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Enterprising Ideas for the Vacation Industry i FEBRUARY 2012


online monitoring Locking down your brand’s reputation online


Industry practitioners share insights about monitoring a brand’s online life to protect and enhance its reputation

A touchscreen technology presentation highlights the benefits of vacation ownership and helps increase sales



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RCI is renewing its commitment to help you succeed in 2012. RCI® AFFILIATED RESORT PROFILE

The Unlimited Vacation Club, part of AMResorts, is one of the fastest-growing luxury leisure brands in the Caribbean and Mexico. INDUSTRY REPORT: ONLINE MONITORING

Industry practitioners share insights about monitoring a brand’s online life to protect and enhance its reputation. AFFILIATE NEWS

RCI® affiliated resorts around the world are making industry news.

P. 12 RCI NEWS: RCI PRESENTER sm Harness the power and impact of


touchscreen technology to highlight the benefits of vacation ownership and help increase sales.

Look for RCI at the ARDA World 2012 Annual Convention & Exposition The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada April 1–5, 2012

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

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Dear RCI® Affiliate: 2012 is upon us, and it’s time to look forward to another year of shared opportunity and growth. It’s the perfect time to ask yourself how you will position your brand and better engage your current and potential owners this year to drive more business. As your partner, we continue to ensure your owners have unforgettable vacation experiences every time they exchange with RCI knowing, that today more than ever, their belief in the value of vacation ownership creates the prospects of tomorrow through referrals and word of mouth. To that end, we’re starting off 2012 with an even greater focus on online branding, technology in the sales center, and social media. In this day, monitoring your brand online is essential to knowing what consumers truly think about your company, products, staff, and customer service. The Internet is a worldwide outlet for your owners and prospects to comment, blog, review and share their thoughts. It is important to have control of your online brand to better convince prospects to consider timeshare ownership and the lifetime of vacation memories it creates. In an article for this issue, we’ve spoken to three industry professionals about why online monitoring is an essential social media initiative for timeshare brands (page 4). Consequently, if you’re not working with social media just yet, you should consider adding online monitoring and other social strategies to your goals for 2012. There is a lot of information out there concerning social media strategies, and it can be daunting at times. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve established a presence, as always, we’re here to help. Finally, our commitment to technology has brought our subscribing members RCI® TV, the Resort Showcase and enhancements to—all to make their research and booking experience better. We are now helping you spice up presentations at your sales centers with our distinctive new touchscreen sales tool. RCI PresenterSM was designed to engage guests with interactive modules that showcase the benefits of vacation ownership and exchange. It’s easily customized to your specific resort, and it’s a great addition to your current sales presentation (page 12). Online branding, social media and technology all play a big role in defining the future of the industry and RCI is committed to staying ahead of the curve. Now is the time to think about the integration of these three concepts into your current plans (if you haven’t already), especially as sales continue to rebound over the next few years. As always, we are dedicated to serving your owners and helping you with your sales and marketing initiatives, and our continued leadership and innovation makes us ready and able to do so. There are great things in store for 2012 and we are excited to share these with you. Thank you for your business and best wishes for a successful year.

If you’re not working with social media just yet, you should consider adding online monitoring and other social strategies to your goals for 2012.”

Geoff Ballotti Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Gurnik President

Ricardo Montaudon President, Mexico and Latin America

Charisse Cox Managing Director, Pacific

Adrian Lee Managing Director, Asia

Sean Lowe Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa

Radhika Shastry Managing Director, India

Faye Tylee Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

Paul Cash Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Gail Mandel Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brad Dettmer Chief Information Officer


Gordon Gurnik President, RCI

FEBRUARY 2012 I rci Ventures



Dreams Resorts & Spas: service and luxury, catering to couples and couples with children Dreams Cancún Resort & Spa

The Unlimited Vacation Club T

he Unlimited Vacation Club, part of AMResorts, is one of the fastest-growing luxury resort sales, marketing and brand management service companies in the Caribbean and Mexico. Specializing in the luxury leisure market, AMResorts offers a variety of vacations, including Endless Privileges, Unlimited-Luxury and Unlimited-Fun. RCI ® Ventures spoke with Jorge Herrera, managing director of Unlimited Vacation Club (UVC), to learn more about the organization’s strategy and successes.

