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HE hands are a very important part of the human body. They are used to perform several functions: touching; grasping; feeling; holding; manipulating; writing; working; caressing; warring; etc. The bible makes us to know that even though God is a Spirit, He created the human being in His own image and likeness. That therefore tells us that God has hands. The bible also tells us some of the things that the hands of God can do. There was a competition between Ahab the king of Israel who was racing on a chariot and an aged Elijah the prophet of God who was jogging on foot. At the end of the race from the desert to the gate of Jezreel (about 17 miles), it happened that Elijah came first! The bible however makes us to know that it was because the hand of God was upon Elijah (I Kgs. 18: 41-46).



N life there is the possibility of losing something. It is possible to lose money, position, house, fame, honour, talents, etc. the greatest thing a person can lose is his own soul (Mark 8:36). Following to that is Time (Ephesians 5:16). Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. So that every year lost is a potential set back. In II Kings 8:1-6, it happened that the Shunemite woman left home because of famine for seven years to sojourn in the land of the Philistines at the advice of Prophet Elisha. On her return, her house and land had been confiscated. But by Divine arrangement, her estates were restored. The value of the crops her lands would have yielded in those years was also granted to her, so that her years of sojourn were not wasted. God is determined to restore the lost from years before to us in this Assembly. All that has been confiscated from us will be returned. The produce that we ought to have enjoyed in those past years will begin to arrive now in Jesus name.

For astounding accomplishment to happen in the life of a fellow therefore, it is necessary that the ‘hand of God’ to be upon that fellow. This month of October, the hand of the Lord God Almighty will be upon us to take us ahead of ‘chariots’ of life; the Hand will put us before the ‘Ahabs’ of life; and make us triumphant in Jesus name.

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May God Revisit Your Destiny By Pastor Samuel Obafaiye My prayer is that in this month of Years Restored, may God re-make someone's destiny. God is the Author of our lives (Isaiah 43:1). 1 But now thus saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. But in the hard journey of life, it is possible to miss the tangent or get loss at any point in life (Galatians 5:7). 7 Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth? The good news is that it's possible to come back on track and still become all you are meant to be. Abraham began his destiny with God to go to the Promised Land. Along the line, things became uncertain. God had to re-visit his destiny again at 99 years, and then again at about 112 years. May today marks a re-visit of God upon your life in Jesus name. In remaking destiny, the story about the potter and the clay comes to mind. Jeremiah 18:1-4 1 The word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying, 2 Arise, and go down to the potter's house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words. 3 Then I went down to the potter's house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels. 4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it. So it is possible for a destiny or one's purpose to be marred or faulted along the line. God actually impressed it upon my heart that four things could happen to a vessel that became spoiled in the hands of the potter: Abandoned Smashed in annoyance Used still anyhow Re-make for better usage/value. Taking us as the clay and God as the Potter. People's destinies could fall in any one of the categories mentioned above: ABANDONED - King Saul (1 Sam. 16:1) While Samuel was still mourning and pleading for Saul, God gave a verdict that He had already abandoned Saul as king. It is possible for God to abandon a person. May your destiny not be abandoned by God in Jesus name.

SMASHED IN ANNOYANCE Eli's house (1Sam. 2:12-17; 2736). It was a total ruin for the Eli's family. Their destiny was wiped off. It was given to another person. They were to then be beggars in their lifetime. May God not smash your destiny. May your life appeal to God always. USED ANYHOW REGARDLESS - Samson (Judges 16:1-3). It was someone like Samson that could come off a harlot and still was anointed to do exploit. The bad news for such a fellow is that the end of such people and destiny is not always good. Samson did not have a good ending. May God not just use you anyhow. May God use you somehow in a good way in Jesus name. REMAKE FOR BETTER USAGE - Peter (Luke 22:3132). As Peter continued with his destiny. The devil planned to mar his life big time. But Jesus prayed for him in advance to re-make his destiny. Principal reason that made Peter to finish well, rather than given up or committing suicide as well. May God re-make your life better than what you are now. May God remove the impurities slowing you down in life. May God thwart the devil's plan concerning your destiny. What to do Be obedient totally to God - Saul was not Do not bring reproach to the name of God - Eli children did Abstain from all kinds of pollution - Samson failed to observe that Be sincere and truthful to God - Peter was compared to Judas. PRAYERS Almighty Father, re-make my destiny again today by Your very hands. Almighty Father, re-make my destiny unto honour only in Jesus name.



