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We proudly serve the assisted living and memory care needs of your loved one.

• Spacious studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment homes • Daily Programs that stimulate curiosity, continued learning and encourage social connections • Private pet park, landscaped courtyards, performance theater, Bistro, Art Studio, State-of-the Art Fitness Center and Full-Service Salon with Day Spa to Live Life Well® • Preferred Healthcare Partners that include; Vitality Rehabilitation, UT Psychiatric & Home Health Resources

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New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Be Able to Keep —Start in small increments and be specific—


THINK SMALL “People often set goals that are too big and get frustrated with the slow progress and then give up,” says Jennice Vilhauer, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University. She says it’s important to have a “big picture goal,” but to reach it, you need to set small goals along the way. “Progress is what you should be after, not a big win,” says Johnnie L. Perry, a personal trainer in Atlanta, who works with a lot of clients who set fitness resolutions. “Before you say you’ll go to the gym five times a week, go once a week. If you want to lose 25 pounds, start with losing the first pound.” Celebrate those little wins, Vilhauer says.“Reward yourself or give yourself a pat on the back and recognize it as an important achievement toward your bigger goals.”

ew Year, new you.That’s the dream, and it’s why we make resolutions to exercise more, spend less and stop eating donuts for breakfast. Studies show more than half of us — somewhere between 40 and 60 percent — make New Year's resolutions. But, incredibly, just 9 percent of us succeed at keeping them. The speed at which we crash and burn is even more amazing than the number of us who fail. A University of Scranton study found that 77 percent of us keep resolutions for one week. That means nearly one-quarter of us wiped out in seven days. Good grief! You can’t put your new elliptical trainer together in a week much less learn how to use it! Hang with it, people. Sticking to resolutions isn’t easy. But it can be done. The trick is to make better resolutions. Here’s how.

Bayou Buzz • January 2021

BE SPECIFIC Sweeping resolutions don’t cut it. Vilhauer suggests doing


We’ve pulled together some common resolutions and made them over into ones you can keep.

some research to find out exactly what you’ll need to do to reach a goal. So let’s say your resolution is to “Save enough money to go to Italy.” Figure out how much the trip will cost and how much you’ll need to save per week to pay for the trip.Then decide what you will need to cut from your budget to make room for the Italy fund. You’ll end up with a goal like “Take lunch to work one day a week and save the $20 I didn’t spend in a restaurant to pay for a trip to Italy.”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Read more. Better: Read 40 pages of a book, three nights a week. Eat healthier. Better:Add one serving of vegetables to one meal a day. Get more exercise. Better: Take the stairs to the office instead of the elevator. Or walk one mile, three times a week, after work. Lose 20 pounds. Better: Lose 1 pound a week. Or make the goal even more micro and say you’re going to lose .14 pounds a day. Save more money. Better: Increase your 401(k) contribution by 2 percent. Spend less time on Facebook. Better: Spend no more than 30 minutes a day on Facebook. Stop spending hours binge-watching shows. Better: Watch no more than two episodes of your favorite show per week. Spend more time with friends. Better: Invite a friend out for lunch once a week.

BE REALISTIC If walking your dog around the block a couple of nights a week is all the exercise you get, don’t resolve to run a halfmarathon in July. Can you really get in good enough shape in six months to run 13 miles? Ask a trainer or a pal who’s a long-distance runner. You may find that a 2K race is a better goal. And if you really, really hate running, don’t set a goal to run a race. “Pick a resolution you truly want for yourself,” Vilhauer says. “Trying to force yourself to do something you really don’t want to do almost always leads to failure.” HAVE A PLAN FOR DEALING WITH OBSTACLES Think about what might keep you from making your goal and figure out how to get around it, Vilhauer says. “The biggest obstacle is always the status quo,” she says. If your resolution is to go to the gym after work, but your habit has been to come home and crash on the sofa in front of the TV, you need a way to avoid the pull of your old routine. Take your workout clothes to the office and go straight to the gym, Vilhauer says, avoiding the temptation of that comfy couch.

So get to the gym, skip the sugary lattes and watch only two episodes at a time of The Crown. Reward yourself for that small step toward a big goal. Then do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. https://www.aarp.org/home-family/friends-family/info2017/most-kept-resolutions-fd.html

“Reverence for God, Respect for Others and Responsibility for Self.”

• Toilet , sink, faucet, shower, and bathtub repair and installation • Sewer line repair, replacement and installation • Plumbing Inspection, repairs, and installation • Drain cleaning, clearing, and installation • Garbage disposal repair and installation • Water heater services

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Now accepting applications PK3 – 12th grade

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Individual tours available – come visit CEP today! Prospective Family Week January 25th – 29th 2021

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1201 Austin St • Richmond, Tx 281.342.3161 • www.ces-richmond.org

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10% OFF

Greg Cordova REALTOR® SRES

Cell: 832.457.3011 GregCordova@yahoo.com www.gregcordova.com

“Your Del Webb Resident and Expert” Free home evaluation. Call today

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Pest populations are highest when they are preparing for Winter. That means Rodents, Wildlife and Bugs are looking for a new warm home. Get a FREE rodent inspection today when you set up your pest control service! Now offering 50% off our regular prices for customers switching to us.

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"Exceptional Commitment to Your Home Buying and Selling Needs."


