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September 2018

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month In Rotary



Why and how to host a Rotary Day



Organ donation awareness



Monsoon Picnic!

President Speaks Dear Friends, July was overworked with usual club matter, necessary for formal start of the year. However the strain of the routine overload was instantly removed by the Monsoon picnic and the spirit of fellowship started flowing again! The monsoon picnic of this year was a stylish statement of Director Avinash Kamble & Project chairman Avinash Garibe that they can no longer be considered new members, but seasoned campaigners like old stalwarts. August began with Interact installation of 14 interact clubs, which includes 3 new clubs. Credit for these additions goes to Chairman Rohit Mane & Director Avinash Garibe & team. It was heartening to see Shivani Acharya, the granddaughter of our founder Charter President Dr Shrinivas Acharya taking over as President of Model English School interact club. Dr Lucky Kasat mesmerized all in the joint club meeting, well attended by members, Anns & other club members. Dr Lucky has become a crowd puller in Dombivli. 14th August we did an "organ Donation awareness camp" at Kundanani Pharmacy College, Ulhasnagar. Thanks to our R/Ann & Vice principal of the college Manjiri Gharat. Guest speaker of the project was our Dr Madhav Baitule who is the dist. Avenue chair for Medical I, Project director and chair was Dr Sunita Shintre. 15th August was celebrated with our usual funfair, immediately followed by a Lecture by Mrs Alka Mutalik on "Rashtra Dharma". Guest of honour Dr Ulhas Kolhatkar spoke on pride of our club & our contribution to the nation. On 22nd Rtn Ramesh Gupte spoke on "TRF funding model, District & Global Grant". He gave lot of valuable information. 02

On 25th we organized a seminar on "Safe Touch" in R V Nerurkar VidyaMandir which was organized by Project Chair Dr Varsha Patil. Rtn Jyoti Kulkarni & Clinical Psychologist & now our member Anuj had wonderful interactive sessions with children. Now, all eyes are on the Mega Induction Ceremony on 29th August. Our membership Director Sachin Dekhane & project chairman Sandeep Yellurkar are firing all cylinders. Surely, once again this year we will be making waves in the whole district. With fingers crossed looking forward to it. Yours truly in Rotary. Rtn. Vikas Sankulkar

Due to space constraint in this bulletin, “Bulletin readership survey report” details will be published in forthcoming bulletins. At a glance of the survey, we see: (1) R e g a r d i n g g e t t i n g r e l e v a n t R o t a r y Information: YES- 19, NO-3 (2) Regarding bulletin layout: Below average: 1, Average: 1, Good 15, Excellent: 5

Basic education and literacy  If all women completed primary education, there would be 66% fewer maternal deaths.  If all students in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty, which would be equivalent to a 12% cut in world poverty.  67 million children worldwide are out of school.  781 million adults are illiterate

THE ULTIMATE INVESTMENT ! Dear Friends, Let's start with fundamentals! Literacy means “the ability to read and write”, but in order to answer this question more appropriately we'd have to look at our world today. Despite the advancement of civilization we battle many issues that threaten our existence, like World hunger, racism, terrorism, gender inequality, global warming, and ozone depletion. What is the one point of convergence of all these issues? Why is there a lack of funding? Well, absence of determination. Why is there less determination? Insufficient awareness of the problem. And awareness is something developed through education and knowledge. Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. We don't know if education can change the world but illiteracy can destroy the world for sure. It's in human nature to fear or hate something beyond its understanding and this breeds violence and violence is destruction. Illiteracy shackles an individual's vision and darkens their outlook of the world. A poor boy who has never seen a classroom and is at the bottom of the food chain, gets humiliated and has no sense whatsoever of his rights or those of others. How can we expect this boy to grow up and be a responsible citizen? He is fighting for the most basic human needs such as food, shelter and clothing how do we expect him to be civil when all he has experienced in his life is brutality of poverty. This gives birth to greed and envy and desperation which drives these people to commit acts of crime. There is no feeling of remorse or regret as they've never been taught the importance of human life. If this child was educated, taught some skill in exchange of which he could earn a respectful living, he'd not have resorted to criminal ways. All the problems faced by our world today boils down to the fact that illiteracy is the root cause. A little education can help a child realize his/her potential and capabilities. Knowledge and understanding of various topics allows the child to think and learn the difference between what's right and what's wrong. Teach them how to read and write and then give them a history book and let them see for themselves what hatred and violence had brought nothing

