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The Rotary Club of Baguio meets at the Baguio Country Club every Saturday at 12:30 pm

SERVICE ABOVE SELF • Volume LXV Number 10 - 29 September 2012

September is

Club Assembly Today’s Programme

New Generations Month The Four-Way Test Of the things we think, say or do. 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

DJC Bulletin

29 September 2012


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Fellowship Call to Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pres. Libby Fernandez Invocation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RA Maya Peralta Pambansang Awit Rotary Hymn Entertainment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PN Uwe Koeller Intro of VR and G . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IPP Flo Bayquen Finest Moments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dir. Atom Mendalla Raffle Draw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . RA Cynth Meadows Members’ Time President’s Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pres. Libby Fernandez Club Assembly Pilipinas Kong Mahal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Everyone) Adjournment

Program Coordinator: DGE Linda Winter Restrospector: Aud. Bennie Laranang Greeter: Rtn. Gary Que Lo Ang

Inside the Canao

President’s Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Committee Updates: Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 In Retrospect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Committee Updates: Youth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Secretary’s Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

President’s Corner ROTARY YEAR 2012-13 Sakuji Tanaka President Rotary International

Peace Through Service Pres. Libby Fernandez

Tony Bautista District Governor District 3790 Kenneth So Assistant Governor Cluster 1-C Rotary Club of Baguio THE PEACE OFFICERS and BOARD of DIRECTORS Elizabeth Rillera-Fernandez President Chris Faelnar Vice-President Gormito “Baby” Kaur Secretary Marilyn Barredo Treasurer Bennie Laranang Auditor Uwe Koeller Director for Club Administration President Elect David Rees Director for The Rotary Foundation Corazon Ocampo Director of Community Service A Albert Talco Director of Community Service B Alma Teresa Mendalla Director Membership Development Evangeline Maranan Director of Public Relations Mark Kenneth Flores Director Florence Bayquen Immediate Past President Lito Pangilinan Jun Bondoc Sergeant-at-Arms Dionisio Claridad Vicenia “Veeh” Balajo Adviser

We did have two (2) long busy weeks and there is still so much to do. 14 September – The Joint Induction of the Interact held at the Baguio City High School Auditorium was a success! High school students from our four (4) Interact Clubs, came with their advisers, in full attendance and ready to fellowship with each other. The Induction itself was solemn and meaningful as Dir. Cora gave an inspiring charging. Rotarians in attendance gladly pinned the Interact pins for the officers. To further enrich the minds and hearts of the students, Jessonmar Fabi, a young, smart, energetic and son of our very own Rtn. Lani, gave a thought provoking piece on how to have meaningful and productive lives. All groups gamely made their presentations to the delight of everyone! In the morning of the above-mentioned date, our very own Rtn. Naas was the speaker of the Saint Louis Faculty where he spoke of the K plus 12 program and advocating professionalism in the service. 15 September - the Rotaract Club of Saint Louis School of Medicine had its Induction. The Officers prepared a presentation for the new members who were encouraged to be of service to others while they are young and full of enthusiasm. It is interesting to note that as early as now, they have already a complete line up of officers for the incoming term. 16 September - Barangay Lucnab goat raisers spent an afternoon getting acquainted with their assigned goats. Dir Cora gave a more in-depth lecture on how to read body signs of the said animals. PP Bert and myself took advantage of inviting the RCC members to the RCC Seminar and how raising mushroom could change their lives. 19 September – The RCC/RVC District Training Seminar Areas 1 and 2 is hosted by our Club. The Committee headed by the ever dedicated PP Gerard, met at the Benguet State University, to finalize the preparations for 22 September. 21 September – Celebration of the International Peace Day at the Peace Flagpole, Post Office, Baguio City. This was hosted by the Rotary Club of Downtown Session. In attendance from our Club were Rtn. Mariver,Dir. Gigi, Rtn. Jen, PP Chris, PP Bert, Rtn. Lani, SAA Jun, Rtn. Cecille and spouse Larry, Rtn. Joey, PE Uwe and myself. Thank for your being there fellow Rotarians! 21 September – Last Day of the Feeding Program at Lindawan Elementary School. This day was more of a celebration as the pupils of our feeding program were given a treat of fried chicken, spaghetti, of course required vegetable tempura, ice cream, cake and a lot of goodies! The children are now healthier, happier and sporty as they gave their presentations for the Rotarians, parents and teachers. Thank you for the all out support from our Club. Special mention, of course, for our 100% cook, Sec. Baby, PP Veeh, the Rotary Ann and Rotakids, continued on page 3


