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The Official Magazine of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club & RBSC Polo Club

Vol. 1 No. 6 May 2013

Happy Anniversary Qi Gong Celebrates 21 Years at RBSC Polo Club Get Fit

Polo Club Fitness Section Party shapes up

................................................ We Are The Family

Musical icons perform at RBSC

No Weak Link

Dr. Kritika Kongsompong does it all

................................................ Sir Nick Faldo

Golf legend leaves his mark in Asia MAY 2013 | 1

2 | MAY 2013

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4 | MAY 2013

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6 | MAY 2013


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CONTENTS CLUB & EVENTS 20 CLUB NEWS Stay up to date with the latest information from the Club ........................................................................................... 32 A FAMILY AFFAIR The “We are the Family” concert rocks RBSC ........................................................................................... 36 FIT AND FUN RBSC Polo Club Physical Fitness Section holds Annual Party ........................................................................................... 38 RBSC GETS CONNECTED Bangkok Connection performs at the latest Chill Night ........................................................................................... 40 STANDING OUT Tuptim Malakul Lane interviews Suchart Mahantakhun, RBSC’s Louis Armstrong ........................................................................................... 44 NEW MEMBERS Welcome to the Club ........................................................................................... 46 CALENDAR Find out when and where your favorite sporting and social activities will be taking place ........................................................................................... 52 ALL GROWN UP Qi Gong celebrated 21st Anniversary at RBSC Polo Club

8 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 9

CONTENTS LIFESTYLE FEATURES 58 SPORTS ROUND UP A look at the sporting action at RBSC ............................................................................................ 65 RBSC GOLF Both the Golf and Ladies’ Golf Section were in action with several high profile events ............................................................................................ 90 LUXURY CLUB Information about prestigious products and property ............................................................................................ 94 DOCTOR’S ORDERS Broken bones may hurt but new technology means they heal faster than ever ............................................................................................ 96 LIFESTYLE INTERVIEW Dr. Kritika Kongsompong opens up about her life as academician, wife and mother ............................................................................................ 102 VINTAGE PORT Hoi An is a historical gem in central Vietnam where cultures blend together

10 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 11

CLUB INFORMATION RBSC CONTACT INFORMATION Comments to General Manager: e-mail: Membership Services: Siraprapa Bamroongpong


Magazine and Public Relations: 02-6525000(150) Panisa Leksukhum Racing: Norrotthamol Parisutthikul


Sports: Nontwarit Jatepiyawat


Food & Beverage: Pornthip Khamchomphu


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02-6525000(176,177) 02-6525000(380) 02-6525000(400) 02-6525000(231)




12 | MAY 2013

RBSC Polo Club 18 soi Sanam Klee (Polo), Wireless Road, Bangkok Tel. 2526731 (10Line) Fax : (662)2535389

MAY 2013 | 13

CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE months. Therefore, all Members are urged to personally submit the Membership Update Form at the RBSC/Polo Club Membership Office. • The Public Address (PA) System Operating Procedures have been set up to alert Members and staff to any given situations requiring their assistance or evacuation. The PA system can be used in case there is any emergency whereby any Member getting an accident that needs to be sent to Club’s nearby hospitals by the Club’s ambulance during Club First Aid’s out of operation hours. On the sporting front, I would like to highlight the Golf Home Interport Match with the Royal Salangor Golf Club (RSGC) from 6th – 7th April 2013. It was honored to have Tan Sri Mohd Anwar, RSGC President and En. Mohd. Azian, RGSC Golf Captain participated the match. Congratulations to former General Committee Member, Mr. Simon Hurst, who scored a hole-in-one on 6th April match at hole No. 17! In March 2013, the Entertainment Committee held two events:

Dear Members, I hope that you had an enjoyable break during the Songkran festival and are now well-revived for more activities and events at the Club in the coming months. Firstly, I would like to update that recently the General Committee met with the representatives of the various RBSC Sports Sections to further discuss the future development of the Clubhouse after there was a mandate for the General Committee to work and propose on costs. Four options were then proposed for the Sports Section representatives’ comments. After deliberation, it was agreed that the Clubhouse needs to be replaced but to maintain its current appearance. The General Committee is working and will further update to Members. Referring to my report at the last issue regarding the General Committee’s initiatives on a few projects, let me elaborate as follows: • The objective of introducing the new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Membership Cards is not only to enhance the Club communication, but also to improve security to Club Members. Such new RFID Membership Cards will be available for Members’ replacement around middle of May with the waiving of card application fee for 6 14 | MAY 2013

• The Chill Night performance by Bangkok Connection Band at the Polo Club Air Bar on Thursday, 16th March 2013 was enjoyed by Members attended the event. The Bangkok Connection, a local band, consists of 6 experienced musicians who normally play Pop Jazz and Fusion Jazz. This band used to perform International Jazz Festival abroad for 5 times. • We Are the Family Concert (Mam Patcharida Wattana, Suda Chuenban, Am Saowalak Leelabutr and Chantana Kitiyapan) on Thursday, 28th March 2013 at the Henri Dunant Hall attracted a number of audience especially those who are their regular fans. Special thanks go to our sponsor, namely Carmax Praram 9. I would like to encourage you to come along to future events to be organized by the Entertainment Committee who works tirelessly to entertain our Members. Three events are to be held in May 2013, i.e. The Spanish Ballroom Dance Night on Thursday, 9th May at the RBSC Henri Dunant Hall, The Chill Night (WE WILL ROCK YOU BY THE BIG BOY BAND) on Thursday, 16th May at the Polo Club Air Bar and the Voice Concert to be performed by “Nont” Thanon Chamroen, the 1st winner of the Voice Thailand, etc. on Thursday, 23rd May 2013 at the RBSC Henri Dunant Hall. Last but not least, recently there was an incident report whereby non-members entered the Club in a car which had the Club’s car sticker, but registered to a different Member’s car and proceeded to use Club’s facility. This resulted to membership suspension to the Member who did not honor the Club’s rules. Therefore, I would like to request you to strictly observe the Club’s rules and regulations. Bhumindr Harinsuit Chairman

MAY 2013 | 15

GM PERSPECTIVE Dear Members As noted in the April magazine there will be a change of the gate operation hours at the Sports Club commencing on 13th May 2103 which I would again like to bring to your attention. Gate 2 will operate from 6a.m. – 10:00pm and after the gate has closed from 10:00pm to 1:00am members may contact the night security to enter the Club to collect their vehicle. Between 1:00 am – 5:00 am the club will be totally closed and members may not enter the club to use the facilities or the car park to collect their cars between those times. The operating time for gates 6&7, the link road between Henri Dunant and Radjardmri will change to operate from 630a.m. to 10:00p.m effective Monday 13th May 2013 Gate 4 will open from 5:00 a.m. for members to enter the club who come to exercise early in the morning. Member’s security is one of prime importance and you may see that some CCTV has been installed around the club, this is just one of the tools that are used in the club; this is to help enhance the safety, wellbeing around the club. Food & Beverage at the Sports Club looks exciting this month with the Pizza promotion and the chefs have a few old time favourites in the menu as well as some rather exciting “fusion” pizzas which I am sure will tempt the taste buds. As always I look forward to seeing you around the Clubs Robert Blythe

16 | MAY 2013

One of the most successful innovations to come out of the Black Forest. And a cuckoo clock.

The difference is Gaggenau. In the Black Forest, some things never change. Others have been evolving since 1683. Ever since our company was founded as a hammer and nail works, innovation has become a tradition for us. Such as the ovens 400 series, shown here with oven, Combi-steam oven and warming drawer – uniting cutting-edge technology with superior design. Finally, our appliances have been constantly evolving. What stays the same: they just keep looking better and better. For more information and a list of partners, please contact us at +66(0) 2769 7900 or visit Alternatively, visit our experience center at BSH Home Appliances Ltd. Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand. Opening hours: Mon - Fri (8.30am-5.30pm)

MAY 2013 | 17


The Official Magazine of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club & RBSC Polo Club

Vol. 1 No. 6 May 2013

Dear Members, This was certainly a busy month at RBSC. From seeing the Golf Section win their Interport match against Royal Selagor Golf Club to enjoying the Qi Gong’s Sections 21st Anniversary, there was rarely a dull moment. I also had a chance to sit down with the winner of the RBSC Fitness Section’s Weight Loss Challenge winner. Khun Jimmy’s story is a good one and I really enjoyed speaking with him. His success is truly inspirational and I still cannot believe just how much weight he lost. Finally, be sure to check out the news section this month. There is quite a bit of important information that you will not want to miss. Regards, Cheyenne Hollis

Happy Anniversary Qi Gong Celebrates 21 Years at RBSC Polo Club Get Fit

Polo Club Fitness Section Party shapes up

................................................ We Are The Family

Musical icons perform at RBSC

No Weak Link

Dr. Kritika Kongsompong does it all

................................................ Sir Nick Faldo

Golf legend leaves his mark in Asia MAY 2013 | 1


PHOTO OF THE MONTH I would personally like to thank the RBSC Polo Club Qi Gong Committee for hosting me on the morning of 5 April. It was extremely impressive to see so many Members participating in Qi Gong and the hospitality was fantastic. The entire Qi Gong Committee should be proud of their accomplishments as the Section celebrates its 21st Anniversary.

18 | MAY 2013

While every care has been taken in the production of this publication, the publisher takes no responsibility for any errors, loss or omissions that may occur. currencies quoted are for information only. no part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. all rights are reserved.

MAY 2013 | 19

CLUB NEWS CLUB RECEIVES HRH PRINCESS MAHA CHAKRI SIRINDHORN The General Committee Members and General Manager were honoured to receive HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 14 Feburary who was at the Club to preside over an event organized by CCF Foundation under the royal patronage. The CCF Foundation has been working to help disadvantaged children in Thailand since 1957 and was registered as a legal Thai foundation on July 15, 1975. HRH

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously accepted the CCF Foundation to be under her Royal Patronage on 26 February, 1994. The Club also used this occasion to donate THB 300,000 from the club fund to the Queen Savang Vadhana Foundation for Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Foundation.

NEW LOOK FOR LAWN BOWLS When a lady wears a new dress in the latest fashion she looks radiant, years younger and catches all eyes. Take a look at the latest improvement at the Polo Club Lawn Bowls green. The banks at each playing end have been resurfaced with the latest scratch resistant plastic coating in green with black speckle finish. Now the green takes on a new look, infinitely better than ever before.

replace the rotten wooden slats of the lawn bowls green. There was still life left in this material - at least 15 years life in fact. Nothing lasts forever! Now we have a radiant bright new face to the green to go with those coloured bowls. Come and have a look - and while you are there, have a roll-up.

The last time the banks were resurfaced was more than 15 years ago when the tennis hard courts were undergoing renovation and the application of a new top surface. The old surfacing was carefully lifted and rolled up. An observant lawn bowls committee man spotted this used material which was going to be disposed of and convinced the management that this was just what was needed to

BEFORE 20 | MAY 2013


MAY 2013 | 21

CLUB NEWS GOLF MAGS WANTED Do you have any old copies of the RBSC Golf magazine that you don’t want anymore? What about any old golf or Club memorabilia that you no longer need? Any members who have back issues of the RBSC Golf magazine or any pieces of Club memorabilia can donate them to the Club for the history library. Those who wish to submit a donation can do so at the Project and Events Department. All donations will go to help preserving the history and legacy of the Club. For more information please contact 0-2652-5000 ext. 152-154.

แผนกชี ่ กง และ โยคะ พลั ง ธรรมชาติ บ ำ � บั ด หลั ก โภชนาการ เกษตรธรรมชาติ และดอกไม้บำ�บัด โดย อาจารย์ สุ ชาติ ชาญนิร ุต ติ และทีม งาน มู ล นิ ธ ิ MOA THAI วั น ศุ ก ร์ ท ี ่ 17 พฤษภาคม 2556 ณ ห้ อ ง Henri Dunant Hall สมาคมราชกรีฑาสโมสร เวลา 13.00-18.00 น. ฟั ง บรรยาย พลั ง ธรรมชาติบำ�บัด หลัก โภชนาการ เกษตร ธรรมชาติ และดอกไม้บำ�บัด พร้ อ มฝึ ก การทำ � สมาธิต ามฐานต่า งๆ 3 ฐาน พร้อ มดื ่ ม น้ ำ � ชายามบ่ า ย จั ดโดย แผนกชี ่ ก งและโยคะ ติด ต่อ สำ�รองที่นั่งได้ท ี่ฝ ่า ย กี ฬ า 02-652-5000 ต่อ 308-313 เป็ นกิ จ กรรมสำ � หรับสมาชิก สมาคมราชกรีฑาสโมสร เท่ า นั ้ น รั บ จำ � นวนจำ � กั ด จำ�นวน 150 ท่า น 22 | MAY 2013

PIZZA, BEER AND OTHER DEALS AT RBSC RBSC is has several generous F&B offers for Members throughout the month of May. From pizza to beer to a special offer at the Winning Post, there is something to please everyone. Come 4 Pay 3 for the buffet at the Winning Post during 1st May – 31st July 2013. Bring along four guests to the Winning Post and only pay for the price of three people. Reserve a table in advance at 02 652 5000 ext. 176-177. May also features RBSC’s Pizza Passion Promotion. Enjoy RBSC’s homemade pizza anytime in May. Don’t forget the Pizza Super Special offer. You will receive one free Diet Coke or Coke Zero when ordering one of the following pizza’s: Margherita, Napoli, Tandoori, Tuna E Salami, Seafood, Pepperoni Classico, Ham & Mushroom, Phad Kra Prow Kai, Kang Kew Wan Moo (pork) or Nuea (Beef), Tom Yum Kung, Calzone Farcito and Smoked Salmon and Mozzarella Calzone.These delicious pizzas are available Friday & Saturday’s in May from 17.00 - 20.30 Hrs. May also sees the continuation of the popular buy one, get one free beer promotion. Anyone who purchases a small bottle (330ml) of Chang Export, Chang Classic or Federbran will receive a second bottle free of charge. This special promotion applies to all outlets. For more details please contact 02 662 5000-21 ext. 176-177.









MAY 2013 | 23

CLUB NEWS GATE CHANGES Several changes to gate operating times will go into effect on 13 May, 2013. Members are advised to take note of the upcoming changes in order to avoid any inconvenience. Between 1 a.m. – 5 a.m. the Club will be totally closed and members may not enter to the car park to collect their cars during this time. Gate 2: Gate 2 will continue to operate as normal from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Members who want to pick up their vehicle after the gate has closed should contact night security. This may be done between 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. and between 5 a.m. – 6 a.m. Gate 4: Members who wish to exercise in the early morning may enter the club using Gate 4. This gate will open each day at 5 a.m. Gates 6 and 7: The link road between Henri Dunant Road and Rajdamri Road will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

BALLROOM BLITZ The RBSC Henri Dunant Hall will see a little Spanish flair as the Entertainment Committee will host Ballroom Dance Night on 9 May from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The night will have a Spanish theme so expect to see some of your favourite Latin dances like the salsa, the tango and the cha-cha. Tickets for the event are THB 1,000 and that includes food and VAT. Guests are welcome to attend as well. To make a reservation or for more information please contact the RBSC Project and Events Department at 0-2652-5000 ext. 152-154.