but devastation. Let them learn that the colour of one's skin doesn't prove anything; your gender doesn't define the limit of your capabilities. Teach them that they are whatever they choose to be. Give them knowledge and let them soar. That's Literacy! Rotary International and the International Reading Association (IRA) know that literacy is an essential ingredient for reducing poverty, improving health, encouraging community and economic development, and promoting peace. Since 2002, RI and the IRA have combined their resources and skills to advance literacy in communities worldwide by providing books and educational materials, building and supporting schools, Mentoring students, Training teachers, establishing literacy programs for children and adults. “According to the UNESCO, 758 million adults (aged 15 years and older), two-thirds of who are women, remain illiterate. “Eradication of Illiteracy' is a bigger challenge, perhaps bigger than Eradication of Polio' for Polio, there is a definitive vaccine, unfortunately for illiteracy there is no such definitive vaccine! And we have Teachers Day celebration this month on 5th of September! We appreciate our teachers and honour them for their contributions in the community. Teachers have an influencing role in the life of every student in shaping our future. What we learn from our teachers remains with us throughout our life. Thank you, teachers for making us what we are today! While Celebrating Rotary Literacy Month, let's remember our great teachers!! Sri Gurubhyo Namaha!

Editor 03

Empowering women in India through education

Women in the second chance literacy program. By Manish Shroff, past president of the Rotary Club of Ankleshwar, India Our Rotary club is surrounded by rural and tribal villages in the Bharuch District of Gujarat State, India. The literacy rate in these villages is low and dropout rates of students in primary schools are high, most particularly among girls. We wanted to do something about that. We conducted a survey with the help of Pratham, an NGO working in the rural literacy field across India, to gauge the condition of education in several of these villages. The study found that many girls leave school after the primary level mainly because of the lack of secondary education nearby. Students have to travel further, and for various socio-economic reasons, this makes it more likely that girls will drop out after the primary level and not go on to grades 7 or 8. Education is the only way for women to secure a better future for themselves and for their daughters. Although urbanization is increasing educational opportunities for women in urban areas, rural women still suffer from a lack of mobility and access to education. It is noteworthy that the performance of girls on state exams equals or exceeds that of boys on average. Through the survey, we were able to identify girls and young women in rural areas who had not completed their secondary schooling. Our project supported an education center in Ankleshwar that serves as a central hub, and centers in six other villages where young women attend classes conducted by teachers who have received specialized training. We provide free educational material to the students, pay for exam fees, and offset some of the travel costs for the students.


We partnered with the Rotary Club of Ilminster, United Kingdom, Jhagadia Industries Association, and ONGC Ankleshwar on a Rotary Foundation global grant. We went door to door in 55 villages and convinced 130 young women to complete their secondary schooling. We organized meetings with parents to convince them to send the girls to the center in or near their villages. We work with the students continuously to keep them motivated. And we will be supporting some students after the secondary exam to pursue even higher education, such as nursing. In June, the first 112 girls Rotary members from the appeared for their written United Kingdom visit one of and practical exams at our the learning centers. examination center approved by the NIOS board. In December, another 100 girls passed the exam. These women are now in a better position to provide for their families and raise the quality of life in their communities. I can think of no better way to enhance Rotary's public image and highlight the good that our Foundation continues to do throughout the world. Rotary Voices Posted on February 2, 2017

CAPTURE THE MOMENT IN HAMBURG! Join Rotary President Barry Rassin at the 110th Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany, 1-5 June 2019. The historic port city of Hamburg offers something for everyone. Germans call it “The Gateway to the World” — and the 2019 convention will be your gateway to the world of Rotary. At the convention, you'll connect with people of action from across the globe while learning the latest news and strategies for keeping clubs strong. As a past convention attendee, you know that every convention is an opportunity to learn. Not only will you be inspired by the energy and enthusiasm that surrounds you, you'll also make new, unforgettable memories that can last a lifetime.