The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 10 - 29 September 2012

Committee Updates: Youth 1st Joint Interact Clubs Induction Ceremonies SAA Jun Bondoc 14 Sept 2012 SUCCESSFUL! That is how we can describe the First Joint Interact Clubs Induction Ceremonies held at BCNHS Auditorium. Welcome Remarks came from Ms. Edith Laop and she introduced Dr. Elma Donaal who gave the Welcome Address. It was heartwarming to note the full support and attendance of all Officers and Members of our newly chartered Interact Clubs namely: Baguio City National High School - Science with Interact Adviser Edith Laop, Saint Louis Pacdal High School with Interact Adviser Rtn. Lily Landayan, Barangay Lucnab with Interact Adviser Felto Agpawa and Baguio Patriotic High School with Interact Adviser Rom Dela Cruz. Profuse thanks goes to BCNHS Principal Dr. Elma Donaal for allowing us to use BCNHS auditorium to hold the event. Interact Chair Rtn. Lani Fabi was beaming with happiness as the Interactors found their way to their preassigned seats, big tournout indeed! Rtn. Lani was the assigned Program Coordinator and the ceremony activities went through smoothly. Dir. Cora Ocampo and Rtn. Lani Fabi made the Charging for the newly inducted officers followed by the Induction ftom Pres. Libby Fernandez. It is much appreciated that some of our Rrotary Club of Baguio Officers and members were able to join us namely: Pres. Libby Fernandez, Dir. Cora Ocampo, PP Bert Talco, Rtn. Naas Demytennaere, Rtn. Lily Landayan, Rtn. Joey Bugayong and Rtn. Baby Kaur who were tasked to pin the Interact badges on the newly inducted Officers and Board of Directors of each Club. EIC Marcel Badua was also present to provide the Certificates of Appreciation. Rtn. Lani Fabi’s unico hijo Jessonmar Fabi gave a very inspiring and touching talk on” Stepping Stones to Success” coupled with a poignant short video about a father’s loving support for his son when faced with a challenging situation. All are in consonance in saying that Jesson takes after his mom

President’s Corner continued from 2 Rotarians and our sponsors. Acknowledgements will be duly given on the graduation day in March 2013. 22 September – The RCC /RCV District Training Seminar for Areas 1-2. A very well attended seminar of various activities. Attendees definitely enjoyed and learned the world of mushroom. Congratulations to PP Gerard and everyone for the overwhelming show of support. Have a look at the Circular of PP Nasser Pangilinan regarding this seminar printed in the Canao.

The Rotary Club of Baguio Cluster 1-C District 3790

Interact Club Officers lined up for Induction

GHS Rotakid Jessonmar Fabi wowed them all .

in being an effective speaker or presentor. Interactors and Rotarians were all delighted at the presentation and got some insights on what it takes to succeed. After the token of appreciation was awarded by Pres. Libby to our GHS Jessonmar Fabi, Polio Plus Cans were each handed over to our newly inducted Charter Presidents. This is in support of RCB’s Polio Plus Project which I currently chair. Pilipinas Kong Mahal followed and after adjournment by all newly inducted Interact Club Presidents, fellowship started. Talents of the different Interact Clubs were showcased as each Club presented song and dance numbers to the enjoyment of the crowd, Gangnam style, which is the latest dance craze was the favorite music performed by the students which much gusto. Rotakid and GHS Jessonmar Fabi also gave in to the request and rendered two songs with guitar accompaniment. Then Interact Chair Rtn. Lani Fabi called on all Interacts to mingle and get to know their co-Interactors from different clubs while BCNHS-Science band sang more songs to entertain the crowd. Picture taking here and there, group dancing, singing, laughter, and exchange of contact details filled the auditorium. Rtn. Lani Fabi then called on the DRIA 2012 delegates for shirt distribution and gave reminders for the early travel to Tarlac on the next day. Everyone enjoyed the event until it was time to head home. Wow, what a feat! First time in the history of the Rotary Club of Baguio to have four Interact Clubs jointly inducted with three Charter Interact Clubs. WE JUST DID!