24 | MAY 2013

TAKE NOTICE The RBSC General Committee recently approved the following two resolutions on 18 March affecting fees in the Barber Shop and Beauty Salon. A five percent fee increase was approved for both the Barber Shop and Beauty Salon at the Clubhouse. The new service fees will go into effect on 1 April, 2013.

ประกาศ สมาคมฯ ขอเรี ย นให้ท ่าน สมาชิ กทราบว่ า คณะ กรรมการอำ � นวยการ ทั ่ ว ไปได้ อ นุ มั ติ การปรับขึ้น อั ตราค่ าบริ การของร้าน เสริ มสวยสุ ภาพสตรีแ ละ สุ ภาพบุ รุ ษ ของ สมาคมฯ เพิ ่ มจากเดิม อีก 5% โดยจะมี ผ ลตั ้ ง แต่ วั นที ่ 1 เมษายน 2556 เป็ นต้ น ไป

MAY 2013 | 25





SONGKRAN AT RBSC Each day from 13 April to 16 April, Members visited the RBSC Lower Verandah to partake the annual Buddha Image Bathing Rite as part of the festivities for Songkran. The honoured tradition allowed Members to cleanse to image of the Budha with fragranced water. It is believed that doing this will bring the individual good luck and prosperity for the New Year. It also allowed Members and their families to share in the tradition. Children took part in the festivities with their parents and grandparents. Celebrating Songkran with one’s elders is one of the most traditional and important aspects of the holiday.

SONGKRAN AT RBSC POLO CLUB Members at RBSC Polo Club took part in the Buddha Image Bathing Rite as part of 2013 Songkran celebrations at the Club. From 13 April to 16 April, Members stopped by the RBSC Polo Club Verandah to take part in the time honoured tradition. KHUN LAORTHIP CHIARANUSSATI 26 | MAY 2013

The Loft Hua Hin O81 9090 999 Prism Condo (BKK) 086 313MAY7741 2013 | 27



The Club continues to announce items that have been left unclaimed in the Lost & Found Notice of Member’s property on a monthly basis. There are still quite a few items that remain unclaimed and those who may have lost something are urged to check the notice or stop by Lost and Found.

The RBSC Tennis Section in cooperation with the Heart Foundation of Thailand under the Royal Patronage organized a CPR Training program at the Grass Court Tennis Lounge in March.

Members are requested to contact the Administration Office, M Floor of the RBSC and/or the Administration & Membership Office, 1st floor of the RBSC Polo Club if they have lost any items within the Clubs premises on or before 31st May 2013. The Club will donate any unclaimed items to a charitable organization starting on 1st June.

รั บ ของที่หายคืน ตามที ่ ส มาคมฯ ได้ ม ี ประกาศรายการสิ่งของที่เก็บได้ภายใน สมาคมฯ เป็ น ประจำ � ทุก เดือ น เพื่อ แจ้งให้ท ่า นสมาชิก ตรวจสอบ และรั บ สิ ่ ง ของดั ง กล่ า วนั้น แต่ในขณะนี้ก ็ยังคงมีสิ่งของหลาย รายการที ่ ไม่ ม ี เจ้ า ของมาติด ต่อ ขอรับคืน ดั ง นั ้ น สมาคมฯ กำ � ลังจะดำ�เนินการบริจ าคสิ่งของที่ไม่ม ี เจ้ า ของมารั บ คื น ให้ ก ั บองค์ก รสาธารณกุศ ล สมาคมฯ จึง ได้ จั ดทำ � รายการของหายดังกล่า วติด ประกาศให้ท ่า นสมาชิก ทราบ อี ก ครั ้ ง โดยท่ า นสมาชิก สามารถติด ต่อ เจ้า หน้า ที่ Lost and Found แผนกบริ ห าร ชั้น M สมาคมราชกรีฑาสโมสร และ/ หรื อ เจ้ า หน้ า ที ่ Lost and Found แผนกบริห ารและสมาชิ ก ชั ้ น 1 สมาคมราชกรี ฑ าสโมสรโปโลคลับ เพื่อ ตรวจสอบและขอรั บ สิ ่ ง ของคื น ภายในวั นที่ 31 พฤษภาคม 2556 จึ ง เรี ย นประกาศมาเพื่อ โปรดทราบ

28 | MAY 2013

Prof. Dr. Prinya Sakiyalak, a regular RBSC tennis player and vice chairman of the Heart Foundation of Thailand under the Royal Patronage, along with his staff conducted the training. Over 30 tennis players, families and Sports Custodians took part in the program. They were able to learn how to properly apply CPR and got to practice the technique on dummies. CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is a first-aid, life-saving technique useful for when a person‘s breathing/ heartbeat has stopped or in the case of a heart attack. Dr. Prinya said that when the heart stops, the lack of oxygenated blood can cause brain damage in only few minutes and a person may die within 8-10 minutes. The program is considered very useful as now the individuals who have taken part in it are equipped with the skills to save a life.


The first improvement Members can expect to see is in regards to information. The new cards will store personal information on them making it easier to do things like workout as well as offering safety benefits. “Let’s say you tag in and tag out every time you go to the gym. The new card will store this information so you can see how often you workout and for how long,” Ply said. “It can also keep information like your allergies and blood type. This means if you are ever injured at the club, emergency personal can scan you card and have important health information immediately without having to find your information forms.” The new card will also improve the policy process at the club. The information on each card is encrypted meaning no copies can be made. It will provide higher safety at the club by making sure there is no unauthorized use and allowing security to track back in the unlikely event of an incident at the club. Another key benefit of the new cards involves premium services. It will improve the Food and Beverage point collection and rewards schemes and also allow for the Club to have more F&B promotions.


“The new card will also eliminate some of the more annoying aspects of the old cards because it can keep all your points and rewards in one place instead of needing a bunch of different things,” Ply added. “It will also make everything quicker and easier in general.”

Starting on 15 May, Members can obtain the new, state of the art membership cards to replace their old cards. The new cards have numerous benefits for Members and the card replacement fee will be waived for the next six months.

Over the next year, the Club will roll out other uses and benefits for the new membership cards that will continue to improve each Member’s experience at the Club. The RFID cards will be able to incorporate new technologies as they are released.

The main change to membership cards will see the introduction of the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) which will replace the old magnetic system. The RFID system comes with several improvements over the old cards. “The three main areas that will be improved are information, the policy process which involves security and premium services,” Ply Samudavanija, who is helping oversee the switch, said. “By switching to the new card, Members will see several improvements that make things much easier for them on a daily basis.”

“The new cards are exciting and we hope to be able to incorporate the new cards with Members smartsphones using NFC technology in the near future,” Ply added. “Those who do not upgrade to the new membership cards are likely to get left behind because they will be missing out on a lot of great stuff.” The process to obtain a new card is quick and easy. All you have to do is stop by the main office in person to take a new photo and update your information paperwork. The new card will be available the same day you apply for it.

HEAR THE VOICE The Entertainment Committee proudly presents The Voice at RBSC on Thursday, 23 May. The concert will take place at Henri Dunant Hall starting at 7 p.m and is sure to be another entertaining and delightful musical performance. “Nont” Thanon Chamroen, the very first winner of the Voice Thailand, will be performing live at RBSC. For more information about the concert including ticket information please contact 0-2652-5000 ext. 152-154. The Voice at RBSC is brought to you in part by truemove H 3G+. MAY 2013 | 29


THE RBSC POLO CLUB EQUESTRIAN OPEN 2013 The Equestrian Section is pleased to announce the holding of the Club’s biggest annual equestrian open event, the RBSC Polo Club Equestrian Open 2013. The event will take place from 24 to 26 May. Riders from RBSC will put themselves to the test against top riders from renowned riding clubs all around the Thailand. Featured at the event is the competition for two very prestigious trophies. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup and B.Grimm Cup will be competed for at the Open. All members are welcome to participate or see this most exciting event held at RBSC Polo Club.

SUPER SPORT CLOSED ON RACEDAYS This is a reminder that as of 31 March the Super Sports shop in the RBSC Building will be closed on all Racedays. If the Raceday is on Saturday, the Super Sports Shop will be closed on Saturday and will be opened on Sunday. If the Raceday is cancelled, the Super Sports Shop will be opened. Club management wishes to apologize for any inconvenience.

ปิ ดทำ�การร้า นซุปเปอร์สปอร์ต วั นที่มีการแข่งขันม้า ร้ า นซุ ป เปอร์ ส ปอร์ ต อาคาร RSC ชั้น M จะหยุด บริก ารเป็ น ประจำ � ในวั นที ่ ส มาคมฯ มี ก ารจัด การแข่งม้า โดยจะเริ่ม ตั้งแต่ก ารแข่ ง ม้ าใน วั นอาทิ ตย์ ท ี ่ 31 มี น าคม 2556 เป็นต้นไป • กรณี ท ี ่ ว ั น แข่ ง ม้ า ตรงกับวันเสาร์ ร้า นซุปเปอร์สปอร์ต จะหยุ ด 30 | MAY 2013

บริ การในวั น เสาร์ น ั ้ น และจะเปิ ดบริ การตามปกติ ในวั น อาทิ ตย์แทน • กรณี ที ่ การแข่ ง ม้ าถู กยกเลิ ก ร้ านซุ ป เปอร์ สปอร์ ตจะเปิ ด บริก ารใน วั นดั ง กล่ าวตามปกติ จึ ง ประกาศมาเพื ่ อ ทราบ และขออภั ย ในความไม่ สะดวก ในครั ้ งนี้

MAY 2013 | 31



t was truly a night to remember at the RBSC Henri Dunant Hall on 28 March as the “We Are the Family� concert took center stage with Mam-Mouth and Amp-Dang performing. The pair of mothers and daughters came together for an amazing show that kept things in the family. Saowaluck Leelaputra and Patcharida Wattana are no strangers. The two were part of the female vocal group Sao-Sao-Sao, one of the most famous groups in Thai history. Hugely successful in the 1980s, the group released several popular albums and countless hits during their time together. Their mothers also happen to be musical legends as well. Chantana Kittiyapan has been a mainstay on the musical scene for quite some time now. The chance to perform with her daughter Saowaluck Leelaputra is simply adding to her legacy. Suda Chuenban has also had an impressive career in the music industry. Her enthusiasm and popular style have impressed audiences for quite some time now. The opportunity to perform with her daughter Patcharida Wattana shows just what a talented family they are. To have these four sharing a stage at the RBSC Henri Dunant Hall was quite a treat. Both Members and guests filled the venue to witness a special show. They were not disappointed either. The lively performance even featured some audience participation and everyone went home in awe of both Mam-Mouth and Amp-Dang. The Club would like to thank CarMax Praram 9 for sponsoring the event. The concert was presented by the Entertainment Committee. For more information on future events please contact 0-2652-5000 ext. 152-154.


32 | MAY 2013


MAY 2013 | 33





34 | MAY 2013


MAY 2013 | 35



he Physical Fitness Section is one of the most popular Sections at RBSC Polo Club so it was no surprise when nearly 400 Members turned up at the 2013 RBSC Polo Club Fitness Section’s Annual Party held in Rajkreetha Hall on 23 March. The Hall was buzzing with excitement and activity as Members came out to support the RBSC Polo Club Physical Fitness Section. Those in attendance were treated to some spectacular shows. Members from each of the Section’s classes participated in demonstrations that wowed the audience. Line Dance, Zumba, Ballroom Dance, Rum Thai (Thai Dance) and Tae Kwan Do all showed off their skills with unique performances. It also fit in well with the Section’s motto, “Shape your life, shape your body.” Fitness is a very important to maintaining good health and with some of the best facilities in Bangkok, RBSC and RBSC Polo Club offers Members several great ways to stay in shape year round. The Party was more than just a good show, delicious food and drinks were served and the Physical Fitness Committee gave away several great prizes during the event. Some of the prizes included a package tour from Bangkok to Hanoi, an Ipad, a few Ipods, digital cameras and much more. The party raised THB 56,700 from the selling of raffles tickets. This sum was donated to the Thai Red Cross Office in Thailand. The party’s atmosphere was happily accentuated by this spirit of generosity from Members.

36 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 37




angkok Connection came to the Air Bar at the RBSC Polo Club on 21 March for Chill Night. The legendary group performed with gusto in front of a lively crowd of Members making for another fantastic night. The band came together in 1982 and has been performing both locally and internationally for over 30 years. RBSC may not have been the most exotic venue Bangkok Connection has performed at, but the ensemble still put on a magnificent show. The group is well known for its interesting and diverse style and their dynamic rhythm section. These are just a few of the many reasons Bangkok Connection is popular with audiences all over.



38 | MAY 2013

The Chill Night also featured a lucky draw in which one Member got to take home buffet lunch vouchers from Furama Hotel. RBSC would like to thank the following sponsors for another successful Chill Night at the Club: Heineken, SEE FAH, True Move H 3G+,Furama Hotel,Nok Air and Mont Fleur.





MAY 2013 | 39


SUCHART MAHANTAKHUN “What a Wonderful World� melodically floats over the party noise, mixing with laughter and sounds of clinking glasses. Is this Satchmo or Suchart? It is an impossible task to separate the two if only audio was all that was available. Tuptim uncovers the man behind the recognizable gravelly voice, the one and only Louis Armstrong of Thailand. By Tuptim Malakul Lane

MAY 2013 | 41

STANDING OUT When did you start to have this recognizable voice? I was born with an impediment of the vocal chords. Medical science in those days could not assure my family that if this was surgically adjusted, it could result in the loss of voice altogether. So the decision was to do nothing. Perhaps during my growing up years I felt self-conscious but by the time I had my own business, the voice became my ID. Case in point, unfortunately not carrying a cheque book on the very day I needed to cash some money, (prior to ATM days). I called the bank to ask if I could draw out cash, and send a cheque by messenger the following day. The bank instantly obliged because they recognized my voice. Music is in your blood, you play the guitar, you dance, and with your recognizable voice you sing just like a black man, tell us how you came to sing just like Louis Armstrong, the jazz singer from New Orleans. In those days there was no outlet to perform on stage so I 42 | MAY 2013

just played my guitar and sang along with my friends. I tried singing Rod Stewart’s songs, but his voice is one octave higher than mine. I would’ve destroyed Stewart’s great songs, so I looked for something more bluesy. I tried Nat King Cole but his songs were too romantic and I’m not a romantic guy so the challenge of singing Jazz in a black man’s world was a test of my abilities. The year of 1984 “What a Wonderful World” was then one of the songs on the sound track of “Good Morning Vietnam” and I took the challenge. It was also part of the soundtrack of Brad Pitt’s “Meet Joe Black” in 1998. What is Scat Singing? There are stories that Satchmo would drop his music notes and could not remember the lyrics, so demonstrated his dexterity in improvising, bending the lyrics and melody of a song for expressive purposes. So Scat singing is really just vocalizing using sounds and syllables instead of actual lyrics.