Forest Experience' to discover more about the animals that live there, or visit the Stone Garden, and view over 170 fascinating stones in the garden, all of different sizes. There is also the Nature Museum, where visitors can explore and marvel at the variety of nature, plants and animals in the surrounding area. Stade is beautiful at any time of year ─ don't miss out on the Christmas market in the town centre, arguably one of the prettiest in the region.

Join your Rotary friends in Hamburg at the 2019 Rotary Convention where together, we'll Capture the Moment! DAY TRIPS AT HAMBURG

Wismar Hanseatic City Walk in Nosferatu's footsteps: Wismar's old town, listed as UNESCO World Heritage, was among the settings for this classic movie.

On The South Bank: Stade Stade has a range of specialty shops tucked away in narrow alleys. Cafés in historic Hanseatic houses are popular with locals and tourists! Beautiful architecture, shopping opportunities, cafes and restaurants as far as the eye can see ─ Stade is just South of Hamburg and waiting to be discovered. Explore Stade by Water Situated right beside the water there are countless opportunities to discover the city. Take a guided city tour, perhaps even at night, or simply wander and discover it yourself. Enjoy the maritime history of the city with a walk by the river, hop on board a boat for a quick trip or even hire a canoe and explore the city from the water. Outdoor Activities Away from the water, there are other outdoor activities which visitors can enjoy. Hop on the 'Vogelkieker' bus and enjoy a bird watching experience, or hop on the mini 'Moorkieker' train and get to know the local nature. Alternatively, head to the forest and take on the 'Wild

Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002, Wismar is today a thriving historic city. Interesting Architecture With both an old town and a harbour, Wismar offers visitors much to see and do. In the harbour, guests can admire the old historic buildings, such as the Grube, one of Germany's oldest man-made waterways. In the old town, there is much architecture to be admired, including the Alter Schwede, the historic Karstadt building, and several interesting churches. For a deeper insight into the city, take a city tour ─ maybe by bike, at sunset with a medieval night watchman or even on the trail of notorious pirate Klaus Stoertebecker. Alternatively head to the city museum and immerse yourself in history. The Schaubellhaus (German only) contains everything about the history of the city, including an impressive collection of historical photographs. To the Sea: With its location directly on the Baltic Sea, Wismar is also perfectly suited for water sports. Try sailing, surfing or diving at on the beaches near Wismar and in the region. Join us at the RI Convention 2019 at Hamburg! 05

Why and how to host a Rotary Day

In an effort to increase membership and highlight Rotary's inspiring work, RI President Barry Rassin is urging clubs and districts to organize fun, informal community events called Rotary Days. "Rotary Days events will offer you the chance to have an impact in your community, build long-term partnerships, increase interest in membership, and improve Rotary's image," Rassin said. Any club, big or small, can host a Rotary Day. Neighbouring clubs can pool their resources and co-host an event, and entire districts can come together for a large-scale Rotary Day. Tips for planning a Rotary Day: 

Consider including a hands-on service project as part of the event to let visitors see for themselves how Rotary benefits the community.

Feature guests that appeal to a non-Rotary audience. Consider young leaders, inspirational speakers, celebrities, musicians, or other public figures.

If the event will offer food, keep it simple — for example, a self-service buffet rather than a formal, sit-down meal.

Advocate on local issues related to Rotary's areas of focus by calling attention to challenges that affect people in your area.

If you charge admission, keep prices low. Ask local businesses to sponsor your event.

Welcome families and make the event enjoyable for them.

Present Rotary as an appealing opportunity for potential members to make new friends, exchange ideas, and take


action to improve their community and the world. Avoid using Rotary jargon or referring to club traditions. 

