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4 Lillie Kay’s Boutique

Tiffany Lehman caters to women’s fashion with a welcoming small-town shopping experience at her boutique, which she calls “a niche that’s needed.” & @lilliekaysboutique

5 Molly Maid of Missouri City and West Fort Bend

Taylor Croatt and her team’s dedication to premier “Molly Maid clean” services allow people, especially those living fast-paced and over-scheduled lives, to rediscover rest and peace of mind.

6 SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique

Danessa Yaschuk’s love of nature’s little pollinators is evident through her beekeeping and rescuing services, not to mention all the sweet products made available at her “beetique.”


@ sweetnes_honey_apiaries @SweetNesHoney1

7 Moda Boutique

Dora Frias continues to further chic fashion at her boutique and celebrates women with new products, promotions, and connectivity.


@ doramodaboutique

8 Hartmann Properties

Jennifer Hartmann and Juliane Mahlmann Jones, the motherdaughter duo running Hartmann Properties, a longtime and local real estate firm, continue to thrive by operating on integrity, expertise and quality customer service.

9 Simply Divine Massage

Lyndsay Plata’s women’s spa is known as a”retreat for the ladies” that offers relaxation and rejuvenation through services that range from pampering to pain management.


10 Oxbow Tavern

Wendy Wheatley’s Oxbow Tavern is a cozy place for a friendly face, not to mention from its live music, bingo night and happy hour specials to its pool league and karaoke nights, it strives to offer the best entertainment around.



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Building a small business from scratch can be an exciting endeavor that poses some significant challenges. With the right resources and support, entrepreneurs can turn their dreams into successful businesses, and on the following pages are examples of local and successful women-owned businesses that are thriving in Fort Bend County.

Roughly 33 million small businesses are in the United States, so it’s clear to see how small businesses dominate the economic landscape.

The Small Business Administration identifies small businesses as those having fewer than 500 employees, while the Government of Canada lists SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as small (having 1 to 99 paid employees) or medium (100 to 499 paid employees).

The process of starting a small business varies depending on the industry, location and other factors, but here’s a generalized look at the steps to be expected early on.

1. Figure out your idea and research it

Coming up with a successful idea is one of the first steps to take when starting a business. It’s possible to take an existing type of business and customize it for a given community, or to create something new and innovative.

After the idea is put on paper, it’s important to research the potential competition and decide if the business will have a competitive advantage to survive. Market research is crucial.

2. Write a business plan

A business plan helps formalize the ideas of the business and lists the necessary steps to take. By thinking through the process methodically, a potential business owner can figure out where problems may turn up and where to devote the most attention to help make the busi-

ness profitable. It also helps if one thinks through how he or she will secure the capital for starting the company.

3. Choose the right time

Prospective business owners need to assess whether the time is right for starting a business. While there may never be a perfect time, it’s best to engage when there are fewer obstacles in the way. You want to devote full attention to the business. If that’s not possible, then it’s likely best to delay. Times when starting a business may not be ideal include when battling an illness, during a family move or right after the death of a loved one. Economic factors beyond your control, such as a downturn or recession, also may affect the potential success of a business venture.

4. Pick a business structure

Involving a business attorney in this process would be in a person’s best interest. A business can be legally structured in certain ways, and how it is structured will affect registration requirements as well as how much a business owner pays in taxes. The structure also can affect personal liability. Speaking with a lawyer will highlight the pros and cons of structuring and help a person make the best decision possible.

5. Speak to other business owners

A potential entrepreneur can pick the brains of small business owners to figure out what worked and what didn’t when they were first starting. This can help entrepreneurs avoid certain pitfalls and uncover proven paths to success.

Read on to learn about some local women-owned businesses to patronize, including Lillie Kay’s Boutique, Moda Boutique, SweetNes Honey & Apiaries Beetique, Molly Maid of Missouri City and West Fort Bend, Simple Divine Massage, Hartmann Properties and the Oxbow Tavern.

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In an industry of big-chain retail stores, seemingly endless fashion and continuous and often disparaging commentary on women’s bodies, Tiffany Lehman enjoys helping customers find fashion styles that represent who they are and uplift their confidence.