What about Runs, Riffs and Adlibs? Best answer I can give you (as he demonstrateswow I am lost in that melody): Runs – are notes you hold and add your own Flava to it. Riffs – are the harmonies you add to the chorus. Adlibs – are extra words emphasizing different parts in the song to make it full and exercising your vocal chords. Have you sung to a large audience? I have had the honour to sing in front of a Royal Audience. A bit nerve wracking at first but once I hear the music, I am lost in that world and enjoy it immensely. I am not nervous of my own singing but more nervous on whether the band can lead me. I have heard you sing and in some instances couldn’t see your face, I was quite confident that it was a black man singing. Do you morph into their persona? Funny you should ask that, yes I do. I think, and feel like a black man when I sing the “blues”. It’s not just imitating

the sound but its how I deliver the song. Some black people in the audience have come and given me a hug and carried me off. A connoisseur of fine wine and champagne, what do you sip when belting out a Bluesy number? I never drink alcohol when I sing. In front of me would be a jug of water. Alcohol dehydrates which is bad for the vocal chords, it tends to make them easily irritated. Many of your friends have said you have maintained this voice since your forties, fifties and now in your seventies and it is still very powerful. How have you retained the strength of your voice, kept the notes, never losing your voice throughout the years? I do a lot of exercise and keep fit. My regimen is very simple. I play doubles tennis on grass, then hit the gym almost every day. This helps aerobically for my lungs, keep the muscles supple and generally keep in shape.

MAY 2013 | 43


Name: Khun Chavin Potranandana Proposer: Khun Meepahd Potranandana Seconder: Khun Sumitr Potranandana

Name: Name: Mr. David Wong Gay Au Proposer: Khun Somrit Soonthornrungsi Seconder: Khun Pongpisit Viseshakul

Name: Mr. Douglas Hartzler Wise Proposer: Khun Chamlong Srikanchana Seconder: Khun Watcharaphan Srikanchana

Name: Gen. Jiradej Mokkhasmit Proposer: Khun Gampanath Udomsorayuth Seconder: Col. Bromvich Varunprabha

Name: Mr. Mark Philip Parsley Proposer: Mr. Alan C.Y. Kam Seconder: Khun Adisak Chanpong

Name: Khun Napong Posakrisna Proposer: Khun Apirarm Posakrisna Seconder: Prof.Dr. Thiravat Hemachudha

Name: Khun Nattapan Jeremy Poupart Proposer: Khun Frederick Chatchawan Poupart Seconder: Khun Chaiyapol Julien Poupart

Name: Khun Nonthapath Komolkiti Proposer: Khun Rajendr Komolkiti Seconder: Khun Aswin Komolkiti

Name: Khun Nopnan Siriyodhin Proposer: Dr. Pongsathorn Siriyodhin Seconder: Khun Chongchitt Chuntamongkol

Name: Khun Norrapat Sihanonth Proposer: Dr. Prakitsin Sihanonth Seconder: Khun Piyabutr Cholvijarn

Name: Mr. Shinichi Sato Proposer: Khun Banthit Chankanit Seconder: Khun Piyaworn Chankanit

Name: Pol.Gen. Somyot Poompanmoung Proposer: Pol.Maj.Gen. Jaruvat Vaisaya Seconder: Pol.Maj. Wacharis Pongpanit

Name: Khun Thatchatham Sihanonth Proposer: Khun Piyabutr Cholvijarn Seconder: Dr. Prakitsin Sihanonth

44 | MAY 2013

Name: Khun Ticomeporn Monsintorn Proposer: Khun Veerachai Monsintorn Seconder: Lt. Surasee Athakravisoonthorn, RTAF

Name: Khun Voraphol Limjaroenrat Proposer: Khun Banlue Limjaroenrat Seconder: Khun Tun Limcharoenrat

Name: Khun Chanakarn Phinichka Proposer: Khun Kritapol Sundaravej Seconder: Khun Navnant Singh Doowa


Name: Miss Chanakarn Cheewakriengkrai Proposer: Khun Arnut Cheewakriengkrai Seconder: Khun Atapol Bhumichitra

Name: Miss Jittima Laoprapassorn Proposer: Khun Wiroge Laoprapassorn Seconder: Khun Surachet Worawongwasu

Name: Mrs. Potjamarn Sawaetwong

Name: Miss Shamon Klungsupavipat Proposer: Khun Jira Klungsupavipat Seconder: Khun Napatr Yuvachitti

Name: Miss Tanyatip Valyasevi Proposer: Khun Tavee Taveeratana Seconder: Pol.Maj.Gen. Adis Ngamchitsuksri

Name: Miss Tiptanya Valyasevi Proposer: Khun Tanyavat Valyasevi Seconder: Khun Tirathavalya Valyasevi

Name: Mrs. Vivien Ley

Name: Miss Warisara Ratanavijai Proposer: Pol.Gen. Snong Wattanavrangkul Seconder: Khun Chanin Ratanavijai



Name: Mr. Wei-Chun Tseng Proposer: Khun Thonglor Sukamongkol Seconder: Khun Suebwong Sukamongkol

Name: Khun Wiwat Inthaiwong Proposer: Air Marshal Visith Dusitnanond Seconder: Khun Panyavudh Dusitnanond


Name: Mrs. La-Orta Thienlikit

MAY 2013 | 45










Bridge Swiss Team of Four 7pm

Squash RBSC 23rd Squash Chiengmai Cup

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Badminton RBSC vs India-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Office Closed

Squash RBSC 23rd Squash Chiengmai Cup



Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Open Pairs 1:30pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am

Tennis Ladies RBSC vs JAPANESS 3:30pm

Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Ballroom Dance 7pm


4 Golf Mixed Team Competition (Qualifying Round) 7.30pm Squash RBSC 23rd Squash Chiengmai Cup

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am





Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

Nation Labour Day

Golf Mixed Team Competition (Final Round) 7:30am


Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am



Golf Away Interport Match RBSC vs RSC Malaysia 1pm

Golf Away Interport Match RBSC vs RSCG Malaysia 1pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Billiards HRH Princess Maha Chari Sirindhorn Trophy Satamitr Snooker Tournament 8am

Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Office Closed Coronation Day

12 Golf Away Interport Match RBSC vs RSCG Malaysia 8am Racing 12:15pm







Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Hockey League 2012/2013 5.30pm

Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Open Pairs 1:30pm

Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Table Tennis Closed Tournament & Annual Party

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30 am

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Swimming Junior Family Swim 1pm

Badminton RBSC vs CGA 5.30pm Chill Night @Polo 7pm

19 Sunday Lunch 11:30am -2:30pm

26 Racing 12:15pm



Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am



22 Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am Ladies’Golf Phya Srivikorn cup 8:30am Badminton RBSC vs National Self Defence 5.30pm Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm Lamdhan Dhamma 8am


Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Bridge 2nd Swiss Team Golf Rama VII Trophy 7:30am

Special Events The voice Concert @Henri Dunant Hall 7pm

Office Closed Visakha Bucha Day



Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Open Pairs 1:30pm

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am

AGM Basketball 6pm

Hockey League 2012/2013 5:30pm

AGM Squash 6pm Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm

RBSC 46 | MAY 2013


Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Soccer Youth program @Polo 4pm


23 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30pm








SAT 1 Golf Hongladarom Cup (Qualifying Round-Stoke Play) Hockey 6 A Side (out of Season) Tennis Friendly Match vs. the Royal Thai Police 3pm Tennis Friendly Match vs. the Government Saving Bank 3pm

2 Golf Hongladarom Cup (1st Round-Match Play)

9 Racing 12:15pm

3 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

4 Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am

10 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

11 Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am

5 Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

12 Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

6 Bridge Swiss Team of Four 7pm

13 Bridge Open Pairs 1:30pm

7 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

8 Golf Hongladarom Cup (Quarter Final Round)

14 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

15 Golf Hongladarom Cup (Semi-Final Round Play) Table Tennis One Day Tournament 10am

16 Golf Hongladarom Cup (Final Round-36 hole Marth Play)

17 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

18 Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am

Ladies’Golf Chairman’s Cup



Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Open Pairs 7pm

Lamdhan Dhamma 8am

Badminton RBSC vs Saturday Club

21 Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Chill Night @Polo 7pm

23 Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Junior Championships 10 am Sunday Lunch 11:30am -2:30pm






Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Ladies’ Invitational 9:30am

Bridge Ladies Pairs 9:30am

Bridge Open Pairs 9:30pm

Bridge Open Pairs 9:30am

Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Championships 5.30pm

Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Championships 5.30pm

Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Championships 5.30pm

Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Championships 5.30pm

Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Championships 5.30pm

22 Racing 12:15pm Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Junior Championships 10am

29 Golf St.Amory Cup (Qualifying Round) Badminton 2013 Mid-Year Badminton Championships (Final Round & Party) 2pm

30 Golf St.Amory Cup (Final Round)









48 | MAY 2013


RBSC FOOD TIDBITS May gives Members a chance to enjoy some savoury salmon at the Sports Club. Members can celebrate and enjoy a variety of salmon dishes during the month that will surely impress even the most discerning taste buds. The smoked salmon submarine combines delicious smoked salmon with guacamole, lettuce, boiled egg, onions and capers for a perfect mid-day snack break or try the palette pleasing Salmon Ceviche for something a little different. Served raw, the fresh salmon is marinated in orange juice serve with horseradish cream to create a flavourful dish. For something a little more filling, the Stir Fried Salmon with Black Bean is a good choice with its Oriental flavor cubes of salmon, vegetables with black bean-garlic sauce and accompanied with vermicelli. Those seeking something with a little more spice should try the Salmon Parcel En Croute or Grilled Salmon Provenรงal. The former features grilled salmon in Mexican spices and wrapped in a tortilla served with grilled asparagus, cherry tomato and pesto sauce while the later features grilled salmon provenรงal with Salsa a la Veracruz Ana served with roast herbed potatoes, zucchini and julienne vegetables. Any meal can be capped off with a piece of scrumptious Lychee Cake or succulent Coconut Delight Cake. Both treats serve as a perfect end to a perfect meal.


MAY 2013 | 49








50 | MAY 2013



May is very special month at the RBSC Polo Club as Members can enjoy a selection of the chef’s signature dishes. With everything from ostrich to shitake mushrooms being served, there is something for everyone on the menu. The European menu features several unique main courses. Members can choose from grilled fillet ostrich with peppercorn sauce, roasted fillet of venison with mushroom sauce or stewed venison with saffron risotto mushroom. You can also add a soft shell crab salad as a starter and there are two delicious choices for dessert.  



The Thai Kitchen has several exciting options in May. The Shitake mushroom stuffed with shrimp in brown sauce is a popular choice, you can’t go wrong with the baked quail with Hong Kong kale and it is hard to resist the spicy salad with beef. Those are just a few of many Thai dishes on offer this month. For those around the pool, the Pool Kitchen is cooking up some great items as well. Try the spicy chicken spring rolls, the crispy chicken Yum, ther crispy wonton with seafood Lard-Na or one of the many other dishes offered.

MAY 2013 | 51


ALL GROWN UP The Qi Gong Section at RBSC Polo Club is celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. What started as a small class under the Polo Club Jogging Section has grown mightily over the years. Now its own Section with over 500 Members, Qi Gong continues to offer a place to get healthy, have fun and meet new friends.

52 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 53

SPORTS ROUND UP: LEADING OFF Daylight breaks over the RBSC Polo Club and the sun fights its way through the typically hazy Bangkok sky. It is a little before 7 a.m. at the Polo Club but there are already signs of activity. The joggers are circling the track, the swimmers are completing their laps, riders take out the horses for some morning exercise and peaceful music can be heard coming from the garden area. Chances are if you have been at Polo Club in the morning you have seen the Qi Gong Section. They have been there every day, Monday through Friday, minus public holidays of course, starting at 6:30 a.m. in the garden area, between the children’s pool and stable for the past 21 years. Yet, a lot of people are still unaware of Qi Gong or what the Section does. “A lot of people just think it is that thing old people do in the morning,” Qi Gong chairman Vichai Veerasaksri says with a chuckle. “I used to be one of those people too. I would walk by them every morning on my way to jog and wonder what they were doing. Now Qi Gong has become my second family. I can’t imagine not being here.”

try it. One day, it was raining so I could not go running. I decided to try Qi Gong instead. After 30 minutes, I was sweating more than I ever would have running. It was a really good workout.” A few Members requested a Qi Gong class be brought to the Polo Club after seeing it in Lumpini Park. The chairman of the Jogging Section at the time, Vuthichai Wanglee, was happy to oblige and brought the activity to the Club. However, no one really knew what to expect.

Vichai’s passion and dedication for Qi Gong is impressive. It is hard to imagine him not being involved in it, such is his dedication. As chairman of the Section for 13 years now, he has seen it continue to grow. None of this would have happened, however, without Vichai’s brother, Vichain.

“I remember waiting right here in the garden, the same place we are now, for the first class,” Sanny Leung says. “I was the first person here. I even got here before the teacher. I was really worried because in order to start at least 12 people to show up and I didn’t know if we would get 12 people. Luckily, more than the required amount were there and we have kept going ever since.”

“My brother was always telling me that I should try Qi Gong but I always thought that it was for old people and didn’t listen to him,” Vichai recalls. “He gave me a Qi Gong video tape and told me I should

Qi Gong started with 20 people partaking in the morning classes. The number would continue to grow and after seven

54 | MAY 2013

years, Qi Gong seperated from the Jogging Section and form it’s own section. That does not change the importance that the Jogging Section and its former chairmen Vuttichai Wanglee and later Arpasphong Bulbon had. “Though the former chairmen of the Jogging Section did not participate in Qi Gong but understood the benefits it had to members,” Sanny notes. “Now, the current Qi Gong chairman and the committee participate in it so this makes our Section even stronger. Everyone wants to see the Section continue on successfully.” Sanny, alongside Thanimpong Wongvasu, Sirichai Simaskul and Vandee Kamolsiri, lead the classes at RBSC Polo Club. She says Qi Gong is extremely beneficial because it can improve blood circulation, maintain a healthy respiratory system, improve sleep quality and help in numerous other aspects of life. It is a combination of breathing, movements and meditation that is designed to improve overall wellbeing. “I like to think of Qi Gong as exercise for the internal affairs. It can really help out your organs and those are very important,” Sanny explains. “Jogging and lifting weights is good for the muscles but not really organs. People don’t always think about this but it does really affect your health.”

Qi Gong forces you to sweat but it is a different type of sweat than normal exercise, Vichai says. He found this out very quickly when he started practicing Qi Gong. “People look at Qi Gong and think it is easy but the breathing really focuses your body to work. After every workout you find yourself covered in sweat but it is a healthy sweat. You feel good afterwards,” Vichai says. One of the many appealing aspects of Qi Gong is the simple nature of the art. The Section has participants ranging from ten years old to 87. Sanny and the other Qi Gong instructors at RBSC Polo Club are willing to work with new students before and after each class to help them better understand the movements and breathing techniques. “It is easy to learn and difficult to master. It is great because anyone can do it regardless of age as long as they are


MAY 2013 | 55


willing to have faith,” Sanny states. “If you approach Qi Gong with an open mindset and a little faith, it can be very beneficial. There is no competition and no right or wrong way to do things. We all want to see each other be successful, happy and as healthy as possible.” Sanny stresses faith and she believes it is very vital to Qi Gong. She says people who approach the discipline with an open mind and open heart are the ones who benefit the most. A lot of the time they become hooked. One thing most people are not aware of is the fact the Qi Gong Section has a lot more going on than just classes. The Committee has organized all kind of events and activities to keep members active and entertained. “We are always organizing activities for our members. We actually just got back from visiting Taiwan. Forty two members of the Section went and we really had a good time,” Vichai says. “We also organize a lot of charity activities and have a special Qi Gong breakfast. The members always enjoy these events.” Another Section activity Vichai is extremely proud of is the singing class. Monday through Thursday evenings, the Qi Gong Section hosts singing classes at the Polo Club. There are currently 72 Members that take part in these classes throughout the week.