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sa oze n

by d Power Wash n de d ra s s e m g m Windows Re c o S we e t Light Fixture


√ Up to 24 Hour Care √ Meal Preparation √ Personal Hygiene Assistance √ Errands/Shopping √ Rewarding Companionship


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7 Ways to Store Your Holiday Decor like a Pro

Here's how to avoid getting your tinsel (or twinkle lights) in a tangle. You'll definitely thank yourself next year! SNAP PHOTOS You're snapping a few pics for your Instagram story, might as well take a couple more to keep yourself organized for next year! Take photos of everything. Your formal dining table, your entry-way vignette, your decked halls and dazzling tree. This enables you to know exactly what goes where for the years to follow. Bonus? You can solicit help from your spouse or kiddos and have them arrange things just the way you like it. LABEL EVERYTHING As tweens, we lived by the mantra that “labels are for soup”. As adults, we’ve progress(o)ed and know that labels are, in fact, for your carefully-curated Christmas collection. Invest in a label maker (or masking tape and permanent marker) and your life will truly never be the same.

next year by first, tossing any damaged lights prior to storage.Then, neatly wrap your lights around some leftover cardboard or purchase a light storage reel from a local retailer. STORE STRATEGICALLY Once you've boxed away allthings-holiday-cheer, start putting said boxes away with their importance in mind. Start by storing the box with the least important bits furthest from reach. Gradually work your way through the pile keep the most important baubles in the boxes that are easiest to grab. This way, you won't break a sweat because you're trying to reach your most-treasured trinkets. https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/clean-and-organize/theinside-scoop-on-storing-holiday-decor

LAYER LIKE A PRO Avoid any mishaps by layering your items with care. Start with the heaviest pieces on the bottom, moving gradually up to the lightest on top. Another tip: Don’t over-pack a box! Know your limits and you’ll avoid broken baubles (and hearts!) in the process. CRATES + COOKIE TINS The best bet for storing ornaments is to keep the boxes they originally came in. But if you accidentally threw them out, you can use egg crates to protect smaller, breakable baubles or pack them with paper into a festive cookie tin. As for the non-fragile, plastic ornaments, toss ‘em into a plastic gallon-sized freezer bag and you’re good to go! STREAMLINE A HOLIDAY STORAGE SPOT Designate a spot in your shed or garage to be used specifically and exclusively for holiday decoration storage. That said, keep the size of said storage area in mind while shopping for decorations so that you don't exceed the space available. Not only will this save you space but it might just save you some money, too. Pro tip: Go vertical! An inexpensive clothes rack is gold when it comes to holiday storage. Hang wreaths, garland and more from coat hangers, then store everything else in labeled boxes! TACKLE THE TANGLES Guys, there is nothing more frustrating than a set of sad, tangled twinkle lights. Who's with me? Save yourself from the inevitable blood, sweat and tears

Let me help you BUY or SELL your Home! Caron Tal Shkedy

ROSENBERG Carpet & Flooring

Your local agent with a ❤

“What’s On Your Floor Matters” Ceramic Tile Flooring Ceramic Tile Flooring Counter Tops Counter Tops Wood Floor Refinishing Wood Floor Refinishing Wood Wood&&Laminate Laminate Flooring Flooring Shower & Bath Remodel

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Office: 281-265-0000 1650 Hwy 6 Suite 350 Sugar Land, Tx 77478


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Each office is independantly owned and operated.

Rosenberg Dermatology & Aesthetic Center "Taking Your Skin To Greater Heights"

5219 Reading Road, Rosenberg Tx. COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY • BOTOX Cosmetic • BOTOX® for Hyperhydrosis • Levulan® • Kerastick® AESTHETIC COSMETICS • IPL Photorejuvenation • Chemical Peels • MicroPen® • BOTOX® Cosmetic • XEOMIN® • JUVÉDERM® • CO2 Laser • Laser Hair Reduction • Skincare Products

GENERAL DERMATOLOGY • Acne • Cysts • Eczema • Moles • Psoriasis Alpesh Desai, D.O. • Rosacea • Warts • Wrinkles SKIN CANCER TREATMENTS • Mohs Micrographic Surgery • Levulan® • Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) • Cryosurgery • Electrodesiccation & Curettage • Surgical Excision Celia Vaclavik, PA-C

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Maddox Landscaping & Custom Pools

CPAP is no longer the only treatment option for this serious condition! Oral appliances can reduce or eliminate snoring while managing sleep apnea with no masks or hoses!

Learn About Alternatives to CPAP at

Call Today 281.232.4100 Tamara S. Osina-Felinski, D.D.S.

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Bayou Buzz • January 2021


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YOUR HOSPITAL Masks required for all staff and visitors Temperature and symptom screening Equipment routinely sanitized Social distancing observed Two No Wait Emergency Rooms near you

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M.A.C Carpentry, LLC

Come see the New 2021 F-150.

Custom Cabinets, Stairways, Trim Work


12220 Southwest Frwy.Stafford, TX Outbound Feeder - Exit Wilcrest Dr.

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Come See the New 2021 Ford Bronco.

Free Estimates Phone: 832-526-7543 mariochapa99@yahoo.com

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Bottomless Mimosas, $5 Bloody Mary’s and more....

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Build your own Omelette Platters; Pancake Platters; Wings; Hamburgers; Tacos; Shrimp Platters; Catfish, Shrimp, and more...


