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The Hallmark of True/Genuine Faith in God


And not being weak in faith, he [Abraham] did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah's womb. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform. And therefore 'it was accounted to him for righteousness.' The message focuses on the distinguishing characteristic or trait of true faith in GOD. The mark is a conspicuous feature or characteristic that indicates the quality of our faith in GOD. Abraham’s faith in GOD is a ‘faith model’ that must be adapted by all believers in order to get a guarantee that GOD is well pleased with our conducts. What was the Hallmark of Abraham’s faith? 1). Abraham did not “consider” his body Abraham did not think carefully about the situation of his body in relation to the promise of a son made to him by GOD. Abraham ignored what was the obvious. He did not dwell too much on what was the reality of his situation. Abraham made the choice not to ponder or deliberate on his age. It was practically impossible for him to have a child at the age of ninety nine years; however, Abraham ignored all the facts and focused on the promised. The handwriting was on the wall already but Abraham did not summon up the courage to read it. He didn’t face up with the harsh realities of his conditions. The plan of satan for every believer is to get us take our eyes off the promise and start to consider / deliberate / ponder on the ‘realities of life’ around us pointing to the fact that it’s all over. The chances of Abraham having a child became slimmer and slimmer every passing year until his body became completely dead and there was no chance left for him again from the human point of view. Abraham did not deny the facts of the deadness of his body, he ignored those realities. All the odds were against Abraham as he continued to run out of time and his options were eventually limited to a “dead body.” It appeared Abraham was not going to win the race against time. To ponder is a function of time.



Season of Renewal

Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Minister Victor Olajubu on September 8th , 2013. TO READ THE FULL VERSION, PLEASE VISIT


EASON can be defined as a suitable, natural or convenient time for something to happen. While renewal can be defined as the action of extending the period of validity of a license, subscription, or contract. It could also be to make like new; restore to freshness; vigour or perfection; or to begin again. The bible tells us that God will renew this world. That the world will be wiped off by God with fervent heat and a new Earth and a new Heaven will be made by God to replace the old one (Rev. 2:1-5). God enacted a covenant of blessing and fruitfulness with Abraham which was sealed by circumcision in Gen. 17:1-14. There was however a period of intermission when the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt and when they journeyed in the wilderness. God had to renew that covenant with them when they entered into the Promised Land, so that the blessings can continue (Joshua 5:2-8). God said in Isaiah 40:31 that, “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they will mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint”. I heard God say that as we continue to wait on Him, He will renew our ‘strength’. That strength would be in areas of spiritual, financial, numerical, material, synergy, etc. Therefore, in this month of September and beyond, God will take us through a season of renewal: He will reconfigure us anew and restore freshness and vigour into us the more in Jesus name. Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

Text: Romans 4:19 - 21 - By Minister Victor OLAJUBU Abraham had no time to spare for the critical appraisal of his situation in terms of his age. What the devil desires is to get us devote vast amount of time thinking about the seriousness of our situations then conclude there is no sort of intervention that can rescue the situation. How much time do you spend deliberating on the difficulties you face in life? 2). Abraham did not “consider” the deadness of Sarah’s body Abraham had other things to contend with outside his own body that was dead. Sarah’s womb was equally dead. There was nothing left for Abraham to take positives from. His body was dead, Sarah’s womb was dead, yet he did not consider these two sources of discouragement to give up. Abraham chose not to not bring his body and the state of Sarah’s womb into the equation. He refrained from ‘thinking’ about his own body and the downside of Sarah’s body. Abraham had a poll of sources (‘the dead bodies he sees continually’) to dip into and deliberate upon on a daily, however, he ignored the obvious and stuck with GOD via faith in HIS promises. 3). Abraham did not “waver” at the promises of GOD. Abraham did not stagger at the promise of GOD. He maintained his stability in faith. He trusted GOD through and through. Abraham was resolute in his decision to not doubt GOD. Abraham’s percentage trust was 100%. Do we believe GOD today, then doubt him tomorrow, and then trust HIM the day after? There are no two ways to it, we either waiver at the promises of GOD or we don’t. Let us keep our shape and refuse to waive at the promises of GOD even at the face of the strongest level of temptation. Conclusion The hallmark of a genuine faith is the faith that does the “DID NOT.” It is the faith that ignores the realities of life and focuses on the promises of GOD. It is the faith that spends no time to deliberate on the obvious roadblocks, negatives, hardships, hurdles, challenges etc that surrounds a particular situation all pointing to failure.


WAS meditating recently to find out from God what will be our theme for 2013. There were certain challenges I saw in 2012 that I was asking God to completely eradicate in the next. God answered and said, "All covenanted ministries (whether individual or church) will hit major storm in their 3rd year. If the ministry escapes that by grace, a greater storm will come against it in its 6th year. If the ministry equally escapes the double storm, it will then qualify for the blessings of the 7th year”.


Year of Signs & Wonders FOR INDIVIDUALS: 1. No matter the darkness around you, your star will shine brighter. 2. God says, He will speak peace to your storms 3. Certain individuals have been stagnated for sometimes, the reasons for your stagnation will become known, will be addressed and will be eliminated, therefore progress will follow. 4. In many senses of the word, this year will be of completeness. FOR NIGERIA: 1. The prayers of some of you minimized death of prominent Nigerians last year, don’t stop praying. 2. Before the middle of the year, many will say hope rising. 3. Learn from disasters of 2012 and take precaution soonest to avert bigger ones.. INTERNATIONAL: 1. The Lord says prominent world leaders need a lot prayers so as not to die in office. 2. Prominent Church leaders need prayers against planned scandals. 3. Weather conditions may get worse, much worst, unless prayers are intensified. 4. We should expect a major breakthrough in medicine this year. 5. Nations who pass unholy laws will have a taste of divine fury. By Pastor Enoch Adeboye (Gen. Overseer RCCG Worldwide)