“The singing classes are actually important for Qi Gong. They can really help a person better control their breathing and diaphragm. These are used a lot in Qi Gong,” Vichai points out. “Of course, they are fun for Members too. It is a good balance and something that brings the Section closer together.” After Qi Gong class each morning, a lot of Members stick around to enjoy breakfast, share stories and enjoy each other’s companies. In many ways, Qi Gong is more like a family than a section. The bond goes much deeper than participating in an activity together. “We care about each other. I think we all come for the Qi Gong but we stay because of the friendships,” Vichai shares. “A lot of people view Qi Gong as their second family and that is special. Of course, we couldn’t do any of this without the support of the General Committee as well as our own Committee. Suthi Chinwongvatana (1st Vice Chairman), Somkid Thanapoomikul (2nd Vice Chairman), Pichai Kanivichaporn (Hon. Secretary) and Kiti Tanjasiri (Hon. Treasurer) are very important to the success of Qi Gong.” With 21 years in the books, the Qi Gong Section now looks forward to what the future holds. “We just want anyone who is interested in Qi Gong to come out and give it try. We are very welcoming and love seeing new faces around here,” Vichai concludes. “There is no pressure to join and we won’t make you pay any dues to participate at first so there is no reason not to at least try it once.”

56 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 57



Badminton Gains Experience The result may not have went their way but the RBSC Badminton team gained some valuable experience in their match against Kiew Lark Din played at RBSC toward the end of March. Kiew Lark Din was led by RBSC Member Khun Korn Dabbaransi and the club boasts several ex-national team players in its ranks. RBSC struggled against these world class players winning only one out of the 20 matches between the two sides. Kiew Lark Din recorded 15 victories and there were four draws. Despite the setback, RBSC was able to take away several positives from playing against such high caliber players. The match will certainly benefit the Badminton Section in future contests.




Snooker Sneaks by PSC The RBSC Snooker Team welcomed Penang Sports Club to RBSC in March for a friendly match between to the two teams. It was an extremely close contest but RBSC was able to claim the victory overcoming PSC by a final score of 6-5. The RBSC team was comprised of Tavicha Stholasuta, Pol.Lt.Col Dr. Eakalux Deerungroj, Veeranand Vanijaka and Ittikorn Banjodee. The foursome played well during the match doing just enough to see off their guests from Malaysia. 58 | MAY 2013

RBSC Polo Club Equestrian Championship 2013 The RBSC Polo Club Equestrian Championship 2013, an internal competition aimed to find the best riders and horses in the Club was held on Saturday, 30th March 2013. There were a total of 49 entries and the winners of each class were:-

Class Type Rider Horse/Pony 1 Dressage M-Level Cunaporn Wattanasarn Antares 2 Dressage Elementary Kyra Virulchanya Kendrik 3 Dressage Novice Pornsri Prachuabmoh Molly 4 Dressage Preliminary Thitapa Worawan Na Ayudhya Kamrai 5 Dressage Introductory Nitinand Kongsiri Dao 6

Show Jumping 40-50 cm.

Nitinand Kongsiri


7 Show Jumping 50-60 cm. Titawat Watcharothai Cohuna 8

Show Jumping 70-80 cm.

Chaiyaphan Pongkoh



Show Jumping 105 cm.

Thitapa Worawan Na Ayudhya



Show Jumping 90 cm.

Akkara Konglap-amnuay


At the event, members and their children were able to see the unique sportsmanship in equestrian sports where there are no boundaries between age, gender or student/instructor status. Besides, these competitions are not only a test for the riders but also for the horses or ponies as well, and, no matter how experienced a rider is, it is the best horse & rider harmony and communication combination of the day that plays a major role in a victory.

MAY 2013 | 59


The Biggest Winner Some people lose weight because they want to be healthier, other people do it because they want to have a six-pack or movie star body but the reason behind Worarit “Jimmy” Meesamanyont’s decision to participate in the RBSC Weight Loss challenge had nothing to do with what he wanted. “One day my sister called me up and told me I had to win the Weight Loss Challenge at the Club because whoever won would get an iPad mini and she wanted the iPad mini,” Jimmy jokes. “I didn’t really have a choice. I had to do it and I had to win it.” Jimmy admits that he also entered the contest because it was a chance to get into better shape. He saw it as an opportunity to test himself and what he was capable of doing, however, he had no idea what to expect before the competition started. “I was really excited to start the challenge but I was also nervous. There were around 50 people participating and I realized this was going to be very competitive,” Jimmy says. “Everyone was working so hard throughout the entire month and I was constantly worried that someone would overtake me. Everyone competing so hard really motivated me to push myself.” By the end of the 30 day competition, Jimmy had lost an astonishing 14.2 kilograms. Jimmy did not do it all by himself. There were several people who supported him throughout his journey and he believes he could not have done it with their help. “The Weight Loss Challenge was like a one-month roller coaster ride and I have to thank a lot of people for be willing to help me and understand what I was going through,” Jimmy states. “For starters, my family was always encouraging me. 60 | MAY 2013

My boss was always very supportive. I also couldn’t have done it without my personal trainer.” Jimmy’s personal trainer at RBSC helped him create a plan of action and motivated him to stick to it. The weight loss plan created by the trainer included cardiovascular training, weight training and the creation of a diet plan. Without these, Jimmy isn’t sure he would have been able to win the competition. “My personal trainer was extremely important. Just having someone to motivate you and help you every day is important because you might not be motivated to work out if they weren’t there,” Jimmy says. “Before the competition, I would try to go running in the morning but a lot of the time I couldn’t make myself wake up that early. You don’t have a choice when someone is there coaching you and checking your progress each morning.” The personal trainer taught Jimmy about the four M’s and these helped him better understand weight loss. The four M’s are man (personal goals), machine (gym equipment), material (food) and matter (coach/trainer). “When you combine the four M’s and self-discipline you can accomplish anything,” Jimmy proclaims. “It is very hard to resist from eating good food, drinking beer and waking up late but if you do those you will not lose weight. It is hard at first but once you get into a positive routine, it is impossible to stop.” After a month of intense diet and exercise, Jimmy would qualify as one of the five finalists for the competition. This meant he would be weighed on stage at the Annual Physical

Swimming Masters Fitness Party. The winner would then be announced to the crowd after the weigh-in. “I expected to see good results before the weigh-in so I wasn’t really nervous at first when I was on the stage. I was the last one to be weighed but when the fourth person got up to the scale I started to get a bit shaky,” Jimmy recalls. “(When I was announced as the winner), I felt really happy. It was joyful. My family was there and it felt nice to know that I did it and I beat obesity.” The moment was punctuated by Jimmy’s niece running up on stage to celebrate with her uncle. It also meant the Jimmy’s sister would get the iPad mini. If it wasn’t for her and that phone call, he may have never even taken part in the RBSC Weight Loss Challenge.

It was banner day for the RBSC Polo Club Swimming Section as a group swimmers from the Club competed at Thailand Masters International Swimming Championship 2013 in early March. RBSC swimmers collected an impressive 24 medals at the event including an astounding 17 gold medals. The championship was held at the Sports Authority of Thailand Swimming Pool. This was the first year RBSC Polo Club took part in the event but they surely left a lasting impression. After their triumph, the RBSC Polo Club Swimming Committee held a reception party for the swimmers and their families to commemorate their success at the Thailand Masters.

Jimmy also credits the Club and Physical Fitness Section for his success as well. He says RBSC has superb facilities and the Fitness Committee does a good job in offering members unique activities and events. It has been over two months since Jimmy won and he finds the benefits of new, fitter self to be amazing. “I feel so much better being in good shape. I can jog faster and farther than ever before, I am better at sports and I just feel healthier,” Jimmy says. “Even at work I feel better and more productive. Anyone can do this so I would encourage any Members interested in losing weight to try it.” Of course, those starting a diet and exercise program will have to find a few tricks to stay motivated just like Jimmy did. “I would listen to Justin Bieber to get me pumped up for those early morning workouts,” Jimmy admits. ‘Every morning I would go to the gym and put “Never Say Never” on my iPod. As silly as it sounds, it really kept me going.” MAY 2013 | 61


Cricket Compete for President’s Bowl The RBSC Cricket team welcomed Singapore Cricket Club to Bangkok at the end of March for the two clubs’ annual Interport match. The sides played a friendly match on Saturday, March 30 and then competed for the President’s Bowl trophy the following day. SCC would capture the President’s Bowl after brushing aside RBSC by 35 overs on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A few extra spectators were in attendance filling up the grandstand, however most of the fans had come to watch the horse racing that was taking place at the same time as the cricket. The friendly match also ended with a victory for the visitors. SCC claimed the warm up encounter by 25 overs giving them a weekend sweep. Despite coming up short, the RBSC team still had a fantastic time hosting their counterparts from Singapore and will travel to SCC later this year for a return match.

Cricket Claims Elephant Trophy The RBSC Cricket Section won the unique and much coveted Elephant Trophy from Penang Sports Club. The two Clubs have been playing cricket since 1931 when PSC hosted RBSC. It was also the first time the two clubs played for the beloved Elephant Trophy. The two teams took to the RBSC Polo Club for their match and it would be the hosts who would take bragging rights on the day defeating PSC by 31 runs. After the match, RBSC hosted an official dinner much to the delight of their guests. The next day the two teams would brave the sweltering heat at RBSC to play for the Hayati Nana Trophy. It would be a second win in two days for the hosts and concluded a good weekend of cricket between the two sides.

Youth Squash Players Off to China Two RBSC youth Members have qualified to represent the Thailand National team at an Asian youth tournament in August. Jaruj Wongvibulsin and Phanawat Ayanaputra will have the honour of representing Thailand after an impressive performance at a qualifying tournament in March. The Thailand Squash Rackets Association organized the tournament for youth players aged between 14 to 17. The duo is part of the eight-man squad selected by the association to represent Thailand at the Asian games in China. The pair are coached by Prapangkorn Potirak who helped ensure both Jaruj and Phanawat were focused and determined heading into the competition. The RBSC Squash Section is proud to be able to send the youth players to such an international tournament. 62 | MAY 2013



Polo Tennis serves up success

The ladies from the RBSC Polo Club Tennis Section finished in second place at the 27th Ladies Interclub Team Tennis Tournament. The annual tournament was hosted by the Land Development Department Team (LDD) and took place at Bangkok Pattana International School Tennis Court in early March. The action become intense during the final round where Polo Tennis came very close to winning it all and upsetting defending champions Silom Club – a team with many strong players and former national players in their ranks. The competitive final round match was exciting for both players and spectators. Despite the fact the ladies team may not have the topclass players of the other sides, there is definitely a strong team-spirit which shows on the court. Together with the support from the tennis committee and many club players in practice, the team is able to come together and play at a high level. This year’s competition saw seven teams participate in the tournament. These teams included RBSC, Silom Club, British Club, Japanese Club, Bangkok Pattana School, LDD and RBSC Polo Club.

Upcoming Annual General Meetings The Basketball Section and the Squash Section will have their Annual General Meetings coming up in May. The A.G.M. for the Basketball Section will be held on Wednesday, 29 May at 1800 hours. The meeting will take place at the Pool Café. The Squash Section’s A.G.M. is scheduled for Friday, 31 May at 1800 hours. The meeting will also take place at the Pool Café. For more information on either meeting, please contact to Khun Nontwaris at 02 652 5000 ext. 302. MAY 2013 | 63


Fitness Adventure The RBSC Fitness Section hosted a treasure hunt car rally from Bangkok to Hua Hin under the theme of Pirate Adventure on 23 and 24 March. All hands were on deck for fun and adventure for this unique experience. The rally started at RBSC and ended at Holiday Inn Resort Regent Beach Cha-am. Along the route, there were fun-filled games along the route check points, as well as trivial questions about fitness for members to answer. The rally ended with a beach-front party with live music, pirate dance shows and seafood BBQ. The event was just one of many fun activities planned by the RBSC Fitness Section throughout the year.

Tennis defeats U.S. Embassy

The RBSC Tennis Section hosted a team from the United States Embassy for a friendly match late in March. A total of 20 players came out for the event at the RBSC Grass Courts and it was the hosts who fully benefited from the home court advantage and strolled to a 14-0 victory. The hot and humid weather did little to dampen the spirits of the competitors as players from both sides fully enjoyed the contest. After the game, a dinner reception was held at the Winning Post, followed by entertainment and dancing. It was a lively evening and a great time for all participants. 64 | MAY 2013


Club claim Interport victory

.............................................. Kidding Around

RBSC host annual youth event

MAY 2013 | 65


Dear Members, Welcome back. I hope everyone had a nice Songkran Festival holiday with lots of golf. April is a very busy month for the Golf Section as is usual for us. The course at RBSC was busy with lots of action. I would like to congratulate our Club Champion, Khun Pulrit Praneeprachachon. It is his second consecutive Club Championship victory which is quite an accomplishment and one he should be very proud of. Also, I would like to congratulate our Senior Club Champion, Khun Piyabutra Vasudhara and RBSC Chairman’s Cup winner, Khun Siripat Swasdiburi. April saw a Home Interport match as Royal Selangor Golf Club visited our Club. Both sides played well but we were able to win both the Erawan Cup and Seladang Cup. Congratulations to all the golfers who played. There will be a Team Championship tournament on 20th and 21st April at RBSC. This is sure to be another competitive event. In May, we will travel to Kuala Lumpur for away Interport matches with Royal Selangor Club and RSGC. Happy golfing Surin Banyatpiyaphod RBSC Golf Captain

RBSC Golf Committee



66 | MAY 2013













RBSC GOLF UPCOMING EVENTS Mixed Team Competition Qualifying Round Saturday, 4 May Mixed Team Competition Final Round Sunday, 5 May

The RBSC Golf Section sent a team to compete in a golf tournament for Queen Sirikit’s Breast Cancer Centre at the end of March. The RBSC team was comprised of Dr. Rattachat Mongkolnavin, Suvir Sachdev, Pimuk Simaroj and Krisda Leeaphorn.

Away Interport – RBSC vs Royal Selangor Club at RSC Friday, 10 May

The foursome played extremely well at the event and RBSC would go on to win the tournament. The tournament is played at the award winning Thai Country Club where Tiger Woods won the Honda Open Classic in 1997.

Away Interport – RBSC vs Royal Selangor Golf Club at RSGC Saturday, 11 May

Last year’s tournament raised nearly THB2 million for the Queen Sirikit’s Breast Cancer Centre and this year’s tournament aimed to surpass that total. Opened in 2005, the centre is one of the premier breast cancer research and treatment facilities in the world.

