scuba diving in the nearby sea. This is the perfect place for practicing snorkeling and kayak, or for simply enjoying the ocean view from its terraces. The hotel also has a pool, bar, a restaurant and 44 comfortable rooms with air conditioning. As a value added that will generate an unforgettable experience the hotel’s staff will do everything to make the guests’ visit truly special.

Royal Decameron Mompiche Beach Resort Esmeraldas, Ecuador ID C669

The hotel owns an unsurpassed natural beauty due to its surroundings of wet tropical forests and hundred of miles of beaches ideal for water sports. The temperature of the region remains stays in a nice 28°C almost all year. The hotel has 3 restaurants, 6 bars, a disco lounge, gym, beach club, tennis courts and offers outdoor entertainment with beach soccer.

14| RCI Ventures, 2011



Las Ventanas Hotel & Residences Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur ID C543

Located in the area known as Cabo Real, between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, this resort is 20 minutes away from San Jose del Cabo international airport. This resort has redefined the concept of luxury and comfort with special touches that signal the zest for offering top hospitality. Placed located in the desert, it fascinates its guests with spacious suites, a world class spa, inspiring kitchen and a fascinating atmosphere. The Spa at Las Ventanas embodies the holistic wellness approach of the healing chamans of Baja California that mandate that emotion, spirit and physical fitness have to be in permanent balance. Spacious and well oriented, all suites feature showers with marble and limestone floors from Conchuela.

GR Caribe Cancun, Quintana Roo ID C668

GR Caribe by Solaris is the latest property of Solaris Hotels in Mexico. Constructed with a unique and stylish Mediterranean architecture, its interiors inspire relaxation and a casual ambiance. The hotel is an all inclusive resort for families and it features 200 rooms and suites with a breathtaking view of the sea or the lagoon. Its lobster dinner is included together with imported drinks. Guests are also welcome in the facilities of its sister hotel Royal Solaris Cancun.

Marival Residences World & Spa Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit ID C540

Marival Residences World & Spa offers a luxury all inclusive program with gourmet dining, cocktails, tours, spectacular vistas, beach club and the fabulous Spa featuring more than 6 thematic cabins and multiple beauty treatments. The resort offers meals from the menu or the guest can enjoy gourmet specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner, together with local and imported drinks. Outdoor recreation is also available with tours, golf, the VIP beach club and the facilities of its sister resort Marival Resort & Suites Nuevo Vallarta. Transportation services between both resorts hotels are offered for guests’ convenience.

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Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco ID C681

Unspoiled beaches with white sand, green tropical forest and a superb transparent sea are the backdrop for Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Its luxury touches can be experimented with marble floors, natural granite incrustations and its hand made furniture and doors from amapá tress, a subtropical hard wood largely appreciated for its resistant nature. Its penthouses are spacious suites that offer incredible views to the jungle or the splendorous bay while guest indulge in its wide terraces and its private jacuzzis.

Mondavi Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco ID C539

Mondavi Resorts is an avant-garde Mexican concept that features spectacular facilities and first class services. Mondavi Resort & Spa is located in the zone known as Conchas Chinas (Chinese Shells), an exclusive residential area that offers impressive views of Puerto Vallarta. Its steep streets are truly an adventure worth exploring, just as the small sandy beaches and hidden coves where Chinese shells can be found, thus the name of the bay. The resort, which is a true paradise for those seeking relaxation and a refined life style, was constructed inspired in old Mexican haciendas and it favors spectacular views.


Sierra Linda Hotel Club de Montaña Tabay, Mérida ID C679

Sierra Linda is a unique Venezuelan hotel complex located nearly 2,000 meters above sea level. Its 23 cabin logs and suites are surrounded by a singular beauty landscape where green mountains, clean air, eternal snows from the high mountains, the Andean cold, the song of the birds and dawn and dusk constitute the perfect invitation to relax while enjoying nature. Its restaurant offers typical cooking from the Andean region. In its outdoor activities, guests can take a horseback ride though the resort premises or in the nearby Mucunutan village.