Highlight the work of local Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Community Corps members, and other community members who do extraordinary humanitarian work.

Recognize non-Rotary community members who demonstrate Rotary's service ideals.

Sponsor an event with a partner organization to show that, by working together, we make a deeper and more lasting impact on communities.

Ask local news media to cover the event.

Collect participants' contact information, and invite them to future club events.

Partner with local civic groups, service organizations or local businesses.

During and after your event, post photos and videos with the hashtag #RotaryDay to social media. We'll collect photos of Rotary Day events around the world and show them at the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany. Some may also appear in Rotary media throughout the year. "Imagine the collective impact we can have if all 35,000 Rotary, 10,000 Rotaract, and 22,000 Interact clubs engage their neighbours, friends, young people, and organizations," Rassin said. Rotary News 1-Jul-2018

Life's lesson from Pole Vault! You are watching Asian Games and appreciating our teams winning Gold, Silver & Bronze medals. Here is something about Pole Vault: When we play cricket, as a batter, we try to hit the ball to score runs. As a bowler, we try to remove the batter by any one of the ways. In football, we kick the ball to score a goal and in basketball, we use the ball to score a point. In most, if not all sports/games, we use some implement to either score a run or make a goal or score a point. But pole vault is one of the few sports, where we have to leave behind the pole to try to reach the goal (of crossing the bar) on the other side! And in pole vault, each athlete gets three attempts to achieve the goal. I think we should start following pole vault more carefully because there is a huge lesson for all of us, just by watching pole vault. Each time we want to reach the goal, we have to leave behind the pole. If we refuse to leave the pole, we sure will collide with the bar or just fall on the same side of the arena. Either way, it will be a foul and may cause serious injury. Similarly, each time we want to reach our goal, we have to let go of the ego (first attempt), desire (second attempt) and life experience (third attempt)! Spirituality?! Don't worry, “No one gets out of this life alive! All in jest folks! Friend's blog

LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP! On 8th August'18 we had an enthralling inspirational talk by Dr Lucky Kasat on “Lessons in Leadership” through “Olympian examples! We all enjoyed and took home the inspiration! While browsing, to my surprise I saw two inspiring achievers; one a very elderly lady and another very young lady! Here they are: 93 year old paraglider breaks record The morning of Aug. 8, 2018, 93-year-old Chin Wu Jui-lin became the oldest person to have ever paraglided in Taitung, Taiwan. This fearless grandmother looks forward to soaring again at 100! 16-year-old Shivangi Pathak becomes youngest Indian girl to climb Mount Everest & again scales Mount Kilimanjaro! Sixteen-year-old Shivangi Pathak became the youngest Indian woman to climb Mount Everest. The teen climber from Haryana's Hisar district reached the top of the mountain on Thursday 17th May'18, completing her over

one-month trekking, which she began from the Nepal side on April 6. Shivangi has added another feather to her cap by scaling Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro on July 26, 2018. These two, very elderly and very young aims to be an inspiration to girls of all ages all over the world by relentlessly pursuing their passion! Source: Hindustan Times 07

ORGAN DONATION AWARENESS- 14th August'18 With the initiative of Vice Principal of Dr Kundanani college of Pharmacy, Ulhas Nagar and our R/Ann Dr Manjiri Gharat our club has facilitated 'Organ Donation Awareness Program' for students and teachers. Dist Avenue Chair Medical-1 Dr.Madhav Baitule and Prof. Manjiri Gharat were the chief speakers. Students & Teachers were motivated to take a pledge for Organ Donation. Project Director and Chair is Dr. Sunita Shintre

Organ donation awareness Average life expectancy has gone up and there are solutions for many life threatening conditions. Replacing failed organs by some organs from living and many organs from recently brain dead person has proved to be a boon to such unfortunate patients. At the same time technology is not that advanced to manufacture organs in factories and hence every such patient is dependent on ultimate philanthropy by a fellow human being. In India there is a huge demand for the organs. But availability is low. Most of the kidneys and livers are coming from living donors who are blood relatives of the patients. India reports highest number of road accidents and hence in any tertiary care centre there are at least 5 10 brain dead patients at any given time. Cadaver organ donation is the only remedy to fulfil the demand of organs for organ transplant throughout the world. But due to lack of awareness in India, cadaver donations are as low as 0.80/ million population. This is 30 times more in USA and 50 times more in small country like Croatia and other 08