(713) 560-1804 114 Agnes Rd, Richmond TX 77469

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Want To Eat Well In The New Year? Make It Convenient. JESS CORDING | ForbesWomen Jess Cording is a dietitian and health coach.


t’s New Years Resolution Season, and diet-related goals are, as usual, high on the list of what people want to improve on in 2021 even though this past year has been anything but typical. After almost a year into the pandemic, pretty much everyone has experienced a shake-up to their work and home routine—and for many, their eating habits. While some people have found themselves in a position to improve their health a d well-being, what I hear far more about from patients, friends, and co-workers is wanting to lose “the Covid 19” or the “Quaran- ten” or the “Quarantine 15.” Getting into a good groove with healthy eating Is also vital for supporting stable energy and mood so you can work well and get through and keep your immune system strong. Convenience is key for sticking to a new habit. It needs to be realistic for your lifestyle. These tips are always valid, but especially important during a time where we’re juggling even more responsibilities and coping with the stress of navigating uncertain times. MEET YOURSELF WHERE YOU ARE Setting a realistic goal you can actually achieve is vital. If you’ve never cooked will you really make dinner from scratch every night? If you love meat and cheese, is going straight to a vegan diet actually be a sustainable approach to eating more plants? Start with a goal and with small steps so you don’t set yourself up to fail. OPTIMIZE ON GOOD HABITS YOU ALREADY HAVE IN PLACE Tacking a new habit onto an existing one can help make the new one stick. For example, if you’re working on having more balanced meals, if you already eat breakfast and oatmeal is your go-to, add some chia seeds or ground flax for extra fiber and healthy fats and some nut or seed butter for protein and healthy fat to help stabilize your blood sugar so you don’t crash and reach for junk mid-morning between Zoom calls. STREAMLINE YOUR ROUTINE Finding ways to save time as you stay on track can also help you reach your goals. Embrace time-saving practices like batch cooking and meal prepping or invest in a kitchen tool that will do a lot of the work for you, like a food processor, slow cooker, or pressure cooker. You can also save time on grocery shopping by saving lists or doing your shopping online or with an app. OUTSOURCE WHAT YOU CAN There are more resources than ever to help you outsource what you have the time, energy, or desire to do when it comes to healthy eating. You can use a service like Insta-

Bayou Buzz • January 2021

cart to pay someone else to do your food shopping. There is a wide range of healthy (and healthy-ish) meal kits you can subscribe to like SunBasket, Purple Carrot), and HelloFresh, just to name a few, so you don’t have to research or shop for recipes. And when cooking isn’t an option, you can have healthy meals delivered to your door from services like Freshly, Daily Harvest, and Sakara as well as many more. ASK FOR HELP Having a support system can make a huge difference. What that looks like will vary from person to person, but consider what you will need, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not only does discussing your goals with others help them understand how they can support you; it also holds you accountable. And if you’d rather not have that support come from someone you know in your day to day life, consider hiring a dietitian or certified health coach or use an app that connects you with a vetted coach to help guide you and cheer you on along the way as you work towards your goals. MAKE SURE IT’S THE RIGHT GOAL FOR YOU This last one is absolutely key but often gets overlooked. When setting a wellness related goal for yourself (or any goal, for that matter), it needs to truly resonate with you, as opposed to a goal that feels like a “should” or someone else wants you to do. If it doesn’t feel like it’s truly in alignment with your values, it’s going to be a heck of a lot harder to stay motivated, even if it sounds like a “good” goal on paper. It’s also okay for goals to change as the year goes on! Check in with yourself periodically and note what’s going well and what’s not, and give yourself permission to make the shifts and tweaks you want and need. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jesscording/2020/12/13/ want-to-eat-well-in-the-new-year-make-itconvenient/?sh=26bd91942ec6


Seabourne Creek Nature Park Rosenberg's Hidden Gem

A 164-acre nature park featuring: trails gazebos stocked lakes fishing wetlands butterfly garden birding restrooms on-leash dog park green space first-class sports facility & fields The park is also home to the Rosenberg Civic Center. Your local 16,000 sq. ft. facility perfect for weddings, meetings, showers & more.

Visit us at: 3831 Hwy 36 s Rosenberg, TX 77471 832-595-3520 rosenbergtx.gov

Workouts for Seniors Who Want To Regain Their Youth by ROB JANES


xercising is crucial to maintaining a youthful and healthy body. Studies have proven seniors who participate in strength training or working out regularly, build bone and muscle, have stronger immune systems, more efficient lungs, better blood pressure, and have counteracted the weakness that comes with age. Seniors who work out regularly can also ease the symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis, pulmonary diseases, and Type 2 diabetes. By building strength, seniors will see improvements in their balance, stability, flexibility, and overall quality of life. Begin your transition to a more youthful you now! A FIVE TO TEN MINUTE WARM-UP Warming up is the most important part of beginning a workout. Warm up consists of light cardiovascular exercises as well as stretching that increases blood circulation and body temperature, but also protects against injury. At the beginning of your workout, start by walking or lightly jogging in place for five to ten minutes with your arms swinging freely to help remain balanced. If you have limited mobility or if you would rather, you may sit in a chair and begin with chair exercises such as head, arm and shoulder rolls followed by ankle circles and leg extensions. Now that you know how to begin your workout routine, continue reading to learn about how to perform chair squats.

ball in your hands. DO SOME LIGHT WALL PUSH UPS Push-ups work the muscles within your chest, shoulders, and arms, specifically your deltoids, triceps, and pectorals. Doing push-ups against a wall will lower the weight and resistance of gravity, but it will allow for an easier push up with better form. Begin your wall push-ups by standing a few feet from the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the wall at chest level, slightly wider than your shoulders. With your back straight, pull your abs in, bend your elbows and lower body to the wall. When your elbows are at a ninety-degree angle, push back to the starting position. Repeat for twelve to fifteen repetitions. As you get more comfortable doing wall push ups, go further from the wall for a higher difficulty. When you are fully satisfied doing fifteen or more wall push-ups, try doing ten to twelve reps on the floor for more resistance and a more intense workout.

