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View from Cantonment Road

New Niche Be attracted to a green future






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This design proposal envisions a city magnet - an urban force that draws the city in. Lower levels of pedestrian flow at the South drives this response. By creating a new niche with a new facade, a new centre of attraction is realised, pulling in crowds from the North. A new nature is also generated for the people, as the city livens up with dynamic greenscapes.

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Site Plan


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residential estates

a brand new shopping & dining experience at the new city niche

city magnet new niche new facade

low pedestrian activity

Retail F&B

Retail Level 1 Plan

Scheme 2 DP Architects

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the most serene homes

Residential Roof Terrace

Roof Terrace Plan

Residential Typical Level 33-37

Residential Typical Level 24-32

Sky Terrace Level 8 Plan

Residential Typical Level 21-22

Residential Sky Terrace Level 19 E-Deck Level 7 Plan

Residential Typical Level 12-18

Studio 1-BR

Residential Carpark Typical Level 4-6 Plan

2-BR (1 Bath) 2-BR (Dual Key) 2-BR (Deluxe)

Residential Sky Terrace Level 8


50 sq m modular green design

Office Roof Terrace Office & Retail Carpark Level 3 Plan

Office Typical Level 9-29

Retail F&B

Retail Level 2 Plan Office Sky Terrace Level 8

Scheme 2 DP Architects

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South Elevation

New Nature A self-shading podium for a new urban lifestyle of sustainable comfort Feb - Mar / Aug - Sept Respecting the East-West Solar Orientation

May - Jul

Nov - Jan

Shadow Range Study

Main Entrance Scheme 2 DP Architects

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View from Cantonment Road

Scheme 2 DP Architects

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Skins for Shelter

Inspired by nature for the climatic response of the smart building

Office Facade Bi-directional modular metal screens designed to provide horizontal and vertical shading for every unit. Varying degrees of porosity add a special touch to the facade texture, as well as ensuring visibility to the surrounding city views.

AC Ledge

Residential Facade The homogenous facade skin glows softly in the sun, giving the tower a statement of elegance, while avoiding glare and over-reflection.

Facade Option

Office Facade Option Horizontal fins provide shading for the office units. This is complemented with a series of AC ledges designed to create thoughtful rhythm on the skin, while expressing the curtain-wall aesthetic.

Residential Facade Option Balconies and vertical fins provide shading for the residential units. Detailed to deliver a sleek facade with a neat vertical expression.

Scheme 2 DP Architects

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The Podium

The Atrium

Scheme 2 DP Architects

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View of the Atrium from the Pool

Active, Beautiful & Clean Scheme 2 DP Architects

A series of green terraces, rain gardens, bioretention ponds and sky terraces create a porous ground to minimise rainwater surface-runoff


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Aerial View from Aerial theView East

Scheme 2 DP Architects

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Ryan Tilao Architecture Portfolio  

Architectural Designer with Strong Technical Skills and 3D Sketchup, Autocad, Photoshop, Enscape, Lumion Rendering, Revit.

Ryan Tilao Architecture Portfolio  

Architectural Designer with Strong Technical Skills and 3D Sketchup, Autocad, Photoshop, Enscape, Lumion Rendering, Revit.

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