In Retrospect The Meeting That Was 08 September 2012 Dir. Mark Kenneth Flores

The RCC Seminar That Was 22 September 2012 Rtn. Michael Karl Caluza Flores

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as members of our club came in and energetic PE Uwe greeted them as they entered the room. Pres. Libby called in the meeting at promptly 12:30 PM after which a very meaningful Invocation was led by no other than Aud. Bennie Laranang. A wonderful Entertainment was given by our “Concert King” VP Chris Faelnar as he rendered the beautiful songs "Sweet Caroline", "Vincent (Starry-starry night)" and "Feelings." Introduction of our Visiting Rotarians and Guests was done by EIC Marcel Badua. Then come our Finest Moments which was led by PP Bert Talco as he fined away members who actively participated in the recent activities of our club. The Raffle Draw was readily led by our "Raffle King" Rtn. Herb Meadows as he gave away special "danggit" from Samar! How lucky VP Chris Faelnar was as he won 4 times. Members’ Time was filled with reminders as PP Gerard Audineau invited everyone to attend the RCC Seminar. PP Raffy Chan reminded everyone of the preparations to be made for our Jubilee celebration. PP Bert Talco asked everyone to help in the physical arrangement of the RCC seminar while PP Mike Pearson reminded our BOD regarding the sisterhood agreements and the corresponding projects. President’s Time then followed as Pres Libby invited everyone to attend the upcoming activities of club and actively participate in these activities. Introduction of our GHS was done by our dear Sec. Baby Kaur as she presented the past president of our Interact Club of Brgy. Lucnab, “IPP” Diana Rochelle A. Javier. Our GHS in a short but concise manner shared her wonderful experience of being an active member and being then, the President of the Lucnab Interact club. She shared how being active in the Interact Club has changed her life and how it has changed her perspective helping others even in small ways. She shared how her mentors has influenced her to do her best and not giving up. She mentioned how she was able to enjoy being the President of the Interact club and how glad she is that she has helped continued on page 10


In Retrospect

Last 22 September 2012, the Rotary Community Corps (RCC) District Training Seminar of Areas 1 and 2 was held at Benguet State University Gymnasium in the municipality of La Trinidad, Benguet. The Rotary Club of Baguio served as host. As we know, the RCC is a group of non-Rotarian men and women who share Rotary’s values and commitment to service. Such endeavor empowers community members to initiate and implement service projects and facilitate collaboration between Rotarians and non-Rotarians in their community development endeavors. The training seminar focused on Mushroom Tissue Culture. Such training seminar also included the cultivation, production and of course everyone’s favorite – the cooking of mushroom. The training seminar aimed to empower those present with the knowledge and skill of propagating commercially grown mushroom even in their own homes. Before 7:30 am, our registration committee was there to welcome our dignitaries, fellow Rotarians and guests. Everyone was busy, thrilled and excited at this juncture, as it is the first time that an RCC training seminar on such a scale and magnitude was conducted. Rtn. Gary Lo Ang, was the earliest bird at 6:30 am. During the course of the Registration, our RCB Rotarians were there to openly receive and gladly accommodate all our visitors. As always we were game to give a few pleasantries and exchange thoughts and ideas. At around 9:30 am, the assembly of delegates followed by the entrance of colors and processional ensued. SAA Jun Bondoc and Rtn. Lani Fabi were the Masters of Ceremony. The plenary session was opened and called to order by the dynamic and enthusiastic DG ANTONIO “Tony” BAUTISTA who was glad to see the number of participants and guests present. To set the tone, a song was rendered by our very own RCB Past Presidents PP Doming Valencia, PP Lito Pangilinan, PP Diony Claridad and PP Benny Sunga whose voices serenaded the crown. Then after, the District Theme Song “Let there be peace on earth” reverberated throughout the gymnasium and was gladly sang by everyone. DGE Linda “Linda” Winter then did the introduction of the Dignitaries and Guests at the head table. Those present were DG Tony Bautista with spouse Evelyn, PP Ben Ladilad, President Libby Fernandez, PP Nasser Pangilinan, PP Gerard Audineau and Dr. Bernard Tad-awan.

The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 10 - 29 September 2012

The welcome remarks were given by Pres. Elizabeth “Libby” Fernandez who greeted all the guests Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike. President Libby expressed her sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the clubs present, its officers and members. She also equally gave attention to the warm welcome given by Benguet State University through its President PP Ben “Ben” Ladilad, to include all the speakers, facilitators and staff whose expertise and passion made this seminar possible. PP Nasser Pangilinan gave an overview on the RCC training seminar. PP Nasser in brief emphasized the need to promote sustainable solutions to community needs by engaging a broader segment of the community in developing and implementing focused community projects such as the one at hand.