Away Interport – RBSC vs Royal Selangor Golf Club at RSGC Sunday, 12 May Rama VII Trophy Saturday, 25 May

MAY 2013 | 67




everal youth teams from around the region descended upon the RBSC Golf Course on 4 April for the Fourth Annual RBSC Junior Golf Team Invitational. The event has continued to grow since its inception in 2009, with RBSC Golf Pro Bill Hutton and Members of the Golf Committee supporting the invitational. It is a great opportunity for youngsters to have some good fun and good competition while playing one of Bangkok’s most prestigious golf courses. The boys and girls were also served lunch at the Club and the winners were presented with trophies. 68 | MAY 2013

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING WINNERS: Winner Team: American School of Bangkok (ASB) 15-18 Years Old Winner: Chanachoke Dejpiratanamongkol (Bromsgrove) 1st Runner-up: Chanin Tintakul (BCC) 2nd Runner-up: Siri Siricharoen (Satit Kaset) 12-14 Years Old Winner: Naphat Jantaranukul (RBSC) 1st Runner-up: Kittiporn Chavanapong (BCC) 2nd Runner-up: Kesaree Rojanappeansatith (Harrow) 11 Years Old & Under Winner: Phasin Vichetcharoenpaisarn (ASB) 1st Runner-up: Vichaichan Rattanakhunchai (ASB) 2nd Runner-up: Nalinda Wanikpun (Satit Kaset)

MAY 2013 | 69



RBSC Lineup at 2013 Golden Phra Kieo Cup Four Ball Stroke Play: Foursomes Stroke Play 1. Khun Sathirut Tandanand & Khun Supasith Sima-Aree 2. Khun Anut Chatikavanij & Dr. Rattachat Mongkolnavin 3. Mr. Eric Hudson & Mr. Keith A. Brooks 4. Khun Soratat Rojanasoonthon & Khun Pimuk Simaroj Individual Stroke Play 1. Mr. Keith A. Brooks 2. Khun Soratat Rojanasoonthon 3. Mr. Eric Hudson 4. Khun Anut Chatikavanij 5. Khun Pulrit Praneeprachachon 6. Dr. Tonphong Kaewkongka 7. Khun Tarin Thanakitamnuay 8. Dr. Tongchate Nakhata

70 | MAY 2013


aving won the Golden Phra Kieo Cup on three out of the six times it has been contested, RBSC Golf entered the competition as one of the favorites. The bi-annual tournament is regarded as one of the most remarkable in Thailand and this year’s incarnation was held at Lam Luk Ka Country Club on March 16 and 17. Twelve amateur teams took part in the two day competition with its challenging format designed to mimic a professional event. On the opening day, four pairs from each team will competed in foursomes and four-ball matches, like the Ryder Cup for nine holes. Day two sees individual play with 8 players from each team facing off head-to-head. Despite their previous success at the tournament, RBSC struggled during day one and found themselves towards the bottom of the table. However, the team was able to mount a comeback on day two to finish a respectable sixth. The eventual winner of the Golden Phra Kieo Cup was the Confederation of St. Gabriel’s Foundation of Thailand Association.





1. Khun Soratat Rojanasoonthon (left) and Khun Pimuk Simaroj (right) 2. Khun Anut Chatikavanij (left) and Dr. Rattachat Mongkolnavin (right) 3. Khun Tarin Tanakitamnuay 4. Khun Poomhatai Svetasobhana and His Excellency ACM. Kamthon Sindhvananda


5. Mr. Keith A. Brooks

MAY 2013 | 71





n a typical hot Bangkok weekend, over 40 members of the Royal Selangor Golf Club visited RBSC for an exciting Interport match between the two sides. RBSC was looking to bounce back after a loss and a draw against Singapore Island Country Club in February. For RSGC, it was a chance to build momentum as the two sides will meet again in May. Two trophies would be up for grabs, the scratch golfers were competing for the Erawan Cup while the handicappers were challenging for the Seladang Cup. RSGC fielded an extremely competitive team for the Interport, a fact RBSC was well aware of as play began. The golfers took to the course on Saturday afternoon and RBSC wasted little time rushing out to an 8-0 lead in the battle for the Erawan Cup. RBSC also took the lead over RSGC in the contest for the Seladang Cup as well jumping out to a 21-15 lead after play on the first day. However, RBSC’s handicap players took an early lead against SICC as well only to see it slip away on the second day so it was important to stay focused. 72 | MAY 2013


“RSGC has a lot of very good players and they brought a very good team to RBSC so it is important for us to play our best,” Dr. Ketchayong Skouratananont said. “It is a lot of fun to play them (RSGC) and it is a good challenge because they are good too.” Despite RBSC’s lead after the first day of the Interport, the team knew things could easily change on the second day of play. With the return leg only a little over a month away, it would be nice for RBSC to take bragging rights with them when they head down to Malaysia in May.


“The first day we were a perfect eight for eight in the Erawan Cup so you can’t really ask for much more than that,” Dr. Ketchayong said. “I think we played very well but of course you want to win. The course is in good condition and with the lead we should be able to win both cups.” The second day began with RBSC favorite to win both cups but with work still to do. Play started early in the morning with the team from RBSC perhaps a little better prepared to play than their counterparts from RSGC. “Everyone from (RSGC) is a lot of fun and we always like to show our visitors a good time when they come here,” Dr. Ketchayong. “Sometimes, I think the MAY 2013 | 73





city is our secret weapon. We have a good dinner and then do out, both teams really enjoyed it.” RBSC wasted a little time to win the Erawan Cup. Needing only nine points, the team easily reached that target coasting to a 22-2 victory. Only one scratch golfer from RBSC lost during the weekend. “I think we played really well this weekend and we had to because the team from RSGC is really good,” Sermsak Vinicchayakul said. “The course was really challenging on Sunday but we were able to perform very good. There are some good players on both teams.” In the Seladang Cup, the competition was a little tighter. Both teams went back and forth and as the scores came in, it looked like RSGC could make a comeback. The guests were able to win a few matches early and both teams waited anxiously as the scores continued to roll into the Clubhouse. “I think the Interport matches are always good competition and we are always excited to play in them,” Sermsak said. “The matches are quite close and normally everyone plays a little better than normal.”

74 | MAY 2013



It soon became apparent that RBSC would also emerge victorious in the match for the Seladang Cup too claiming a 40-32 victory. The weekend sweep was a perfect way to rebound after falling to SICC in February. “It is always very nice to win the Interport matches especially at the Club because it is our home,” Sermsak said. “I am also excited to go to Malaysia because it will be another fun weekend.” Team RBSC will head to Malaysia on 10-12 May for a big weekend of golf action. On 10 May the team will play Royal Selangor Club before facing off against RSGC in a rematch on 11 and 12 May. “I am definitely going to try and go to Malaysia to play in the Interport,” Dr. Ketchayong said. “It will be a fun weekend with good golf and if we are lucky we might be able to win again.” This was the second victory on home soil for RBSC in Interport action this year. The Club also knocked off Hong Kong Golf Club in January. This was the last home Interport match for RBSC until the end of August.

MAY 2013 | 75



WITH ARNOND VONGVANIJ In this latest segment of Winning Edge, Asian Tour’s rising star Arnond Vongvanij shares his secret to a good splash from out of a greenside bunker. The Thai, winner of the King’s Cup on home soil last year, says the key to a good shot from the trap is really quite simple, with four main key thoughts.


ABOUT ARNOND Country: Date Of Birth: Residence: Family: Turned Pro:

Thailand December 15, 1988 Bangkok Single 2011

ASIAN TOUR VICTORY: (1) 2012 King’s Cup, Thailand.



CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Arnond enjoyed a great rookie season in 2012, first earning his card through Qualifying School and then finishing the year strongly with a maiden victory at the King’s Cup where he outplayed Mardan Mamat and Thaworn Wiratchant. Enjoyed four other-top-10s. He was born in Hawaii but grew up in Thailand. He moved to Florida at the age of 12 to refine his game at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. Graduated from the University of Florida with a finance degree. Rates Thongchai Jaidee as his role model. PERSONAL: He is nicknamed “Bank” because he was born the night after his mother took her final examinations for her Masters degree in financial banking. Address (picture 1) It is important to dig your feet into the ground to get a feel of the sand. Sometimes, the sand can be more compact due to rain previously but generally, the sand should be loose. My stance will see the ball placed more towards my left heel. Open the stance which will help to create a high soft shot.


Back Swing (picture 2 & 3) I ensure that I rotate my hands (picture 2) to open up the clubface and take the club on the outside swing path (picture 3). If you bring your club on the inside, the swing arc will be too shallow for you to make a good splash. Normally, the distance where you want to splash the ball out of the sand will depend very much on the amount of back swing. Impact (picture 4) Always maintain an open clubface through impact. This will result in a high and soft shot which you want to carry to the pin. Happy golfing.

76 | MAY 2013


Dear Lady Golfers, I hope everyone had a wonderful Songkran holiday. This time of year is quiet for the Ladies’ Golf Section but we still have a few players to congratulate for their success. It was a great honor for the ladies from RBSC to participate and win the Thailand Ladies Amateur Open golf competition during Mar 20-21. I want to personally congratulate Khun Sida Schmidt who was the winner of Flight C at the tournament. Khun Sumana Na Ranong was also impressive finishing first runner up in the Evergreen Flight and Khun Chittima Kikuchi finished a very good third runner up in the same flight. Well done ladies! The Mom Kobkaw Cup will take place on Wednesday, 24 April and the Phya Srivikorn Cup is scheduled for Wednesday, 22 May. These two events are sure to be fun and competitive for the Ladies’ Golf Section. Finally lady golfers can look at the computer in front of the starter’s area at the golf clubhouse for more information on ladies golf activities at the Club. Best regards, Sasitorn Chokwatan Ladies’ Golf Captain



MAY 2013 | 77





he Ladies’ Golf Section held the Prince Chula Chakrabongse Cup in March. The annual bogey competition was won by Khun Surasaya Ruttanaporn while Khun Fuyumi Watanabe took home second place. The unique format of the bogey competition was fun for the golfers as it challenges them to find the perfect mix of playing smart and aggressive. A point is awarded for every hole a player scores a birdie or lower while scoring a bogey or worse sees a player lose a point. Shooting par has no impact on a golfer’s score


78 | MAY 2013

The golfer with the most points at the ends of the round is the winner. The format means players are going up against the course and not each other. Strategy comes into play during the round as each player aims at collecting points but must be careful not to be too aggressive and cost themselves points. The Prince Chula Chakrabongse Cup was the only tournament for Ladies’ Golf at RBSC in March. The next major internal competition for the Ladies is the Mom Kobkaw Cup held at the end of April.




MAY 2013 | 79



80 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 81


DOES THE HEAD REALLY STAY STILL? 1. I’m talking specifically about the swing when you’re using a driver. Go ahead and take your stance with your driver (your feet should be a little wider than your shoulders) and the ball position needs to be just inside your left foot. I recommend you drop your right shoulder just a bit; this puts your weight just a bit more on your right side. I want you to notice how far my head is behind the ball right now (we’ll say it is about five inches). NOTICE THE GREEN STICK POINTING UP AT MY HEAD.

2. Now this is where a lot of golfers go wrong. They have been taught to keep their head still. If I make a backswing and absolutely don’t let my head move, I won’t make a good shoulder turn and I won’t get my weight onto my right side. I will end up having a steep downswing and hit the ball with an outside to inside swing which will lead to me having a slice.


82 | MAY 2013

This month golf pro Bill offers tips on making sure you making the most of your drive dispelling the old myth that your head should remain perfectly still when teeing off. Gain more power and accuracy on your drive by following Bill’s expert advice.

3. Instead, what you want to do is emphasize that you want a good full shoulder turn where you can feel your weight has gotten onto the inside of your right foot. You will notice how my head has indeed moved about three inches to the right. Now I am ready to hit the back of the ball with power.

4. One more detail…on the downswing…you must keep your head behind the ball as you swing the club head into the ball. This allows you to swing “out” to the ball (instead of pulling in) and let your arms fully extend on the follow through. Now watch your balls go long and straight! Have a question on golf techniques? Want to improve your game with some lessons? Contact Pro Bill at 081-1487481 MAY 2013 | 83


FALDO’S WORLD Sir Nick Faldo has been invested in Asian golf for quite some time now. He has several course design projects throughout the region and the Nick Faldo Asia Series continues to help improve Asia’s best young golfers. The opening of his much anticipated course at the Laguna Lang Co Golf Club in Vietnam continues to build Sir Nick’s status as a leader in Asian golf. 84 | MAY 2013


ou could forgive a person for thinking he or she was at the end of a golf equipment assembly line and not standing at the baggage claim at the Da Nang International Airport. The sheer volume of golf clubs and bags on display at the airport confirms the region’s status as budding golf hub. There is no shortage of quality golf resorts in central Vietnam, including courses designed by legends like Greg Norman and Colin Montgomerie, but the buzz surrounding the opening of Laguna Lang Co Golf Club has been too great to ignore. The course, designed by Sir Nick Faldo, just may be the most environmentally diverse and impressive in Asia.


MAY 2013 | 85


Located an hour north of Da Nang, the golf course is part of the Laguna Lang Co Resort that is nestled between the South China Sea and the Bach Ma National Park. The prime location offers a multitude of different environments that Faldo took full advantage of when designing the course. “The site has what we’re always looking for. If you can create different environments for golfers throughout the round, that’s the in thing now; you want a different feel, requiring different shots,” Faldo says. “I think this course is going to hold up against better courses in the region and maybe even the world, who knows?” One of the biggest challenges for those designing golf courses in South East Asia is the fact the terrain tends to be one-dimensional. Mountains, jungle and beaches mixed together with a sense of the traditional Vietnam meant Faldo was able to get creative resulting in a course, and resort, of a distinct character not found anywhere else. “It’s definitely got a great feel about it. It’s got the rice field look, the beach, jungles and blowouts when you get to 15. That’s a pretty unique look. Even when you look down the 10th, there are virtually three separate fairways. The rock outcrop on 11 has turned out really nice,” Faldo says. “There are really good outlooks on this golf course. There’s the beach (on 9), a really good ambience and what Banyan Tree brings to a resort makes this one of the best. All in all, it’s got a really good feel about it.” 86 | MAY 2013

Faldo’s enthusiasm for the course is genuine and even infectious. He personally supervised the entire process from start to finish and the end product reflects his dedication and commitment to the golf course. Naturally, being so invested in the process has made it hard for him to pick out a favorite hole. “I love 11 at the moment. And walking off 10 is really cool. When I saw this in the wild I thought, ‘wow are we going to really walk through a three-foot gap on to the tee and see all that jungle and rocks?’” Faldo notes. “Standing on the 15th green is a really great look. I like those two spots on the course.” Signature holes tend to play a large role in the legacy of a golf course. While some golf course designers will try to create a signature hole by any means necessary, Faldo takes a different approach to creating these types of holes. “I call them postcard holes. I come to every project with no preconceived ideas. There’s no such thing as a “Faldo look”. We fit with the environment and I like being on site doing it,” Faldo explains. “There’s always going to be a couple of postcard holes. Here there’s 5 and 11 and 17 and 18. I think the second shot into 17 is a good look. I’d like to have 18 postcard holes if possible.” The course may look pristine now, however, that was not the case when Faldo and his team first started. The grand opening was the first time Faldo saw the course as a finished product. Not only were those in attendance MAY 2013 | 87


impressed with the facility, Faldo seemed to be amazed at just how far the project had come. One of the biggest obstacles for the Faldo Design team was figuring out how to tame nature. “I can’t get over how we’ve manicured the jungle. Before, just to get to the first tee was a real effort. Now it’s clear. It was a serious walk to get to the tee. We had to go through jungles and rivers, watching for snakes,” Faldo recalls. “I was sitting in the clubhouse thinking it’s all so easy now. It was the real fun part of the project. We would walk for six hours (during the planning and construction phase). It was a real effort. Now it’s really enjoyable to see it come from jungle. It was a massive transformation.” The Laguna Lang Co Golf Club grand opening also gave Faldo and former Vietnam National Amateur Champion Michael Tran a chance to take part in some golfing demonstrations. The event allowed Faldo to take time out of his busy schedule to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Course design is just one of the many projects the former three-time Masters winner is involved with in the region. His company, Faldo Design, has been working in Asia for some time now with several projects including courses in Cambodia, China and India in the pipeline. The Faldo Series is another of his contributions to golf

88 | MAY 2013

ABOUT LAGUNA LANG CO The Laguna Lang Co Golf Club features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Sir Nick Faldo and is part of the Laguna Lang Co Resort. The resort will be Vietnam’s first and largest fully integrated coastal resort featuring seven international branded hotel and resort operators, award-winning spas, resort residences, convention facilities and recreation facilities. The resort is set on beautiful coastline, surrounded by natural scenery and is conveniently located one hour north of Danang and a little over an hour south of the legendary city of Hue. It also offers easy access to several UNESCO world heritage sites in the region. There are currently no direct flights from Bangkok to Danang but Vietnam Airlines flies from Bangkok to Danang with a transfer at Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

in Asia. The competition is in its eight year in Asia nad is aimed at giving young boys and girls across the world access to the sport. “(The Series) is all about giving youngsters an opportunity. It’s very important to us,” Faldo states. “Yani Tseng helped me launch the series in Hong Kong and she has gone on to great things.” Tseng is one of the most famous alumnae of the Faldo Series. She is a former world number one on the LPGA Tour and was the youngest golfer, male or female, the capture five major tournament victories. Several Faldo series alumni have gone on to record victories on the PGA Tour and Faldo believes it is a matter of time before more Asian players start making the big time. “Give these youngsters a few more years with the knowledge they have now. We had a little youngster last week at Mission Hills,” Faldo says. “He is only 8 and has been playing golf for just six months, with a lovely little golf swing. So you never know. We’ll see what happens. Just give it time.” Between Knighthood, six major victories and the countless other accomplishments in golf, Faldo, is truly one of the game’s greats. It is obvious that Faldo’s course at the Laguna Lang Golf Club will only further his status of one of golf’s most prominent global ambassadors.