16| RCI Ventures, 2011


RCI® Presenter

Creativity and Support to Help Close sales To help our Affiliated Resorts increase sales closings in their sales rooms, RCI® has used cutting-edge technology to create RCI® Presenter. This high-impact, interactive presentation will revolutionize the way that salespeople present the RCI® Vacation Exchange concept to potential customers.

close sales. Without a doubt, for our Affiliated Resorts, it will soon be an indispensable partner in completing successful closings.

RCI® Presenter offered exclusively to developers who hire RCI® TV from the Platinum package.

This unique support tool for RCI® Affiliated Resorts sales rooms uses modular software that can be installed and used on touchscreens or high-definition screens. RCI® Presenter includes the most up-todate technical presentation tools, allowing vendors to enhance and strengthen their sales pitch to potential buyers in a fun and entertaining way. Through an interactive multimedia presentation, RCI® Presenter offers an accurate and informational overview of the benefits of Vacation Ownership and includes information on the service, quality and hospitality guarantees that the Affiliated Resorts and RCI® offer throughout the Vacation Exchange process. The presentation also includes essential information and explains the primary features of the Vacation Exchange programs. For example, for the RCI® Weeks program, the presentation describes the flexibility of the program and how easy it is for Members to plan their vacations. As with other innovations that RCI® has introduced to the market, RCI® Presenter includes two essential elements that are now an indispensable part of any buyer's decision: •Spectacular videos from RCI® TV that offer information about destinations and Affiliated Resorts. •And interesting and useful traveler testimonials, full of recommendations and suggestions to help travelers fully enjoy their vacations. RCI® Presenter is more than a tool or a basic support system. Soon, salespeople will consider it a "consultant" that can be used in conjunction with personal sales strategies and techniques to effectively

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What´s good can be even better RCI® renews Trading Power

Technological innovation is the only constant in this time of dizzying changes. The vacation ownership industry, the engine of tourism development, has not been exempt from this process. With this in mind, RCI® has made many efforts to understand the behavior of current buyers because they too have evolved. They have become more demanding, ask more questions and above all, require more control over their vacation planning process, wanting more transparency in their Exchange, more flexibility and more options. As a result, RCI made a million-dollar investment in the creation and development of its Vacation Exchange Program RCI® Weeks, which integrates improvements and additions to the RCI® Weeks Membership. It will also extend to the future business model because it ensures the flexibility and transparency that RCI® Members currently demand from the administration and management of their Membership. The improvements made will allow Members to vacation where they choose and when they choose. In other words, RCI® gives its Members greater power over their Exchange options. This innovation and the new benefits that the RCI® Weeks Membership will provide will also pay off in increased business for the Affiliated Resorts and therefore also for RCI®. ®

At the end of 2010, RCI® completed the introduction of these improvements in the RCI® Weeks exchange system worldwide. This not only involved a significant investment in new resources and technological tools, but also an extensive training process that added up to over 5,000

18| RCI Ventures, 2011

hours for more than 3,000 associates, focused on creating the best vacation experience for Members and increased business for Affiliated Resorts. The process of researching, developing, installing and launching this new system took more than two years of hard work at RCI® and a very important part of this process was timely and accurate communication with the Members and Affiliated Resorts from the outset. Because of the huge effort that the implementation of these improvements demanded and because they will ensure that the current and future

needs of Members and Affiliated Resorts will be met, RCI® reaffirms its confidence that this new Trading Power and transparency in Exchange will strengthen the future business model. More than 35 years ago, RCI® created the timeshare industry; with the RCI® Weeks improvements and additions, it now reinvents it and ensures its staying power far into the future. v


RCI Revolutionizes Member Communications ®

Everybody knows that a first impression is what counts... so RCI® has decided to update the Welcome Kit that it gives to its new Members. The RCI® Directory of Affiliated Resorts has also been completely updated and is now available in an electronic version. In an attractive visual format, the Welcome Kit provides new RCI® Latin American Members with information about the benefits and extraordinary advantages they, as vacation ownership holders, will enjoy in any of the RCI® Affiliated Resorts in the region. The new Kit has four main purposes: Provide a warm welcome to new Members Offer a complete introduction to the best use of the timeshare product Provide a comprehensive description of the benefits provided by RCI® Membership Direct new Members to and support this important communication channel. The Welcome Kit will be sent periodically to new RCI® Members and, of course, will be available in Affiliated Resorts sales rooms in Latin America.