Some of the August Birthday Celebrants Thanking God for another year

Mr and Mrs Ameh celebrating the goodness of God in their marriage held in August

Guest Minister - Prophet Raymond Abbah was here


I Will Arise and Shine By Pastor (Mrs) Anthonia Obafaiye

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, shine for thy light is come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.


HIS month by the Grace of God has been declared by the prophet of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit as a month of un-requested blessings.

And the Lord is saying to someone, Arise for your Light has come, your victory, your time to celebrate and rejoice has come. Your time to be promoted, your time to overtake and recover all without fail has come. Your time to be marked for grace and obtain mercy has come for the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you in Jesus Mighty name. Our main Bible text is taken from Luke 15: 11-32, Brethren a very interesting story I must say, A man had 2 sons and one day the younger son asked for his share of his inheritance of his Father, and the Bible recorded that his Father gave him the portion of goods that was his inheritance. Brethren from the part of the world I come from inheritance only comes when the one that wants to bequest it has passed away. But the Bible says his Father obliged him his request without asking him any questions as to why he wanted his inheritance so soon. I believe his Father must have obliged him his request with a heavy heart, Brethren the Bible says there is the permissive, good and perfect will of God Roms.12:2. But my prayer for us is that we will always be positioned within the compound of the perfect will of God for our lives at all times in Jesus name. But after a while the Bible says this son spent all on riotous living and there arose a mighty famine in that land and he began to be in want, his situation became so bad that he began to tend to pigs, (he was hired to feed pigs) and most times he was so hungry that he would want to feed on the husks that the pig ate but he dare not because he would get sacked by his employers. But the Bible says that one day he came to himself (The New Living Translation says ‘when he came to his senses) he remembered that even his Father’s servants had enough to eat and he a son was perishing in hunger, and after this right reasoning the Bible said something remarkable this young man had not thought of doing all this while he was suffering. He said I will arise and go to my Father and I will say unto him, Father I have sinned against heaven and before thee, and I am no more worthy to be called thy son, make me as one of thy hired servants. Brethren when this son got to his Father even before he would finish his beautiful speech and plea, his Father had compassion (showed him) mercy and restored him as his son again, Brethren the Bible says ‘even whilst they are yet speaking I will hear them and I will answer them’ Isa. 64: 24. ‘The sacrifices of God are a

broken spirit and a contrite heart, Oh God You will not despise.’ (Psa 51:17). Brethren what an unrequested blessing indeed, the son got more than he bargained for, he left home as a son, came home with a plea to be accepted as a servant because he knew he had offended his Father, but he obtained mercy and was able to shine again as a son because he made that decision (the right decision) to arise and ask for forgiveness from a repentant heart, if he did not come to his senses maybe he would have died a painful and terrible death in penury. Even the anger of his brother did not stop the party his Father had thrown for him. You would have thought that the elder brother will be elated that his only brother had come home, Romans 12:15 says we should rejoice with those who rejoice. But yet some people find t difficult to rejoice with others. The Lord will help us in Jesus name. I decree that you will be celebrated and honoured in this season and the enemy will not be able to stop your celebration and jubilation in Jesus name.

Total Recovery and Restoration TEXT: 2 Kings 8:1-6; Joel 2:25, Pro 6:31. S we see in 2 Kings 8 vs. 1-6, the king commanded that the woman should be given all that she had lost over the seven years in which she has being away. Also in the book of Joel, God promised an amazing restoration and in the book of Proverbs it is said that there will be seven fold restorations if the thief is found.