Secrets Resorts & Spas: romance and sensuality for adults in exquisite luxury settings Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

n 2

Sunscape Resorts & Spas: lively, exhilarating and affordable vacations for families, couples and singles Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa

rci Ventures I February 2012

Now Resorts & Spas: a new and innovative vacation experience for singles, families and friends

Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts: wellness, romance and environmentally friendly practices

Now Larimar Punta Cana

Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya


Concentrating on luxury


How would you define the AMResorts philosophy?

AMResorts was founded in 2001 with the desire to reinvent the vacation experience by delivering an innovative, unique and high-end product. We’ve achieved that goal and become an industry leader by being people-centric and focusing on couples, couples with children, and single individuals and their friends.



How are the five AMResorts brands similar? While each brand offers guests a unique vacation

JH experience (see previous page), across all our brands guests can expect a new and better way to have it all: no wristbands or reservations, gourmet à la carte dining, premium alcoholic beverages, mini-bars refreshed daily and professional live entertainment. For all our brands except Sunscapes Resorts & Spas, guests also enjoy pool and beach wait service, 24-hour room service and 24-hour concierge service.


How has your affiliation with RCI helped fulfill your commitment to providing unique luxury vacations? We have implemented RCI enhancements, like the

JH RCI Platinum® membership tier and affiliation with

The Registry Collection®program, to further differentiate our membership levels. These enhancements will allow us to provide higher quality services to our upper-tier members, who are more sophisticated and whose decisions are not driven by price.


What are some highlights of your corporate commitment to the environment? Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa in Mexico has been

JH working with a resident biologist, Mara Bravo

from Yucatán University, to incorporate pro-environment operating procedures to minimize the resort’s impact on the environment and educate guests about the surrounding ecology and community. Dreams Cancún, Dreams Riviera Cancún and Dreams Tulum participate in Amigos de Sian Ka’an, an initiative dedicated to the sustainability and conservation of the Sian Ka’an biosphere in Tulum, Mexico, and throughout the region.

In the Dominican Republic, we support Ebano Verde, a scientific reserve for protecting local species and endangered green ebony trees, which are found only in this part of the world. Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita, Zoëtry Casa del Mar, Dreams Puerto Vallarta, Dreams Los Cabos, Dreams Tulum, Dreams Cancún and Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa are active in the Sea Turtle Conservation Program. During the season when turtles lay their eggs on beaches near these resorts, our guests work with staff to help preserve and protect these endangered hatchlings and release them into the sea. In addition, the Rainforest Alliance works with many sectors, including the tourism industry, to help improve environmental, social and economic practices. Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita, Dreams Tulum and Dreams Cancún have passed a strict qualification and have received the Rainforest Alliance verification. AMResorts’ Unlimited Vacation Club (UVC) has ambitious plans for new resorts in 2012 and beyond. What can you tell us?


Our strategy has always been to be regionally concentrated to maximize synergies. In 2011, we launched UVC operations at resorts that include Now Larimar Punta Cana, Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana, Dreams Los Cabos and Zoëtry Casa del Mar Los Cabos. In November we opened Secrets Marquis Los Cabos and Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa. Secrets Huatulco opened in December.


In April 2012, we are scheduled to open Secrets Vallarta Bay and Now Amber, both in Puerto Vallarta, followed by Secrets The Vine Cancún in August. In 2013, we plan to open seven more resorts—four in Cap Cana and one each in Punta Cana, Los Cabos and Costa Rica. V Jorge Herrera earned a business administration degree from Iberoamericana University and completed his master’s degree in finance at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. He pursued additional studies in finance at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City. His experience spans more than 25 years in tourism development, real estate sales, marketing and consulting in Latin America.

FEBRUARY 2012 I rci Ventures

3 n


Who’s managing your brand


Even if you’re not listening to and participating in online conversations,

your customers most certainly are.


rci Ventures I February 2012

The Internet, bolstered by social media, has created a virtual hothouse environment for brands and their reputations.


Some brands flourish while others wither and die in the intense conditions online, where consumers blog, post and tweet about their daily experiences with products and service providers. These online conversations can be powerful, influencing others and helping shape perceptions of a brand. Brand stewards must actively monitor the online conversations about their brands to protect their brands’ reputations. By listening, responding appropriately and, most important, understanding how consumers expect brands to behave online, brand stewards can regain control of their online messages.