tion for the Affiliated Resorts will be updated regularly. The new Directory is available in CD format and includes: •A basic guide on how to do a Vacation Exchange, •RCI® Membership information •Details on how to explore and consult the website •Basic information about every Resort affiliated to RCI® "The purpose of creating the electronic version of the Directory is to provide new Members with vital and critical information about the product they have just purchased and provide everything necessary to promote and encourage continued use of the product. In this way, using advanced technological tools, RCI® seeks to improve the Member's vacation experience, and at the same time encourages and promotes the business of its Affiliated Resorts", concluded Gonzalo Seemann.

"We strongly believe that this Kit will grab our new Members' attention because of both the quality of its information and its original and creative laptop-shaped design," said Gonzalo Seemann, Director Strategic Accounts and Marketing RCI® Latin America, when speaking about these new materials. "We believe, however, that the core of this communication effort is to provide vital information on how to register on the website, thereby motivating a new Member to use the site, carry out searches, learn all the details about the Affiliated Resorts and complete their transactions securely", added Gonzalo. As a major component of the Welcome Kit given to new Members, RCI® has created an electronic version of the RCI® Directory of Affiliated Resorts for RCI® Weeks and RCI® Points Programs . This version in Adobe Air for PC, Mac and Linux replaces the traditional printed Directory and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. One of the main advantages of the Electronic Directory is that the informaThe new “Welcome Kit” includes a laptop-shaped container, a CD with the electronic directory and a brochure explaining the material contained in the kit.

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Online Directory and RCI Guide RCI® constantly invites its Members to visit and urges them to start enjoying all the benefits that the Website has to offer. In particular, they're invited to consult the Online RCI® Directory of Affiliated Resorts. By encouraging the use of the Website, RCI is consistent with its philosophy of care and protection of the environment and supports its strategy of technological innovation. To complement this action, starting this year, it will no longer print the Directory of Affiliated Resorts. The Online Directory of Affiliated Resorts, unlike the printed version, has great advantages: More information and photographs of the Resort sand, in some cases, videos. The most up-to-date information for each Resort and the latest Affiliations, because the online Directory is updated constantly. Different search filters for the Resorts, either by ID, type of vacation, special recognition and more. Easy, fast and immediate access to the Resort information View available units in real time Ability to confirm your Vacation online, or leave your request on the waiting list. Thanks to this and other actions, RCI® recently received the distinction of being named a Socially Responsible Company in Mexico, awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility in Mexico (AliaRSE).

20| RCI Ventures, 2011

The "RCI Guide" ( was created so that Affiliated Resorts and their Members could learn more about the "RCI® Online World". It includes a video that explains how to use the Online Directory of Affiliated Resort, as well as information on all the sites that complement RCI®Membership Benefits, including: Inside RCI, RCI® TV, RCI® Travel, RCI® Platinum and the electronic version of the Endless Vacation magazine. To communicate all the important changes that RCI® is making, a formal, personalized and signed letter from Ricardo Montaudon, RCI® Latin

America President and General Director, was recently sent to all Members in the region, thereby keeping them informed and updated about ongoing improvements and innovations.


A higher level of RCI® Subscribing Membership Flexibility, maximum value, upgrades to larger units, and more...making your lifestyle exquisitely enjoyable. RCI® Platinum Membership offers all of this and more to its Members.. Specially-designed to add greater value to RCI® Membership, RCI® Platinum lets Members enjoy their Vacation Ownership in ways they never imagined. Likewise, because RCI® Platinum encourages Member loyalty to a specific Affiliated Resort, these additional benefits have the potential to generate more business for Affiliated Resorts.