The bible says the devil has only come to steal, to kill and to destroy, so the thief is the devil and when you recognize that he has stolen much from you in many areas, and then you are entitled to

By Deacon Victor Olobaniyi

seven fold restorations as written in the scriptures. In this month of years restored, it is my prayer that there is going to be a new season of restoration in your Finances, in your Marriage, in your Academics, in your Career, in your Spiritual life, in your Health and also in the Church of God. Listen to me now, by the mercy of the Most high, if the devil has put depression on you, get ready for Seven fold joy, if he has tried to put sickness on you I challenge you to get ready for seven fold health or yours is debt and lack I say get ready for seven fold prosperity and provision, or is it fear and anxiety, get ready for seven fold faith, you might be under bondage and affliction I have a good news for you, seven fold freedom is available for you in Jesus mighty name.



All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God Text: Romans 8: 18-30


By Minister Gabriel Adunmade

HIS above passage greatly encourages the children of God on the need to endure suffering in this life. God will bring good out of all affliction, trials, persecution and suffering.The good that God brings about is conforming us to the image of Christ and ultimately bringing about our glorification. However, the promise is limited to only those who love God and have submitted to him by faith in Christ. Nevertheless, the ‘all things’ here do not include our sins and negligence. The bible says we cannot continue in sin and expect grace to multiply (God forbid) I will like to discuss this very verse 28 in 3 areas: 1. The implication of this verse 2. The illustration of the truth 3. The instruction for today’s life. 1. THE IMPLICATION OF THIS VERSE The verse implies that everything has a purpose and the purpose is a good one for those who put there trust in God, and love Him. Before you can say you trust somebody, you must have true love for such an individual. When husband and wife love each other, they will not give room for suspicion. When you trust God and love Him, your faith in Him will remain intact irrespective of what happens to you, which might sometimes be contrary to what you expect. Job 13 verse 15, Job 1:4-5. Man cannot comprehend the way God works 2. THE ILLUSTRATION OF THE TRUTH As I have said earlier, what happens to us sometimes might be contrary to what we expect. We might tend to ask questions such as where is God in this? What have I done wrong ? Where have I missed it ? Let’s examine the lives of 2 people in relation to this statement

a. Joseph- Gen 37(his dream) Gen 45:5, 50:20. Somebody who had a dream of being great to the extent that his brothers and even his parent will bow before him, but found himself first in dry well, then as a slave in Potiphar house, and as if that was not enough, he found himself in prison for the sin he did not commit. But as everything works for good for those that love God, he eventually found himself in the palace as prime minister in a foreign country. b. Another person was Moses: He was born at the time when the king made a decree that all male children should be killed. Yet God divinely arranged it in such a way that Moses was nurtured by his mother and grew up under pharaoh’s roof (The one who made the decree). Ex 2:1-25 v Act 7:17 3. INSTRUCTION FOR TODAY  Know it too for yourself Rom 8:18, Ps 56:6 and be committed to it.  Be challenged to grow in your love for God John 14:15-23, 1 John 5:3  Recognise your Christian calling as purpose and make it sure 2 peter 1:10  Belief you will never be victim of circumstances and you will not.  Give thanks in everything 1 Thes. 5:18.  Never mummour or reason why Phil 2:14 instead ask God what lesson do you want me to learn or give me the understanding of the message you are passing across to me. PRAYERS: 1. Lord, grant me the spirit of discernment and the heart of understanding in Jesus name. 2. Lord, let me acknowledge you in every situation I find myself. 3. Let my restoration glorify you.


...And I Will Restore By Deacon Bolaji Cole

Text: Joel 2: 25 - 26 25: I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. 26: And ye shall in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.


HEN we talk about to restore, it means that some things or series of events had occurred in the past that needs to be returned to its original or usable and functioning conditions. In this passage, God promised that He will restore to Judah all that was lost during the years of locust invasion. In those years, there were severe drought, problems of food shortages, famine etc but God in His infinite mercy, restored those years and there were abundance and satisfaction in the Land, people had more than enough, food was in abundance and there were plenty of everything in the Lord. This month of years restored, may God restore to us all that which we have lost in years past in Jesus Name. AND I WILL RESTORE In other words, we can say that restoration comes when one looks back and carry out a review of past activities and amend where possible. But when God says He is going to restore you, He is saying that I am going into your past to correct it so that your today and tomorrow will be good. (Jer 29:11) God knows what you had gone through in the past, He knows about your years of struggles, He knows about your years of pain, He knows about those dreams that seems aborted, He knows about your dashed hopes, but today I have a good news for you, God is saying ‘’And I will restore the years that the locust has eaten and you shall have plenty in be in abundance in Jesus Name. He will give you beauty for ashes in Jesus Name. (Isa 61:3)