CHAIR SQUATS ARE A GREAT LEG EXERCISE Practicing squats with good form can help build strength and muscle in the thighs, hips, and glutes. To begin, stand in front of a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees, putting weight on your heels, then stick your hips back and arms straight out to gain better balance. Sit down until you make contact with the chair. As soon as you feel the chair, slowly stand back up. Try to do so without rocking or swaying. Repeat for twelve to fifteen repetitions. To modify the workout to make it easier you can place your hands on your thighs, or if you need the exercise to be a little bit more difficult, do it while holding weights or a medicine

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DO STEP UPS TO BUILD LEG MUSCLE Performing step ups will strengthen the muscles that sup-

port the knee. However, if you have issues with your knee, skip this exercise as it can aggravate your knees too much. Begin your step-ups at a staircase with a railing for support if it is needed. Stand on the bottom step and step up with your right foot. Bring your left foot up onto the stair, and then bring it back down to the floor, keeping your right foot on the step for the entire time. Repeat this for twelve to fifteen reps and then switch feet, doing another twelve to fifteen reps with the other foot. Continue reading to find out how to build the strength in your arms. DO BICEP CURLS TO REGAIN STRENGTH Bicep curls strengthen your biceps, which are muscles you use every day when carrying groceries, opening doors, and anything with a pulling motion.To begin bicep curls, you will want to stand with your feet spread hip-width apart, with a dumbbell in each hand. Suggested starting weights are five to eight pounds. If that does not seem hard enough, begin with eight to fifteen-pound dumbbells. Begin with your palms facing your thighs. Bring the right dumbbell up, turning your fist towards you while curling the weight towards your shoulder. Hold the weight near your shoulder for two seconds and then slowly lower the weight back down into the beginning stance. Now, curl the weight in your left hand. Repeat this for twelve to fifteen reps. KNEE LIFTS WITH A MEDICINE BALL Knee lifts using either a light or heavy weight, such as a medicine ball or dumbbells, is a fantastic way for seniors to work on their upper body endurance as well as their balance and stability. Doing this move is quite simple. First, hold a light weight or medicine ball, about two to five pounds, in both hands right above your head. Then, lift your right knee up to your waist while slowly bringing down your arms and touching the weight or medicine ball to your knee. Lower your knee and return your arms in the starting position with the weight or ball above your head. Repeat these steps for the other knee, alternating sides and continue doing this exercise for thirty to sixty seconds. If you want to ramp up the intensity, you can speed up your movement while still maintaining control of the weight and your body, while remaining balanced, and lifting your knees as high as possible. To make this exercise easier, you can simply use no weight at all or just hold an appropriate weight at chest level as you lift your knees. If you have knee or back problems, you can avoid the upper body movement of this exercise and just do knee lifts. BALL TAPS Another great exercise that works the core muscles and builds balance and stability, ball taps can be done while sitting.The first move is to sit in a chair and place a ball in front of your feet. The ball can be small, or it can even be a phone book or another object, as long as it is something you can touch with your foot. Make sure to sit up straight and try your best not to rest against the back of the chair, keeping your back straight and your abs contracted. Then start with your hands behind your head and lift your foot and tap the

top of the ball or object. Slowly bring your foot back down to the floor, then switch sides and repeat the same motion with your opposite foot. Alter each foot for all repetitions, and repeat this exercise for thirty to sixty seconds. SEATED ROTATIONS Seated rotations are another wonderful exercise that works all the muscles of the torso, including the abs and back. To do this easy exercise, begin by sitting on a chair and hold a medicine ball or weight.The suggested weight for women to use is between five and eight pounds, and eight to fifteen pounds for men, however, you can use whatever weight is comfortable for you. Next, hold the weight at your chest with your shoulders relaxed and elbows out to the sides. Keeping your hips and knees facing forward, rotate the torso to one side as far as you comfortably can, and focus on squeezing the muscles around your waist. Rotate back to center, then repeat the motion on the exercise, keeping your movement slow and controlled. Continue doing this exercise while alternating sides for twelve reps or to how many repetitions you can handle. Remember, one rep is to the right and left. GO FOR A STROLL IN THE PARK Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors, as there is little planning or equipment needed to do it. To begin your walking routine, you may want to find or invest in a good pair of shoes. Try doing some light stretching before and after your walk to help loosen your muscles and avoid injury. When you begin a walking routine, focus on maintaining proper posture; your back should be straight, and your shoulders rolled back. Start with a short distance, possibly ten to fifteen minutes and increase your walks by a few minutes each day until you’re walking for thirty to forty-five minutes. By walking every few days, you will begin to notice many benefits such as increased mobility, improved balance and strength, improved flow of oxygen and blood, and you may even notice you lose a few pounds. GO SWIMMING FOR A FULL-BODY WORKOUT Swimming and water aerobics are amazing exercises to get a full body workout. It helps improve endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, posture, cardiovascular fitness, and it helps alleviate stress.When you begin swimming, practice doing laps around the pool of whichever stroke feels most natural or the easiest for you. When you get tired, switch up strokes to work other groups of muscles. During the summer there are plenty of lakes, ponds, and national parks where you can swim, and during the winter you can swim at recreational centers or community centers. Remember to do some light stretching before your swim to warm up your muscles, and after to cool down. https://healthprep.com/fitness-nutrition/workoutsfor-seniors-to-stay-fit/5/?utm_source=bing&utm_ medium=search&utm_campaign=328752039&utm_ content=1137995095893969&utm_ term=workouts+for+active+adults