For us in Everlasting Father's Assembly, there were storms that we went through at three years. To the glory of God, we escape them all. Also at six years, thank God for all the astounding accomplishments that we have enjoyed, we also escaped double storms. Glory be to God! So I asked God, since we have escaped the sixth year, what is the blessing of the seventh year? He took me back to the creation of the world. He said, ‘What did the bible says I did on the seventh day’? And I said that You rested from Your labours. So, God said "2013 is your year of My rest". Note that it is the God's rest, not our kind of rest. The bible says that God does not sleep nor slumber (Ps. 121:4). So it's not a rest of sleep. Neither is it of folding of hands. It is a rest from excessive labours and entering into excessive favours. The seventh day was a time when God stopped creating on this earth, but switched to watching over what He has created. In 2013, God will help us to look after what He has created for us and through us. We will supervise and oversee machinery that will run itself. Every system that God has helped us to create will begin to work for us. Grace will supersede haste. There was a time when the Israelites were fighting Canaan, the Israelites were outnumbered. So God began to use constellations to fight for them (Judges 5:20). God will assign hosts of heaven to work for us in 2013 By Pastor Samuel Obafaiye


THE GREAT PHYSICIAN IS NEAR The great Physician now is near, The sympathizing Jesus; He speaks the drooping heart to cheer, Oh! hear the voice of Jesus. Sweetest note in seraph song, Sweetest Name on mortal tongue; Sweetest carol ever sung, Jesus, blessed Jesus. Your many sins are all forgiv’n, Oh! hear the voice of Jesus; Go on your way in peace to Heav’n, And wear a crown with Jesus. All glory to the risen Lamb! I now believe in Jesus; I love the blessed Savior’s Name, I love the Name of Jesus.. His Name dispels my guilt and fear, No other name but Jesus; Oh! how my soul delights to hear The charming Name of Jesus. Come, brethren, help me sing His praise, Oh, praise the Name of Jesus; Oh, sisters, all your voices raise, Oh, bless the Name of Jesus

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FROM RCCG EFA YORK Thus saith The Lord, “I have healed these waters"


By Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE

ATER is an essential part of existence: both to the planet and to human life. Water constitutes about 70% of the earth surface. The life of humans is in the blood. Plasma which is their major fluid of the human blood consists of mainly water. So without water, our physical environment is useless. Likewise, the human life will equally be useless without water. One can readily infer that absence of water is absence of life. If a water body is bad, life surrounding that water will be affected adversely. 2 Kings 2:19-21 Now the men of the city said to Elisha, “Behold, the situation of this city is pleasant, as my lord sees, but the water is bad, and the land is unfruitful.” He said, “Bring me a new bowl, and put salt in it.” So they brought it to him. Then he went to the spring of water and threw salt in it and said, “Thus says the Lord, I have healed this water; from now on neither death nor miscarriage shall come from it.” The people of Jericho told Elisha that the situation of the city looks pleasant on the surface, but underneath, it's a bad state. Passer byes will not know until they settle down and find out that things are rough. Plants will grow, but without fruit. - Is there anything about you that could be perceived pleasant, but you know it's not really so? God will heal that part of your life in Jesus name. Jericho though an arid region is not far from the Jordan valley and the Dead Sea. So it was able to support life. It was also a commerce centre. However, the Jordan River is muddy and the Dead Sea is extremely salty. This can affect the underground water and consequently the productivity of the soil around the region. - Is there any negative chemistry around you that is affecting the 'waters' of your life? May God heal those chemistries in Jesus name. Possibly the situation in Jericho wasn't so before. May be the waters and land was good. Sometimes before, Joshua may have cursed the land when he cursed the person that might build the city up again (Joshua 6:26). Prophet Elisha was able to reverse the curse. - Has anybody proclaim a curse upon your waters? Jesus will overturn it today in His powerful name. - Over the years, the inhabitants of Jericho must have made many several attempts to solve the problem to no avail. Do you have any bitter, unpleasant or unfruitful thing you've been trying to figure out and solve? May God effect the solution you need in Jesus name. In I Kings 17:14-16, the Zarephath widow must have been watching her family ration reducing by the day without a solution in view. God however send Elijah to her and heal her cruse and jar. For thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, ‘The jar of flour shall not be spent, and the jug of oil shall not be empty, until the day that the Lord sends rain upon the earth. ’” And she went and did as Elijah said. And she and he and her household ate for many days. The jar of flour was not spent, neither did the jug of oil become empty, according to the word of the Lord that he spoke by Elijah. - Do you have challenge with provision or material substance? May God heal that water of your life in Jesus name. In Mark 1:29-31, Peter's mother was down with fever. Jesus was visiting them, as soon as Jesus lifted her up, she became healed immediately and began to serve them. And immediately he left the synagogue and entered the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. Now Simon's mother- in- law lay ill with a fever, and immediately they told him about her. And he came and took her by the hand and lifted her up, and the fever left her, and she began to serve them. - Anyone with health challenge here, hear the words of The Lord, He said, "I have healed you from today". In Luke 7: 11-15, the widow of Nain has just suffered an irreparable loss. Her only son had died and on the way to the buried. Jesus showed up from nowhere and bring him back to life! Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Pastor Samuel OBAFAIYE on September 8, 2013 at RCCG Everlasting Father’s Arena, York TO READ THE FULL VERSION, PLEASE VISIT


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September 15 2013 RCCGEFALeeds Service Bulletin  

September 15 2013 RCCGEFALeeds Service Bulletin

September 15 2013 RCCGEFALeeds Service Bulletin  

September 15 2013 RCCGEFALeeds Service Bulletin