Rtn. Naas Demyttenaere demonstrated a delicious meal featuring of course mushroom as the main ingredient.

An inspirational address was then given by DG Antonio “Tony”Bautista. DG Tony Bautista made a concise and relatively realistic expectation for the year. He emphasized on the need of partnerships between Rotarians and their communities in an effort to proactively address needs through sustainable methods of implementation like such training seminar. At around 10 am the Workshops were formally opened. PP Ben “Ben” Ladilad, President of Benguet State University then made an introduction of the resource speaker Dr. Bernard Tad-awan. Dr. Tad –awan is a pacesetter of BSU training staff who are technically adept in mushroom tissue culture and propagation.

Pres. Libby, PP Ben Ladilad and Spouse Cely, PP Gerard, PP Diony and PP Doming greeted DG Tony and Spouse Evelyn after they arrived.

Dr.Tad-awan gave a complete yet brief introduction of what the program is all about, the viability of such program, its commercial aspect and the production and the cultivation of mushroom itself. According to Dr. Tad-awan, there are various genus or types of mushrooms. From white button, potabello, shiitake, oyster, banana, Lingzhi ant taingang daga. But for this particular seminar, they focused on oyster mushroom since such is the most viable mushroom for production in our locality. At around 11:45am, lunch was then served and dance numbers were rendered to entertain guests and delegates.

Club Members of Rotary Club of Baguio at the registration table making sure the Seminar will go smoothly.

Workshop resumed at 1 pm Grouping was made and delegates were advised to proceed to their designated color areas. Group 1 or the red group focused on Fruiting Bag Production. The group was facilitated by IPP Florence “Flo” Bayquen. IPP Flo together with Professor Andres Basalong, Miss Jumarlyn Abad and Mr. Paterno Uyad Jr. made a hand’s on approach on the production of fruiting bags of oyster mushroom. Although a bit technical in nature, IPP Flo’s group were able to simplify the process of substrate preparation, sterilization, incubation and fruiting into a procedure which is comprehensible even to us who before this seminar only continued on page 7

The Rotary Club of Baguio Cluster 1-C District 3790

PP Nasser Pangilinan thanking and congratulating everyone for a succesful RCC Seminar. He officially closed the proceedings.


Committee Updates: Youth

DRIA 2012 INSIGHTS Rtn. Lani Fabi

The New Generations Month in September was aptly celebrated by holding the District Rotaract Interact Assembly 2012 at Tarlac Events Place, Tarlac City last 15 September 2012. The New Generations: Young Advocates for Peace” theme gave the opportunity for our Rotaractors and Interactors to actively participate in various activities during the event to learn, understand and be motivated to become responsible partners of Rotary and at their young age be inspired to become good leaders and realize the value of “Service Above Self”. Our participants gave their insights on their experience at DRIA. “Young advocates for peace”- the theme of the District Rotaract-Interact Assembly, which struck me and challenged me to be an advocate for peace. As the new president of Rotaract Lucnab ,joining this event is something memorable to me not just because the place is new ,but I was given a chance to meet new faces and made new friends . I’ve also learned that to become a successful advocator for peace I must know how to listen, relate and understand others. Wow! a day to cherish meeting the different Rotaract Clubs of District 3790.” – Xena Sokkong, Pres., Rotaract Club of Barangay Lucnab “Preparing the youths to become successful, a quotation that caught my mind during the District Rotaract-Interact Assembly, it was a very good experience because as one of the youth leaders I was given a chance to interact with other leaders , to be more sociable in which I haven’t experienced when I was not a member of the Rotaract, I’ve learned to socialize with other people despite our cultural differences.” -- Joymae Felipe, Sec., Rotaract Club of Barangay Lucnab “Discipline is one attitude that is very important, especially to us youths of today. The District RotaractInteract Assembly was an enlightening experience. The key to have a successful life is to have discipline in yourself as well as being responsible with your own actions. As the saying goes, “He, who works the hardest, eventually becomes the best.” – Jonard Felipe Pres., Interact Club of Barangay. Lucnab


