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Curriculum Vitae Taylor N. Theis Eugene, Oregon Phone: (559) 786-7638 e-mail: Education University of Oregon MFA Dance

2011 - 2014

Fresno State University 2004 - 2010 BA Theatre Arts and Dance Dance Training Mark Haim, Residency at the University of Oregon, Fall 2012 University of Oregon, Variety of instructors (Shannon Mockli, Brad Garner, Walter Kennedy, Christian Cherry, and Susan Zadoff,) ranging in idioms including: Modern, Ballet, Jazz, African, Improvisation, and Contact Improvisation. 2011-presnt Diego Pi単on, Butoh and Ritual Dance, Tlalpujahua, Mexico. Winter 2011 Diego Pi単on, Butoh and Ritual Dance, Chicago, IL. Summer 2010 Buddy Jones, West African Dance/Drumming, Visalia, CA. Fall 2009-2010 Karl Frost, Body Research, Contact Improvisation, Berkeley, CA. November 2010 Vitali Kononov and Rosemary Hannon, Nono Dance, Contact Improvisation and Release technique, San Francisco, CA. Vitali Kononov, CounterPULSE, San Francisco, CA. Somatics approach to Contact Improvisation. Summer 2011, Fall 2010, Summer 2009 and Summer 2008 Deborah Hay, California Summer Arts, Fresno, CA. Summer 2009 Jon Schreiber, BREENA School of Movement, Oakland, CA. Summer 2009 Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Moving on Center, Oakland, CA. Body-Mind Centering. Winter 2009 Dairakudakan, Butoh Dance Company (Maro Akaji), Roger Belman, Abby Yager, Ursula Payne, American Dance Festival, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. Summer 2008 Gloria Mclean, LifeDANCE Company, New York City, NY. Fall 2008, Summer 2008 Annie Rosenthal Parr, RoCo Dance, Mill Valley, CA. Spring 2008 Dallas Black Dance Troupe, Fresno City College, Fresno, CA. Fall 2004 Fresno State University, Portable Dance Troupe (Performance Company), Fresno, CA. Ruth Griffin, Kenneth Balint, Andy Noble, Tandy Beal, Gina Gibney and Melissa Rolnick. Fall 2004-Spring 2009 National Dance Alliance, Dallas, TX. February 2004- 2008 Vitali Kononov, Breton Cheng, Adam Kononov, and Carol Swann, Moving on Center, Oakland, CA. Performance of Presence workshop series. Summer 2007 HT Chen and Dancers, CSU Summer Arts, Fresno, CA. Summer 2006 Labon Centre, London, England. Winter 2006 Dance Training (continued) The Place, London, England. Winter 2006 Jennie Dodd and Tamzin Hale, Nimblelimbs Dance Company, Brighton, England. January 2006-Summer 2006

Luigi of Luigi Jazz Center, New York City, NY. Summer 2003 Steps Dance/Broadway Dance Studio, New York City, NY. Summer 2003 Sierra Performing Arts Center, Visalia, CA. Pallas and Company Dancers. 1999-2004 Styles/Other Training/Courses Modern Ballet Jazz Hip-Hop Butoh West African Body Mind Centering/Somatics Physical Theatre Iyengar Yoga Pilates Creative Movement for Children/Adults Contact Improvisation Authentic Movement Performances (Past 4 years) Spring Loft, University of Oregon, June 2012 de_com_pos_ur_e—Solo, with creative contributions from Amy Ward Emerging Choreographers, Portland, OR. May 2012 Charlotte In Her Room—Solo, choreographed by Rachel Winchester Graduate Loft, University of Oregon, March 2012 The Being and The Beginning—original choreography Charlotte In Her Room (film)—choreographed by Rachel Winchester and produced by Samuel Gehrke Off—choreographed by Carolina Caballero Faculty Concert 2012, University of Oregon, February 2012 And They Gathered…—choreographed by Brad Garner Butoh Ritual Mexicano, Tlalpujahua, Mexico, December 2011 Seeds and Stones—Solo, with creative contributions from Diego Piñon (Sub) Urban Projections, Eugene, OR. November 2011 And They Gathered…(section 1)— choreographed by Brad Garner Vestiges of Love, Defibulator Gallery, Chicago, IL, July 2011 Vestiges of Love—choreographed by Diego Piñon Art Xposed, Visalia, CA. October 2010 Glamour—Solo, original choreography A Return to Innocence, Gallery 25, Fresno, CA. December 2009 The Sprout and The Bean—Duet, original choreography Rogue Festival, Starline Theatre, Fresno, CA. February/March 2009 Performances (Past 4 years) Unwinding Time—Solo, choreographed by Cheryl Kershaw Soundbird—Duet, choreographed by Cheryl Kershaw Dance Related Employment Graduate Teaching Fellow at the University of Oregon. Fall 2010- present Momentum Dance Academy, Tulare, CA, October 2010-July 2011. Dance Instructor Tulare County Office of Education, Exeter and Visalia, CA, January 2009- February 2010. Creative Movement Facilitator to children and adults with special needs