European countries. In India only 500 – 1000 cadaveric donations are happening in a year at present. Awareness amongst general public is the only solution for this apathy. Living person can donate one kidney, part of the liver, bone marrow and of course whole blood and it's components. Person dying with natural death (Cardiac death) can donate cornea, skin and bones within 6 hours of death or whole body can be donated to Medical colleges for teaching anatomy. Actually the most suitable is the organ donation by brain dead persons. When a patient of head injury, or stroke or brain tumour dies in hospital due to brain death and kept on ventilator – such person can donate minimum 9 important

organs and even more other organs and tissue. This is the group where much more awareness is needed as this situation is very sensitive. Awareness at all strata of society is needed as decision about the dead person is taken by his or her living friends and relatives. If a person expresses his wish to donate organs while alive, if such a situation arises during his death, then it is bit easy for relatives and friends to take decision in that critical situation. Any person can pledge his organs during his life time. Close relatives and friends should be informed about this wish. A donor card should be kept. One can update his status on social media like facebook for this good cause. In two ways willingness for organ donation is executed 'Opt in 'and 'opt out'. Opt in 'means relatives of the brain dead person has to give consent for organ donation and in 'opt out' unless relatives refuse organ donation of a brain dead person, organs are essentially harvested. In many countries people are asked to pledge organs during issuing of driving licence and this is mentioned on the

licence also. Majority of road accident victims die of head injury and subsequent brain death. Organs are buried or burnt after death. If few of them are taken out for desperate patients; it will be a great act of divine charity. Relatives and friends should show the courage and give justice to person's wish, if he or she has pledged organs. Organ donation after death is legal in India by act passed in 1994 which is amended from time to time. It's considered totally voluntary, an act of charity. Monetary benefits to donor or family are totally prohibited. The whole process is monitored by Zonal Transplant Coordination committee which maintains the waiting list of patients irrespective of economical, social, religious and political status. When the organs are available they are distributed as per the pre decided norms and done by computerised process. There is high level of transparency. Awareness about cadaver organ donation is the real need of the hour. -PP Rtn Dr.Madhav Baitule


Vikas Sankulkar 09820531924




HO : 1, Shree Pitru Chhaya CHS, Near 'B' Cabin, Naupada, Thane (W) - 400602. BO : 9-B, Varad Vinayak CHS, Opp.Nehru Maidan, Dombivli (E) - 421201. E-mail : / Website : Helpline No. : +91 9323531924 / 7678055484

Bio Compost equipment donation- 27th July Our club donated Bio-compost equipment along with bins required for waste management to “Swami Vivekananda Vidya Mandir” school, Datta Nagar, Dombivli East, on 27th July. President Vikas inaugurated the equipment in the presence of Head Teacher and the faculty to the cheers of many children participating in the function. Rtn Vijay Ghodekar was the chairman, Director Arun Ashtikar- District Thrust Area and also Director Naraya Borhade- Non-Medical. Some of the participating Rotarians were Arun Ashtikar, Satish Gosavi, Arati Mansukh, Nilima Chavan, Veena Bedekar and others.


Sandeep Yellurkar +91 98201 01950

Sales, Training and Implementation of

Tally.ERP9 Software

Solutions 4, Anil Smruti, Patharli Road, Manik Desai Chowk, Opp. Kalyan Janata Sahahakari Bank, Dombivli (E) Tel. : 0251-2424806,2441418 E-mail :

Safe- touch seminar 25th Aug'18 Safe Touch Seminar (Karya shala) was organized on 25th August'18 by our Project Director (Medical) Dr. Sunita Shintre and Project Chair Dr. Varsha Patil, along with their team of Jyoti Kulkarni & prospective member Anuj Yadav, at RV Nerurkar School, Pandurang Wadi, Dombivli East for the awareness of girl students of the school. Rotarians PP Madhav Chikodi, Arun Ashtikar, prospective member Rajkumar Saware along with President and secretary attended the programme.


