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The Rotary Club of Baguio meets at the Baguio Country Club every Saturday at 12:30 pm

The Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Baguio • Vol LXV 34 - 13 April 2013 Club Speaker

PP Helmut Schlaaff Active and passive Energy Effectivity in your Hands

Today’s Programme

April is Magazine Month The Four-Way Test Of the things we think, say or do. 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

12:00 12:30 12:40 12:50 12:55 1:00 1:10 1:20 1:25 1:30 1:30 2:00 2:10 2:15

Fellowship Call to Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PE Uwe Koeller Invocation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rtn. Jun Cardona Pambansang Awit Rotary Hymn Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dir. Atom Mendalla Intro of VR and G . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rtn. Ike Dulnoan Finest Moments . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rtn. Mariver Agayas Raffle Draw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rtn. Herb Meadows Rotary Information: International Conventions / Peace Conferences . . Rtn. Pam Members’ Time President’s Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PE Uwe Koeller Intro of CS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PP Lito Pangilinan Club Speaker Response . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .EIC Marcel Badua Pilipinas Kong Mahal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Everyone) Adjournment Program Coordinator Treas. Marilyn Barredo Retrospector Dir. Cora Ocampo Greeter Rtn. Cecille Apostol

Inside The Canao President’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . 2

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Club Speaker’s Profile . . . . . . . . . 3 In Retrospect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Secretary’s Update . . . . . . . . . . . 6

President’s Corner ROTARY YEAR 2012-13 Sakuji Tanaka President Rotary International

Peace Through Service Pres. Libby Fernandez

Tony Bautista District Governor District 3790 Kenneth So Assistant Governor Cluster 1-C Rotary Club of Baguio THE PEACE OFFICERS and BOARD of DIRECTORS Elizabeth Rillera-Fernandez President Chris Faelnar Vice-President Gormito “Baby” Kaur Secretary Marilyn Barredo Treasurer Bennie Laranang Auditor Uwe Koeller Director for Club Administration President Elect David Rees Director for The Rotary Foundation Corazon Ocampo Director of Community Service A Albert Talco Director of Community Service B Alma Teresa Mendalla Director Membership Development Evangeline Maranan Director of Public Relations Mark Kenneth Flores Director Florence Bayquen Immediate Past President Lito Pangilinan Jun Bondoc Sergeant-at-Arms Dionisio Claridad Vicenia “Veeh” Balajo Advisers


After the Lent we spring back fresh, renewed, strengthened. The short yet meaningful time was a gift, as we, in our own ways, communed with our Creator, forged and kept peace with ourselves, love ones and neighbors. Happily, we get back to holding the reins of responsibility for the last semester of the Rotary Year. At present, the challenges are just as great! We look forward a successful DISTAS for our very own Governor Linda Winter. And we will make it happen…as usual! Our DISTAS Overall Chair, PP Chris Peralta, has given our membership the opportunity to choose the committees to work on. Let us once again check our assigned tasks. We have made our choices, let us draw the energy from the force within us. Once again let all our hidden talents and gifts surface for the “ DISTAS – The Rotary of Baguio way!” The District is continuously inviting Rotarians to have a taste of the historical, mystique, beautiful and awesome Portugal!. Of course this is the Rotary International Convention at Lisbon, Portugal on June 23-26, 2013. Right now the Schengen visa processing is open at the Spanish Embassy. Convention package rate is USD2,535.00 per person. (With small print: subject to change without prior notice!) If interested, please do get in touch with our fellow Rotarians in the District and/or your travel agencies. RI announced that as of 31 March, Matching Grant and District Simplified Grant applications are no longer being accepted. For 30-31 March 500 Grant Applications were received by RI. Rotarians are now encouraged to begin submitting global grant applications via the online system. Luckily, we do have our very own Matching Grant Guru, PP Gerard Audineau, along with our equally passionate members, Dir. David Rees, PE Uwe Koeller and Rtn. Naas Demyttenaere, who submitted two (2) matching grants before the deadline! All we have to do is to wait for the approval and again new service to make a difference in other people’s lives is going to happen! Again, thank you gentlemen. Much is accomplished over coffee huh!?! The Board will present their accomplishment report today. Let us sit tight and have a good look at the picture of the Rotary Club of Baguio. I am truly grateful for a high action quarter! We labored hard! We continuously served above self! We had a grand 75th celebration! We were united all the way! What can I say? Two thumbs up for all of you good Rotarians! Peace!