RCI ® Ventures asked three social-media practitioners, who represent different perspectives within the industry, to talk about getting started, best practices and pitfalls associated with online monitoring and how to make this an effective and integrated component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of American Resort Development Association (ARDA); Stacey Sutherland, vice president of corporate communications and brand services for Orange Lake Resorts, home to Holiday Inn Club Vacations; and Phil Brojan, senior vice president of global marketing at RCI, recently shared their insights.

FEEDBACK REDEFINED What is online monitoring? According to Brojan, it is monitoring social sites, as well as the rest of the web, for mentions of a brand. “Usually it entails using online listening technology to gather all online mentions of your brand— things like recommendations, reviews, comments and blog

posts—and then categorizing those mentions,” he says. “You can respond or further analyze the mentions to better understand your customers and their perceptions of your brand.” Sutherland says that analyzing the sum of these is crucial. “Technically speaking, social listening is the aggregate of comments and sentiments being said about your brand on social channels, such as Trip Advisor, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook,” she says. Word of mouth is not new. Consumers have always been able to share opinions with and make recommendations to family and friends. What’s new is the power of the technology— instant access as well as broader reach and search capabilities. “Social networks make it much easier for people to share and re-share opinions and recommendations quickly and from literally anywhere, giving you a ‘wildfire’ effect that has everybody’s attention, from the marketing department to the boardroom,” Brojan says. “Even more important is that much of this information is easily searchable online. With the right strategy, it’s much more of an opportunity than a threat.” February 2012 I rci Ventures



Now, social media provides our happy owners with an online ‘megaphone’ to talk about why they love timeshare resort vacations.”

At RCI, the online monitoring strategy is more cross-functional than a traditional marketing strategy. “The strategies, initiatives and operational activity that emerge from online listening involve many departments, including marketing, sales, customer service and product development,” Brojan says. “My favorite way to integrate listening into our marketing and communication strategy is to highlight the great timeshare vacation experiences that consumers share online and in social media.”

Howard C. Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA

Nusbaum sees the integration of social media in an overall marketing strategy as a challenge to traditional marketers, who want to be able to manipulate the consumer and the messages. While he acknowledges that every industry is going to have to address the good and the bad directly, he believes that the new freedom for balanced conversations online is healthy. Authentic brand messages and increased customer satisfaction will prevail “when marketers acknowledge that they can participate in, but not control, the online conversations.”

From the brand’s point of view, Sutherland sees great potency in the ability to search. “It is the best way to take your brand’s temperature and compare yourself with your competitors.” The timeshare industry has been dealing with social media and social listening longer than most industries. Online bulletin boards, populated with consumers’ praise and complaints about resorts and exchange companies, are well known within the industry. But now, Brojan says, “social media has the critical mass to make a much larger impact, especially with how visible mentions in social media are in search engines.” Sutherland and Nusbaum see a positive shift in the increased access to social media, however. To Sutherland, “the major platforms, such as Trip Advisor, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, are for everyone, consumer and timeshare industry folks alike, and provide a setting in which social etiquette is promoted.” For Nusbaum, the expansion of social media is a game changer. “We have an 85 percent user satisfaction rate. In the old days, bulletin boards were used almost exclusively by the 15 percent who were dissatisfied. Now social media provides our happy owners with an online ‘megaphone’ to talk about why they love timeshare resort vacations.”


RESOURCES REQUIRED In his experience at RCI, Brojan has learned that a good listening strategy can have significant upfront costs, be time consuming and require a combination of social media and industry expertise—and the latter is certainly not easy to find. “Niche social-media agencies that provide listening services are expensive; and they will tell you that social-media expertise is more important than industry expertise, but I disagree,” he says. “Only with industry expertise can one respond to consumers effectively and understand the urgency or opportunity of certain brand mentions.” He recommends outsourcing online listening to experts, at least initially.

The strategies, initiatives and operational activity that emerge from online listening involve many departments, including marketing, sales, customer service and product development.”