Faldo Facts 3-time Masters champion 3-time British Open champion 4-time Ryder Cup winner 2008 European Ryder Cup Captain 39 professional tournament victories 1990 PGA Tour Player of the Year Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1997 Awarded the MBE in 1998 Founder of the Faldo Series Golf course design projects on six continents Designed renowned golf courses in Vietnam, Cambodia and China MAY 2013 | 89


MINOTTI POWELL COLLECTION Powell is designed to cater a natural desire to relax. The relaxed elegance of the Powell Collection is expressed through its simple styling, which stands out thanks to meticulous craftsmanship with down feather padding both for the single seating cushion and for the backrest cushions, which makes of a very comfortable sofa. The precision of this collection runs along the upper side of the sofa base and the sleek aluminium frame defines its design and highlight its lightness.

THE ULTIMATE MUSIC SYSTEM Exceptional sound doesn’t always carry a hefty price and this compact system is surprisingly flexible and powerful. Release the potential of computer audio and online content with Kiko and enjoy all the inputs you need to connect your TV, Blu-Ray player and games consoles. The Kiko system from Linn includes the Kiko DSM network music player, a Linn DS player with integrated amplification, and bookshelf Kiko speakers. Each speaker drive unit is driven by its own amplification channel and the system is available in 6 different colours.

THE FIFTY FATHOMS COLLECTION Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms Collection is home to the most rugged sports watches in all of Blancpain’s lines. The complete calendar moonphase flyback chronograph features the moon phases and a complete calendar, married with A traditional sport companion. The stainless steel case is 45 mm in diametre and fitted with a blue coloUred sapphire unidirectional bezel and blue dial. 90 | MAY 2013

POGGENPOHL KITCHEN HERITAGE Founded over one hundred years ago as the first German kitchen brand, Poggenpohl is now one of the best known kitchen brands in the world. A kitchen from Poggenpohl is something to experience – it must be felt, touched and tried out. A unique range of materials, colours and planning options provide the basis to satisfy any requirement, and beyond the highly professional surfaces and equipment options, all kitchens from Poggenpohl come with the added value of a secure investment.

NIMBUS PLATINUM SERIES Nimbus is a modern kitchen designed in a clean form, bold shapes and monochromatic colour schemes. The two-tone colours combines Brilliant Grey and Metallic Black. Hi-gloss finishiang adds visual excitement with an acrylic solid surface creating a stone-like top. Nimbus offers true luxury and matches the desire to enjoy the best culinary experience with family or friends.

DONGHIA STELLARE CHANDELIER TALL Donghia’s collection of Venetian glass chandeliers captures the essence of grand style. Bold and striking elegant forms come together to create a majestic statement. The collection is hand-made by Venetian craftsmen on the island of Murano, Italy. The centuries old technique of Venetian glass blowing produces singular works of art, with a consistent focus on original design and sophisticated artistry. Stellare Chandelier Tall is a hollow, handblown Venetian glass chandelier with 5 arms. You can choose from 3 colours which are Fieno (yellow/green), Lead and Gold Dust. MAY 2013 | 91


Baan Lom Rin Condominium, Khao Yai For those looking to follow a more appealing lifestyle and get back to nature, Baan Lom Ron is the perfect residence. Combining aesthetics with comfort and function, Baan Lom Rin’s exquisite architectural design allows natural cool breezes to freely flow from one room to another. Residents will experience a true sense of freedom in their own private living space and can re-energize with top of the line facilities overlooking the pinnacles of Khao Yai’s scenic hills. A lagoon-inspired swimming pool is set outdoors along with a generous outdoor Jacuzzi for true relaxation, both surrounded by fresh, clean air. Also on site is a state-of-the-art fitness centre, which comes complete with cardio equipment and weights.

Himma Garden Condominium, Chiang Mai With a prime location in the heart of Chiang Mai’s new metropolitan CBD, right next door to the Bank of Thailand and only 5 minutes away from trendy Nimmanhaemin Road. Himma Garden Condominium is the flagship for contemporary luxury living in the Northern capital. Residents can choose their favourite décor and styling, which includes Modern Lanna Design, Contemporary Design and Zen Design. The properties also come with full furniture sets and interiors that feature premium quality decorative materials.. The design of the entire housing project was created with the mythical Himmapan Forest in mind, giving it a lush tropical but very modern style.

92 | MAY 2013

Project Name: Baan Lom Rin Condominium Developer: Patra Resort Limited Company Property Type: Condominium concept based on “ Living with Nature”. Location: Moo 4 Payayen , Pakchong, Nakornrachasrima 30320 Price Range: Starting at THB4.2 million (US$ 150,000) for a one bedroom apartment and starts THB 6.1 million (US$212,000) for a two bedroom apartment. Facilities: The Sports Club is about 2500 sqm in size and includes a fitness centre, pool with jaccuzzi, restaurant and garden with gazebo. Memberships are waived for 3 years Every unit comes with individual air conditioning in the living rooms and bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and each unit is fully furnished with built-in / loosed furniture and appliances. Additional features include a passenger elevator for each building and 24 hr security. Contact Details 084 -0887778-9 Email:

Project Name: Himma Garden Condominium Developer: Himma Prestige Living Co.,Ltd Property Type: Apartments Architect: Modern Lanna & Contemporary Zen Location: Chotana Road, T.Changpuak, A.Muang, Chiangmai 50300 Price Range: THB1.88 – 7 million (US$62,000 -240,000) Facilities: Clubhouse Fitness, Swimming Pool, Sauna and Steam Room,Meeting Room, Barbecue Area Contact Details T:+66 053 222 221 Email:

Baan Mai Khao, Phuket Baan Mai Khao is Sansiri plc’s first premium-class beachfront condominium development on Phuket. Comprising 206 units in six three-storey condominium buildings and a further three five-story buildings, this 5.41 acre beachfront project offers one to three bedrooms and penthouses ranging in size from 640 sq ft to 2,540 sq ft. Facilities include a large landscaped garden, outdoor recreational area, swimming pool, kid’s pool, fitness room, and professional concierge service exclusively for owners. The project is expected for completion in mid 2015.

185 Rajadamri, Bangkok The last freehold property development on legendary Rajadamri Road, 185 Rajadamri is an ultra-luxury condominium project by leading property developer Raimon Land PLC. The 35-storey high-rise development promises residents of all 268 units a spectacular view of Lumpini Park and the Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC). Additionally, the project offers state-of-the-art facilities — including a fully-equipped gym, swimming pool, and supercar parking spaces — to match its sophisticated surroundings. The immediate neighbourhood is home to upscale shopping complexes, five-star hotels, entertainment venues, academic institutions and embassies, all located within easy reach, and the Rajadamri BTS station is only steps away. 185 Rajadamri is the perfect combination of lavish design and cosmopolitan urban living.

Project Name: Baan Mai Khao Developer: Sansiri PCL. Property Type: Condominium Architect: WWA Location: Mai Khao Beach, Phuket Price Range: THB 7-55 million (US$240,000 – 1.9 million) Facilities: Swimming pool and kid pool, Exercise room with equipments, Multi-purpose area, Garden and outdoor recreation area, Lobby area, Wireless internet available at main lobby and swimming pool area Contact Details 1685 Website:

Project Name: 185 Rajadamri Developer: Raimon Land PLC Property Type: Condominium Architect: Design Management Insight Co., Ltd. Location: Rajadamri Road, Bangkok Price Range: 30.1-330 millions THB (as of 9 Jan 2013) Facilities: Podium Top Swimming Pool and Sun Deck, Children’s Pool, Jacuzzi, Multipurpose Lounge/ Function Area, Gym and Yoga Room, Sauna, and 24 hrs Security System with Direct Security Card Access Contact Details T: 02-651-9600 Email: Website:

MAY 2013 | 93


Them Bones... A bone fracture can be one of the most traumatic and painful experiences a person will go through in life. However, improvements in medicine during the last 20 years have seen recovery times continue to decrease and operation success rates increase. Despite this, many people still have a lot of questions about their bones. --------------------------------------------------Dr. Vajara Phiphobmongkol is an Orthopedic Surgeon at Bangkok Fracture Center at Bangkok Hospital. His areas of expertise include Orthopedic Trauma and Arthroplasty. He has over 20 years of experience in the field and is one of many experienced Orthopedic Surgeons at Bangkok Hospital. 94 | MAY 2013


broken bone is not simply just a broken bone. There are many types of fractures and many ways a bone can be broken. Bones are rigid, but they do bend or “give� a little when an outside pressure is applied. However, if the force is too great, the bones are likely to break. There are different types of fractures, such as displaced fractures where the broken ends of bone do not line up and are apart from each other, and non-displaced fractures in which only a crack line is seen via X Ray. Open or compound fractures occur where the skin is pierced by the bone or by a blow that breaks the skin at the site of the fracture. On the other hand, closed fractures have no penetration of the skin. Moreover, fractures can be simple if there are only 2 large pieces or comminuted fractures where the bone shatters into three or more pieces. The success of treatment depends on all of these factors. While no two fractures are the same, the causes do tend to be similar in nature. The three major reasons bones break are because of trauma, osteoporosis and overuse. Trauma is normally a result of a significant impact like a car accident,

more straightforward recovery.” Like most injuries, prevention is key. While it is impossible to prevent bone fractures, the elderly can reduce their risk of suffering from a broken hip or other type of bone fracture. The British Medical Journal reported that a combination of calcium and vitamin D supplements saw a significant reduction in the risk of fractures. “As we all get older our balance is not so good and it can lead to falls which are very dangerous,” Dr. Vajara said. “By taking some simple precautions, especially in the home, the chances of injury can be greatly reduced. Something like a bathmat in the tub can make all the difference.”

osteoporosis is a disorder the weakens bones and can lead to bones being easier to break, and overuse is when repetitive motions tire muscles and place more force on bone leading to stress fractures. “In Thailand, a majority of the fractures for the elderly are related to osteoporosis while the younger people tend to suffer broken bones from trauma related injuries,” Dr. Vajara Phiphobmongkol of Bangkok Hospital said. “For older people, bones become brittle as they age so even something simple, like a fall, can lead to a fracture. Wrist and shoulder fractures are very common but hip fractures are often times the most difficult to overcome.” According to the Mayo Clinic, osteoporosis is most frequently found in white and Asian women over the age of 50. Research from the Mayo Clinic also shows that hip fractures are most likely to occur in people over the age of 65. The worst part is a broken hip is one of the most difficult injuries to recover from. “It is extremely important to fix a hip fracture as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more complicated the recovery process will be,” Dr. Vajara said. “Waiting longer can lead to complications and even infections which increases the chances of a poor result. Mapping out a treatment strategy and having your doctor fix it quickly can result in a

Preventing broken bones in the younger population can be more difficult. A lot of bone fractures in people under the age of 50 occur because of trauma. In Bangkok, traffic accidents are often the cause of these bone fractures. Broken bones in the arms and legs are some of the more common types of injury someone in a crash will suffer. “For young people who have suffered a bone fracture from trauma because of a traffic accident or other type of collision, the problem can be taken care of relatively fast,” Dr. Vajara said. “Most of the time, patients can expect to see a full recovery. The technology has become so good that every type of fracture can be treated in a manner that will allow the patient to heal the best.” While breaking a bone can be quite scary, it is important to remain calm and listen to what your doctor has to say, Dr. Vajara pointed out. “Every surgeon is going to do the best they can. We all want to see the patient return to how they were before suffering an injury. We will select appropriate implants, advanced technologies and the best surgical techniques for each particular fracture.” There is one fact people who break a bone will have to come to terms with. The old myth about a bone being stronger after it has healed from a fracture is just that – a myth. “When a bone fractures, it begins the healing process by forming a callus at the fracture site, where calcium is deposited to aid rebuilding,” said Dr. Terry D. Amaral, director of pediatric orthopedic surgery at Montefiore Medical Center told the New York Times. “In most cases, a plaster cast is applied to protect the fracture site. But because there is no weight or pressure on the limb, it becomes weaker.”