The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 34 - 13 April 2013

Club Speaker’s Profile Club Speaker

PP Helmut Schlaaff Active and passive Energy Effectivity in your Hands

General Personal Information Birthplace: Stuttgart, Germany Birthdate:

December 17, 1944

Employment Record 1970-1975 Technical Manager (Heating Comp) Metraulit GmbH, Frankfurt

Married to: M. Louise E. Schlaaff (Doctor in Education – Educational Management)

1975-1985 General Manager Metraulit GmbH, Frankfurt


Ma Margot Flor (Pharmacist/Doctor in Medicine)

1981-1985 Instructor (Heating-Sanitary Eng’g) BBZ Frankfurt

Paul Victor Edward (Chemical Engineer, currently enrolled MBA)

Educational Background: Elementary Holzhausen Schule Frankfurt 1955 Secondary Muster Gymnasium, Frankfurt 1960

1981-1985 Board Member Panel of Examiners Heating & Sanitation Engineering Hessen Region

1986-1988 Hydraulics Consultant Radio Veritas, Palauig, Zambales

Berufs Bildung, BadGodesberg 1963 Business Arts

1986 up to present VP Production – Consultant SteinArt Enterprises Baguio City, Philippines

Bundesgrenzschutz, Fulda & Kassel 1966 Federal Police

Awards & Honors Received

FachhochSchule, Hamburg 1979 Heating Engineering Sanitation Engineering

Evening School Berufsbildung Zentrum, Frankfurt 1981 Meisterbrief HWK

The Rotary Club of Baguio Cluster 1-C District 3790



Exemplary Construction US General Headquarters Frankfurt


Outstanding Faculty Member Berufsbildung Zentrum Frankfurt


European Patent Holder Innovative Stone Technique


In Retrospect The Club Assembly That Was 03 April 2013 EIC Marcel Badua Visiting Rotarian Rtn. Larry Apostol volunteered in taking photos for the club, he has been a great help to our bulletin recently.

In Rotary Club of Baguio’s tradition, the meeting promptly started at 12:30. President Libby banged the gavel to officially start the meeting. 06 April is the Third Club Assembly for the Rotary Year 20122013. Rtn. Lani Fabi facilitated the meeting as Program Coordinator. Rtn. Vangie Cacho led an inspiring invocation which was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and then by the Rotary Hymn. During Entertainment, SAA Jun Bondoc did a funny and entertaining story telling/mini-game that drew the assembly’s attention.

PP Teop recieved his award for staying in RCB for almost 4 decades.

Dir. David reminded the club in participating in EREY.

Guest present were RA Louise Schlaaff and Rtn. Larry Apostol. Rtn Larry was very diligent enough to take photos of the meetings proceeding. Rtn. Larry has been helpful recently in filling up pictures for this bulletin. During Members’ Time, PP Chris Peralta, as Chairperson for upcoming DISTAS 2013, announced updates of the said event. DISTAS 2013 will be held at the Baguio Country Club 18th of May 2013. Dir. David Rees announced that he is going on a vacation and reminded the club that we have to participate in the EREY. Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) is a club effort where every member donates whether $1000, $100 or even $10. The donations should be given before the end of April if the completed commitment is to be considered for the Year End Review. During President’s Time, Pres. Libby gave to PP Teop Rondez an award for his 47 years as being a member and already a foundation of the Rotary Club of Baguio. Though this award was given during the Diamond Jubille Celebration Night, PP Teop left early that night that he missed the giving of awards. Congratulation PP Teop and thank you for staying with the club!

Birthday celebrants recieved their birthday tokens and in return the club enjoyed ice cream treats from the celebrants as well!


Birthday celebrants PN Marilyn Barredo , Rtn. Cess Apostol and Rtn. Naas Demyttenaere were given a token of greetings, courtesy of the club.

The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 34 - 13 April 2013

Rtn. Joe, PE Uwe, PP Chris Peralta also recieved their birthday tokens! There were ice cream treats that delighted everyone! The third quarter report was started of by PE Marilyn, money matter and financial status. Copies of the budget reports was distributed to members. PE Marilyn started by tackling the incomes and expenses of the Diamond Jubilee Night Celebration. She continued with the budget report of the Community Fund, where the club recieved a good help from our foreigners friends. And then with the General Fund where she mention that the club bulletin is generally losing money. Club Administration Report was done by its chairperson PE Uwe Koeller. He mentioned that 89% is the quartely average of club’s attendance, 59% of which is average home club attendance. The Mid-Year Review last 12 January was attended by the club and RCB received 3 Awards; 2nd Most Number of Service Projects, 4th Highest Contribution to the Rotary Foundation Annual and an award with appreciation to the member cooperation & support in paying their first half annual dues on time. He added that members were attending different anniversaries of other clubs as well. Various guest speakers were invited and shared their time to club as well. I’m surprised and also thankful that PE Uwe mention about the Video Sing-along I made of the Rotary Hymn. Thanks Uwe! PE Uwe then finalized by enumerating all of the club activities and fellowship during this quarter. Membership Committee Report was facilitated by VP Chris Faelnar in behalf of the committee’s chairperson Dir. Atom Mendalla. VP Chris report that Birthday celebrants were greeted and honored. Every week, we incorporate the Rotary Information in our meetings. Different lessons were being tackled. A traditional fireside chat was held for prospect members Vangie Cacho & Wilma Tadije whom later became the club’s newest members. Resident Club Trainor PP Mike Pearson conducted the presentation in his usual efficient manner. Public Image Report was facilitated by its chairperson Dir. Gigi Maranan. She reported that The Club’s Facebook Fan Page have already 640 likes. RCB Concert for a Cause is published on the GML; the RCC Seminar Hosted by RCB and The Rotary Club of Baguio Cluster 1-C District 3790