In addition to online monitoring, Sutherland cautions that social media should not serve as the only platform for marketing and instead should complement existing strategies and be considered an additional tool for communicating campaigns and messages. “To put it simply, it is just one more way to coordinate and deploy campaigns,” she says. “We cross-promote through direct mail, email and social media releases so consumers can choose the way they like to interact with our brand.” Phil Brojan, senior vice president of global marketing for RCI


rci Ventures I February 2012

One of the greatest benefits is knowing what people are saying about our brand so we can take that feedback to the right teams.” Stacey Sutherland, vice president of corporate communications and brand services for Orange Lake Resorts, home to Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Sutherland identifies some other challenges in getting started but says that finding a leader who will support the effort internally, emphasizing its value to the company and brand, is the first step. “Then you address the tactical elements: selecting the tool and determining the best method for sharing information with the right individuals,” she says. Orange Lake also found it challenging to sustain social-media resources, so the company adopted a collaborative model that integrates existing resources to share the responsibilities. “We may enlist a customer-service associate at a resort-operations level to reply to inquiries that come through social channels, in addition to their regular job responsibilities,” Sutherland explains.

REWARDS REAPED The benefits of social listening are many. Sutherland sees positives for both consumers and resorts. “One of the greatest benefits is knowing what people are saying about our brand so we can take that feedback to the right teams and everyone is held accountable to evaluate and make any necessary adjustments,” she says. “We can demonstrate corporate responsibility, understand what spikes chatter and drive customer satisfaction by holding our internal teams accountable.” Aside from using feedback to drive improvements, RCI has been able to “spot gaps in product knowledge and understanding, which we can help remedy through better education and clearer messaging. We’ve also watched many of our communications go viral,” Brojan says. “This gives us an idea of how to message to encourage that type of viral activity.” Managing brand perception, owner satisfaction and loyalty is a key ingredient in increasing revenue and lowering marketing and sales costs. “I don’t think there is anything more important, from a marketing and sales perspective, than gaining more control over the online perception of our industry and the brands that participate in it,” he says. To Nusbaum, the greatest benefit of social listening is a renewed commitment to the integrity of the industry. “Privacy is different in social media, and transparency is king,” he says in emphasizing the power in responding to consumers’ comments. “When done right, it takes a negative situation and turns it into a positive situation for the consumer, and the brand.” V

About the panel Stacey Sutherland is vice president of corporate communications and brand services for Orange Lake Resorts, which is home to Holiday Inn Club Vacations. She has created internal employee communication initiatives and external public relations strategies, and developed the direction for many of the company’s marketing campaigns. She has more than 20 years of experience and is a member of ARDA’s Communications and Awards Committees.

Howard C. Nusbaum has served as president and CEO of ARDA since September 2000. In the past 30 years, he has held executive hotel positions in the private sector as well as executive positions in nonprofit association management. His role at ARDA includes serving as president of the ARDA board of directors, the AIF board of directors and the ROC executive committee.

Phil Brojan is senior vice president of global marketing for RCI. He is responsible for RCI’s subscribing-member marketing strategy, including the ability to activate and retain members. Before joining RCI, Phil held various client- and agency-side executive marketing positions, developing marketing and promotional strategies for many of the world’s leading brands.

February 2012 I rci Ventures



International industry updates ASIA SOUTH AFRICA EUROPE LATIN AMERICA

n 8

rci Ventures I FEBRUARY 2012


Hon Tam Resort & Spa


ew affiliation agreements with Hon Tam Resort & Spa in Vietnam and Patong Bay Garden Resort in Thailand, along with the Xing Yao Shui Xiang Resort and Huangshan Grandview Resorts Hotels—the latter two in China and added earlier this year—expand the number of RCI affiliated resorts in Asia to 158 properties.


“These four new affiliates not only show a growing interest in timeshare travel throughout Asia but also prove that we’re offering an innovative and appealing timeshare-exchange product,” says Adrian Lee, managing director of RCI Asia Pacific. “Adding new resorts in China, Thailand and Vietnam reaffirms our commitment to offering great vacations in highly desirable destinations in Asia and throughout the world. We’re happy to have them on board.”

Hon Tam Resort & Spa is located on Hon Tam, an eco-green island in the middle of Vietnam’s Nha Trang Bay. This luxury resort features 49 cozy bungalows that blend traditional and modern Vietnamese architecture. Recreational facilities include a golf driving range, mini golf, tennis courts, a fitness center, a kids’ club, a spa, scuba diving and fishing. A selection of restaurants and bars serve international seafood and Vietnamese cuisine.

Patong Bay Garden Resort is located on the popular Patong Bay on Phuket, Thailand, and offers a full range of facilities and activities as well as Thai charm and hospitality. The beachfront resort has 71 charming rooms that meet the varied needs of modern international travelers—families as well as couples—and includes wireless Internet access, varied food and beverage options, a spa and beauty salon and a retail outlet.

