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Decade Emperor

Emperor XXVII Bobby Childers

Thank you Reign 37, Nick, Champagne, Brandon and Indi, the Board of Directors and the entire community of Utah. What an interesting ride this has been. Drake, Angela and the 38th reign to come. WOW! I can’t even begin to say how I feel. Jump in with both feel. POTBOD To my beautiful Empress Agness, thank you for 10 years of friendship and service. Thank for Utah, for the love and support.

Coronation 2013 LuckyDiamonds: a 1920’s Flapper Aair May 26, 2013

Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel

The Founders Table Bruce Allred Thelma Ensign Carole Martindale Earl Ashley Dennis Felix Len Matheson Henry Bender

Chad Herinborg Marty Pollock Jim Beverage Mack Hunt Pepper Prespente Jay Bradley Terry Jones

Gordon Winklekotter Rose Carrier Larry Kasper Paul Douglas Bob Mandrake (One unpublished name)

First and foremost, I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out to support this organization and welcome to Coronation 38 - Lucky Diamonds - A 1920’s Flapper Affair. I have been blessed by so many of you and am grateful for all of the new friends I have made. One of my goals for this reign was to build bridges and and bring the community back together. Ladies and gentleman, it is because of you that I stand here today in front of you. You are my community, I did this for you and I hope that I made you proud. I would like to start off by thanking The Trapp.Your friendly hospitality and atmosphere make you a home away from home for our members and we appreciate everything that you do. METRO, I love you more than you will ever know and I appreciate all of the help, love, and support that you have provided this year. Long live Dance Evolution!To the Paper Moon, thank you for collaborating with us and helping us achieve our goals.To JAM, you have always been gracious and kind to me and I thank you for that.To Try-Angles, thank you for your kindness and support. To the Utah Pride Center, thank you for your partnership this year, we look forward to more co-sponsored events in the future.To Westminster College, we appreciate all of the support this year, you have been a true blessing. To the Sisters of the Zion Curtain, keep up the great work, you are doing amazing things for this community! To my Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire Family: Earl Kane - Thank you for all of the help and advice that you have offered to me this reign. I love you! Austyn Riley - Thank you for being our webmaster this reign, the website looks great! Paris Silver - Thank you for putting the newsletter together all reign long. Also, thank you for being my campaign manager, you helped me understand the true meaning of what being an Emperor is.You have been an amazing support for me and have helped me through some really tough points during my reign and you will always be my mother. I look forward to more drunken times in the tub! BJ Olsen -You and I go way back and you have truly done an amazing job.Thank you for being there when we needed you. Drake From Hell! -You and I are a lot alike, we are both shy and timid, but being in this position has brought me out of my shell. I see a great deal of potential in you and I promise that I will always be there for whatever you need. Angela Park -You have been a huge help this reign.Thank you for helping me with my campaign and helping me get through the rough times during my reign. I love you very much and you will always be my sister. Korynne - I remember when I met you.You were campaigning for the position of Empress 35, you were drunk, loud, and crazy. And that’s what everyone loves about you! Just keep being you. I love you sister! Thank you for putting up with me. Pepper Prespentt-You are the most philanthropic person I have ever met.You never stop giving. I am proud to come from a court where our founding Emperor is still involved.You will always be my Papa and I love you very much. Bobby Childers - Wow!You have taken on anything that could have been thrown at you this reign. Being President of the Board, President of the College of Monarchs, and Coronation Ball Chair.These have to be the most challenging positions that the court has to offer and you didn’t even hesitate to take them on.