was restored to his throne after seven years. ( Dan 4:36). All that has been wrongfully taken from you are restored to you in Jesus Name. Begin to take your rightful positions back in Jesus Name. DREAMS – ( Gen 41:46) Joseph became prime 4. minister in Egypt thirteen years after he had his first dream and his journey to becoming the prime minister was rough and challenging that one would have thought his dreams were aborted but because God was with him, his dreams was fulfilled in his lifetime. I decree that all your dreams and aspirations in life will be fulfilled and like Joseph, you will get to your promised land in Jesus Name. JOY OF SALVATION – (Psa 51:12) David prayed to 5. God for his joy of salvation to be restored to him due to guilt of his adulterous relationship with Bathseba and also asking that Uriah should be put where the battle was hottest which eventually led to his death. He was disturbed and his peace was taken away. I pray that any one that has lost his joy of salvation be returned to them in Jesus Name. This month the Lord will restore all what has been lost in years past to you and your family in Jesus Name. PRAYERS

 Father, protect me from every works of locust and destroyers in Jesus Name.  Father, go into my past and turn whatever I have lost into gain in Jesus Name.

WHAT CAN BE RESTORED TO YOU BY GOD 1. LOST TIME – What you have lost for many years can be converted to gains by God in a moment of time. Peter toiled all night and caught nothing but when he met with God the restorer, the bible said that he caught a great number of fish and his net was breaking. Because God is the owner of time, I therefore decree that all your wasted years are restored to you in Jesus Name. 2. HEALTH - (Jer 30:17a) For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds; I do not know what the doctors has told you about your health but you serve the great physician, your health is restored in Jesus Name. The report of the Lord to you is that you are healed in Jesus Name. 3. RIGHTFUL POSITIONS – ( Psa 75 : 6-7) For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another. In this month of years restored God will restore you to your rightful positions in Jesus Name. King Nebuchadnezzar

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The Philistines, The Egyptians and the Amalekites By Pastor (Mrs) Peace Ebun-Oluwa Oladele


HE Philistines, the Egyptians and the Amalekites were the major enemies the Israelites encountered in their days and we are the Israel of today. A) THE PHILISTINES A piece I read says they were Israel’s most dangerous enemy. As a matter of fact, when the Israelites were to exit Egypt God deliberately did not take them through the land of the Philistines even though it was a shorter route. Ex 13;17 What do they represent? 1. Oppression and fear ------JUDGES 14:4b ‘for at that time the Philistines had dominion over Israel’. Because it is the period of restoration, all those things that have been terrorising you, you will begin to terrorise them. 1. Slave Masters------1 SAMUEL 4;9 This month, the lord will restore those years that you have been under the Philistines. A more important aspect important aspect is the sudden victory God gave Israel over the Philistines. Goliath looked down on David without knowing that he had the Lord of host was with him. I decree that all those looking down on you now will begin to look up to you as from today in the name of Jesus; and because the champion of

those things representing Philistine in your life will die today; every other Philistine will flee away. B) THE EGYPTIANS We all know what they represent, but when god decided to deal with them, they all drowned in the red sea. Every problem that has been hunting you and causing you set back will be drowned in the red sea today in the name of Jesus. Those situations that seem to defy solution will be suddenly drowned in the red sea C) THE AMALEKITES 1 SAM 15: 1-3 TWO LESSONS HERE 1. God will always take vengeance upon our enemies. 1. But: there are some enemies he would want us to destroy ourselves because he has given us the power and has made us kings and priests unto him. Amalek here represents the flesh and it is a very great enemy of the believer. It destroyed king Saul; do not spare anything that represent the flesh. God has given us victory over all things and we need to tap into that power to conquer the flesh. Even when God has decided to restore everything, the flesh may stand in the way. Prayer: father grant me the grace to destroy anything that represents Amalek in my life Final prayer; almighty father, restore unto me everything I have lost--physically, Spiritually, academically, financially, etc