Furthermore, with benefits like Priority Access, RCI® Platinum Members will receive priority access to units specifically designated for this program. This exclusivity will create greater demand for these units. Along with this exclusive benefit, RCI® Platinum gives its Members the opportunity to upgrade to larger units with a Room Upgrades. In business terms, this additional space to more comfortably enjoy vacations or to invite more friends and family will create positive positioning. RCI® Platinum also offers other advantages and opportunities including Platinum Rebates. These give RCI® Membership even more value through account bonuses that are reflected as Member Rewards when certain transactions are made with RCI®: • Combination of Deposits – $25 dollars • Additional Getaway Vacations® - $25 dollars • Guest Certificates - $25 dollars Members upgrading to RCI® Platinum will also have access to Life Style Benefits, including fabulous discounts on purchases and services. In short, everything about RCI® Platinum has been carefully designed to increase awareness and loyalty to RCI® Membership. We invite you to learn more about the exclusive options and benefits we can offer; they are synonymous with generating more business and new customers for our Affiliates. You and your Members can find all the information related to RCI® Platinum at: (for Mexican Members) (for North American Members)

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 21


All your destinations in one place... Right now, all businesses, no matter their sector, are working for greater Internet presence. They're hoping to increase their business in an innovative way while also seeking opportunities to do things better. It makes so much sense for the global travel and vacation industry to be strongly integrated into the Internet and have a notable presence on social networks, perhaps more than for any other industry. Internet users -potential customers for travel and vacation services- are very sensitive to comments and posts made by other individuals about destinations and resorts... and the industry must be ready to respond. It has been proven that online tools used by travelers are an important part of their decisionmaking process and therefore, are also critically important in generating business for hotels, resorts and other tourism services providers. Take that into consideration when looking at the following statistics regarding the power of Web penetration in traveler decision-making:

Right now, commenting on and sharing travel experiences has become a fundamental part of taking vacations and is something that 70% of travelers do by posting a photo, video or comment to other users through social networks. In Latin America: 87% of travelers are influenced by hotel reviews 84% of travelers are influenced by trip and destination reviews Travelers are willing to pay up to 22% more for a hotel or destination with positive reviews

22| RCI Ventures, 2011


Considering this, we can understand the current trend of generating and creating online tools that make these informational tasks easier and more user -friendly for travelers. In line with this trend, RCI® has again positioned itself at the forefront of the industry and proudly presents Endless Vacation Online – in Spanish and Portuguese - for the Latin American markets, in order to accomplish the following objectives: Promote a traveling culture among RCI® Members and help them share comments and reviews about destinations, as well their traveltips and recommendations. Develop a bidirectional communication channel between RCI® and its Members Create a social network where Members can interact with each other While pursuing these objectives, the new Endless Vacation site efficiently promotes RCI® products and the benefits of Exchange, deposit and RCI® Travel Services. In accordance with the structure of Internet travel and vacation sites, Endless Vacation offers content that is dynamic, entertaining and appropriate for the network. Its segmentation into three homes: Discover, Enjoy and Explore, allows it to offer general recommendations about the interesting places, entertainment options, leisure and cuisine for different tourist destinations. It also lets users upload their own trip photos, comment on the destinations and give their opinions about the general content of the site. With the new Endless Vacation site, RCI® places itself in an unbeatable position to take advantage of all the innovative options that the Internet has to offer for exchanging information, to the benefit of both the Members and the company itself.

Endless Vacation online is another powerful tool that can be used in the Affiliated Resorts sales room to show prospective timeshare buyers the information that they can use to plan their vacations, along with the many other benefits that RCI® has created for them.

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 23


RCI Affiliates

Online contact with Affiliates

Communication with Affiliates is a priority for RCI®. Timely information about the resorts in the vacation ownership industry and of the products and services offered by RCI® are critical to establish a successful business relationship. RCI Affiliates, RCI’s portal dedicated to communicating with its Affiliates is a quick information channel that features aspects such as:

•The industry – Here, Affiliates will find information regarding the concept, the history and the evolution of time share, as well as relevant data and information about the industry. Also available will be external resources and the most important associations that contribute to the industry’s growth.