“It’s a good feeling to help women who come in, who maybe are insecure about their body, find something just for them,” said Lehman, owner of Lillie Kay’s Boutique in Needville, Texas. “I like to take the time and work with them.”

In fact, the interactions with her customers over the past few years turned the boutique at 8903 Line Street into an unofficial retreat.

“I pride myself on customer service and now I have a close-knit group of customers,” Lehman said happily. “We’ve become friends and like family, and they love to come in and talk. This place is kind of a hangout spot for some women in Needville.”


Found in the historic home of Needville’s founder, August Schendel, Lillie Kay’s Boutique opened nearly four years ago, starting with a focus on women’s clothing. The styles vary as much as the sizes, with clothing ranging from Small to 3XL. Today it also offers children’s clothing, home decor, jewelry, accessories and gifts.

“A little bit of everything,” Lehman concluded with a light laugh.

With the boutique surrounded by the still visible history and original characteristics of the Schendel house, which Lehman describes as “cute and quaint,” Lillie Kay’s Boutique is the epitome of small-town


As a Needville resident and business owner, Lehman said she treasures Needville, which is why, in addition to running her boutique, Lehman remains involved in the Needville community and the Fort Bend County Fair.

That admiration for her community is also reflected in her boutique. With customer service as a top priority, Lehman said every customer experiences a friendly atmosphere at Lillie Kay’s Boutique, which was recently named Business of the Year by the Needville Chamber of Commerce. It’s an honor Lehman said she “was not expecting at all because of the other businesses that have been around longer.”

“But it’s a great feeling,” said continued, explaining that she’s tough on herself when it comes to running her boutique. Still, she remains humble about the recognition.

“I give my all to it, so winning that title — it’s a cool feeling.”


Running a smaller business has its benefits, Lehman said, explaining that she can focus more on her customers’ individual needs without swamping them with products and choices.

“I can offer them a welcoming experience that’s not overwhelming.”

The smaller businesses are “a niche that’s needed,” Lehman said.

“Small businesses are thriving these days, and we’ll continue to thrive.”

Lehman doesn’t just speak on the significance of small businesses, she extends her support, too. Some of the clothing lines found at her boutique come from smaller, women-owned, fashion businesses like Wascho Apparel and Layerz Clothing.

Other notable and nationwide brands carried at Lillie Kay’s Boutique include Dear John Denim, Natalie Woods Designs jewelry and Mud Pie, known for its home décor, and kids’ and women’s products.

“I like supporting other small businesses,” she said. “I think that’s an important thing to do.”


Lehman, a Texas A&M graduate, says fashion came easy to her. She understood and knew her role within it, but the hardships in her life “definitely made me the person I am today,” she said.

After losing her mother when she was 12 years old, Lehman and her sister were raised by their father. Unfortunately, in 2018 her father was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer, and after caring for him for four months, he passed away.

“I learned life is too short to not go for dreams and goals,” she said. “And I thought, even if I fail, at least I tried.

“Four years ago, I liked what I did, but I didn’t love it. I wanted to love it.”

She pauses for a few moments before resuming her thoughts.

“I love going to work every single day,” she said.

For more information, visit www.lilliekaysboutique.com or call 979793-4546.

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Women IN BUSINESS L I L L I E K A Y S B O U T I Q U E . C O M S H O P S M A L L S H O P L O C A L 8 9 0 3 L I N E S T R E E T N E E D V I L L E , T E X A S 9 7 9 - 7 9 3 - 4 5 4 6 W O M E N ' S C L O T H I N G A C C E S S O R I E S C H I L D R E N ' S C L O T H I N G H O M E D E C O R & G I F T S
Tiffany Lehman

For the past nine consecutive years, Molly Maid of Missouri City and West Fort Bend has earned the title of Best Cleaning Service in Fort Bend County for two reasons — the premier services it offers and its Home Service Professionals.

“We have been able to maintain a top-notch performance for years and years, and trust me, we aren’t done yet,” said owner Taylor Croatt.