With District Rotaract Chairman PP Alex Laguisma

District Interact Chairman PP Ma. Agnes Ladia

“This is my second time to attend a big event, first was the RYLA 2011 in Pagudpud which I enjoyed very much and now the DRIA Event 2012. While I was shy the first time, now I am more confident and more outgoing and have improved myself to mingle with different Interactors of various clubs. With the activities that we experienced, I have learned to share my ideas and meet new friends. I had fun ! --Marie Grace Crosby, VP, Interact Club of Barangay Lucnab “During the DRIA event, I’ve learned a lot. First thing was gaining confidence. I was able to communicate with others, to be with others and especially to enjoy that day with others. That experience also gave us the inspiration to lead and how to lead.” -- Noemy Felipe, Sec., Interact Club of Barangay Lucnab “DRIA is not only an ordinary event wherein different Interact Clubs will meet. This is also the way for us Interactors to meet other Rotaractors and Interactors from other places. In this said event, we engaged ourselves in different activities especially in team building. Through this kind of activities, not only the leadership skill of an individual had been enhanced but also the confidence of a person to interact with each other.” -- Kent Lasdacan, CP, Interact Club of Baguio Patriotic High School “I have learned many things that aren’t learned inside our school. The activities of this club brought me a lot of views about leadership, service, and fun. This DRIA of 2012 also gave me new friends from the outside. Because of these great experiences, I’ll continue and learn more. “ continued on page 7

The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 10 - 29 September 2012

RCC continued from 5 knew how to eat mushroom. Group 2 or the Blue group focused on Mushroom Growing. The group was facilitated by PE Uwe “Uwe”Koeller. Dr. Janet S. Luis and Dr. Bernard Tad-awan in detail discussed the process. During this time, we were made to understand that there are a number of variations of mushrooms necessary to suit the climate and environment of the locality where the mushroom are to be cultivated. It is here that we learned that even the production of mushroom also need TLC or tender loving care.

CIRCULAR 13, S-2012 DATE: September 26, 2012 FROM: PP NASSER PANGILINAN District RCC Chair SUBJECT: A WORD OF APPRECIATION TO: All Rotarians of Areas 1 & 2 On behalf of the District leadership, I express my sincerest appreciation to the following for the incredible success of the RCC Seminar on September 22, 2012 held at La Trinidad, Benguet: 1. Rotarians and RCC members in attendance

Group 3 which seems to be the hands down favorite group, focused on the Cooking of mushroom. The group was facilitated by Rtn. Ignass “Naas” Demyttenaere and was assisted by Dr. Aurora Pinon, Dr. Ben Luis, Miss Catherine Bagsan.

2. Benguet State University - for the generosity and use of its facilities

At first, I honestly cannot believe that mushroom can be cooked in so many different ways. To name a few: Mushroom with ampalaya, beef with mushroom, chopseuy with mushroom, sinigang with mushroom, noodles with mushroom, mushroom patties, mushroom salad, baked mushroom and the list goes on. Wow amazing! As a matter of fact, I went in line to have a taste at the dish prepared by Rtn. Naas and Rtn.Baby. Word was the dishes were quite mouthwatering. True indeed, even before my turn was due, the mushroom dishes prepared by our fellow

Again, thank you ever so much.

DRIA Insights continued from 6 – Jimler Chow, Sec., Interact Club of Baguio Patriotic High School “Being able to attend the DRIA and learn more about Interact wasn’t just an honoring experience but a truly enjoyable one. I’m grateful to have found the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to meet, mingle and get along with new friends. Now, I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with my co-Interactors and apply what we have learned from the event. Truly, it was one unforgettable experience” -- Cyprene Keith Sibelius , CP Interact Club of Saint Louis Pacdal “Attending the DRIA is a wonderful experience. In this event, I learned many things about Interact and I met new friends from different Interact Clubs of District 3790. Even if it was the first-time that me and my co-officers in our club joined in this kind of assembly, we have enjoyed it, we are very thankful and happy that they have given us the chance to attend this great event. I hope that we will again experience this kind of enjoyment in the coming activities of the Interact Club.” -- Antonio Anniban Jr., VP, Interact Club of Saint Louis Pacdal

3. Rotary Club of Baguio - for a well prepared and coordinated work ... an exceptional example for other clubs to emulate.