Bayou Buzz • January 2021

Bayou Buzz • January 2021



for Del Webb residents

Free Checking

• Cancer Screening • Diagnosis & Work Up • Treatment & Follow Up • Onsite Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy • Infusion Center • Scalp Cooling Available

(even the coffee in the lobby is free)

(to fight hair loss during cancer treatment)

AMIRALI S. POPATIA, M.D., F.A.C.P. 24310 SW Freeway in Brazos Town Center 281-341-1100 • www.pioneer.bank This is where other banks might hide bad news. Not us. Free personal checking doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement. Our customers also get free use of over 50,000 free ATMs at places like Walgreens, CVS, Target, and 7-11 across Texas and the US. Member FDIC

Most insurances are accepted, including Medicare/Medicaid


Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Medical Oncology 1603 Main St., Suite 200 Richmond,TX 77469 281-344-CARE (2273)

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Sunday, May 13, 2018










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13, 2018


1st Place

Birth to 2 Years

1st Place

Foster, Terry grab silver medals; see Sports

Good Afternoon

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Benjamin Bryant

Mother’s Day barbecue

4 Years Old

The Wallis Knights of Columbus Council will hold its annual Mother’s Day barbecue chicken and sausage drive-thru at the Wallis Columbus Club Hall, 703 Columbus Road, from 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 13, until sold out. No sides will be sold. For more information, call 979-478-7268.

Spaghetti fundraiser

Toman Kambri

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A program presented by staff from the San Felipe de Austin State Historical Site will report on the newly opened state of the art museum at the park near Sealy. The $12 million facility is a joint product of the Texas Historical Commission and private partners. The Fort Bend County Historical Commission is hosting the program at its quarterly meeting on Tuesday, May 15 at 3 p.m. NOTE: Location of this meeting is the main meeting room of the George Memorial Library, 1001 Golfview in Richmond. The event is free and open to the public.

d 2n ce Pla

u k yo Than our to s rtiser adve aking for m r ou ul tif beau by ba t a es nt co er winn

WE PUBLISH n Bryant Benjami

s Old w Public dance The Happy Cousins Dance Club will i hold a Wardlo 18 Month its monthly public dance from & ChelseTom & Devon 8-11:30 p.m. Saturday at the American tt Legion Hall on SH 36 South in Rosens: Danny Bruns, Corbe Parent berg. Texas Legacy Czech Band will s: Pat parent w, Shirley provide the dancing music. For more Grand Wardlo information, call 281-232-3531. Report on new San Felipe museum

3 to

Lexi Lew Cook

David Joseph Wardlow

Parents: Amanda & Austin Bryant Grandparents: Garrett & Diana Engelhardt

14 Months Old Parents: Cody & Sara Cook Grandparents: Diana Cook, John Towler, Janie Towler


Starting on Page 8B

18 Months Old

Parents: Danny & Chelsea Wardlow Grandparents: Pat Bruns, Tom & Devoni Wardlow, Shirley Corbett

Birth to 2 Years

Birth to 2 Years

2nd Place

Thank you to our advertisers for making our beautiful baby contest a winner

3 to 4 Years Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day. Herald Reporter Diana Nguyen asked our readers to share their fondest memories of their moms. Here’s what they had to say:

Wyatt Horak 4 Years Old

Parents: Kevin & Kelli Horak Grandparents: Pat Horak & Corrine Schumann

Daniel 3Ornelas: to 4 Years Me and my mom were best friends. She was really sweet, she was a wonderful cook. We loved to spend time in the kitchen together. Before she passed, the one thing was to learn all her cooking $500 methods. She OFF said, Invisalign for Moms! ‘I can’t be there to cook it for you, but I want to make sure you know how to cook it.’ That was awesome for her to teach me.


n nn Kamrin Sosa — George Junior High eighth-grader: She teaches me to have confidence and be comfortable with who I am. She influences by teaching me things about life and showing me how to handle situations. — Situations with my friends, with boys, with my sister a lot. One of my favorite memories of her is when we were running late for school one day. We have tile floors and she had on heels. She slid across the floor and she hit her head on the wall.

Offer expires Jan 31, 2019.

n nn Fort Bend County Commissioner Vincent Morales: Mom is 81, not as active anymore, but Mom was always very outgoing, loving to all her family, always willing to do whatever it took to make my brother and I happy. She always put family first. Whether it was when my grandmother got up in age, when there was a need to take care of the grandkids, she always put family first.