MAY 2013 | 95


An astute attractive academician, wonderful wife and loving and doting mother Can one woman be all the above? Yes, she can. Dr. Kritika Kongsompong has been quietly successful on all fronts. She reveals all to Tuptim one afternoon between her lectures and a conference on AEC in Myanmar. By Tuptim Malakul Lane


r. Kritika Kongsompong’s infamous fierce and mean personality precedes her, as she sits very elegantly nursing a glass of Perrier while she waits for me. For a fleeting moment I feared that I was late for our appointment, but soon discovered, much to my relief, that she is early. Known as the host from the controversial game show, The Weakest Link, she looks up from her papers, and the smile that flashes from her face radiates with warmth that could only be described as welcoming. She was preparing her homework for tomorrow’s assignment as Moderator for the AEC event “Shaping Business Leaders for the New Myanmar.” So for the next two hours, she willingly permitted me to grill her on all aspects of successes and failures. Dr. Kritika is also a mother of two children and wife of Maj. General Apirat Kongsompong. Astonishingly, she is a homebody, dedicated and docile, the traditional Thai wife of a military officer. “I have three children, if you count my husband,” she explained. “Every morning I make his breakfast for him and I prepare his underclothing and I prepare his uniform

and his shoes and his toothbrush and I put toothpaste on his toothbrush by the sink.” The result of having grown up in the US, she is a hybrid of two very strong cultures, Thai and American. She lived with her father after her parents’ divorce, where he owned several Thai restaurants in Washington DC. Meeting her future husband, a military attaché at the Thai Embassy, she was very unaware of the fact that he was the son of the formidable General Sunthorn Kongsompong. This was the pivotal point in her life. The decision to accept a marriage proposal from her husband 24 years ago, who then had just gone through a divorce with two small children in tow. Recruited by New York Life, she was working for them in Washington, for the two and a half years, whilst he courted her by phone and visits. Immediate family meant immediate knowledge of how to raise children. As a perfectionist, this meant learning motherhood through books as fast as possible, and at that time the only available material was Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care. She says, “Everything in that book made perfect sense”. MAY 2013 | 97


Meticulous at every detail, her dedication and devotion in her role as mother perhaps might have made her look like the wicked step-mother, but she proudly said that upon turning 21, her children have adopted her legally as their mother. Fastidious and disciplined, a quick glance at her diary shows her detailed workload. There is no scrawling, no cross outs, and any additional information has a small yellow postit note stuck to the hour. Professorial in her demeanor but high-society celebrity in her looks, her charm supersedes any notoriety gained through TV or gossip columns. For someone who hosted the meanest game show in town, hoping to disarm her, I asked point blank what she considered was the weakest point in her personality. Shifting uncomfortably ever so slightly and leaning forward, she admits, “I try too hard. Preparing for things, I over kill and cannot get it out of my mind until the job at hand is finished.” She continues, “To be me is very tiring.” Nothing arrives easy in life but determination, precision with the right amount of ambition. Dr. Kritika’s self-discipline is to be truly admired. Her trim, well-toned body suggests consistent gym work. To be ready for class by 8 am – she works backwards. A daily session in her private gym, breakfasted, dressed and ready for work requires a three hour turnaround definitely shows an unrelenting self-control. This involves starting before the crack of dawn, more like 5:00am whilst most of us are still in slumber land. Everyone in the family knows not to disturb her, although husband, Major General Apirat, is allowed to come in for a morning peck on the cheek Dr. Kritika’s academic references speak volumes on her achievement. BBA from George Washington University, USA, MBA Sasin Graduate, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, and a PhD Marketing Thammasat University. And as Assistant Professor at Sasin, she lectures on Business Management and Marketing. In her classroom, she paces like Madonna with a headset microphone, prodding and sometimes taunting her students, urging them to stand up for themselves, look people in the eye and compete. An accidental star through her show “The Weakest Link” whose day job is lecturing on marketing at Sasin, Dr. Kritika has become a player in Thailand’s culture wars, an advocate for straight talk and assertiveness. She went on to do a talk show after The Weakest Link ended. In this TV show, Kui Fueng Rueng Pooying, (Spreading Women’s Wisdom) Dr. Kritika addresses issues concerning pre-marital sex, the pros and cons of sending your children overseas. Experts are invited to join with her as guest speakers, which made for interesting and spicy discussions. This is a difficult time for Thailand with its intricately woven culture of hierarchy and deference gives ground to the collisions between cultural traditions and today’s modern life. The economic growth of recent years has brought Western hustle and directness. Traditional social order, family 98 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 99

THE INTERVIEW structure and moral values have begun to fray. The no nonsense Dr. Kritika puts you in your place if you so much suggest that she is a feminist. “No matter how independent you are, when you have a family, you have to take good care of your husband and children. When I’m home I am a mother, I cook. I’m happy to do this for them – it’s a major part of my life,” she says. To date she is embarking in her role as Associate Professor of Sasin and its function serving the AEC 2015, Dr, Kritika says, “Sasin is an institute ready in all respects to respond to the government’s proactive social development policy. In addition, we are prepared to lead in human resources development for the integration into the Asia Economic Community in 2015.” Sasin has launched a series of highly acclaimed seminars entitled “Final Preparation to the AEC” to educate business people from various industries to compete in the 100 | MAY 2013

International market. In less than two years, AEC will further open economies among the ten South East Asian member countries, so Sasin feels the need to study the readiness of Thai businesses for the AEC’s free economy. Having received the Thailand Trust Mark Award by the Export Promotion Department, Ministry of Commerce, Sasin’s Business Graduate School strengthens their quality, credibility and recognition both on the local and international market. Unlike her sisters in the Western world where they loudly and proudly proclaim their feminism, with equal rights and equal pay, equal opportunities for women in education and employment. Dr. Kritika Kongsompong born with exceptional brain power and with a great mix of DNA in the looks department, excels both in her achievements in the academia forum, the entertainment world and puts her family empire equally among her accomplishments.

MAY 2013 | 101

TRAVEL 102 | MAY 2013

VINTAGE PORT Hoi An, Historical Gem of Central Vietnam by Keith Mundy


ai Fo was a bustling port in which Chinese and Japanese merchants traded silk, lacquer and porcelain with Indians and Europeans, worshipped at ornate temples and met at splendid clan houses. The streets were filled with traders from East and West, and conical-hatted Vietnamese going about their daily business. Great amounts of money changed hands everyday. Hoi An is an old town of narrow streets, lined with chic restaurants and pretty guest houses, dozens of art dealers and scores of tailor’s shops, and highlighted with ornate temples and clan houses. The streets are crammed with tourists from Asia and the West, and conical-hatted Vietnamese going about their daily business. Great amounts of money change hands everyday. Wealthy from trading with foreigners, Fai Fo and Hoi An are the same place, with a few centuries and several culture shocks separating them. But still, were an 18th century Fujianese merchant to rise from his grave in the family compound and walk out into the street today, he would recognise what he saw in large part, give or take some blue jeans and motorbikes. Hoi An, once known to foreigners as Fai Fo, is an historical gem which has found a way to revitalise itself and to get rich again. No longer collapsing into ruin as it was before doi moi (Vietnam’s new economic policy instituted in 1989), protected by law from inappropriate modernisation, honoured by UNESCO as a World Heritage cultural site (one of only five in Vietnam) since 1999, substantially renovated to its former beauty, the old town has blossomed again with a new self-belief and a vibrant energy funded by tourist yen, euros and dollars. MAY 2013 | 103

TRAVEL 104 | MAY 2013

Few towns in Asia have such a concentration of history in such a good state of repair and such rude economic health, even if chasms exist between the new tourist economy and the old local economy, seemingly living in different worlds. A tumble-down house next to a chic boutique, a Gap-clad American couple strolling past a wizened old lady in a conical hat and pyjamas, a smelly old street market leading to a parade of elegant restaurants, glitzy motorbikes jostling with battered handcarts – these are the contradictions of a town in flux. Hoi An is probably at its optimum state right now. Twenty years ago, it was moribund, dilapidated, devoid of commerce. Twenty years ahead, it could well be a gaudy theme park. Today it enchants with a successful balance of controlled touristification and everyday Vietnamese life, still a haven of historical integrity in a country whose physical heritage has largely been annihilated. Most of the historical fabric dates from the late 18th century to the early 20th century, largely Chinese-influenced but latterly Frenchinfluenced. However, Hoi An’s history is long and its zenith of wealth and power came earlier. The town already existed during the Kingdom of Champa in the 2nd to 10th centuries, recorded as a busy seaport in Persian and Arab documents.

By the 16th century, it was one of the major trading centres of Southeast Asia, in the league of Macau and Malacca as a leading Portuguese port of call. The Chinese and Japanese merchants made its fortune, setting up waterfront trading houses which developed into expatriate colonies. The Japanese, however, disappeared during the 17th century after the Shogunate withdrew into isolation, whilst the Chinese continued to expand. Dutch traders came in and French missionaries appeared, foreshadowing the French colonial takeover two centuries later. A great Vietnamese paroxysm, the Tay Son rebellion of the 1770s and 80s destroyed most of the town. Rebuilt after that, Hoi An retains a distinct Chinese atmosphere with low, tile-roofed houses and narrow streets; remarkably, the original structure of some of these streets remains almost intact. All the best houses were made of rare wood, decorated with lacquered boards and panels engraved with Chinese characters. Pillars were also carved with ornamental designs.

MAY 2013 | 105

TRAVEL During the 19th century the Thu Bon River silted up, blocking the passage of ships, and nearby Danang with its deepwater harbour supplanted Hoi An as the main seaport of central Vietnam. With its raison d’etre lost, the old town became set in aspic, to its eventual advantage, right now. As in the old days, Duong Tran Phu is the main street, hosting a string of vividly ornate temples and clan houses, all facing south towards the river, built by the various Chinese communities and named according to their origins in China. Their full titles ring with pride of origin, the Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation, or Hainan, or Chaozhou, etc. Each one has distinct features, with the Chaozhou Hall boasting fine carved and lacquered wood, the Fujianese revelling in dramatic ceramic tableaux of mythical beasts, the Cantonese possessing an imposing covered gateway. But what is really most intriguing is the business end of old Hoi An, the old trading houses which been lovingly kept or restored, the places where the merchants did their deals, counted their money, often kept their goods, and also lived with their extended families. There are several fascinating houses to visit, some still family homes, others turned museums or hotels. Famously representative, the Tan Ky House is preserved in its 106 | MAY 2013

early 19th century form, all dark wood with a central courtyard and surrounding gallery. The septuagenarian head of the house has given revealing insights into the sense of family and continuity: “I am the fifth generation. This house was built by the second generation ancestor. Up until my father’s generation, the family business was selling tea leaves and condiments gathered from the mountains.” If the Tan Ky’s were starting up again, I would suggest not entering certain saturated markets. Never in the history of man have so many tailors cut so much cloth in so small a space. Rarely have so many galleries sold exactly the same pretty pictures in the same place. And nowhere else are there classic Chinese-style lantern-decked restaurants tantalising you at every turn. After passing Tailor No.46 and Art Gallery No.63, it was a relief to find the sobering Sa Huynh Museum which, as well as an early local civilisation, commemorates the American War, as the Vietnamese telling term the 1955-75 Indochina conflict, and “the poison of depraved and reactionary US-Quisling troops”, as a sign rants

TRAVEL FILE Getting there Vietnam Airlines flies via Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Danang, just 35 km away; for full information, visit www. or call 02 655 4137. Accommodation The Nam Hai, Hamlet 1 Dien Duong Village, Dien Ban District; tel. +84 510 394 0000, Outstanding beachside luxury just 15 minutes from Hoi An. Life Heritage Resort Hoi An, 1 Pham Hong Thai Street, tel. +84 510 914555, www. French colonial elegance beside Thu Bon River at the east end of town. Vinh Hung 1 Hotel, 143 Tran Phu Street, tel. +84 510 386 1621, http:// The classic old town experience in a former Chinese trading house.

next to a pile of dusty old Saigon-made vinyl -- LPs, 78s and 45s. And then comes the Japanese Covered Bridge, a unique feature. The only bridge in the old town, it was built to connect the main town to the old Japanese quarter by arching over a canal. Its crusty old pink walls and ornate tiled roof conjure up a cosmopolitan time, a protoglobalisation when Japanese merchants thrived in Hoi An; elderly Japanese tourists in floppy white hats now throng it. Relax, relax, down to the waterfront. Here where once coolies laboured under bamboo poles carrying the goods of Asia, Arabia and Europe from ship to godown, where canny Chinese and Vietnamese traders struck hard deals with merchant venturers from far-flung lands, the counting houses and warehouses are now restaurants, cafes, bars, lantern-lit at night, thronged with tourists resting from their own 21st century exertions and transactions. This riverside is the favourite hunting ground of a common Hoi An species, the ocarina vendor. Their whistles are ceramic and always brown and animal-shaped. Turtles are most common, and pretty little girls are the usual hawkers. Unable to resist the kids’ cuteness, I had an ocarina orchestra by the time I left. They start in business young here, and Hoi An’s commercial future is clearly assured, if not quite as the ancestors might have imagined in their glory days.

Sightseeing Entry to designated historical sites is via a five-coupon ticket costing 120,000 dong (167 baht) which gains you entry to one museum, one old house, one assembly hall, the handicraft workshop or traditional theatre, and the Japanese Covered Bridge or Quan Cong Temple. Food & Drink Brother’s Café, 27- 31 Phan Bội Châu Street, tel: +84 510 391 4150; www. . A fine restaurant in a reinvented French colonial trading compound, with a beautiful palm court and a riverside terrace. Tam Tam Cafe and Bar, 110 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, tel. +84 510 386 2212; http:// A reinvented tea warehouse with balconies overlooking the street, a good wine list, French and Italian food, board games and a party atmosphere. When to go The dry months are January to June. July to December is the rainy season, which climaxes in September-November (possible flooding).

MAY 2013 | 107


RBSC SPORTS CLASSES SPORTS CLASSES STARTING IN MAY 2013 SECTION DAY TIME/PERIOD BADMINTON Private lesson upon arrangement BASKETBALL Private / Group lesson upon arrangement GOLF Junior Programme Mon Group I 3:30pm - 4:30pm (Max 4 - 6 students per hr) Group II 4:30pm - 5:30pm Wed Group I 3:30pm - 4:30pm Group II 4:30pm - 5:30pm Fri Group I 3:30pm - 4:30pm Group II 4:30pm - 5:30pm Sat Group I 8:30am - 9:30am Group II 9:30am - 10:30am Group III 10:30am - 11:30am Group IV 11:30am - 12:30pm MARTIAL ARTS Aikido Tue/Thu/Sun 5:30pm/5:30pm/3:30pm Muay Thai Wed 6pm - 7:30pm, 7pm - 9pm Ballroom Dance Class Mon 5pm - 7pm Sat 10am - 12pm 2pm - 4pm Line Dance Tue / Fri 4:30pm - 6:30pm Zumba Fri 3pm PHYSICAL FITNESS Shape Up Mon 8:30am - 9:30am Piyo Mon 9:45am - 10:45am Tai Chi Tue 4pm - 5:30pm Battle Beat Tue 7:30am - 8:30am/5:30pm - 6:30pm Danxercise Tue 6:30pm - 8pm Tai Chi Thu 4pm-5pm Belly Dance Thu 6:30pm - 8pm Battle Beat Fri 6pm-7pm Personal Trainer upon arrangement Kung Fu Wed 9am - 10am Yuan Ji Wed 10.15am - 11.15am QI GONG Yoga Class Tue 6:45am - 7:45am Qi Gong Mon – Fri 6:45am - 7:45am 5:15pm - 6:15pm Singing Thu 6pm - 9pm SWIMMING Monthly Course Mon – Fri Group I 3:30pm - 4:30pm Group II 4:30pm - 5:30pm Group III 5:30pm - 6:30pm Sat & Sun Group IV 10am - 11:30am Group V 2:30pm - 4pm Mon – Fri Group VI 4:30pm - 6:30pm Mon – Fri Group VII 5pm - 7pm Sat 8am - 10am SQUASH Private lesson upon arrangement TABLE TENNIS Private lesson upon arrangement TENNIS Junior Tennis Lesson Sat & Sun 8am - 10am 14 days (28 Hours) or 7 days (14 Hours) Private lesson upon arrangement


108 | MAY 2013

THE RBSC POLO CLUB SPORTS CLASSES STARTING IN MAY 2013 SECTION DAY TIME/PERIOD DURATION REGISTRATION DATE BADMINTON Private Coaching Mon.,Wed., 9am-4pm May 1 – 31 May 1 – 31 Fri., Sat. 7am-9am May 4,11,18,25 May 1 – 25 11:30am-1:30pm Sun. 7am-10am May 5,12,19,26 May 1 – 26 Badminton Team Training Fri. 5pm-7pm May 10 – Jul. 7 Until May 8 Sat. 1pm-3pm Sun. 12pm-2pm PHYSICAL FITNESS Back-To-Basics Dance (II) Back-To-Basics Dance (III) Ballroom Dancing Line Dance Training Class (I) Line Dance Training Class (II) Line Dance Training Class (III) Line Dance Training Class (IV) Line Dance Training Class (V) Line Dance Training Class (VI)

Tue. Thur. Tue. & Thur. Mon. Sat. Wed. Wed. Wed. Mon.