“We will continue to strive to reach new heights and maintain our reputation as the best.

“Most of our professionals have been with us for multiple years, some 10-plus years,” Croatt added. “They know what we expect, our processes, but more importantly, what our customers need from them.”

Should customers not like cleaning bathrooms or care for mopping, Molly Maid can take care of those tasks, Croatt said. It can also meet the desires of retirees who spent years working and simply want to treat themselves, or the parents working full-time and running the kids around, leaving them little time for cleaning chores.

“No worries, we will clean the entire home for you and you can walk inside with that feeling of relief and joy when you see we were there,” Croatt said, adding that Molly Maid is an ideal option for businesses, too.

Its ability to be flexible and adjust services to meet individual needs are attributes that set the Molly Maid standard customers have come to expect.

“Last year was our best year ever,” Croatt said enthusiastically. “We were able to reach each goal we set and had the largest week ever for our business. We have continued to expand into some of the newly developed neighborhoods in our area and look forward to continuing that in our ever growing environment.”

With its main office at 1315 First Street in Rosenberg, Molly Maid offers customized residential and commercial cleaning to Fort Bend County, Wharton County and a considerable portion of Brazoria County.

Molly Maid’s services include: occasional or one-time cleaning; a move-in or move-out cleaning; oven and refrigerator cleaning; apartment cleaning; special event cleaning; and housekeeping services.

Considering today’s fast-paced living, Croatt said Molly Maid is a means to rediscover downtime and recapture “the opportunity to enjoy what you love while knowing your home is getting Molly Maid clean.”

“These days is seems like all of our lives are so over-scheduled that there is literally no time left to clean or even breathe,” she said. “There is nothing more relaxing than walking into your home, taking in a deep breath and knowing that everything has been taken care of. We would love to give you a clean slate after a busy week.”


The respect of Molly Maid is rooted in the relationship between itself and the community, Croatt said, adding there are two components to the Molly Maid brand.

The first element is, what Croatt respectfully calls “the face of the company,” the trained and insured Home Service Professionals team, made up of 12 professionals — Teresa, Selena, Melisa, Katherine, Jennifer, Mary, Frances, Vanessa, Luz, Lucy, Jayla and Vondia.

“Our job doesn’t start and end in the homes,” Croatt said. “Our office support plays a huge role in preparing for the team to get there, including performing background checks on each employee hired. We make sure that you will be able to not only communicate with our office staff but also with all of our Home Service Professionals.”

Additionally, the office is available daily to support customers and Home Service Professionals while they’re on the road.

“We try to be as flexible as possible for our customers, changing scheduled cleanings from not only day to day, but sometimes also minute to minute throughout the day, in order for it to fit our customer’s availability,” Croatt explained.

But Molly Maid could not be as efficient as it is without “the voice of the company,” Lilianna, Croatt stressed.

“Lilianna comes to the office each day, gets the team’s schedules set, prepares all of the supplies that they may need for the day, while also answering the phones.”

Her voice is a critical interaction customers have with Molly Maid, and “she makes sure that each customer is happy, reschedules them, records and changes in cleaning instructions, listens whenever there is an issue and then swiftly acts to correct it,” Croatt said.

“We wouldn’t know what to do without her.”

These team members are how Molly Maid provides its customers consistent, professional and personable services, Croatt said. From following up with customers and “knowing their families like our own, including their pets,” to maintaining open lines of daily communication with customers, Molly Maid purposefully builds a relationship with the communities it serves.

“It’s all the little things that we do to ensure trustworthiness,” she said.

Visit www.mollymaid.com/missouri-city-w-fort-bend.

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Thank You Fort Bend County for allowing Molly Maid to service you for 24 years! 1315 First Street, Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-238-8966 Call for a Free Estimate today! Open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Dependable Cleaning! 2015 READERS CHOICE FORT BEND HERALD READERS CHOICE 2016 FORT BEND HERALD READERS CHOICE 2017 FORT BEND HERALD READERS' CHOICE FORT BEND HERALD 2022 READERS CHOICE FORT BEND HERALD READERS CHOICE FORT BEND HERALD 2020 READERS CHOICE FORT BEND HERALD 2021

It was a shocking moment for her husband when Danessa Yaschuck announced her intentions to become a beekeeper.