$ 1.25

Fallen WW II pilot honored for service


13, 2018


BY MARQUITA GRIFFIN wreckage, Taylor in tow. mgriffin@fbherald.com Their position had been reported before hitting the water and after a difficult It was Nov. 11, 1942 and most of the several-hour rescue involving a Sikorcountry was remembering the 24th anni- ski S-39 amphibian aircraft and a patrol versary of the end of The Great War. boat, both Koym and Taylor were pulled On that same day pilots in the from the sea. Civil Air Patrol — a civilian However, both men auxiliary of the U.S. Army succumbed to hypoAir Corps formed in thermia, making 1941 to provide civilian them the sixth and air support through seventh Civil Air border and coastal Patrol pilots to patrols — took to lose their lives the skies to protect while on duty. shipping channels. A special reTwo men, 1st Lt. union Alfred Hermann Koym was Koym, who was laid to rest in from Rosenberg, and Yoakum beneath 1st Lt. James C. Taythe Civil Air Patrol lor, who was from Baton emblem on Nov. 18, Rouge, Louisiana, were 1942. among those Civil Air At the recent 86th Patrol pilots fulfilling A bronze replica of the Gold Medal Koym family retheir duties. — awarded to World War II members union held in East The two were flying of the Civil Air Patrol — was present- Bernard, Koym was their scheduled patrol ed to the Koym family at a recent re- posthumously honover the Gulf off the ored for his service union to honor Alfred H. Koym. Louisiana coast when with a certificate unexpectedly their airand bronze replica craft lost its engine and crashed into the of the Gold Medal, which are awarded to water. The impact injured Taylor, and World War II members of the Civil Air Koym not only removed him from the Patrol. sinking plane and inflated their life jackets, he was able to swim away from the SEE KOYM, PAGE 3A

Colby Tyler 2 ½ Years


Parents Old Grandp : Brian & Lindsey arents: Gurecky Debbie

& Carl



Delilah Gardiner 6 Month s

s: Deana


& Derrick

Lane Eli


The Fort Bend Retired Educators 11:30 a.m. Associationwill hold its last meeting of The scholarship winners will be anthe 2017-18 program year on Wednes- nounced after the luncheon. The menu day, beginning at 11 a.m. in the St. includes chicken-wild rice casserole, John’s United Church of Christ parish a sweet pepper and tomato salad on hall, 1513 West Avenue in Rosenberg. fresh greens, hot rolls, brownie topped The retired teachers luncheon will with ice cream, and tea and coffee for begin at 11:15 a.m. with the induction $15. Email hphaynesgmail.com for resof new officers and lunch served at ervations.



& Carl


Bruno Frenzel s Old

Frank & Hildy & Debby Martinez Frenzel


rs 4 Yea Obituaries 3 to


Cait Wix

Ray & Lynn & Diane Kuni Roth

4 Years



Parents Grandp : JD & Jessica arents: Wix

Mary & Paula & Larry Wix Coil




arbr 7


Going 1st class

Fulshear High School junior is 1st from new campus to graduate


2016. The first graduating class is set to walk the stage in 2019. But the 16-year-old junior is graduatFulshear High School is full of firsts. ing early. The school’s juniors were the first “I think it’s pretty cool to know I’m to earn their class rings early this year. literally the only person graduating,” Students had the opportunity to order Sydney said. their letter jackets last year. “I love being able to say I’m one of the Nothing beats the first student to first people to graduate from my high graduate. school.” And Sydney Billings is doing just Sydney transferred from Foster High that. School in 2016. Fulshear High School opened its doors to freshmen and sophomores in SEE BILLINGS, PAGE 3A agleason@fbherald.com

OFF ms! $500 for Mo ign


86037 20033



pecial awards


See page 5A

Today’s Scripture Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar. Isaiah 33:17

Thought for Today “It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.” — Erma Bombeck, American humorist (1927-1996)


Mateo John 2 Years


Parents : Ralph Grandp arents: and Maritza




Old s: Carrie Grandp & arents: Ryan Dunsm Lynn John & Michae Dunsm ore l Peña ore


Jan 31,






of th first, secon e d, an third d -plac e winn of this ers Beau years tiful Ba by Cont est The Fo from rt Be nd He rald

Villarreal and Frances Villarreal

pecial teachers

Lamar Consolidated ISD educators recognized for going ‘above and beyond’

BY DIANA NGUYEN ognition of your hard work and dedicadnguyen@fbherald.com tion to your Special Education students.” George Ranch High School Assistant “Every child deserves a champion; an Principal Christopher G. Cuellar nomiadult who will never give up on them, who nated Masters, a life skills teacher who understands the power of connection and was also named the district’s Special Edinsists they become the best they can pos- ucation Teacher of the Month. sibly be.” — Rita Pierson, educator fea“She represents so much more than tured on TED Talks. that title for our campus and she certainThroughout the years of serving in La- ly represents the best of teachers for more mar Consolidated ISD as a teacher, prin- than one month of the year,” said Cuellar. cipal or paraprofessional, Tara Masters, “Tara represents true sacrifice and Hailey Volz, Debbie Isom and Toni Scott servant leadership for her students and championed the students in their lives. colleagues. One of the most giving people And it didn’t go unnoticed. I know on our campus, day in and day out, Masters, Volz, Isom and Scott each re- she goes above and beyond for her kidceived an LCISD Special Education Par- dos.” ents Advisory Committee Appreciation SEE LCISD, PAGE 8A Award at the last SEPAC meeting, “in rec-



Edwin Dunsmore s

19 Month


A Very

Specia Cong l ratu lati ons to all

Dana Sheridan presents a Lamar Consolidated ISD SEPAC Appreciation Award to Williams Elementary School kindergarten teacher Hailey Voz.

Fulshear High School junior Sydney Billings will be the first person to graduate from the high school.