Rotarians were long gone and vanished without a trace. At around 4 in the afternoon, an open forum was conducted to allow the participants to have a complete understanding of the process. Rtn. Leilani “Lani” Fabi presided and the guest speakers were more than able to answer the questions of our guests. Tokens of appreciation were given by President Elizabeth “Libby” Fernandez to PP Ben Ladilad, PP Gerard Audineau and all the BSU Training Staff speaking in the seminar. PP Gerard “Gerard” Audineau also recognized the valuable contribution of fellow Rotarians who were members of the committees. Raffle was conducted by PP Mike Pearson and Dir Chris Faelnar who as always were game in entertaining guests both Rotarians and Non Rotarians. Adjourment was done by PP Nasser Pangilinan in a short and simple fashion. In addendum, the just recently conducted RCC seminar can be compared to a mushroom. It takes time to prepare and it takes patience and tender loving care. But in the end it’s an achievement worthy to share. Hopefully, we can have a second serving of Rtn. Naas and Rtn. Baby’s mushroom dish. Bon apetit!

“We were very privileged to attend the DRIA at Tarlac. I’m very glad because I met new friends and the activity was definitely fun and enjoyable. I felt comfortable because of the warm accommodation at the said event.” -- Froilan Kim Padua, Sec. - Interact Club of Saint Louis Pacdal

The Rotary Club of Baguio Cluster 1-C District 3790


Secretary’s Update Baby’s Script 29 September 2012 Sec. Baby Kaur

Happy Birthday! SAA Jun Bondoc – Sept 17

14 Sept 16th Day of Feeding with Sec Baby Kaur

PP Teop Rondez –Sept 20 PP Raffy Chan – Sept 27

Happy Wedding Anniversary! Rtn. Joe & RA Tess Ramos - Sep. 21 Rtn. Jun Bahul & RA Josephine Bahul - Sep. 27

Happy Induction Anniversary! Rtn. Joe Ramos – 17 Sept. - 33 yrs. For The Record We missed you last Sept 15 Club meeting: Rtn. Mariver Agayas (mu), Rtn. Jody Alabanza (exc), Rtn. Jun Bahul (mu) Treas. Marilyn Barredo (ol), IPP Flo Bayquen (mu), SAA Jun Bondoc (mu), Rtn. Michel Crausaz, Rtn. Lani Fabi(mu), Rtn. Glen Flores, Rtn. Karl Flores (mu) PP Ben Ladilad (mu), Rtn. Lily Landayan (mu), PP Alfred Laygo, Dir Gigi Maranan (mu), PP Roger Naz (exc), Dir Cora Ocampo (mu), PP Chris Peralta (mu), Rtn. Pam Perkins (ol), Rtn. Joe Ramos (exc), Dir David Rees, PP Teop Rondez (exc), PP Helmut Schlaaff, Rtn. Gen Soriano (mu), PP Benny Sunga (mu), Rtn. Joe Ursua(mu), Rtn. Dhory Vicencio, Rtn. Peter Wasing (mu), DGE Linda Winter (mu), & PP Johnny Zarate (exc) We missed you last Sept 22 Out-of-venue meeting: Rtn. Mariver Agayas (mu), Rtn. Jun Bahul (mu), Treas. Marilyn Barredo (ol), Rtn. Joey Bugayong, Rtn. Michel Crausaz, Rtn. Abe Estrada, Rtn. Glen Flores, Rtn. Mark Flores, PP Alfred Laygo, Dir Gigi Maranan, Rtn. Herb Meadows, Dir Atom Mendalla (mu), PP Roger Naz (exc), Dir Cora Ocampo (mu), PP Angeling Palma (exc), PP Chris Peralta (mu), Rtn. Pam Perkins (ol), Rtn. Joe Ramos (exc), Rtn. Yam Rodriguez (mu), PP Teop Rondez (exc), PP Helmut Schlaaff, Rtn. Gen Soriano, Rtn. Joe Ursua, Rtn. Dhory Vicencio, & PP Johnny Zarate (exc)

The Week in Review 13 Sept 15th Day of Feeding With RAPP Maya Peralta, & Sec Baby Kaur 14 Sept Induction of INTERACT CLUBS of BCNHS-Science, Baguio Patriotic High School and St. Louis Pacdal With Rtn. Naas Demytennaere, Rtn. Cess & RS Larry Apostol, EIC Em Badua, SAA Jun Bondoc,