You are an amazing person and I want to thank you for a job well done. Angela Dominguez - Thank you for all that you have done for Reign 37.You are an amazing person and a bright spirit and I will always be there to help with whatever you need. Mikki Whitworth and James Enoch -You have both been a tremendous help to this reign and organization. Neither of you ever hesitate to help out when needed and you have done more than your fair share.You are both amazing and I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. Your hearts are definitely in the right place and this community needs you! Ray Duncan and Alan Stephensen -You two are an asset to this organization and great friends and I look forward to many more great times. Sheneka Christie - We haven’t always seen eye to eye on everything but I do love you and appreciate everything that you do for the community. To our daughter court, the Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah family: Nikki “Super” Reeves - Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.You are a strong and amazing person and I am so proud of you. Marci Brody - Thank you for supporting us and for everything you do for the community. Stevo -You are quite an amazing man.You have a lot of potential and I hope we haven’t seen the last of you. Sherry Daae -You have a really big heart and have always been so nice and gracious.We need to do that duet that we keep talking about. Matt Buchanan and Tim Brown - Thank you for your support and encouragement.You both have opened my eyes to what this job is really about. I’ve met so many people out on the circuit and made so many new friends. I look forward to seeing all of your faces this weekend and in the future. Robert Surreal - Thank you for supporting the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire.You are an amazing person and I look forward to many great things from you.Thank you for being here tonight. To our Brother Court, the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire - you have a beautiful city and you have all been so kind and hospitable. Ken Bazan - It was such a pleasure to reign with you.You have been a great friend and I hope that we will continue to be friends. Sophia DeVille -You are such a blast to be around and I hope to see you again in the future. Robert Flores - it was a pleasure meeting you.You have a very bright spirit and I’m glad that you are here tonight. To Carroll Hillebrand and Leandra Ledbetter of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire - You are both amazing people and I thank you for reaching out to me and helping through my reign. To the Empire of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, inc. - Houston, you have made me feel so welcome and at home. I can’t wait to come back next year. Chris “Sushi”Valk - We are honored and humbled to be Houston’s Brother Court for Life! It was great hanging out with you and Monica throughout the weekend. Falcon Fuhr and Scott Kenyon - you have both been so kind and I appreciate your support. To the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire, inc. - Tago - It was a pleasure meeting you and escorting you in Boise. To my Princess, Indi Skies,You have done an absolutely amazing job this reign and we were so happy to have you. Love you girl! To my Prince, Brandon Gillins,You were the one that got me involved in this organization.You have done an outstanding job and I could not have done it without you. I have eternal gratitude for you. I couldn’t think of a better person to have on my right hand.You were great! To my partner, Jeff Painter, you have been so patient and understanding of all of this. I know this is all new to you, but I hope you understand why I did it and how much this community means to me. I love you! I’m also proud of the many accomplishments that we had this year, especially the fact that we now have a Transgender Fund for those individuals that need aid during their transition.We have also rebuilt many bridges and hope to have partnerships for life! I had the opportunity to attend Her Majesty’s Parliament and met so many great individuals there. In closing, I’m sorry if I missed you on the thank you’s. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I thank you all for coming tonight. I love you all!!! His Most Imperial Majesty The Triple Diamond Emperor of Passion and Light. The Inspiration of the Spike Emperor XXXVII Nick Watts The Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire

Court members, fellow Monarchs and friends, What a wonderful year it has been and a true honor to serve and to represent the RCGSE in town and abroad. I have so many people I have worked with and so many wonderful events that have taken place during this year. I have had so much fun raising money for the community and working to bring people together to overcome common differences and find our common ground. Thank you to the venues, management and staff that have supported us throughout the reign: the Trapp, Paper Moon, Metro, Mixx and our other supporters. We couldn’t have done so many wonderful shows without somewhere to host us, so thank you. I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to 13 coronations during my reign and it has been an amazing experience to meet so many amazing new friends and to see so many strong court systems across the circuit. 

the FIVE Empresses.