Xing Yao Shui Xiang Resort is located in the Jia Lize wetland in Kunming, China. This upscale integrated tourism development offers more than 10,000 diverse vacation accommodations including themed resorts, hotels, holiday villas and town houses. The resort also features an equestrian club with a landscaped 20-kilometer riding boulevard, an ecological wetland park, a country-style fishing club, a golf academy and driving range designed by Phil Mickelson, extensive lavender and sunflower fields, an organic fruit and vegetable garden, meeting and conference facilities and myriad retail and dining facilities.

Huangshan Grandview Resorts Hotels, part of the Yuan Yi Group, is a mixed-used development strategically located just south of the Xin An River and flanked by the Pei Lang River to the east. It is surrounded by renowned tourist sites, such as the charming Old Antique Street, the aweinspiring Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), wetlands and historic Anhui villages.

Patong Bay Garden Resort

Xing Yao Shui Xiang Resort

Huangshan Grandview Resorts Hotels



Distinction Awards The RCI Award for Developer Achievement (RADA) program has recognized the sales team at Silverpoint Leisure with a number of RADA Distinction awards. The award program was launched by

EUROPE Creating opportunity in shared holiday ownership


and The Registry Collection ® program have launched a major guide to shared ownership that showcases the many benefits of operating within the European sector to prospective developers and investors. Creating Opportunity in Shared Holiday Ownership is a 52-page handbook with information about the past, present and future of the industry. It also includes a rationale for why timeshare and fractional owners are a good fit for many resort developers and leisure real estate investors around the world, plus sales and marketing strategies for the shared-ownership sector in Europe.

RCI to reward sales and innovation among its European affiliates in the timeshare industry. The program also recognizes individual staff members who have excelled in their roles. The ceremony was hosted at the

Dimitris Manikis, vice president of business development for RCI in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, says that this new publication demonstrates why shared ownership represents a significant opportunity for hotel operators, residential complexes and property investors: “This is an industry with an 87 percent satisfaction rate and an occupancy rate of 80 percent, according to recent research, which makes shared holiday ownership a compelling opportunity for new industry entrants from the hotel sector and beyond.”

Silverpoint sales office in Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands, where Ovidio Zapico, RCI’s regional director for Spain and Italy, presented RADA Distinction awards for excellence to the following employees: • Barry Fox, sales manager


aving recently teamed up with Palace Resorts, LLC to create Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Hard Rock International has announced an agreement with that company to transform Palace Resorts properties in Cancún, Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya into Hard Rock Hotels. These will be “ultimate all-inclusive” properties that bring the acclaimed Hard Rock experience to these popular tourist destinations.

of the year • Susana Thraves, marketing manager of the year • Carol Taylor, administration manager of the year • Vicky Bryant, employee

“Cancún, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya are perennially popular Mexican vacation spots and a natural draw for Hard Rock patrons,” says Michael Shindler, Hard Rock International executive vice president of hotels and casinos. “We are pleased to extend our relationship with Palace Resorts in light of their track record of creating some of the best resorts in the Americas for more than 25 years.”

of the year • Rikard Thorsell, salesperson of the year “I’m really proud of all the people who have been singled out for these awards,” says David Taylor, Silverpoint sales director. “Our

Each Hard Rock Mexico location is a beachfront property that on its re-flagging will feature unmatched all-inclusive luxury accommodations that include in-room double Jacuzzis, fine dining, top-shelf drinks, 24-hour room service and live entertainment. All three will offer Hard Rock’s signature Rock Star Suites and will showcase an extensive collection of authentic memorabilia from international and local musicians while incorporating diverse music genres throughout. In keeping with the Hard Rock tradition, each property will host an ongoing schedule of live concerts, celebrity-driven events and other exciting on-site activities.

whole team is highly motivated and hardworking, but these people are the shining stars of our organization and fantastic role models for everyone who works for Silverpoint.” RCI® Ventures magazine is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by Apple. Inc. iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

“Palace Resorts is honored to collaborate with Hard Rock International in further aligning two first-class hospitality brands,” says Roberto Chapur, president of Palace Resorts. “The opportunity to facilitate the entry of the iconic Hard Rock Hotel brand into Mexico, and to offer the Palace Resorts promise of an unmatched all-inclusive resort experience, is very exciting. We look forward to the continuation of this great relationship.”

