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How To Trouble Your Troubles Text: Romans 8: 35-39


HERE is one thing that is sure about life; there is one thing that is as certain as death. There is one thing that no man can avoid in life irrespective of whether you are a believer or not. * There will be a time of trouble when life will throw at us what we never bargained for * Challenges that will almost cause us to say ‘where is God?’ * Trouble times have no on gender, race or religion * Trouble time does not respect our high level of anointing or spirituality * Trouble/challenges visit every human being on this planet earth at some point and the response of individual to it determines the ultimate outcome and their overall success in life. As Christians we ought to find out what the bible says about trouble and more importantly, what our response is suppose to be. Many Christians struggle with how to reconcile their faith with some of the challenges that often come their way. Trouble alert- there are many trouble alerts in the bible- that are meant to prepare us for trouble/challenges- these alerts are not to scare us or discourage us * God sometimes allows challenges/trouble to come our way not to destroy us but to build us up, to promote us and give God all the glory after we might have overcome. Job 14:1 says that man who is born of a woman has very few days and full of troubles. David had so many things to say about trouble Psalm 9:9;27:5 talk about God being our tower of refugee and shelter in times of trouble. Psalm 34:19; Psalm 9:15; John 16:3 all of these clearly warned us that trouble will come but the good news is that God has got it sorted in His plan for us. Amos 3:6(b) says “Does disaster come to a city unless the Lord has planned it (allowed it)” If God allows trouble/challenges to come our way, it is for a purpose and the purpose is for our good and also to glorify himself. Romans 8:28 “everything works together for good…” Remember it was Jesus Christ himself who initiated the crossing to the other side of the sea when the storm arose in the mist of the sea. Lets see what some people in the bible did when trouble came their way: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.



Jehovah’s Manifest Presence

EHOVAH is one of the self-declared, choicest names of God (Ex. 6:3). It means: The Almighty; Most Sovereign; Creator; Possessor of all; The Man of war; etc. Manifest is defined as evident; obvious; plain; or apparent. While presence is defined as to be in attendance or show appearance. Throughout ages, Jehovah always demonstrates His obvious appearance whenever it is very necessary for Him to do so. Like when He came down to disperse the people at the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:1-8), as well as to put an end to the maltreatment of the Israelites by the Egyptians (Ex. 3:7-8). In Gen. 28:10-22, Jacob ran away from Canaan to Haran (Turkey) because of his brother Esau. He travelled through the desert in terrible condition: on foot, no change of cloth, harsh climate and bad terrain. One night, as he approached a city called Luz, the sun set and he had to sleep out of town on sand with a stone as a pillow. That night, he had a dream, he saw a ladder from heaven touching the earth. Angels were ascending and descending the ladder, and God was speaking from the topmost of the ladder. When he woke up, he exclaimed "God was in this place and I knew it not!" He then worshipped God and made a vow unto God. Though Jacob was in a hostile terrain, alienated from loved ones, destitute and unsure of his destiny. God encouraged him with His manifest presence and the transfer of Abrahamic covenant upon his life. In this month of August and beyond, regardless of the terrain we tread and the prevailing situations we encounter, God said He will demonstrate His obvious presence among us. He will give us this Land; He will multiply our offspring; He will make us to spread to the four corners of the world; He will bless the nations of the world through us; He will keep us wherever we go; He will make us to be rooted in our Canaan and He will not leave us until He has fulfilled all His promises concerning us. We must just worship and obey Him. Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