-Reno - what a whirlwind, from getting crowned, doing Pride day in Salt Lake and then driving out to Reno two weeks after with my Princess Royale Indi. I am so glad that I was able to be there for my first out of state walk. Brandi Cache, you looked amazing all weekend! What a surprise when I walked into victory brunch and you looked like the only butch trucker. It just reminds me how our diversity is what makes us shine. It was amazing to see Emperor Larry and

-Montana - how much fun :-) Thank you to Steve-O for driving, I’m grateful we all survived ;-) I had a great weekend and enjoyed getting to know Ginger, Harley, Beyoncé and Kitty among other new friends. Thank you for making me feel welcome. -San Francisco Ducal - I always love going to San Francisco, and what a beautiful ball.  -Portland - thank you to Katriana (Tempest - you will always be Katriana to me) for driving me around. I always have fun in Portland it is a great city with a rich history. Monica and Athens thanks for keeping it fresh. Cassie and Gina it has been great getting to know both of you this year :-)  -Ogden - what can I say about our amazing daughter court. It was a great weekend. Thank you to Nikki for all of the work and for holding up Alexis’ legacy. It was an emotional weekend, and well done. Tayzia and Matt congratulations, you have been doing amazing and it is great to get up to Ogden to see all of your hard work.  -Las Vegas - Tago you are amazing, it was wonderful getting to know you and thank you for inviting me to sit on your Dias. Congratulations to Bobby Drake, you have quickly become a true friend, it has been a joy to know you. -Houston - thank you Chris for making us your Brother Court, it is truly an honor. Texas always knows how to do big hair and alcohol - the water party and a traveling cooler of booze. It was so much fun doing the victory party and getting people on the pool table to take shots, we sold all of the ‘juice’ and had a great dance show party.  -San Diego - everyone looked so amazing, this was truly a formal event. Thank you for bringing the glamour

and keeping it classy. It was an honor to raise money for Tijuana and becoming an honorary citizen - thank you Suzanne for organizing that. -Seattle - it was a great opportunity to fly in town Thursday and co-host the Salt Lake Denver Show. It was fun seeing and getting to know more friends from Denver. Rick and Beverly you are both amazing. It has been so much fun running into both of you on the circuit :-) I had a blast in Seattle, it is a beautiful city.  -Long Beach - Michael and Fabrique, it was great getting to know both of you and I knew I had to make it to your step down. It was a great ‘knight’ and I really enjoyed getting to see some of your beautiful city.  -New York - what an amazing life experience. Ritz and Witti I had so much fun getting to know both of you all year on the circuit and I knew I needed to make it to your step down and I’m so glad that I did. Night of a Thousand Gowns is truly something to see. Thank you to Jeffrey for helping to show me around, and everyone I went sightseeing with. It was fun sneaking away with some Empresses to go on the town, and getting to see the iconic city.  -Denver - Martini and Ken thank you for welcoming me to your city. It was inspiring to see your 40th anniversary coronation celebration and to see such a large showing from your college of monarchs.  -Phoenix - Paula and Kenneth thank you for the entire weekend. I felt so welcome and was honored to co-MC your first set and then to be invited to your Dias. Thank you for the fun and the entire weekend.  I was honored to have Phoenix as my last out of state walk. With all of my amazing traveling opportunities, I always kept my heart in Salt Lake City. I want to thank all of the court members who came to the events, the board who worked to get so much done this year. Thank you to MiDori for keeping our pageants running all year. Thank you to Bobby Childers for stepping up and taking over the board and helping us get through the end of the year and to accomplish so much in the final months of the reign. To Pepper, even with her surgery, she is a strong support for the court and has been for many years.  I would like to thank two very special court members. To Mikki and James what a joy it has been getting to know the both of you. It started when I changed tradition and decided to appoint you both as Gay Pride Titleholders and you have been there all year with whatever was needed. I truly appreciate your support and involvement. I would like to recognize my Queen Mother, Sheneka for all of the advice and helping me with multiple things throughout the year. At times you drove me crazy, and it took time to adjust to your sense of humor, but I love and appreciate all of the help and support.  To my Prince Royale, Brandon it has been a fun ride and congratulations on PWA and Snowball.  To my beautiful Princess Royale, Indi it has been an honor to grow closer to you this year. Ever since you agreed to be my Princess we have been in this together. Thank you for being there and for having my back through all of this. I love you and will always remember this year. Thank you to everyone who participated in my cancer week, and a special thank you to Sheneka, Indi, Brandon, Charles Black, Paris & Austyn, Kyra and Johnny. It was a great opportunity to get out in the community and raise money for an awesome cause.  Thank you for all of the community support, and everyone who performed and worked with us to help raise money to do what we do, which is to give back to the community. This is a joint effort, and it will continue to be.  It is now time to pass the torch to the next reign. I wish all the best of luck to the incoming monarchs and know that they will carry on the traditions that we have been building since our founding in 1976. I wish you luck in your fund raising efforts, I hope you have fun traveling and doing shows in town. It is a wild ride - you will laugh, cry, work through long nights, missed flights, fatigue and you will also make lifelong friends and know the joy of community giving. From reign 37 - may you have a successful reign.  With all my love, Her Most Imperial Majesty The Tantalizing Pink Diamond the Hope of the Community The Synergy of the Spike Empress 37


Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire “Celebrating 38 Years of Continued Community Service”

Welcome Your Majesties and Honoured Guests! On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, we welcome you to our Realm! The members of the Board of Directors are proud of the many accomplishments during the 37th reign. The board took on many challenges, made changes to the By-Laws and Resolutions, created a new fund and incorporated new traditions. Each member brought insight and commitment to their position. Though there were challenges, the RCGSE continues to grow and prosper, helping our community and enriching the lives of others. We are proud to be Utah’s oldest GLBT organization. Our commitment to our Court and our Community is unwavering as we set forth into our 38th Reign. This year saw the passing of one of our much beloved Monarchs, Empress XIX Marci Malloy. Her wit, charm and sharp tongue will be missed. To all of us, she will remain, Empress Extraordinaire. Again, welcome to the land of Missionaries and Sisterwives. May your visit be joyful and full of adventure! Enjoy the hospitality Salt Lake City has been known for, for the last 38 years. Now sit back and join us as we “Celebrate 38 years of community service” Yours in Service, Bobby Childers Emperor XXVIII President of the Board of Directors Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire

Board of Directors of the 37th Reign Bobby Childers President of the Board of Directors HMIM Nick Watts Angela Dominguez HMIM Champagne Ray Duncan HMIH Brandon Gillins MiDori Li’Mon HMIH Indi Skies Pepper Prespentt Michael Bennion Emily Rose Alexus Cheesecake Stevyn Tauteoli Sheneka Christie

Thank you for the opportunity. We are glad you made it through. It was probably not as easy as any past Monarch would attest. Enjoy tonight because tomorrow the (real) work as a Monarch begins.

King Father 37 Emperor 23 & 35 Earl Kane

Memorial Day, Monday May 27th for VICTORY BRUNCH at Noon Sunday June 2nd for our Annual PRIDE STEAK FRY at 4 P.M. Every Sunday BBQ’s at 4 P.M.

Queen Mother 37 Empress 20 & 32 Sheneka Christie

TRIPLE DECADE REIGN Reign VII - The Proud & Dignified Court Emperor VII

Empress VII

Michael Ball

Tina St. Clair

DOUBLE DECADE REIGN Reign XVII - The Domain of Diginty & Treasures

Emperor XVII

Empress XVII

Jeff Freedman

Keisha Diamante’

DECADE REIGN Reign XXVII - The Domain of American Dreams

Emperor XXVII

Empress XVII

Bobby Childers

Agness of Cheesecake

Imperial Family To The Emperor

To The Empress

King Father

Emperor 23 & 35 Earl Kane

Queen Mother

Empress 20 & 32 Sheneka Christie

Imperial Father

Emperor 34 Austyn Riley from Hell!