Glenn Allen Mitchell, 76 Eric Shea Humble, 41


4 Yea


Mayes, Polansky Lil Polansky,Brad & Roger & Ellen Diana Myrna Hall, ArlinePolansky, & Len Kaplan Meyers,

Brayden Guerra 2 Years

Parents Old : Grandp Nicole Kett & Wade arents: Guerra


ann Horak Kelli e Schum of the &Understanding of Parenthood s: Kevin & Corrin When a Child is Diagnosed with a TerParent minal Horak Illness.” s: Pat parent

3 Weeks

Parents Old Grandp: Steven and Sheri arents: Rebecca

2 Month

Parents Grandp : Adam & arents: Amanda Frenzel

— BH

Sarah Webster of Richmond was one of 16 University of Dallas psychology majors to recently present a senior thesis during the spring 2018 semesOld ter. Her thesis was titled “You are My A Phenomenological Analysis

Myles Vince


Keith &

Alden Jack

n nn

4 Years World:


Parents Grandp : Randy & Caitlin arents: Gurecky

Read more on Page 3B

Horak Wyatt


Gurecky s

23 Month



Around the Bend


St. John’s UCC Women’s Guild to meet Wednesday

I thought this was clever word play: “Why did the cows return to the marijuana field?” “It was the pot calling the cattle back!”


FORT BEND February 2019

Valentino Cristiano Villarreal 1 Parents Year Old : Jerry and Beverly Grandp arents: Villarreal Faustino

and MillieHelen Torres, Villarreal


TERRI SABOL releases


BOOK in a unique


February 2019

Peca n Grov e Plus


Valentine’s Day Luncheon supports autism awareness

A publication of the

Knitowski finds solace in herg award-winnin needlework













Day Valentine’s

supports Luncheo n s autism awarenes

n of the

A publicatio

Blinds • Shades • Shutters • Drapes • Patio Shades

ood Greatw FEBRUARY




Now offering the new rechargeable motorization




dd 1



281-342-4474 WWW.FBHERALD.COM

Del Webb Special of up to 45% Off


with mention of this ad

Bayou Buzz • January 2021


Rosenberg community leader died while defending homeland

Jesse Mata: My mom [Olivia Mata] would always say, ‘It doesn’t matter how poor we are, that doesn’t mean you cannot be clean.’ She always made sure that when we went out to school, church, any outing, we were clean. She would make sure our hair was combed. you know in the farm, you’re dirty. But she would always tell us, ‘There’s no excuse to not be clean.’ She would also say, ‘always respect the elders. Whether you’re black, brown, white.’ In those days, that’s all that lived here. We grew up as a close-knit family. It was always her thing, be clean and respect your elders.

Fort Bend Journal

Old Bryant ardt 4 Years a & Austin Engelh s: Amand t & Diana Parent s: Garret parent


Needville Boy Scout Troop 129 will hold its 2018 annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Saturday from 5-8 p.m. at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church Family Life Center. To-go plates or dine in and enjoy all you can eat for $8.

Wardlow Joseph David

3rd Place

Memories of Mom 7 Months Old Parents: Charlie & Brittany Toman Grandparents: Jeff & Sheri Hajovsky Bernadette & Charles Toman

d 2n ce Pla

s Old 14 Month& Sara Cook Cook, s: Cody Parent arents: Diana Towler , Janie Grandp Towler John

2nd Place

Kambri Toman

d 3r ce Pla

Lexi Lew


Mother’s Day

Oh, What A Beautiful Baby!





e’s Vale ntin ts Day even e! & mor





A publi

of the


Fort Bend Foot Center

Dr. Brian W. Zale, DPM, FACFAS


Readers’ Choice Winner for Best Podiatrist in Fort Bend Three Years in a Row!

“My sincerest thanks for your vote of confidence!” Dr. Brian Wm Zale DPM., FACFAS, a board certified foot and ankle surgeon in Sugar Land, Texas, is a podiatrist who has been serving the Rosenberg, Richmond, and Sugar Land community for over 30 years. We specialize in foot and ankle surgry, heel pain, bunions, diabetic foot conditions, and all other related concerns to the foot and ankle. Our staff is committed to providing the finest podiatric care in a warm and friendly environment in order to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 3926 Ave H Rosenberg, TX 77471






www.brianzale.com READERS' CHOICE


Dr. Zale has been chosen four times by Fort Bend Herald readers as Best Podiatrist in the annual Readers Choice poll.



Bayou Buzz • January 2021

From Crossword on Page 8

Bayou Buzz • January 2021


Screen Porches 281-731-0889 FREE Estimates

Retractable Screens

Pergolas 35

Sunscreens Bayou Buzz • January 2021

Bayou Buzz • January 2021


Committees, Clubs, Groups & Activities (CCGAs) HOA Committees

Chartered Clubs

Architectural Review Committee

Alzheimers and Dementia Support

Richard Danelutti rich6104594701@att.net

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Art at Sweetgrass Mary Meier-Roche mamr2119@att.net Rich Siegel richkat723@att.net