•About RCI® – Information on RCI® regarding its competitive advantage, flexibility, trust, quality, history, culture recognitions and the RCI Business team that works together with Affiliates.

Without a doubt, RCI® Affiliates is the site in which Affiliates can consult the latest news and trends, and become familiarized with all the benefits that RCI® offers them to help them grow their business.

•Services to Affiliates – Contains information about the Exchange value, the programs that RCI® offers to its Affiliates such as RCI® Weeks, RCI® Points and The Registry Collection®. Information about the inventory value, Contact Center Solutions and on sales, marketing and business consulting. •Quality network – Affiliates can consult information on RCI® recognition program, improvement and quality control processes, and the program and comments from the advisory board.

24| RCI Ventures, 2011

Market Outlook

NEW TECHNOLOGIES in Vacation Ownership

In a globalized business world where new technological developments are made every day, corporations that can quickly and effectively adopt new technology, thereby benefiting their shareholders and generating new business, are the ones that are most likely to survive a climate of increasing competition.

In the global vacation ownership industry, RCI® is one of these corporations and is also recognized as a creator of technologies, tools and processes that have revolutionized the industry and have pushed it to new levels of excellence. RCI® understands the importance of optimal communication and making a very positive first impression, and offers its Affiliated Resorts innovative and unique tools that support sales room negotiations and closings. First, the “Membership Benefits Brochure” explains all the options and advantages of Vacation Exchange to new Members in a clear and simple manner. It also includes recommendations on how to get the most from their RCI® Membership and Exchange opportunities.

Sales Guide printed and for ipad

In order to ensure that new owners fully understand the processes, RCI® offers a “Sales Guide” for salespeople to use when introducing the product. It includes all the key points to present to buyers regarding Membership. RCI® has a presence in various regions and, considering the diversity of the salespeople from its Affiliated Resorts, offers the Guide in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. It can also be downloaded as an iPad application.

Membership Benefits Brochure

RCI Ventures, 2011 | 25

Market Outlook


Materials Catalog

Mobile Communications Membership Benefits Brochure

for iPhone y iPad

Request it ONLINE Promotional materials that are used to support sales efforts and serve as decorative elements in Point of Sales can now be found in the “Online Materials Catalog”. Point of Sales materials can be ordered online and sales directors can have secure, quick access to the system 24 hours a day. The system will also issue an order confirmation at the time an order is made.

In keeping with its nature as an innovator and early technology adopter, RCI® has now developed iPhone and iPad applications for some of its most important informational products. With these apps, Members can carry the Directory of Affiliated Resorts in their mobile devices and use it to make decisions about their trips. Also, the Endless Vacations online application can be used to find information about top travel destinations and Affiliated Resorts or testimonials and photos from other travelers. RCI® TV is an Internet television system developed by RCI® that provides information and images from destinations and resorts for both Members and non-Members. It's designed to increase traffic and occupancy at Affiliated Resorts and is now also available for iPhone and iPad. Technology experts say that "the sky's the limit" for application development. However, RCI® 's skill and expertise have enabled RCI® to be closer to its Members, Affiliates and sales forces in real time, making that sky seem increasingly more accessible and within reach.

26| RCI Ventures, 2011


NEW EDITION Latin America and the Caribbean Vacation Ownership Fact Book After a difficult 2009, what were the business, learning and experience outcomes for the Latin American and Caribbean vacation ownership industry in 2010? What are the growth and development outlooks for an industry that, like few, has known how to resist hard times? How does the relationship between tourism and vacation ownership work and how does it affect the traveler economy and resort business? For almost 30 years, RCI速 has provided answers to these and other similar concerns in its Latin America and the Caribbean Vacation Ownership Fact Book. This statistical study provides a unique analysis that brings together data and information about the industry's annual performance in this region of the world. Created using business results and opinions from key developers in Latin America and with informational and statistical support from studies on tourism, the economy and the socio-political climate of the countries in the region, the 2011 Fact Book contains interesting findings about the performance of the industry during the last year and puts its true potential for growth and expansion into proper perspective. It's a must-have reference book for all current - and potential - players in the vacation ownership industry and is now available in its 2011 edition, introduced at the last Mexican Resort Development Association (AMDETUR) Convention. As an RCI速 Affiliate, you can download the new edition of the the Fact Book from the RCI Affiliates web page.