Imperial Father

Emperor 36 Michael Bennion

Imperial Mother

Empress 34 Paris Silver

Imperial Mother

Empress 35 Korynne Kash

Crown Prince Prince Consort Czar Grand Duke Marquee Count Baron Lord Jester Vicount

BJ Olsen Thomas Brandley Lee Castillo Drake from Hell! Aaron Hubbard Stevyn Tauteoli Sergio Ramos Devin Aire Kam Ellington Cory Sackett

Crown Princess Princess Consort Czarina Grand Duchess Marquesa Countess Baroness Lady In Waiting Jestress Vicountess

Vivica Starr Chyna Cartier Giovanni Passion Starr Giovanni Danielle Alexis Starr Trixie Diamond Angie Park Athena Starr Cartel Fenice Kay Harvey

The Imperial Palace to the Emperor The Mixer of the Emperors Elixir

Metro Bar

Imperial Keeperÿ of the Pink Diamond Sisters to the Empress

Systeen Chappelles

Keeper of the Emperor’s Juice

Michelle from Hell!

Imperial Groper

John Apel

The Keeper of the Emperor’s Playlist

Dennis Rowley

“Royal Guard, Protector of the Pink Diamond”

Imperial Sibling to the North

“Nikki “”Super”” Reeves” Marcy Brody Stevo Alexis Devo Midori Me’Lon Angela Dominquez Makayla Barranday Sandi Panties Matt Buchannan Tim Brown Emperor 36 - Michael Bennion Emperor 10 - Scott Stites

The Imperial Evil Queen

Emperor 33 Tim Hile Nova Starr

Mad Hatter of the Realm The Keeper of the Imperial Hair

Derek D-Rok Taboo Devo

The Imperial Keepers of the Stage

Coco Coture Midori Me’Lon

Brothers to the Empress

BJ Starr Thomas Franks Russell Smith Collin Kelly Thomas Custer Scottie Archer Windz Vaughn Kendra Diamond

Eternal Sister to the Emperor Imperial Sisters to the Emperor

Imperial Brothers to the Emperor Imperial Wiseman Twisted Sister to the Emperor

Ben Bringhurst

Emperor 1 Pepper Prespentt Empress 35 Korynne Kash

Imperial Seamstress to the Empress Fairy Godmother to the Empress

Imperial Friends of Dorothy

Passion Starr Giovanni Kasey Nicole Nikki Steele Vivaca Starr Passion Starr Giovanni Empress 27 Agness of Cheesecake

Imperial Paparazzi

Angie Park

Imperial Makeup Artist Seamstress to the Emperor

Brooke Furner Malinda Martinez

Other Titles Mr. Gay Pride Ms. Gay Pride Miss Gay Pride Closet Ball Queen Mr. Golden Spike Universe Miss Golden Spike Universe Mr. Gay Utah Ms. Gay Utah Miss Gay Utah Miss Gay Utah Youth King of Hearts Queen of Hearts

James Enoch Mikki Whitworth Nina Marie Dash Akasha Chapelle Diamond Barry Kesler Jayde Silvers-Giovanni Rocky Calhoun Eve Alas Eden DelMar-Giovanni Teya Me’Lon Russell Starr Alexis Starr

The Original Friend of Dorothy The Royal Keeper of the Nunery The Imperial Keepers of Mayhem The Keeper of the Imperial Chorus The Keeper of the Music to the Spike The Bar Heart of the Pink Diamond The Imperial Family of Kink to the Empress The Imperial Palace to the Empress The Mixer of the Elixer to the Empress

Empress 18 Walter Tilly Swallows Petunia Pap Smear Rusty Fawcette Dennis McCraken Charles Black Tim Weaver Robbie Rob Lance N Stratten Rudy Andrew Love Lady Peacock Zachary Frew The Paper Moon Johnny Disco




WHAT to wear isn't as important as WHO to wear

Dripping in diamonds, this lucky duo is simply stunning!