South Africa


ew insights about the next generation of vacation owners reveal a demand for short-term ownership options (not unlike golf-club membership) and a desire to make more-immediate decisions about vacations. These discoveries have resulted in an exciting collaboration between Peermont Hotels, Casinos & Resorts and RCI to launch a new leisure-lifestyle club. The Peermont Coronet Club will give its members the opportunity to experience great hotels and resorts within Africa, and around the world, at affordable rates. “Following extensive research with hotel and gaming guests, we discovered that customers were looking for affordable local and international holiday destinations and more flexibility, greater value for money and a wider range of activities to enjoy while on holiday,” says Mark Jakins, chief operating officer of online operations and group marketing for Peermont Hotel Group. “With today’s hectic lifestyle, domestic as well as international guests want to be able to relax and enjoy their choice of destinations at prices they can afford. The Peermont Coronet Club, serviced by RCI, makes all this possible.”


The Peermont Coronet Club destination provides many exciting experiences, ranging from mountain adventures and bush and wildlife accommodations to family beach holidays and urban-chic weekend shopping sprees. The club offers a number of affordable membership plans and terms, including an entry-level Sapphire Plan and a Ruby Plan for larger family and group memberships. “The Peermont Coronet Club is innovative, will appeal to the younger consumers and is definitely a hotel product with a difference,” says Dimitris Manikis, vice president of business development for RCI Europe, Middle East and Africa. V

FEBRUARY 2012 I rci Ventures

11 n


Putting the power of persuasion at your fingertips

In collaboration with Generator Systems, RCI brings this exciting tool into resort sales rooms to help enhance and energize the conversation about exchange. The system runs on a wall-based touchscreen and puts your clients in the driver’s seat for the experience. Navigation is so easy that salespeople can let guests take control for greater involvement and engagement during the presentation. “Consumers are growing increasingly comfortable about using technology to search online for the information they want,” says Gordon Gurnik, president of RCI. “It only makes sense to extend that experience into the sales room, using the technology that consumers

n 12

rci Ventures I FEBRUARY 2012

already know and trust to help educate them about vacation exchange.” Emotive video clips, a vast database of resorts, compelling graphics and striking imagery help you inspire your guests to say “yes” more often, more readily and with more confidence. RCI Presenter is designed to complement existing sales presentations and is another opportunity to integrate sophisticated technology that delivers motivational content to the sales process. “We love the interactive flat screens,” says Greg Penrod, chief operating officer of Highlands Resorts/Sedona Pines. “With the economic distractions, our sales centers need every advantage to keep the high net closing percentage we need to be profitable.” V

RCI Presenter enhances the sales experience with a uniquely powerful combination of technology, entertainment and information. Contact your RCI account team to get RCI Presenter working for you!



PresenterSM harnesses the power and sensory impact of touchscreen technology to give your current and prospective owners an engaging, handson demonstration of vacation exchange. By interacting with educational and entertaining content, they learn about the value-added benefits of their vacation ownership.


We’re in the business of responding quickly. With technology that makes ordering easy, an inventory of over 22,000 maintenance and operating supplies, plus no minimum order required—we serve you efficiently and professionally.

Delivered by professionals. For professionals.


$25 OFF your first online order.

* | 1-888-658-3623 ADV-11-5705 *$250 minimum order. One-time use per customer. Cannot be combined with any other discount offer. Tax, freight, fabrication orders, renovation orders, and special orders are excluded. Offer valid on online orders placed through only. Offer only valid on first online order placed through © 2011 HDS IP Holding, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Look for RCI at the

ARDA World 2012 A nn u a l C o n v enti o n & E x p o siti o n April 1–5, 2012 The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

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Be sure to download the award-winning Endless Vacation ® magazine app for the iPad, featured at Adobe Max as an ”industry example of tablet publishing.”

*R  CI Ventures magazine and Endless Vacation magazine are independent publications and have not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. iPad and iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

n 14

rci Ventures I FEBRUARY 2012

RCI Ventures, January/February 2012: US Edition  

What's inside... RCI US JanFeb2012 January/February 2012 (US Edition)P. 1 WELCOME LETTER - RCI is renewing its commitment to help you succe...

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