- By Minister Gabriel ADUNMADE

Abraham - In Genesis 12, Abraham was called by God and was told to leave his family to go to a place to be confirmed by God. He obeyed with out questioning and almost immediately trouble showed up. There was a grievous famine and Abraham left for Egypt because it was the logical thing to do (Genesis12:10). There was no record in the bible that he sought the face of the Lord before doing so and he ran into more trouble because he lied. He was later expelled from Egypt (Genesis 12:20). Later, Abraham got it right when he allowed lot to choose first in order to allow peace to reign the decision was rewarded when God appeared to him and gave him all he could see and immortalized his name forever. Isaac also ran into trouble times when there was another famine. He was prepared to run like his dad when God appeared to him and instructed him not to go to Egypt. Isaac obeyed and as a result sowed in the same land and reaped a hundred fold the same year in the mist of famine. Genesis 26. Jacob got into trouble by trying to help God. He tried to make happen what God had ordained to happen to him. He got the blessing from his father that was meant for his brother through pretence. He ended up having to run for his life and worked for 14 years without wages. He later came to realisation of his stand with God. He recovered all from his uncle and more. All these great men ran into trouble, learnt to trust God and eventually walked into their destiny) just as you will walk into your destiny in Jesus name. David was anointed as king at 17 years but did not get to the throne until he was 30 years, he ran into many troubles. One of the memorable was at ZIKLAG. He came back to his village to discover it had been raided and all their families and possessions taken. He wept until he had no strength to weep then he encouraged himself in the lord and inquired from the lord about what to do. He was instructed to pursue and overtake the raider. He obeyed, pursued, overtook and recovered all. He got even more than he lost. Jesus Christ was not even speared out of earthly trouble when he was here as a man. He ran into lots of trouble. He was seemingly killed by his accusers, but he resurrected to give hope. Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Minister Gabriel Adunmade on August 18th, 2013. TO READ THE FULL VERSION, PLEASE VISIT



WAS meditating recently to find out from God what will be our theme for 2013. There were certain challenges I saw in 2012 that I was asking God to completely eradicate in the next. God answered and said, "All covenanted ministries (whether individual or church) will hit major storm in their 3rd year. If the ministry escapes that by grace, a greater storm will come against it in its 6th year. If the ministry equally escapes the double storm, it will then qualify for the blessings of the 7th year”. For us in Everlasting Father's Assembly, there were storms that we went through at three years. To the glory of God, we escape them all. Also at six years, thank God for all the astounding accomplishments that we have enjoyed, we also escaped double storms. Glory be to God!


Year of Signs & Wonders FOR INDIVIDUALS: 1. No matter the darkness around you, your star will shine brighter. 2. God says, He will speak peace to your storms 3. Certain individuals have been stagnated for sometimes, the reasons for your stagnation will become known, will be addressed and will be eliminated, therefore progress will follow. 4. In many senses of the word, this year will be of completeness. FOR NIGERIA: 1. The prayers of some of you minimized death of prominent Nigerians last year, don’t stop praying. 2. Before the middle of the year, many will say hope rising. 3. Learn from disasters of 2012 and take precaution soonest to avert bigger ones.. INTERNATIONAL: 1. The Lord says prominent world leaders need a lot prayers so as not to die in office. 2. Prominent Church leaders need prayers against planned scandals. 3. Weather conditions may get worse, much worst, unless prayers are intensified. 4. We should expect a major breakthrough in medicine this year. 5. Nations who pass unholy laws will have a taste of divine fury. By Pastor Enoch Adeboye (Gen. Overseer RCCG Worldwide)

So I asked God, since we have escaped the sixth year, what is the blessing of the seventh year? He took me back to the creation of the world. He said, ‘What did the bible says I did on the seventh day’? And I said that You rested from Your labours. So, God said "2013 is your year of My rest". Note that it is the God's rest, not our kind of rest. The bible says that God does not sleep nor slumber (Ps. 121:4). So it's not a rest of sleep. Neither is it of folding of hands. It is a rest from excessive labours and entering into excessive favours. The seventh day was a time when God stopped creating on this earth, but switched to watching over what He has created. In 2013, God will help us to look after what He has created for us and through us. We will supervise and oversee machinery that will run itself. Every system that God has helped us to create will begin to work for us. Grace will supersede haste. There was a time when the Israelites were fighting Canaan, the Israelites were outnumbered. So God began to use constellations to fight for them (Judges 5:20). God will assign hosts of heaven to work for us in 2013 By Pastor Samuel Obafaiye

CONGREGATIONAL HYMN BREATHE ON ME, BREATH OF GOD Breathe on me, breath of God, Fill me with life anew, That I may love what Thou dost love, And do what Thou wouldst do. Breathe on me, breath of God, Until my heart is pure, Until with Thee I will one will, To do and to endure.

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Breathe on me, breath of God, Blend all my soul with Thine, Until this earthly part of me Glows with Thy fire divine. Breathe on me, breath of God, So shall I never die, But live with Thee the perfect life Of Thine eternity.