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Specialized Information for Better


In order to provide current and objective information regarding opportunities in Mexico'so turism oriented real estate sector, TORE, RCI®'s Consultancy Division, introduces its Real Estate Market Study. The goals of the study include providing information about innovative products and services, new products, most popular destinations, price ranges within the market and the state of the tourism oriented real estate industry. In collaboration with Montaña Verde, a leader in Latin America in real estate development advising and assessment, the Real Estate Market Study offers an analysis of the prevalent market conditions and reports on current trends in key areas including product development, target markets, pricing and absorption. The Study is interesting and innovative, and it provides surrounding issues that are of great importance to market players. For example, the chapter on Product Development includes specifics regarding usage models, sizing, amenities, mixed-use properties, destinations and maintenance. To present all this information together, the Study utilizes several market research methodologies

28| RCI Ventures, 2011

to provide facts and data that investors, entrepreneurs and developers can use in decision-making.

In later publications, the Study will broaden its scope to include Central and South American markets.

Because of its relevance and usefulness to the sector, the Real Estate Market Study provided its first executive report on the most important markets in Mexico (Los Cabos, Cancún and Puerto Vallarta) at the Luxury Markets Symposium held in May, 2011. During this event, it was announced that additional key destinations in the Mexican market will be included for 2011. These are: Acapulco, Ixtapa, San Miguel de Allende, Chapala, Ajijic, Valle de Bravo, Cuernavaca and Mazatlán.

From now on, when initiating, marketing or investing in vacation real estate projects, you'll have access to all the information, market analysis and evaluation tools you need to make the best and most timely decisions. If you would like more details about the Study, please send an e-mail to



Staying abreast of current trends, sharing success stories, listening to experts and remaining updated on the current developments within the vacation ownership industry are best practices to maintain a successful and prosperous business.

4th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress October 25 - 28, 2011 Chicago, USA

And the best way to remain informed is by attending events, conferences and exhibitions related with the industry. Below you’ll find useful information on the upcoming events.

With estimated attendance of more than 1,500 people and 120 exhibitors, the 4th. World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress is already considered the biggest and most important event of medical tourism in the world.

Gran Salón Inmobiliario Colombia 2011 (Great Real Estate Showcase Colombia 2011) From September 28 to October 2, 2011 Bogota, Colombia

Attendants will be able to program business meetings with the most important and representative insurance companies, employers, hospitals, medical tourism facilitators and other important personalities from the industry.

Gran Salon Inmobiliario 2011 is the biggest real estate showcase in Colombia and one of the biggest in the continent. Here, buyers and potential buyers will discover new and amazing opportunities for investment and purchasing. Attendants will also find an excellent offering in terms of projects currently under construction and a comprehensive display of products and services related to the industry.

This year’s theme is “Patients in Emerging Markets” and it will be centered in some of the areas of medical tourism with high growth potential in Russia, Ukraine, other countries from the EU, China, Japan, ane the Middle East region. The exhibition will include the most important medical insurance buyers from these emerging regions.

The event is recognized as a key event for the industry’s promotion and support and for enabling direct contact between buyers and sellers while showcasing Bogota as a world class business center.

Fractional Life Expo 2011 October 13 – 15, 2011 London, England This event constitutes a great opportunity to introduce the fractional concept to a larger number of buyers and investors in this industry. Fractional Life Expo will include plenty of space dedicated exclusively to fractional property and it will also gather developers from private residence clubs, destination clubs, exchange programs and, naturally, fractional developers and providers of products and services for this industry.

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30| RCI Ventures, 2011

RCI Ventures Magazine, September 2011: LATIN AMERICA  

RCI´s participation in AMDETUR´s National Convention; detailed information about the important changes that were implemented in regards of t...