The Ground That Brings Increase By Prophet Raymond Abbah

Most often in our lives we ar taught that in order to reap harvest, one needs to put a seed to the ground. We have also come to learn that whenever there is no harvest we tend to think that there is a problem with our seed. Most of the time it is not the problem with the seed but the ground that the seed falls unto. Sometimes the seed is never the issue, but the ground can become a challenge. Every one of us carries a unique ‘ground’. This is a spiritual ground. Most of the time when we do not have any harvest it is because of the ground which our seed has fallen unto is wrong. TYPES OF GROUNDS Fallow Ground There is nothing bad with a fallow ground. It doesn’t bring forth results because it is never tilled. Parched Ground It is dry and hard. So whatever you do on that ground get swallowed


Cursed Ground There is nothing wrong with the cursed ground. The only problem with it is that whatever you do on that ground only brings the results of the curse that has been placed on it. A Good Ground This is the kind that bears fruit in 30, 60, 100 fold. A good ground has no problem with making a harvest. God instructed Isaac to plant. He planted on the ground which had famine and in that same year he reaped a hundred fold. The first step of changing a bad ground to good ground is by being willing and obedient. Some people do not realise that life is a seed that will necessarily bears fruit whether good or bad. The time of harvest will surely come. What type of harvest will you receive. Abraham and Lot were in Canaan. Abraham asked Lot to choose a portion of land; he chose the green fields of Sodom and Gomorrah, while Abraham got a dry place. However the spiritual ground that Abraham was standing on was strong enough to influence the dry ground. So that he was able to reap harvest. A man’s ground is determined by the type of harvest the man is able to take away with him. The difference between two people is the effect that they have and the harvest they are able to have. There are signs of a good and bad ground. A bad ground accepts seeds. But never gives you the results that you expected. It takes in a lot and gives bad little or nothing. Continued on Page 12


Reactions To The Storm of Life By Minister Gabriel Adunmade Text: Act 27:16-21 For one to be talking of restoration or praying to God for restoration, it means something is LOST, DENIED or STOLEN. Whatever was the cause of the loss, denial or the source of theft is what I call the storm of life. This could be due to human factor or error as negligence, carelessness or simple disobedience on the part of the sufferer. It could also be as a result of a natural disaster which in order word, it is not the making of the sufferer e.g. Naomi lost her husband and two children in the country of MOAB Ruth 1:1-5 Whatsoever is the case, God will restore all that is lost in Jesus name. Every good thing the storm has swept away in your life will be restored in Jesus name. Real storm of life can be life threatening. It can make one’s faith to shake, for instance; a Christian couple who have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 4,5,10 or even more years or a graduate who came out with good grade( first class) but no job for 2,3,4 years. He has prayed, fasted, gone from mountain top to valley to level ground yet no positive result. Or somebody who has file in his/her application to the Home Office but was denied visa for no reason. During these storms of life, all you have to do is feed your faith and starve your doubt to death. In the storms of life, there is only one true and valid comprehensive insurance. And that is the life insured in Jesus. As a matter of fact, there are certain losses that insurance company will not pay, even though they said its comprehensive insurance. The will call it an ‘act of God’ or natural disaster e.g. earthquake or flood. Every storm of life that is not of your own making is a test of faith.