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Jehovah Shalom Will Bring You Peace Text: Judges 6: 1-24


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By Minister Aderemi ADELUGBA


ELOVED we must understand that only Jehovah can deliver us from every strongholds, oppression and adversity. He has all the power in heaven and on earth. He can replace everything that you have been robbed of with His peace. I pray you will not be disappointed in Jesus name. Like we learnt last week, one of the names of our Lord God is Jehovah-Shalom (Lord our peace). Isaiah 6:9 says, for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and His names shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. The peace of the Lord will not depart from you in Jesus name. Adversity means obstacles, hard times, difficulty and afflictions. But, the promise of God for us is that, Jehovah-shalom will be our peace. He will visit us with His peace, and He will be sensitive to our concerns and worries in Jesus name. It is not impossible to see Christians faced with adversity and problems of all sorts. But when they cry out to Jehovah-Shalom, He will listen and hear them, and take them through in Jesus name. The scripture says in Exodus 3:7, And the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows. The work of our God is to give peace to those who desire peace, and His promise to all of us will be fulfilled in Jesus name. Jeremiah 29:11 also says, for I know the thought I have towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. The Lord will grant you peace on all areas of life in Jesus name. The opposite of peace is war, disagreement, hatred, frustration, turmoil and chaos. All these should not be the experience of Christians. Peradventure, you are experiencing any of these, God will replace it with peace, and He will not leave you to suffer affliction and adversity in Jesus name. His presence will shine light unto your path. Adversity is not a good thing, but God will bring the strong man in you out, and, He will give you testimonies in Jesus name. He will stand by you and, you will not be forsaken in Jesus name. Many men in the scripture suffered adversity, but God showed up for them. Jehovah did not let them die in it. Some went through shame of being beating, some without food, some imprisoned and so on. For example, God’s peace was with Mordecai, when Haman was planning his death, and He delivered him. In 2 King 8:1-6, Jehovah bailed out the Shunammite woman and, restored her to favour and blessings. When Adonijah took the position of kingship that did not belong to him, Solomon was at peace; Jehovah used his power to stop Adonijah, even before his self orchestrated coronation party ended. In case your enemy is rejoicing because of what you are currently experiencing, Jehovah will fight your battle in Jesus name, and He will turn the table against your oppressors in Jesus name. In the book of Judges, we realized that in those days, there was no king in Israel, and people behaved in a manner that they thought was good enough for them. Some worshipped strange gods of Baal, and some ruled by their wisdom. In our text Judges 6: 1-24, we saw that Israel did evil in the sight of Jehovah. The peace of the Lord departed them, and they suffered in the hand of the Midianites. Because of sin, the Lord delivered them into bondage, suffering and adversity for seven years. You will not be given to suffering and adversity in Jesus name. We Christians are like that too, when God gives you favour, you will begin to drift away and make excuses. You begin to change from being a regular church goer to becoming a part-time goer. God is warning you to take heed. Sin brought the Israelites to humiliation; you will not be humiliated in Jesus name. In verse 6 - 10, after a long period of suffering in the hands of people who were so junior to them, they recognised there is a place for prayer. They were so blinded, lost their dignity and could not think of solution for seven years, until one day, when they began to pray, and then God intervened. The scripture says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven. This is the stage where God began to think about them and answered them again. He then sent a prophet. God will send you a helper and deliverer from above in Jesus name. For you to experience His peace, you need to seek and agree with the Lord: The condition for the Lord to be your peace is that you will continue to seek and agree with Him. The Lord will only agree with those who enter into an agreement with him, and those who live righteously before Him. Amos 3:3 states can two walk together except they agree. In 2 Chronicle 15:2-3, the spirit of the Lord encouraged King Asa that, he will see the Lord only if he seeks Him. Jehovah –Shalom will be your peace in Jesus name. Excerpts of a sermon delivered by Minister Aderemi ADELUGBA on August 18, 2013 at RCCG Everlasting Father’s Arena, York TO READ THE FULL VERSION, PLEASE VISIT


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August 25th, 2013 RCCGEFALeeds Service Bulletin

August 25th, 2013 RCCGEFALeeds Service Bulletin