The Evening’s Itinerary “NewYork” Presentation of Colors

(Set One)

Command Performance

National Anthems Mexican National Anthem Canadian National Anthem United States National Anthem - Austyn Riley

LifetimeTitle HoldersWalk

Invocation - Ivonna Coxx and the Cyber Sluts

Command Performance

Introduction of Mistresses of Ceremonies

Presentation of Courts by Proclamation San Francisco –Vancouver, B.C. – Mexico – Portland – Denver

RCGSE Production Number

Citizens for LifeWalk

Entrance of Special Guests to the Dias

Presentation of Daughter Court Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah

Introduction ofTheir Most Royal Highnesses

InTownWalk Businesses and Organizations

His Most Royal Highness The Energetic Prince of Passion, Change and Service Prince Royale 37 Brandon Gillins

Command Performance

Her Most Imperial Highness The Unique Pinnacle of Crushing Citrine Princess Royale 37 Indi Skies

Presentation of Checks & Funds AIDS Funds Scholarship Cancer Fund

Introduction ofTheir Most Imperial Majesties

Emperor XXVII DecadeWalk Bobby Childers

His Most Imperial Majesty TheTriple Diamond of Passion and Light Emperor 37 NickWatts Her Most Imperial Majesty TheTantalizing Pink Diamond,The Hope of the Community Empress 37 Champagne Imperial FamilyWalk

LifetimeTitle Proclamations Exit of Guests of the Dias Exit ofTheir Most Royale Highnesses Exit ofTheir Most Imperial Majesties Empress XXVII DecadeWalk Agness of Cheesecake

“Atlantic City” Introduction ofTheir Most Royal Highnesses His Most Royal Highness The Energetic Prince of Passion, Change and Service Prince Royale 37 Brandon Gillins Her Most Imperial Highness The Unique Pinnacle of Crushing Citrine Princess Royale 37 Indi Skies Introduction ofTheir Most Imperial Majesties His Most Imperial Majesty TheTriple Diamond of Passion and Light Emperor 37 NickWatts Her Most Imperial Majesty TheTantalizing Pink Diamond,The Hope of the Community Empress 37 Champagne Command Performance


Command Performance Presentation of the Excellence of the Spike Presentation of Court Member of theYear Presentation of Board Member of theYear Command Performance Presentation of Citizens for Life Command Performance Exit of Guests of the Dias Exit ofTheir Most Royale Highnesses Exit ofTheir Most Imperial Majesties Emperor XXXVIII Candidate Entrance Drake Empress XXXVIII Candidate Entrance Angela

Out ofTownWalks

“The Crowning Ceremony” As commanded by H.M.I.M. NickWatts Brandon Gillins As commanded by H.M.I.M. Champagne Indi Skies FinalWalks His Most Imperial Majesty TheTriple Diamond of Passion and Light The Inspiration of the Spike Emperor 37 NickWatts Her Most Imperial Majesty TheTantalizing Pink Diamond The Hope of the Community The Synergy of the Spike Empress 37 Champagne


Call for sequestering of Candidates Introduction of the College of Monarchs Exit of President of the Board Bobby Childers Crowning of Emperor XXXVIII Crowning of Empress XXXVIII Exit of the College of Monarchs Presentation of Emperor XXXVIII and Empress XXXVIII

The Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire History Utah’s Oldest LGBT Organization During June of 1976, Salt Lake City witnessed the birth of a new social organization with the coronation of Pepper Prespentt and Deanna as the first Emperor and Empress ofThe Imperial Court of Utah (ICU) atThe Rusty Bell. The group thrived on people’s curiosity and interest. The new monarchs entertained the community. Another important element of Pepper’s crowning was she was the first lesbian to hold the title throughout the International Imperial Court System (IICS).This was an exciting time for Utah’s burgeoning LGBT community. The following year, the election of Emperor II and Empress II surprised many because Paul North was elected Empress II by a write-in vote, something no longer permitted. During this reign, Paul only dressed in drag twice, and at the PR Ball, Emperor II, Fred Ringel, appeared in drag. As the prominence of the Court grew, the positions of Emperor and Empress became more desired. With five Empress candidates and three Emperor candidates, the campaign lasted six weeks. In 1978,WendonYoung and Carole Marindale were elected Emperor III and Empress III. Carole’s election highlights the Court’s commitment to non-discrimination because Carole was the first straight woman elected Empress. During the fourth reign, Salt Lake’s Court faced turmoil. The elected Empress resigned three months into her reign. Six months later, all members of the Court resigned in front of the Reigning Emperor of the Imperial Court of Utah. In a short ten minutes, the ICU was disbanded. However, but the community’s dedication to the ideals of the IICS continued and thus began the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire. Joe and Dusty were crowned Emperor IV and Empress IV. The fifth reign was the first to start after the breakup of the ICU and Joanie and Pete decided that in-town was very important to take care of. They attended only two out-of-town coronations which included Denver and Portland. They also initiated the new voting system that required the punch vote which is still in place to this day. It ensured a fair result and the Police Department agreed to count the ballots. The Court decided that instead of Krazy Pete and Joanie Lynn becoming Emperor and Empress I of the new court, they became known as Emperor V and Empress V. Thus, the past would be honored and the previous four reigns would be acknowledged. During the sixth reign, EmperorVI, Bob Stevens, and EmpressVI, Marita Gayle, were very active. Bob created Volleyball teams and a Denver/Salt Lake tournament, a Court poker run and Court softball team. Marita started the sub titles, “The Champagne Empress,” and the spike titles, “The Heart of the Spike.” The monarchs travelled to ten out of town coronations. They were able to attract a record attendance at their coronation of over a thousand guests. With so many out of town visitors, their “Out of Town” show ran for six hours. Tracey Ross was the first African American Princess Royale by the Board of Directors from three candidates chosen by Marita. The seventh reign was one of firsts, traditions and turmoil. Michael and Wilma were lovers when they ran (not as a ticket, but as individuals) and won. They did not run as a ticket, that was not allowed, but on together just the same. In December of 1982, at a court function,Wilma called Marita Gayle, President of the Board, at the time, up on stage, and had her readWilma’s resignation speech which she had notarized by a Notary Public. The audience and Marita went into shock. An immediate meeting was held in the office ofThe Sun to dismiss and ignore the resignation, but because of it being notarized, nothing could be done. The community was outraged, because Wilma was a very popular empress. A rally showed support for Wilma and entreated her not to resign. To no avail, she stuck to her guns and in January of 1983, the reigning Princess Royale,Tina St. Clair, was crowned EmpressVII Regent. By proclamation, EmperorVIII, Alan Anderson, created the board elections of the Prince and Princess Royale, which would take place prior toVictory Brunch, the morning after Coronation. Empress XVI StephanieThomas’s proclamation voided Alan’s by creating a public election for the offices. These

elections only occurred during reigns 20 to 22. She rescinded her proclamation and Alan’s was reinstated The ninth reign established the reigning Monarchs as Co-Presidents of the organization. The Empress served as President and the Emperor served as Vice-President previously. Lee was also a past Rainier Emperor in Seattle, Washington. The ninth reign was also responsible for establishing the AIDS fund which is governed and maintained by the College of Monarchs. This made the court one of the first organizations in our community to officially address and help people living with and dying from HIV /AIDS. Through this fund, the court has raised and given out hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped hundreds of individuals and organizations. Reign History As the R.C.G.S.E grew and established itself as a community-based volunteer organization to help combat the AIDS epidemic, the AIDS Awareness Week became one of the most educational and community building activities the court has in Utah. Emperor X, Scott Stites, issued a proclamation, which created AIDS AwarenessWeek for the court each October to raise funds and awareness. The reigning Emperor is responsible for this annual event. During the 33rd Reign, Emperor X, Scott Stites, issued a change to the resolution regarding AIDS Awareness week, moving it to March from October. This change went into effect during the 34th reign. Over the years, the Court’s visibility and influence has grown and waned. The dedication of its members has carried the Court through both good and bad times. The Court continues to support the community. In addition to the AIDS fund, the Court has funds for Cancer,Youth, Scholarship and Pride. The 37th reign created a fund to support Transgender people with the expenses related to transition, such hormones, surgery and legal name change.