Especially after you have played your own part with total obedience e.g. the issue of fruit of the womb is beyond human capacity (yes you may be thinking of I.V.F, yet not every I.V.F is not successful and those that are successful is because the hand of God is in it. Except the Lord should build the house; the labourers labour in vain. Oh if I am medical doctor with good grade, I know what I am doing, you walk into St James without employment letter even though you have attended interview, I have come to work with you either you employ me or not( it does not work that way). Quickly three things that must happen before you can have everything you have lost restored back. 1. In every storm of life, take the lord Jesus Christ with you into the storm. Then you are sure of victory. Judges 4:1-9 Barak compelled Deborah that the prophetess (who he knew had the spirit of God in her) to follow him to the battle. Vs 8 (and Barak said unto her, if thou will go with me, then I will go but if thou will not go with me, then I will not go. Moses said to God; let your presence follow us, if not we would not move an inch (during the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land). 2 Kings 6:1-4, the son of Elisha said to him; vs 3: and one said, be content, I pray thee and go with thy servant and he answered I will go. 2. Another thing that might happen, the lord might take you into the storm with him Matthew 8:23-27(read) Jesus said in Matthew 28*, behold I am with you unto the end of the world. Ps 23:4 yea I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou hart with me. Remember the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace fire. 3. He might decide to put you in there (but he is the one who put you in there) Matthew 14:22-33. He was the one put the disciples in the ship but he wasn’t there physically with them then. Storm still arose – the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they thought it was a spirit. But when Jesus spoke unto them saying be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid. Peter asked him to beckon him to come. He was walking on the sea at his command with his eyes fixed on Jesus. As soon as fear sets in, he started to sink.

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Have You Lost A ‘Donkey’? By Pastor Samuel Obafaiye


N the literal sense, the donkey is a domesticated member of the horse family. It is used for transportation, cultivation, threshing, raising water from deep wells, milling. They are used to guard sheep, for tourist rides, as pets, for milk, for meat, hides and for cross breeding.

by Jehovah in Jesus name. May the 'birds' that have been feeding on you illegally without your permission vomit all they have eaten in Jesus name. At the coming back of the woman, she was going to make a plea to the king to restore her properties. God had however sent Gehazi, the servant of Elisha to arouse the interest of the king about her. May God arrange everything necessary for your comeback. May people go ahead of you to effect your restoration. May God use His servants to initiate your years of restoration in Jesus name. So it happened that the king appointed an officer to make sure that the woman's 7 years in exile was not wasted, but fruitful. May what have been your losses in the last 7 years or more become fruitfulness in Jesus name. May God change the negative report of someone's health to good in Jesus name.

In a figurative sense, donkey will therefore be anything that can make one's life easy, bearable, rewarding and pleasurable. They are very important to our living, so that when they are lost, we will just need to look for them. In I Sam. 9: 1-27, the bible makes us to know that the donkeys of Kish - Saul's father were lost, so he asked his son and a servant to go and look for them. Though Kish was wealthy and influential in the society, the donkeys must have meant a lot to him to send his enviable son out with a servant. They sought for the donkeys for days in different cities and terrains. They went to the lands of Ephraim, to Shalisha, to Shaalim, through the land of the Benjamites, to Zuph. In looking for the donkeys, Saul had finished the money and the provision they went out with, to the extent that he had to borrow from their servant! Thank God, they finally consulted the man of God (Samuel), who told them that the donkeys have been found and that Kish was now looking for them. Also because of the lost and searching of the donkeys, Saul received the greatest news of his life to become the first king of Israel. Have you lost a 'donkey'? May be you have even lost many 'donkeys'. What could your 'donkeys' be? Have you lost a position due to one reason or the other? May God elevate more than where you were before. Could your donkey be your job? Have you lost a job that was so dear to your living? May God bring you into a job that will surpass what you were doing. May be the donkeys you have lost is peace and joy. May God cause your heart to overflow with joy from heaven. May the peace of God overwhelm your challenges in Jesus name. May be you have even had to borrow money as a result of the loss you had experienced. May God pay back your debt and reverse your loss in Jesus name.

Could your 'donkey' lost be a pregnancy? May be you have been trying and praying for another conception. May the Living God reward you with multiple live births in Jesus name. Have you lost a certificate? Or a qualification? God says you will earn a greater one. You possibly have lost an important document. It's coming back to you now. Have you lost a vital relationship? May God help you to enact an enduring love life and a permanent relationship in Jesus name. HOW TO FIND A LOST ‘DONKEY’ Go to God and find out - Saul came to Samuel to inquire of the Lord Bring an offering to God as you come - Saul brought silver to Samuel Believe what God says - Saul didn’t question the prophecy of Samuel PRAYERS Almighty Father, have mercy on me concerning any lost I have experienced because of my mistake. Almighty Father, x-ray my life and restore all that I've lost through the years.