She and her husband Brent were living in Missouri City, Texas at the time working in the oil and gas industry. Danessa was running the office for her husband, and not only was she efficient at her job she didn’t mind the work.

Still, her mind began moving in another direction.

“He looked at me like I had gown a third eye,” Danessa recalled. Although shocking to her husband, it wasn’t surprising to her.

“I started playing with bees as a kid,” she recalled. “I would catch bees in my yard and, yes, I would get stung.”

Her mother advised her to stop, but Danessa didn’t. Unlike her peers, bees didn’t unnerve her, she said, noting that she even had a kingsnake.

“[The stings] hurt, but I’d keep catching and studying them,” she said with a laugh. “They were just so fascinating.”

In 2015 Danessa launched SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique in Needville with her husband, Brent. That same year Danessa partnered with another beekeeper, and as a team, the duo removed bees from people’s property, which is how Danessa initially began building her apiaries.

The beetique, as the honey farm and honeybee rescue business is cleverly called, had its grand opening in December 2022.

It’s the first storefront for the couple whose bee products are also sold in retail stores, including the Painted Tree Boutique shops, sever-

al HEB locations, Hinze’s Country Kitchen in Wharton, Texas and Needville Feed & Supply.

Now with their first storefront at 8922 Main Street, Needville, the Yaschuks, who now live in Damon, can directly offer products, such as local raw honey, infused and creamed honey, honey sticks, honeycombs and pollen.

“We offer bee pollen that can be used as a daily supplement,” Danessa said, explaining the preference for using local honey as a natural remedy to combat seasonal allergies. “It’s a better option for people who are diabetic or don’t like the taste of honey.”

Accessories like jewelry, clothes, charms, gifts, honeybee colonies, a skincare collection and bee equipment are also included in the product lineup.

Additionally, SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique offers bee removal, pollination and education services, and the Yaschuks also offer bees and beekeeping services for Ag Exemption in Fort Bend and Brazoria counties.


Although her husband considered her shift in profession absurd at first, he’s now quite the beekeeper, Danessa said.

“At the beginning he handled the business side. Now he’s into the bee side of it.”

After leaving the suburbs for property in Damon, Texas (following a harsh setback when the couple lost 22 hives on someone’s property during Hurricane Harvey in 2017), the Yaschucks amassed 150 hives for the beetique.

Danessa said between the two of them — with Brent being more analytical and her being more creative, she explained — they form a balanced dynamic for their business, which has been beneficial.

“We’ve entered some of our products in contests and won,” she said.

In the 2022 Texas Beekeepers Association Honey Show, the Yaschuks earned three Best of Show Winner titles, including People’s Choice in the Black Jar Honey, Best Sideliner Honey and Best Photos. They also won first place in the “Chunk Honey,” “Comb Honey – Cut Comb,” “Wax Plain Block,” “Beekeeping Arts and Crafts,” “Photo Scenic,” and “Candles” classes of the show. They earned second in the “Extracted Honey Medium/Amber” class and third in the “Extracted Honey Light/Amber” class.


In addition to promoting their first storefront, Danessa said she remains focused on spreading awareness about the benefits of beekeeping and bees’ salient impact on the environment.

In addition to its honeyed products, SweetNes Honey Apiaries & Beetique makes appearances at elementary schools, with boys and girls scouts troops and even at senior homes to educate and discuss the significance of bees. She hopes the Spring will allow her to reach more people.

“I really want to bring people up here and do different classes,” she said. “The more you learn, the more you realize everything has a place.”

For more information, visit www.sweetneshoney.com or call 832303-1595.

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Danessa Yaschuck

uring the past year, Moda Boutique in Needville has furthered its fashion, adding to its on-hand, ready-to-serve customer approach by including more choices.