Reign I Pepper Prespentt & Deanna

Reign II Fred Ringel & Paul North

Reign III Weldon Young & Carole Martindale

College of

Reign IV Jow Conti & Dusty LeManns

Reign V Krazy Pete & Joanie Lynn

Reign VI Bob Stevens & Marita Gayle


TRIPLE DECADE REIGN Reign VII Michael Ball & Tina St. Clair

Reign VIII Alan Anderson & Auntie De’

Reign IX Lee Trinka & Annie Daniels Monarchs who have passed beyond this realm

Reign X Scott Stites & Mother Bob

Reign XI Robb Bullock & Clariss Carier

Reign XII Donny Eastepp & Donnie Marie

College of

Reign XIII Larry White & Desiree’

Reign XIV Gary Broadhead & Betty John

Reign XV Bruce Harmon & Bianca


Reign XVI Jeff Smith & Stephanie Thomas

DOUBLE DECADE REIGN Reign XVII Jeff Freedman & Keisha Diamante’

Monarchs who have passed beyond this realm

Reign XVIII Marshall Brunner & Walter

Reign XIX Wop & Marci Malloy

Reign XX Peter Christie & Sheneka Christie

Reign XXI Adam Ganz & Tasha Montiel

College of

Reign XXII Jeff Kosewski & Yvette Malloy

Reign XXIII Earl Kane & Bridgette

Reign XXIV Chris Trujillo & Veronika


Reign XXV Rhett Larsen & Felicia

Reign XXVI Franke Holt & Cortney Cartier

DECADE REIGN Reign XXVII Bobby Childers & Agness of Cheesecake

Monarchs who have passed beyond this realm

Reign XXVIII Mark Thrash & Heidi Ho West Waters

Reign XXIX Mike Sperry & Syren Vaughn

Reign XXX Peter “Jester” Savas & Krystyna Shaylee

College of

Reign XXXI Kim Russo & Kyra Prespentt

Reign XXXII Alan Anderson & Sheneka Christie

Reign XXXIII Tim Hile & Ashlee Vaughn


Reign XXXIV Austyn Riley from Hell! & Paris Silver Monarchs who have passed beyond this realm

Reign XXXV Earl Kane & Korynne

Reign XXXVI Michael Bennion & Emily Rose

Credit Where Credit is Due Coronation Coordinator Set Design and Construction Masters of Ceremonies Flag Ceremony National Anthems Invocations Program Editor Cover Design Program Ad Sales Program Printing Ticket Sales Pin Design Hospitality Suite Sound, Lights & DJ In Town Show Out of Town Show Victory Brunch

Bobby Childers XXVII Glenn Prespentt & Westminster College Jack-E and The Lovely Suzanne

United States

Austyn Riley Ivonna Coxx and the Cyber Sluts Mikki Whitworth Sean LiQue Sheneka Christie XX, XXXII & Champagne XXXVII Westminster College Ray & Alan Champagne XXXVII Michael Bennion and Emily Rose: Reign XXXVI CoCo Lee Bloom Devo Paper Moon Sheneka Christie & Misha Rockafella James Enoch & The Trapp

Wild Tiger Auto Care #99127

Dorothy McPhie (801) 274-3981

Aroma-Touch Therapy and doTERRA essential oils educational classes offered. Retail and Wholesale accounts available Call for more information, or to set up an appointment.

epair R p i h C d l e i h s * Wind g n i n a e l C e l i b o *M on i t a r o t s e R t h g i * Headl

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Decade empress

Empress 27 agness of cheesecake Thank you to the community and the “house of cheesecake� for supporting me the past 10 years in my endeavors serving the community

Thank you for being here this evening to celebrate my 10 year anniversary

Coronation XXXVIII

Reign 37 Coronation Program  
Reign 37 Coronation Program