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Annet Akanksha Anilkumar Barnwal Annet Kedar Sushil Soni Rtn. Vidyadhar Inamdar R/Ann Ketaki Rahul Kulkarni Rtn. Jyotsna Bhise Rtn. Vijay Saheta Annet Auish Adwait Padhye R/Ann Uma Murali Iyer Rtn. Prakash Nayak R/Ann Dr. Ulhas Kolhatkar Annet Vristi Vijay Avhad Rtn. Dr. Ulhas Kolhatkar R/Ann Bharati Vyankatesh Dalvi R/Ann Siddhi Kaustubh Kashelkar Annet Arya Santosh Garibe Annet Komal Sambhaji Kokitkar Annet Raunak Divakar Thombre R/Ann Varsha Dilip Katekar RAnnet Shriya Jitendra Deshpande Rtn. Vyankatesh Dalvi R/Ann Vaidehi Vivek Gothe Annet Himanshu Ramakant Lad Annet Ayushi Shailendra Trivedi Rtn. Vinay Bhole Annet Rahul Vijay Palkar Annet Aarush Aadish Mone Rtn. Mahesh Hurgat Rtn. Prabhu Kapse Rtn. Sunita Shintre Annet Pranav Sanjay Pandit (Rtn.Jayshree Pandit) Rtn. Hanumant Gawde R/Ann Shilpa Sandeep Kothavade Annet Sanjana Hitendra Hemmadi Rtn. Madhav Baitule

Forthcoming events in August2018 Sep.


Projects and Meetings in September 2018



District at your DoorSteps "Daud" - Topic retention by DMC Satish Mane



Baal Mela 8 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM



No Meeting



Regular Weekly meeting



Cycle Distribution for needy student for school Commute



To distribute Sports Equipment at Radhabai Sathe High School Under RILM



Safe Touch Seminar at Matoshree Vidyalaya



Regular Weekly meeting



Teacher Training for 100 Teachers Under RILM

Just for


On climate change: Of course, Hollywood is concerned, so is Bollywood, about climate change. They are afraid that global warming could melt plastic surgery! “I apologize for saying wrong thing, said the husband. I accidentally said what I meant”!


INTERACT CLUBS INSTALLATION- 1st AUGUST’18 First August 2018. Rotary Bhavan was brimming with energy of the children from various schools, their teachers and the organizing Rotarians! It was the Installation Ceremony of Interact Clubs. All the moderators had met the Chief Guest Rtn Sridhar Godse and President Vikas Sankulkar to exchange ideas. The proceedings commenced with the National Anthem, the lighting of the auspicious. The Rotary Bhavan hall was fully packed with 170 school children apart from moderators, Rotarians and guests. The program was planned and conducted by Rtn Rohit Mane Project Chiarman, (That's me!)

School has Spoken a few words on benefits of making Interact club in schools. That was real motivation for me as the Chairman of this project.

Last year we were having 11 Interact Clubs in schools. This year we added 3 New Schools making the total to reach 14. The three new schools added are: DNC School, Matoshri Vidya mandir and Abhinav Vidyalaya.

After the Installation Ceremony the whole team assembled with Moderator Teachers on the dais to have a photo op with the Chief guest & dignitaries on the dais!