Camp Royal—Rotary Sponsored Organization, Sequoia National Park, June 2009, Counselor/Movement Facilitator Tulare Union High School Theatre Arts Department, Tulare, CA. Facilitator of Movement and Music Exploration for Actors. Spring 2009, Fall 2010, Spring 2008 Break The Barriers, August 2008-2010. Creative Movement Instructor National Dance Alliance, Dallas, TX. 2004-present. Dance Instructor/Performer/ Choreographer at dance camps located at college universities throughout the U.S Theis Productions, Visalia/Fresno, CA. 2006-Present. Art Event Coordinator. Created and produced: A Lyrical Dialogue Beneath the Umbrella, December 2007 and An Intimate Conversation from the Cellar Door, November 2006 Clovis Stars Dance Academy, Clovis, CA. 2006-2007. Director of Ballet Nimblelimbs Dance Company, London, England, UK. Company Member. January 2006Summer 2006 Courses Taught Butoh and Improvisation: The Poetry of The Body: Spring 2012 Jazz I/II: Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2012 Ballet I: Spring 2012, Fall 2012 Hip Hop I/II: Winter 2012, Spring 2012, Fall 2012 Modern: 2010-2011 Contact Improvisation: Summer 2011 Professional Development American College Dance Festival, Madison, WI, March 2012 Taught a course titled: The Poetry of the Body, and exploration of Butoh and Improvisation Original Choreographic Works Limbs, (duet) University of Oregon, 2012 de_com_pos_ur_e, (solo) University of Oregon, 2012 The Being and the Beginning, (Trio) University of Oregon, 2012 Yield, (duet), Summer 2011 Nude (duet), Spring 2011 Red, (solo), Fall 2010 Sprout and the Bean, (duet), 2009 Merging Lives, (duet), 2009 Pictures of Torn Up Praise, (duet), 2008 Original Choreographic Works (continued) Dialogue, (duet), 2007/2008 The Ocean Breathes Salty, (solo), 2007 Traveler's, Group —(originally set on 12 dancers), 2006 Catch Cold, (solo performance accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, Louis Buhler), 2006 Other Employment/Administrative Experience Video Archiving/Editing, University of Oregon, 2011-present Campaign Manager, Brian Rouch for Supervisor, Dinuba, CA .2010-2011 Retrofit Sales Manager, The Glass Shop, Visalia, CA. 2010-2011 Computer Skills/ Design: Microsoft Office, Excel, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design, Audacity (sound design)

References Gloria Mclean, Director of LIFEDANCE, New York, NY (347) 266- 6804 Kenneth Balint, Professor of Dance at Fresno State University, Fresno, CA (559) 278-5848 Melissa Rolnick, Professor of Dance at Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, MN (507) 933-7642 Carol Hartman, Professor of Art/Gallery Tech at Fresno State University, Fresno, CA (406) 209-1856 Brian Rouch, Candidate for Supervisor of Tulare County, San Francisco, CA (559) 827-8282

Taylor Theis C.V.  
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