Rtn. Joey Bugayong, Rtn. Lani Fabi, Pres Libby Fernandez, Sec Baby Kaur, PE Uwe Koeller, Rtn. Lily Landayan, & Dir Cora Ocampo, & PP Bert Talco, and Mr. Florentino Diaz and Mrs. Lourdes Diaz (guests of Rtn. Lani Fabi), RK Ricardo Bondoc, RK Jessonmar Fabi, RK Ryan Rillera, RCDS Joseph Rimando Charter Pres of SLP Cyprene Keith Sibelius, BPHS Charter Pres Kent Ladacan, BCNHS Charter Pres Bryan Colcol, IPP Interact Lucnab Diane Javier, Lucnab Pres Jonard Felipe, Guest of Honor Speaker Jessonmar Fabi, BCNHS Principal Dr. Elma Donaal, Advisers Mrs. Felto Agpawa, Rome Dela Cruz & Ms. Editha L. Laop, Rotaracts Rosalyn Sublino, Annalyn Todlong, D Sec Virgil Garcia.

15 Sept District Rotaract Interact Assembly Attended by SAA Jun Bondoc, Rtn. Lani Fabi & Initiated by Interact Club of Brgy. Lucnab headed by Club Pres Jonard Felipe, with VP Marie Antoinette B. Crosby, & Sec Noemy Esteban and Interact Club of Saint Louis Pacdal headed by Club Pres Cyprene Keith Sibelius, with VP Antonio S. Anniban Jr., & Sec Froilan Kim Padua and Interact Club of BPHS headed by Club Pres Kent Lasdacan & Sec Jimler Chow, and Rotaract Club of Brgy Lucnab headed by Club Pres Xena F. Sokkong & Sec Joy Mae D. Felipe 15 Sept Rotary Leadership Institute attended by IPP Flo Bayquen 15 Sept ORIENTATION and INDUCTION of ROTARACT CLUBS of SLU MEDICINE With PP Veeh Balajo, Pres Libby Fernandez, Auditor Bennie Laranang, Rtn. Gary Lo-ang, Dir Cora Ocampo, PP Mike Pearson, Rtn. Joe Ursua 16 Sept RC METRO BAGUIO INDUCTION 16 Sept Goat-Raising Lecture with RCC Lucnab Attended by Pres Libby Fernandez, Dir Cora Ocampo, & Dir PP Bert Talco 17 Sept 17th Day of Feeding with Sec Baby Kaur 18 Sept 18th Day of Feeding with PP Veeh Balajo, SAA Jun Bondoc, Pres Libby Fernandez, Sec Baby Kaur, RK Ryan Rillera, 19 Sept 19th Day of Feeding with Sec Baby Kaur 19 Sept MOA Signing with BSU Attended by PP Gerard Audineau, EIC Em Badua, Rtn. Jun Cardona, Rtn. Naas Demyttenaere, Pres Libby Fernandez, & PP Ben Ladilad 20 Sept 20th Day of Feeding with PP Veeh Balajo & Sec Baby Kaur 21 Sept 21st Day of Feeding With Rtn. Mariver Agayas, Rtn. Cess & RS Larry Apostol, PP Gerard Audineau, EIC Em Badua and

The Cañao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 10 - 29 September 2012

Marania, PP Lito Pangilinan, PP Mike Pearson, Dir David Rees with RK Rees, RK Ryan Rillera, PP Benny Sunga, Dir/PP Bert Talco, PP Doming Valencia, Rtn. Angie Visperas, Rtn. Peter Wasing,& DGE Linda Winter 24 Sept RC LA TRINIDAD INDUCTION With PP Gerard Audineau, SAA Jun Bondoc, Rtn. Lani Fabi, Sec Baby Kaur, PE Uwe Koeller, & DGE Linda Winter