Other Interact Clubs included Greens English School, Holy Angels School, Model English School, Omkar English School, Shivai Balak Mandir, Sister Nivedita School (English), Nivedita School (Marathi), RV Nerurkar School. All the ex Interact Presidents read out their reports. The Installation ceremony of Interact Clubs in presence of chief guest Rtn Shridhar Godse started with each Interact school Young student Past president of schools gaving Charter to New Presidents and New Presidents presenting their new team of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and rest of BOD members. They were installed at the hands of the Chief Guest and the new Interact Presidents gave their plans for the RY 2018-19. This Year, for the first time, we invited Principal of some of the Interact club schools among them Principal of Greens English

Chief Guest Rtn Sridhar Godse advised the Interactors the importance of hard work to stand on their feet, to have a focused attitude, make their clubs strong and be a gift to the society. One can measure the successes of our Project by the Full House and energetic enthusiasm of all Students! Now it is up to us to provide the needed support to all the fourteen Interact Clubs during the Year. As the Chairman, I am really thankful to Our President Vikas, Secretary Kaustubh, Director Avinash and all supporting Rotarians and mainly to all the schools who believe in the support of our Rotary Club of Dombivli East as a Vibrant Club and being part of Our Project. Rtn ROHIT MANE Project Chairman, Interact Club 2018-19




Global Grant Project - Site Visit Murbad - 24th July'18 Our committee for TRF Projects led by Project Director Ramesh Gupte are proposing a Global Grant project in the Tokawade region of Murbad Taluka. Project will consist of five Check dams for irrigation and seven schools in the area with the elements of WASH / WINS. The team visited the area on Tuesday 24 July 2018 and met the locals to assess the needs and collected preliminary data of the region and the schools. President Vikas with Rotarians Ramesh Gupte, Arun Ashtikar, Jayshree Pandit, and others visited the site.

CONGRATUALTIONS “STAR PRESIDENT AND TEAM”! We are delighted to inform you that RC Dombivli East has ranked 1st in Membership Growth and 4th in TRF support in the District 3142 for RY 2017-18. All the top five clubs in Membership & TRF are felicitated at the hands of RI director C. Baskar in the Achiever's Nite Program on 10.08.2018 at TMA hall , Thane. This is a proud moment for our club and future leaders! We are Inspired! Congrats IPP Dashrath Dongre team!


MESMERISING MONSOON PICNIC! After the scorching summer heat, monsoon is finally here to provide that much-needed solace in the otherwise 'ovenlike' surroundings. In case you are wondering if it's a good idea to plan a monsoon picnic in the rains, I am here! Monsoons have a way of bringing out that special poetic beauty in a destination which is “The Golden Sun Resort”, in our case! Picnics are often family oriented but can also be an intimate occasion between two people or a large get together such as with Rotary club members. In my experience, picnics are most enjoyable when they are somewhat properly planned. It's great fun to surprise a loved one or be surprised, but a picnic is most enjoyable when you have everything you need. The trick is, not to forget anything. Our picnic started early in the morning, we hired a bus and we all travelled together. It was an hour's drive to the venue. We had great fun in the bus! We finally reached our destination “The Golden sun resort” near Titwala. First thing, we had breakfast and then started our pool and rain dance activity with snacks and drink on pool side It was one of the most memorable day of my life, sitting with all new and old friends and relaxing at the resort and munching homemade tasty snacks followed by vegetarian and non vegetarian food arranged for lunch. We even had a competition and game arranged by our team and everybody from all age groups danced and enjoyed it. In the evening we had tea and biscuits before we boarded the bus back home. Total members in the picnic group were about 65-70 but each and everyone was totally satisfied with the resort, food and arrangements done. Here are the credentials! “President Vikas: Heartiest Congratulations to Project Chairman Rtn. Avinash Garibe, Fellowship Director Rtn. Avinash Kamble and team for the wonderful arrangements and Very Successful Monsoon Picnic Project . Thanks to all Rotarian for your active participation. We all enjoyed. Both Avinashs' are Rocking!!” “PP Abahay Kothare: It was a luxury picnic. AG & his team did everything to treat all the participants as kings & queens!” I think so many compliments means I and my team has successfully completed the project of MANSOON PICNIC! Thanks once again from me and my team. Together we will! We will make it even better, next time! Rtn. Avinash Garibe Project Chair- Monsoon Picnic

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Monsoon Picnic- 29th July'18

Vikas Bulletin September'18- Issue 3  
Vikas Bulletin September'18- Issue 3