“We have some new styles catering to moms on the go and more mature women who still want to be fashionable,” said owner Dora Frias.

With an already established line of products and clothing that attracts younger customers, Moda’s inclusion of more adult styles solidifies the balanced shopping experience it is known for with its chic, comfortable and highly compatible pieces.

“We cater to everyone,” Frias said, who said she’s proud to see the growth in women franchises and “women lifting each other.”

Size, ethnicity, social status, and preferred styles aren’t barriers at Moda Boutique, where “every woman feels empowered and welcomed,” Frias added, explaining that her boutique carries sizes from extra small to size 3XL.

One of the benefits of offering a range of styles and sizes is that “mothers and daughters can come together to shop.”

Founded on faith, family and fashion in 2015, Moda Boutique at 15221 Hwy 36 in Needville offers customers a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere while they work to create their unique look.

Consuela, a fashion and lifestyle de-

Dsigner brand of handbags, totes and accessories, Judy Blue Jeans and Flying Monkey Jeans, two popular contemporary fashion denim brands, and Grade & Gather, a clothing line known for its natural fabrics and easy silhouettes, are just a few favored fashion brands offered at Moda Boutique.

The boutique also offers Tyler Candle Co. products, Blenders Eyewear sunglasses, and a variety of home goods.

To offer her customers an effortless way to keep up with fashion updates, new products or sales and discounts, Moda Boutique also provides a messaging option that keeps customers in the know through texts or emails.

Frias noted that one of the newest hypes is receiving 40% off one item as a birthday promotion.

“You can get that discount during your birthday month, so come on in so we can make it about your birthday,” Frias said sweetly. “But even without a discount our prices are very reasonable and we have something for everyone.”

For more information, visit modaboutiquetx.com or call 979997-6404.

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15221 Hwy 36 | Needville, TX • 979-997-6404 www.modaboutiquetx.com Hours: Tues.-Fri. 9am-6pm • Sat. 10am-5pm • Closed Sunday and Monday Unique Fashion at Affordable Pricing! @doramodaboutique moda_boutique_needville_tx Where Fashion Meets Faith
Dora Frias

Integrity and expertise are the defining qualities of Hartmann Properties, a longtime and local real estate firm specializing in commercial and investment, acreage and land, and residential properties.

Established by Jennifer Hartmann, who now runs the firm with her daughter Juliane Mahlmann Jones, Hartmann Properties continues to help facilitate a common pursuit of becoming a homeowner.

“I think it’s still very much the American dream to be able to buy a home,” Jones said. “And it’s an honor to be a part of something so important to so many people.”

Jones is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Media and Communications, and before joining Hartmann Properties, she was a project manager in the title company business for 15 years. Encouraged by the growth she saw in Fort Bend, she obtained her realtor’s license five years ago and decided to work with her mother.

“She has an outstanding reputation and has been a mentor to many other agents over the course of her career,” said Jones. “For a new agent, having someone teach you the ropes is critical and I trust that she will show me the right way to do things.”

Jones, notably, represents a fourth generation of entrepreneurs in Richmond-Rosenberg.

“From a personal standpoint, I am very proud of my mom for the life and career that she has built; I can only hope to achieve her level of character,” Jones said. “From a professional standpoint, she seems to have an answer for just about everything when it

comes to how things work in the real estate industry. Which says a lot, because there is a lot to know.”


Although the market is “sluggish in recent months due to economic uncertainty and increased interest rates,” the motherdaughter duo at Hartmann Properties is steadfastly optimistic about the near future.

“We have a positive outlook for 2023,” said Jones. “Showing activity has started to pick up and buyers are starting to come back into the market for the historically busy Spring season.”

And when those clients work with Hartmann Properties, what they will receive is premium dedication no matter if they are buying or selling.

There’s a simple but strong philosophy at the real estate firm found at 201 Jackson St. in Richmond: Customer service is a top priority.

In a time when technology offers the ability for people to conduct businesses electronically, Jennifer Hartmann is revered for her dedication to face-to-face interactions. When drawing up offers, listing agreements, presenting marking analyses or explaining the terms of a contract, she said in-person dealings reign at Hartmann Properties.