Vocational Awards was published on the PRM; RCB Photo Exhibit in Amianan Balita Ngayon and 75th Anniversary in Amianan Balita Ngayon; a TV Interview about Concert for a Cause and the DJ Celebration on Mabuhay Baguio, Skycable; a Public Signage of 75th Anniversary Celebration on LED ad in Abanao Square and a RCB Photo Exhibit in BCC The Rotary Foundation was reported by its chairperson Dir. David Rees. He reported that the RCB Carolers raised P61,500 which together with points from members made 3 PHF available! PHF raffle was won by PP Gerard, PP Alfred & Dir. David for 1PHF each. Total amount of donation to Polio Plus fund at end March is $1,600. Total amount of donation from Polio Cans now stands at P11,181.17 which was suggested that this could be converted into 1 PHF by utilizing other funds and points. The club recieved a $1000 donation on behalf of RC Matsubase given by PDG Seichi Morita at the 75th Charter Anniversary celebration to provide PHF’s for RCB members of her choice. Pres. Libby decided to raffle the 2 PHF’s which were drawn at a regular club meeting and won by PP Veeh Balajo & Rtn Bennie Laranang. The Mathbox MG #76477 has been completed. The Final Report was submitted to RI by MG Chair & District 3790 DGSC Chair Gerard Audineau. Rotary Club of Baguio received the agreement of the Belgium Rotary Club of Menem to be our foreign partner for this MG #7926 for 50 net-books with sound system and external keyboard for visual and hearing impaired children in Northern Luzon. It is awaiting approval from The Rotary Foundation. A proposed matching grant for school bus MG #78937 is being plan out having our sister club Mugueug of South Korea as our foreign partner. (Service Project A and Service project B on next issue)


Secretary’s Update Baby’s Script 06 April 2013 Sec. Baby Kaur

Happy Birthday! RAPP Lily Sunga – Apr. 15

Happy Induction Anniversary! PP Bert Talco – Apr. 7 – 12 yrs Dir Chris Faelnar – Apr. 13 – 17 yrs PP Lito Pangilinan – Apr. 16 – 19 yrs Rtn Ike Dulnoan – Apr. 18 – 15 yrs

For The Record Rotary Anns & Spouse present during 6 April meeting: RAPP Louise Schlaaff & RS Larry Apostol We missed you last 6 April meeting: Rtn Vell Agayas, Rtn Jody Alabanza (exc), PP Gerard Audineau (ol), Rtn Jun Bahul, PP Vee Balajo, IPP Flo Bayquen (ol), Rtn Jun Cardona, PP Mia Cawed, Rtn Glen Flores, Dir Mark Flores, Rtn Karl Flores, IPP Ben Ladilad, PP Alfred Laygo, Rtn Garry Lo Ang, Rtn Philip Marania, Dir Atom Mendalla, PP Roger Naz (exc), PP Angeling Palma (exc), PP Lito Pangilinan, Rtn Joe Ramos (exc), Rtn Yam Rodriguez, Rtn Gen Soriano, PP Benny Sunga, Rtn Dhory Vicencio & Rtn Peter Wasing

The Weeks in Review 6 Apr. Golf Committee Meeting presided by PE Uwe Koeller and attended by PN Marilyn Barredo, PP Diony Claridad, Dir David Rees, PP Bert Talco, Pres Libby Fernandez, PP Domind Valencia, Dir Gigi Maranan & Sec Baby Kaur 7 Apr. RC Summer Capital Anniversary attended by Pres Libby Fernandez, PE Uwe Koeller, Rtn Vangie Cacho, Rtn Cess & RS Larry Apostol, PP Helmut & RAPP Louise Schlaaff, PP Bert Talco, Rtn Wilma Tadije, DGE Linda & RK Jennifer Winter 10 Apr. TV Interview on “Heroism In Rotary” with PDG Oyan Villanueva & Pres Libby Fernandez hosted by Rtn Cess Apostol

Reminders • Committee meetings & activities – Committee/ Sub-committee Chairs, please text or email


Upcoming Events and Schedule APRIL MAGAZINE MONTH 17 May RCB 17th Golf Tournament| Venue: Baguio Country Club 18 May DISTAS 2013 Venue: Baguio Country Club JUNE ROTARY FELLOWSHIP MONTH 01 June Year End Review Venue: Lakeshore, Mexico Pampanga

details to me - what, when & who attended – these will be used for the Canao and for the grid of participation. • Attendance Make-ups – please text or send to my email address: ; kindly observe the 14 day window (i.e. 14 days before and after the meeting)

The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 34 - 13 April 2013

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The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 34 - 13 April 2013

34 - 13 April 2013 The Canao Newsletter  

The Official Bulletin of RC Baguio

34 - 13 April 2013 The Canao Newsletter  

The Official Bulletin of RC Baguio