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How to Replace the Faucet on a Hot Water Heater logo


The faucet on a hot water heater is actually known as the drain valve. As its name suggests, the drain valve is used to drain hot water from the tank. Draining water is occasionally required in order to conduct repairs. It's also necessary to drain the tank prior to removal. If the drain valve leaks or is otherwise damaged, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Luckily, the aid of a professional plumber isn't warranted. This is a job most homeowners can handle on their own. logo


Turn off the proper breaker at the home's main circuit panel if you own an electric water heater. Turn the gas valve to the "Pilot" setting or shut off the gas entirely if you own a gas water heater. Open a hot water tap somewhere in the house or basement. Allow the water to flow until it is no longer hot. Close the hot water tap. Close the water supply valve that controls the flow of cold water into the water heater. Ensure the valve is completely closed. Ensure all hot water faucets in the house and basement are tightly closed. Do not allow anyone to attempt to turn on the hot water while you're replacing the drain valve. If a hot water faucet is opened, it will break the vacuum and cause the water to rush out of the 公司名称 logo tank.

Prepare your replacement valve. Wrap a layer of Teflon tape around the threads of the new valve. From this point, the replacement valve should be within your reach at all times. Position a bucket or other large container below the old drain valve. If a container will not fit, spread some towels beneath the valve to soak up any water that leaks out. Open the drain valve and allow some water to drain out for approximately three seconds. Close the valve. Remove the old valve with an adjustable wrench. Turn the valve counterclockwise. Work carefully, as you do not want to break the valve. As the valve is removed, a quick spray of water may occur. Be prepared. A small amount of water may continue to leak out. This is normal. logo 公司名称

Turn the replacement valve into the tank as quickly as possible to prevent any further water loss. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the valve clockwise and tighten it. If done quickly and correctly, you will lose very little water during the replacement process. Open the water supply valve to allow cold water to flow back into the tank. Open a hot water tap and allow the water to run until it flows steadily, then close it. Restore electric or gas power to the water heater.



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How to replace the faucet on a hot water heater  

The faucet on a hot water heater is actually known as the drain valve. As its name suggests, the drain valve is used to drain hot water from...

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