Expert representation is another facet of the Hartmann Properties customer care approach, Jones said.

“When representing someone on a deal, they are relying on you to be the expert in your field, providing sound advice and direction,” she said. “It takes someone who knows our local market.”

Hartmann Properties is notably nearing the three-decade mark of serving Fort Bend.

Understanding the local market being bought or sold is key to any firm’s success, but Hartmann Properties doesn’t just know the market, it also contributes to the community.

“We support multiple local nonprofits and churches and their endeavors in the community,” Jones said. “We hope that the output of our commitments helps further the health, education, and faith of our youth in Fort Bend County.”


Reality shows depicting the lives of realtors can be entertaining to watch, but they don’t truly capture the efforts, dedication and motivations of real estate firms like Hartmann Properties, Jones said, regarding the uptick in that genre of reality TV.

“They always leave out the reality of doing business as a realtor, which often includes negotiations, coordinating repairs and moving trucks, and extensive time holding the lender and title companies accountable,” she said.

“Oh, and let’s not forget all the paperwork that goes into a deal,” she added with a laugh. “There is a lot of paperwork and detail required in a real estate transaction, so being organized and an effective communicator is key.”

But probably the most overlooked part of realtor work is the fulfillment an agent gets from achieving the needs and desires of a customer.

“Most people only buy a home once or twice in their lives, so it’s really exciting to help a buyer find ‘the one’ that they will enjoy for many years to come,” she said.

“The look on their faces and sound in their voices is priceless.”

For more information visit www.har.com.

8 •
Women IN BUSINESS Residential • Land & Acreage • Commercial & Investment Jennifer Hartmann 713-829-0568 hartmannproperties@juno.com Your One-Stop Source For Real Estate Celebrating27YearsinBusiness! Juliane Mahlmann Jones 713-530-3147 julianemahlmann@gmail.com 201 Jackson St, Richmond, TX 77469

Despite being nervous about taking that first step, Lyndsay Plata knew she could run her own lucrative business. So after working for large massage therapy chains for 12 years, she took the plunge. It was her faith that fueled her, she said.

“I personally know that I would not be where I am today without God and his guidance and provision.”

“With lots of prayer, and support from my husband and family, I finally decided to make the leap,” she said. “It’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and it’s hard to imagine anything else now.”

Motivated by her experiences and journey, Plata encourages other women “to pursue their dream of running their own business if they feel called.”

“It’s not for everyone, but I believe if I can do it, many can,” she said.

Immediately after graduating high school, Plata attended the Memorial Hermann Massage and Spa Therapy School to obtain her massage therapy license starting in 2005, and although she has yet to complete her degree, she is adamantly working toward it.

“I believe in challenging and bettering myself continuously,” she said. “At no point have I felt like ‘I made it.’ It’s constant work and there’s always a way to learn and improve.”


On July 1, 2017, Plata opened Simply Divine Massage, and the women’s spa quickly became known as a local “ladies retreat.”

Located in Richmond at 5545 FM 359 inside the River Forest Center building, Simply Devine is owned and operated by Plata, the sole therapist, who offers women not only a means to relax but also a chance to take care of their bodies with services that range from pampering to pain management.

Plus, customers can choose from several add-ons, such as hot stones and scrubs, “to enhance the experience,” Plata said.

And an exquisite experience is exactly what Plata wants her customers to receive and remember.

“I try to appeal to all of the senses,” she said about her spa, explaining that its atmosphere is “very calm and relaxing, warm and inviting.”

Her customers are instantly greeted by the aroma of essential oils, calming spa music, a warm massage table, which is optional, and complimentary refreshments are also offered.

“And then, of course, the massage itself will leave you feeling out of this world,” she added proudly.

Notably, her 90-minute deep tissue and Swedish massages are the most sought services.

Since opening, Simply Divine has become a bit of a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation for women, said Plata, who added that the response to her business has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

“It’s been amazing to feel the unwavering support of so many

women of all ages, many of which have become good friends over the years.”