Health & Wellness Committee

Daisy Webber dwsweetgrasscardcrafters@ gmail.com

Needs Assessment Committee

Photography Club

Char Bouillion cbouillion@aol.com

Jim Skarzynski jims@aiomachine.com

Men's Club


Debbie Gibson debg333@sbcglobal.net

Rommie Maxey maxeymje@hal-pc.org

401 Crabb River Rd. Richmond , TX 77469 US

C.A.R.E. Group

Vanessa Winters Vanessa.winters@siemens.com

Doug Acker dacker@aol.com

Dialog and Learning

Purple Martin Committee

Dr. Rodney Anderson



Jim Sheridan sherim@operamail.com

Andrew Farnum andrew116@att.net

Dr. Kyle D. McCrea and Dr. Victoria Vo

Drama Club

Sandra Barkerding mizbee22@me.com

Social Committee Char Bouillion cbouillion@aol.com

Flix Movie Club

Welcome Committee

Richard and Peggy Norman rpnorman1962@gmail.com

Tech Help Desk

John Hansen texashansens@yahoo.com

Carolyn Dominguez cfdtogo@gmail.com

Garden Club

Alice Zothner alicem728@gmail.com

Dr. Kyle D. McCrea & Dr. Victoria Vo


Genealogy Club

Lee LeGrand lee.legrand@comcast.net

Dr. McCrea has been creating healthy, beautiful smiles in Richmond/Rosenberg 1994. Dr.healthy, McCrea andbeautiful Dr. Vo are smiles in Dr. McCrea has beensince creating both graduates of and current Professors at the Herman Hospital Richmond/Rosenberg since 1994. Dr. McCrea and Dr. Vo based General Practice Residency Program for UTDS Houston. are both and current atpossible the Herman Theirgraduates goal is to workofwith each patient toProfessors produce the best Hospital based General Practice Program for outcome based on that patient’s individualResidency needs and desires. UTDS Houston. Their goal is to work with each patient to produce the best possible outcome based on that patient’s individual needs and desires. From Check-ups and Cleanings to Implants and

GILLEN Pest Control.com Outsmarting Bugs for Over 50 Years!

We want to be your home for Dentistry

From Check-ups to Implants to Braces, Visit us at www.mccreadds.com to learn more about our office, our outstanding tea We want to be your home for Dentistry

Residential & Commercial Pest Control · Lawns · Trees

“We are Ready to Help with your Pest Control Needs”

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Model Yacht Group

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Communications Committee

Hear More

· Roaches · Ants · Spiders · Fleas/Ticks · Bees/Wasp · Termites

· Lawn/Trees Fertilization Deep Root Feeding Insect Control Dormant Oil

Family Owned and Operated Since 1963

601 South Second St.

Visit us at mccreadds.com to learn more about Richmond, TX 77469 our office, our outstanding team & services we offer 281-342-2121

601 South Second St. • Richmond, TX 77469 281-342-2121

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Bayou Buzz • January 2021

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Sweetgrass Golf Association

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Screens for Windows and Doors • Solar Sun Screens • Insect Screens • Pet Resistant Screens

Start your Custom Door or Window Project Today! For more information www.CambridgeDoors.com

12999 Murphy Rd. Suite D-1 • Stafford, Texas 77477 Showroom: (281) 530-8100 • Fax: (281) 530-8149

Bayou Buzz • January 2021

Ray Wathen raywathen@yahoo.com


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In the Neighborhood Big Cypress

Cindy Hess (281) 799-7487 ckehess@gmail.com Tom Queret (832) 603-1675 tqueret@att.net Bill Foster (832) 449-3071 wmfoster@mail.com Joan Barrett (832) 945-5186 joan@fsonline.com

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Rick O’Hara (979) 373-1529 marrickoh@gmail.com Beverly Porche bcporche@gmail.com Ruthanne Callaham ruthannecallaham@att.net



Sharon Stutts (210) 834-1881 mcstutts@yahoo.com

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Debbie Russell debbierussell76@gmail.com Myrleen Knott myrleen_knott@buffaloflange.com

Candy Curtis (949) 922-7678 cancan123@aol.com Dan Noeth (309) 360-7550 dan.noeth@gmail.com

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Mark Tantillo (281) 762-1811 mark6067@aol.com Larry Girven (713) 594-7471 larrygirven311@gmail.com Sallie Wingeleth (801) 674-2206 salinslc@gmail.com

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David Stanley djstan@ufl.edu Marsha Jacklitsch mjacklitsch@gmail.com

Rolling Ridge

Cathy Buhrke clbuhrke@gmail.com Mike Covault michael@tcrn.com Norman Nolte nenolte@yahoo.com

Ray & Tracy, Del Webb Residents

281-240-9679 • awesomepawz.com



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Brent Diez bmdiez@gmail.com Charlie Graci charju@me.com Carolyn Morley cadge10@aol.com

Marc K. Spector, DDS has been a leading provider of dental services in the Sugar Land community since 1978. Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile, and more, for years to come.

Valley Oaks

Margie Fougeron (317) 695-5458 margiefougeron@hotmail.com

Selected by H-Magazine as one of Houston’s top dentist.

onth 1st M e Fre

Improve your look with Dental Implants!

WWW.SUGARLANDSMILESOURCE.COM 2122 Hwy 90A East Richmond, TX 77406

(281) 565-8880 6350 HWY. 90A, SUITE 500


(New Territory Country Shops)




Bayou Buzz • January 2021

At The Legacy, we... CONNECT

with family, friends, and the community at large!


strong relationships, health, and a fun, active lifestyle!


each individual resident with our professional care staff!



Assisted Living & Memory Care 10403 MASON RD • LEGACYATLONGMEADOW.COM

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(832) 353-2800

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Bayou Buzz - January 2021  

Bayou Buzz - January 2021  

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