In 2 Kgs 8:1-6, Prophet Elisha told the woman of Shunem to leave Israel and go to sojourn for 7 years because of impending famine designed by God. The question that comes to mind is why did she have to leave? God could have preserved her family like the Zarephath woman. Especially as Elisha and Gehazi were not leaving. We too go through certain situations in life that we often ask, "Why God"? What we need to remind ourselves is that God's way is not our way. God knew that the woman will gain more if she leave home than if she had remained behind. She would not have got the restoration of the worth of crops of seven years the king had given to her. At her return after 7 years, squatters have taken over her mansion and lands. Every 'squatter' that has taken over your estates will be chased out

Sister Gbemi (in red top) of the Usher’s Departments relocates to Nigeria


Reactions To The Storm of Life Continued from Page 10 That is what fear does. He will paralyse even your natural ability. Peter was a fisherman, whom I suppose should know how to swim. In the three scenarios, Jesus knows storm will come, but his disciples did not know, neither was they expecting such a thing. More so, when it was Jesus who initiated the going. Jesus has not promised us a storm free life. Yes it is true we pray before we get married, it does not rule out the challenges of marriage. We pray before we embark on a professional course, it does not grantee that we will get a £100 000 P/A job straight away at the end of the course or everything will be smooth during the course. Yes we sought the face of God before we embark on the journey to the the U.K. it does not mean they will welcome us with a red passport and a £200 000 P/A job at the Heathrow Airport. HOW DO WE REACT TO STORMS OF LIFE Either he (Jesus) put you there, follow you there or you take him there, as long as he is involved, victory is sure, breakthrough is guaranteed. Restoration is eminent, over is inevitable in Jesus name. If you belief say amen. Finally brethren, let us learn a lesson form the construction of the ark of Noah. Genesis 6:16, genesis 7:16; there was only one door at the side and only one window at the roof. Only one door and he shut the door himself and took the key away because he is the door, the way and the truth. No one go unto the father expect through Him. Only one window above the roof of the ark. The only direction to look unto in the mist of flood is above. Ps 25:1- unto the lord do I lift up my soul Ps 121:1-8- I will lift up my eye unto the hill, from where cometh my help, my help cometh from the lord, you make the heaven and the earth. PRAYER 1. Lord in the storm of life; grant me the grace to look up unto you above. 2. I anchor my faith unto you, hold me fast in the storm of life 3. In every storm of life, I will come out triumphantly in Jesus name.

The Ground That Brings Increase

Continued from Page 9 A good ground takes little away from you and gives you a lot. When you plant with one seed and at harvest time it gives you back plenty seeds. That was what happens to Isaac so that he became too rich that even the king told him to leave and find his own land. The question is if Gerar was barren how does Isaac till the same ground and reap harvest. It was because Isaac was standing on a good spiritual ‘ground’. Your hard work doesn’t determine your success but it is your ground that will. There is a man in London that had not been working for 3 years and even his wife wanted to leave him. So I anointed his feet on a Sunday and said that you will stand on a good ground. He was called for an interview scheduled for Wednesday. He went for the interview and was given the job without been asked any question. This was because the ‘ground’ he was standing on changed. If the ground under your feet is bad the harvest will not come forth. Our ground will not fail in Jesus name. Every one of us has a seed to put in the ground. Some have more than others, but we all have a seed. It could be a seed of your tithes, prayer, support or loyalty. When you invest it unto a good ground

it’s possible to get results. There are two things that change a bad ground to good. The mercy and grace of God. The anointing of God. Anointing can never be experienced in church. You can contact it but the effect is never felt in the Church, but afterwards. It is only when you have left the Church and you begin to enjoy and experienced what you had prayed for, that’s when you can say that you encountered anointing. The power of God helps you to do better. Anointing is not in being able to jump up during sermon or do some form of gymnastics. Neither is there anointing in shouting the message, the message will be anointed when what you say actually comes to pass. For restored years to begin with your life, you have to be willing and obedient and seek the grace and mercy of God. Most of us come to church and we are so concerned about what somebody thinks instead of what God thinks. It’s not possible to enter a season of restoration except Jesus Christ is involved. May you enjoy restored years in Jesus name.


The Everlasting October Edition  

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