Plata returns that energy personally and professionally, as she has been the student leader for high school girls at her church for four years and through Simply Divine, she supports the Sugar Land Lions Club, the Fort Bend Women’s Center, and many high school functions with auction donations.

“We should be our only competition, not other women,” Plata said, explaining her stance about women-owned businesses. “The only thing standing between you and your dream is you.”

For more information about Simply Divine, visit simplydivinemassage.me, email lplata@me.com or call 832-493-5398.

Simply Divine Massage Boutique

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Lyndsay Plata, the owner of Simply Divine Massage, was voted one of the best massage therapists in 2022.
Simply Divine Massage is a lady’s sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation! Pain management for aches, pains, and injuries 832-493-5398 simplydivinemassage.me 5545 FM 359 • Richmond, TX READERS' CHOICE FORT BEND HERALD 2022

From 1982 through 1993, viewers tuned into an American sitcom series called Cheers, known for the jingle “where everybody knows your name.” At the center of that show was a bar owner character around which the plot revolved.

In Richmond, Texas, there’s another such chill bar, but the most obvious difference is this bar is owned by a woman who adamantly refuses to let “the plot” revolve around her.

“I love my establishment and am happiest working, but I never looking to be center of attention,” said Wendy Wheatley, owner of the Oxbow Tavern at 1410 E. Highway 90 A, Suite 100. “The team is the backbone of this establishment and should be credited for much of its success. It’s truly a great team effort. They could not do this job without me, but I certainly cannot do this without them.”


Explaining that the Oxbow Tavern’s “atmosphere is a Cheers type,” Wheatley said her establishment is “ full of family, friends, support and love.”

Some team members have been with her for more than four years, she notes that the tavern doesn’t see many turnovers. And for those who leave, Wheatley’s perspective is an uplifting one.

“Some people have other goals in life,” she said. “And I will support anybody trying to better their lives 100 percent.”

That’s but one illustration of the benevolent undercurrent running throughout the tavern and why the climate of the tavern appeals to so many customers.

Known as a cozy place for the friendly face, the Oxbow Tavern developed out of Wheatley’s decision to seize the opportunity to purchase the bar and rename it.

“As an employee of the previous establishment, I saw so much potential and a different vision,” she said.

That vision has led to a spot that recently expanded and includes a patio, billiards (and a Pool League comprised of local teams) and darts, among other games. Its weekly lineup includes events like Bingo Night, Saturday parties, and Sunday Funday, which features Bloody Mary and Mimosas specials and sports on the big screen for a more relaxing evening with friends.

And for music lovers, Oxbow Tavern features a stage for its DJ and Karaoke Night. By the way, from Classic Rock and Pop to Rap and Country, the tavern showcases a variety of musical genres. And speaking of music, Oxbow Tavern is known for its live music selections on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“We bring in only phenomenal live entertainment and try creative events,” Wheatley said. “We have tried to create a place

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Wendy Wheatley

where all are welcome — a home away from home.”

The tavern is open from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday and from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Sunday, and its Happy Hour specials run from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Adhering to its drive to provide customers with top-notch service, the tavern team works diligently to provide a safe, sanitary and engaging environment ideal for individuals looking for an evening out or parties and large gatherings seeking quality entertainment.

“We strive to keep it a safe space for all,” Wheatley said. “And we are always trying to do better every day.”


Wheatley admits fulfilling that vision she saw years ago doesn’t come without effort or sacrifice. The hours are long, the stress is seemingly unbearable, and the sleep deprivation is never-ending at times.

“Running a business is hard work,” she said. “No matter how much you get done in a day, the next day starts a whole other tasks that can seem endless. Regardless of gender, it’s not a job for those who lack faith or are easily broken.”

But she doesn’t want anyone to think she considers herself the sole achiever at the popular Oxbow Tavern. As she always does, she shares the spotlight with the people around her, the individuals who fuel her and help make the tavern a preferred place in town.

“The team is a huge pat of the Oxbow Tavern’s success,” she said. “Without this, it can all fall apart. Together, we can conquer anything.”

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