The Cañao Editorial Staff PP Gérard Audineau Imager for District Affairs

Dir. Mark Flores Business Manager

Rtn. Lani Fabi SAA Jun Bondoc Imagers for Community Projects/ Meetings

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RK Gab Badua, Rtn. Jun Bahul, PP Veeh Balajo, IPP Flo Bayquen, SAA Jun Bondoc, Rtn. Joey Bugayong, Rtn. Lani Fabi, Pres Libby Fernandez, Sec Baby Kaur, PE Uwe Koeller, Rtn. Lily Landayan, Auditor Bennie Laranang, PP Chris Peralta, Rtn. Yam Rodriguez, PP Bert Talco, RAPP Yolly Faelnar, RA Pres Mina Pearson & RK Gabby, RK Ryan Rillera, Lucnab Rotaract Pres Xena Sokkong, Rotaract Dir Analyn Todlong, & Rotaract Jonard Martin, St. Louis Pacdal Interacts: April Mae Coteng, Karen Joy Abian, Rhodellyn Mae Rimando, & Abby Kate Abrera 21 Sept World Peace Day Celebration Participants With RCDS, Rtn. Mariver Agayas, Rtn. Cess & RS Larry Apostol, Rtn. Jun Bahul, Rtn. Jun Bondoc, Rtn. Joey Bugayong, Rtn. Lani Fabi, Pres Libby Fernandez, PE Uwe Koeller, Dir Gigi Maranan, PP Chris Peralta, Rtn. Gen Soriano, & PP Bert Talco, 22 Sept LIVELIHOOD SEMINAR Attended by DGSC/PP Gerard Audineau, Rtn. Jody Alabanza, Rtn. Cess & RS Larry Apostol, EIC Em Badua, PP Veeh Balajo, IPP Flo Bayquen, SAA Jun Bondoc, Rtn. Joey Bugayong, Rtn. Jun Cardona, PP Mia Cawed, PP Raffy Chan, Rtn. Naas Demyttenaere, Rtn. Ike Dulnoan, Rtn. Lani Fabi, VP Chris Faelnar, Pres Libby Fernandez, Rtn. Karl Flores, Sec Baby Kaur, PE Uwe Koeller, PP Ben & RAPP Cely Ladilad, Rtn. Lily Landayan, Auditor Bennie Laranang,Rtn. Gary Lo-ang, Rtn. Philip

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25 Sept Planning Session for Sept 29 Cleaning & the RYLA Initiated by Interact Sec Noemy Esteban of Interact Club of Brgy. Lucnab and Sec Froilan Kim Padua of Interact Club of Saint Louis Pacdal, St. Louis Pacdal SAA Ada, Lucnab Rotaracts Pres Xena Sokkong & Rosalyn Sublino, RK Ricardo Bondoc III, Interact Chair Rtn. Lani Fabi & Vice-Chair SAA Jun Bondoc Upcoming Events & Activities 29 Sept CLEANING of the ABANAO OVERPASS at 9 p.m. September 30 - Inspection of the Water Project of Lucnab Barangay October 4 - Visit to the Wash Area project in Taloy Sur Elementary School October 6 - Teachers Training Seminar, Itogon, Benguet 19-21 Oct RYLA Grande Island, Subic Bay Freeport Zone 21 Oct MODELS MISSION: Belig, Kayapa, Bakun, Benguet ETDeparture: 4:00 a.m. Meeting Place: SLU Hospital Parking Lot 16-18 Nov Rotary Zone Institute Sunway Lagoon Hotel, Selangor, Malaysia Reminders • Committee meetings & activities – Committee/ Sub-committee Chairs, please text or email details to me - what, when & who attended – these will be used for the Canao, for the grid of participation and for the collation of the monthly reports • Attendance Make-ups – please text or send to my email address: kindly observe the 14 day window (i.e. 14 days before and after the meeting) We encourage members to write articles. You can share your articles to be uploaded to the Club’s website at and to be published on the Cañao Weekly Newsletter. We are looking forward to your interesting articles. Happy Writing!


Retrospect continued from 4 other people in the process. As she ended her speech, she thanked the club for the experience and opportunities she had being the Brgy. Lucnab Interact President and how it makes her proud being one. The Open Forum followed as the members of our club eagerly asked questions as everyone wanted to know more of her experiences as the President of the Interact club. VP Chris asked what is the take-away from her experiences and she wittingly answered "service". PP Veeh asked her what activities she was involved in and her current academic standing. EIC Marcel asked what was her parent's impression of Rotary was. PP Bert asked her opinion on how our club would be able to help more the interact club.


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And finally, Rtn. Yam challenged her to encourage more the youth to join and be of service to others. A quick response was also made by Rtn. Ike Dulnoan as he thanked our GHS for sharing with the club her wonderful experiences. Pilipinas kong mahal followed as Pres Libby adjourned the meeting at exactly 2:10 in the afternoon.

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The Ca単ao Newsletter - Volume LXV No. 10 - 29 September 2012

10 - 29 September 2012 The Canao Newsletter  
10 - 29 September 2012 The Canao Newsletter  

The Official Newsletter of The Rotary Club of Baguio