10am-12pm 10am-12pm 6:30pm-8:30pm 5pm-7pm 7:30am-9:30am 7:30am-9:30am 5pm-7pm 2:30pm-4:30pm 2:30pm-4:30pm

May 7 – Jul. 23 Until May 3 May 2 – Jul. 18 May 9 – Jun. 11 Until May 7 Jan. 7 – May 27 Until May 31 Jan. 5 – May 25 Until May 31 Jan. 2 – May 29 Until May 31 Jan. 2 – May 29 Until May 31 Jan. 2 – May 29 Until May 31 Jan. 7 – May 27 Until May 31

Zumba Class Zumba Gold Class

Tue. & Thur. Tue.

5pm-6pm 4pm-5pm

May 14 – Jul. 18 May 21 – Jul. 23

Until May 10 May 2 – 17


Mon. – Fri.


Jan. – Dec.

May 1 – 31

Singing Class Training (II)



May 22 – Jul. 24

May 7 – 17

SWIMMING Advance Swimming Team Mon.,Tue., 4:30pm-6:30pm Wed.,Fri.

May 1 – 31

Junior Swimming Program (3) (Group A) (Group B) (Group C) (Group D) (Group E) (Group F)

Mon. & Wed. Mon. & Wed. Mon. & Wed. Tue. & Thur. Tue. & Thur. Tue. & Thur.

4pm-5pm 5pm-6pm 6pm-7pm 4pm-5pm 5pm-6pm 6pm-7pm

May 27 – Jul. 10 May 27 – Jul. 10 May 27 – Jul. 10 May 28 – Jul. 11 May 28 – Jul. 11 May 28 – Jul. 11

May 7 – 22 May 7 – 22 May 7 – 22 May 7 – 22 May 7 – 22 May 7 – 22

TENNIS Adult Tennis Coaching Program (Group A) Intermediate (Group B) Beginner

Mon. & Wed. Tue. & Thur.

6pm-8pm 6pm-8pm

May 20 – Jul. 8 May 21 – Jul. 9

May 2 – 17 May 2 – 17

Members who are interested in joining any of these classes may obtain application forms and register at the Sports Office.

MAY 2013 | 109





March 4

Open Pairs 13 Pairs

March 6

Ladies Pairs 27 Pairs

March 7

Swiss Team of Four 8 Teams

1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd

March 11

Monday Open Pairs 12 Pairs

March 13

Ladies Pairs 23 Pairs

March 18

Monday Open Pairs 13 Pairs

March 20

Ladies Pairs 25 Pairs

March 25

Monday Open Pairs 11 Pairs

March 27

Ladies Pairs 22 Pairs

March 28

Thursday Open Pairs 8 Pairs

March 30

1st Swiss Team 8 Teams

1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd

Ladies Golf Golf Golf



110 | MAY 2013

15 Mar 13

Prince Chula Chakrabongse Cup

16-17 Mar 13

Golden Phra Kieo Cup

25 Mar 13

6-7 Apr 13

6 Apr 13


Dr. Apithai Hemachudha Manthanee Yaisawang Kenlong Charusorn Manthanee Yaisawang Chitramontn Techaphaibul Tassamon Dardarananda Kenlong Charusorn Thanaporn Tanyaset Vatcharapol Jiamjitton Chayanon Junnavech Surapon Ariyaprayoon Somchai Rungsathit Surawit Tantengphol Dr. Apithai Hemachudha Chuanpit Dhamasiri Subhavadhi Abhakara Na Ayudhaya Chintana Kovithvathanapong Thanpuying Suchitguna Sarasin Dr. Apithai Hemachudha Sylvia Walther Mike Sim Ann Malakul Na Ayudhaya Yoko Suzuki Susan Techaphaibul Sylvia Walther Siriporn Puranabhandu Sunisa Vatanasuk Kanta Kogar Khunying Kingkaew Uathavikul Sunisa Vatanasuk Somchai Rungsathit Manthanee Yaisawang Sunisa Vatanasuk Vallapa Svangsopakul Asdang Riamsree Pichet Vichaidit Phornchai Vorasayan Bawornnan Kontiranon Saowalak Khongkaew

- Chalermpol Wongwaiwit - Martin Carter - Virat Chinmanas - Chonlada Karnjanawarit - Chander Sivasriaumphai - Supang Mekcharas - Virat Chinmanas - Rawit Sookasem - Warat - Sirada - Jaturong Sasiboot - Pobsook Komolvej - Narin Leelatanangkoon - Chalermpol Wongwaiwit - Somchai Rungsathit - Kobkul Abhakara Na Ayudhaya - Kenlong Charusorn - M.R. Auramani Bhanubandh - Chalermpol Wongwaiwit - Geraldine Elliott - Leo Phillips - Bungorn Krairiksh - Tomoko Yonemori - Usha Mutreja - Geraldine Elliott - Bradley - M.R. Auramani Bhanubandh - Chuanpit Dhamasiri - Thanpuying Suchitguna Sarasin - Daksah Adhia - Paranart Bangkha - Supote Yaisawang - Daksah Adhia - Virat Chinmanas - Pavinee Sitthicharoensawat - Narongrit Roongsang - Supote Yaisawang - Sirawich Thongtra - Trin

Winner Runner-up

Surasaya Ruttanaporn Fuyumi Watanabe

Winner 7th place

Confederation of St. Gabriel’s Foundation of Thailand Association RBSC

15-18 Years Old Winner 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Chanachoke Dejpiratanamongkol (Bromsgrove) Chanin Tintakul (BCC) Siri Siricharoen (Satit Kaset)

12-14 Years Old Winner 1ST Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Naphat Jantaranukul (RBSC) Kittiporn Chavanapong (BCC) Kesaree Rojanappeansatith (Harrow)

11 Years Old & Under Winner 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up Winner Team

Phasin Vichetcharoenpaisarn (ASB) Vichaichan Rattanakhunchai (ASB) Nalinda Wanikpun (Satit Kaset) American School of Bangkok (ASB)

Erawan Cup Won by RBSC 22 pts.

RSGC 2 pts.

Seladang Cup Won by RBSC 40 pts.

RSGC 32 pts.

Club Championship

Winner Runner-up

Pulrit Praneeprachachon Soratat Rojanasoonthon

Senior Club Championship

Winner Runner-up

Piyabutra Vasudhara Gen. Suebsan Dardarananda

RBSC Chairman’s Cup

Winner Runner-up

Siripat Swasdiburi Krisda Leeaphorn

4th Annual RBSC Junior Golf Team Invitational

Golf Home Interport Match RBSC vs RSGC





Bridge March 1 Open Pairs (38 pairs) 1st Siriporn Puranabhandu Supote Yaisawang March 5 Ladies’ Invitational (18 pairs) 1st Khunying Malinee Sarasin Chitramontn Techaphaibul March 8 Open Pairs (42 pairs) 1st Narongrit Rungsang Sa-nguan Limcharoenchat March 12 Ladies’ Invitational (19 pairs) 1st Sunisa Vatanasuk Benjamas Bhamornmontri March 15 Open Pairs (43 pairs) 1st Kenlong Charusorn Virat Chinmanas March 19 Ladies’ Invitational (19 pairs) 1st Ngamchit Pongkiatikul Chander Sivasriaumphai March 22 Open Pairs (32 pairs) 1st Sa-nguan Limcharoenchat Dr. Apithai Hemachutha March 26 Ladies’ Invitational (14 pairs) 1st Ngamchit Pongkiatikul Ann Malakul Na Ayudhaya March 29 Open Pairs (32 pairs) 1st Khanitha Phanmanee Ann Malakul Na Ayudhaya Lawn Bowls March 2 Interport Match (RBSC & RBSC Polo Club Vs Kowloon Cricket Club)

Kowloon Cricket Club (72:68)

Soccer March 2 Keng’s Cup (ACC Vs BCC) ACC (6:3) (PSM Vs SG) PSM (6:5) (RBSC Vs ACT) RBSC (7:3) (DB Vs TU) DB (4:3) March 3 Sridaranop Cup (Sasin Vs Singhdam) Sasin (9:2) (Sansiri Vs St. Gabriel) Sansiri (8:1) (PSM Vs Frasor) Game Drawn (4:4) (RBSC Polo Club Vs SB Furniture) RBSC Polo Club (5:3) March 10 Sridaranop Cup (Sansiri Vs SB Furniture) Sansiri (12:1) (Frasor Vs Singhdam) Frasor (1:0) (RBSC Polo Club Vs St. Gabriel) RBSC Polo Club (6:2) March 16 Keng’s Cup (SG Vs DEB) SG (3:1) (ACT Vs TU) ACT (4:2) (RBSC Vs BCC) RBSC (3:2) (ACC Vs PSM) ACC (5:3) March 17 Sridaranop Cup (Singhdam Vs St. Gabriel) St. Gabriel (6:4) (RBSC Polo Club Vs Frasor) RBSC Polo Club (6:2) (PSM Vs SB Furniture) PSM (16:1) (Sansiri Vs Sasin) Sasin (2:1) March 23 Keng’s Cup (BCC Vs PSM) BCC (2:1) (SG Vs ACT) SG (3:2) (RBSC Vs DEB) RBSC (8:1) (TU Vs ACC) TU (5:4) March 24 Sridaranop Cup (Sansiri Vs Frasor) Sansiri (4:0) (PSM Vs St. Gabriel) PSM (4:2) (Sasin Vs RBSC Polo Club) Sasin (6:2) (SB Furniture Vs Singhdam) SB Furniture (6:5) March 30 Keng’s Cup (PSM Vs RBSC) PSM (1:0) (ACC Vs SG) ACC (5:1) (DEB Vs ACT) DEB (4:2) (TU Vs BCC) TU (4:2) Cricket March 9 Friendly Match (RBSC Vs Southerners) RBSC (163:143) March 16 Interport Match (RBSC Vs Penang Sports Club) RBSC (179:148) March 23 Friendly Match (RBSC Vs Indian Ambassdor) RBSC (101:100) March 30 Interports Match (RBSC Vs SCC) SCC (211:177) Billiards March 17 Friendly Match (RBSC Polo Club Vs Penang RBSC (10:1) Sports Club)

MAY 2013 | 111



3rd Floor, RSC Building 9am - 9pm daily

Martial Arts

4th Floor, RSC Building When classes are organized


2nd Floor, Swimming Pool Complex Mon – Fri, 4pm – 9pm Sat – Sun, 9am – 6pm

Physical Fitness

3rd & 4th Floor, RSC Building 6am – 9pm daily

Billiards & Snooker

3rd Floor, RSC Building Mon – Thu 11am – 10pm Fri 11am – 12pm Sat 9am – 12pm Sun & Public Holiday 9am – 10pm


2nd Floor, Old Building Tue, Thu – Sun 10am – 10pm Mon & Wed 8:30am – 10pm


M Floor, RSC Building Mon - Fri 2pm – 8pm Sat - Sun & Public Holiday 10am – 8pm

Cricket (Season)

RBSC Field Nov 1 - Apr 30 Sunday 10am – 6pm

Golf Golf Course 6 am until dark daily except Mon 11:30am until dark Golf Driving Range

Mon, Wed, Fri 6am – 8pm Tue, Thu 6am – 4pm Sat - Sun & Public Holiday 6am – 6pm

Hockey (Season)

RBSC Field Nov 1 - May 31 Tue, Thu 5pm – 9pm Sat 7pm – 9pm

Jogging RBSC Field 6am until dark daily Lawn Bowls

RBSC Polo Club 1pm – 8:30pm daily

Qigong & Yoga Upper Verandah, Old Building Mon, Wed – Fri 6:45am – 7:45am Mon – Fri 5:15pm – 6:15pm 4th Floor, RSC Martial Arts Room Tue 6:45am – 7:45am (Yoga) Rugby (Season)

RBSC Field June 1 – Nov 30 Tue, Thu 4:30pm – 9pm

Soccer (Season) RBSC Field Nov 1 - May 31 Tue, Thu, 4:30pm – 9pm Sat – Sun, 6:30pm – 9pm RBSC Polo Club Field Mon - Fri, 4pm until dark Sat - Sun & Public Holiday 2pm until dark Squash

4th Floor, RSC Building 6am – 9pm daily


6am – 8.30pm daily

Table Tennis 4th Floor, RSC Building Mon – Fri 4pm – 9pm Sat - Sun & Public Holiday 9am – 9pm Tennis Hard Courts 6:30am – 9pm daily Grass Courts # 1-10 3:30pm until dark daily Grass Courts # 1-7 Sat - Sun & Public Holiday 7:30am – 11am Grass Courts # 8-10 3:30pm – 8pm Mon – Fri


Daily: 6am - 9pm


Billiards/Snooker Room, 2nd Floor Mon-Thu: 11am - 10pm Fri & Sat: 11am - 12pm Sun & Public Holiday: 9am - 10pm

Bridge Bridge Room Mon-Fri: 2pm - 8pm Sat & Sun + Public Holiday: 9am - 8pm Chess Chess Room, 2nd Floor Mon-Fri: 2pm - 8pm Sat & Sun + Public Holiday: 9am - 8pm Equestrian

112 | MAY 2013

Riding Rings Mon-Fri: 8:15am - 7pm Sat & Sun: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Jogging Jogging Track Daily: 6am - 9pm Physical Fitness Qi Gong

Gym, 2nd Floor Daily: 6am - 9pm Sala Qi Gong Mon-Fri: 6:30am - 7:30pm (No Qi Gong on Sat-Sun)

Squash Squash Courts Daily: 6am - 9pm Swimming Swimming Pool Daily: 6am - 8:30pm Tennis Tennis Courts Daily: 6am - 9pm Table Tennis

Table Tennis Room, 2nd Floor Daily: 9am - 9pm

MAY 2013 | 113

DIRECTORY 114 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 115

DIRECTORY 116 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 117


WE REMEMBER Our sincere condolences are extended to the family and friends of the following RBSC Ordinary Members and Ordinary Ladies’ Privilege who passed away recently.

RBSC Ordinary Members

Khun Dhira Medhaseth Since 1976

Ordinary Ladies’ Privilege

Miss Melissa Ketunuti Since 2004

Mr. Dacre F.A. Raikes, O.B.E. Since 1955

Khun Virawat Smithiphan Since 1981

Wives of Ordinary Members

Mr. S.P. Upadhyay Since 1963

Pol.Gen. Pow Sarasin Since 1955

We apologize for the error in April’s We Remember. The names of Mrs. Chirapan Leetavorn and Mrs. Pimpa Limpaphayom accompanied the incorrect photos. This month’s We Remember has been amended accordingly.

RBSC CLASSIFIEDS House 5 Mins from Chiangmai University Designed by top architect. 3 Bedrooms; 5 Bathrooms; 2 Sitting rooms; Cellar. Only 10 mil. Lots pixs and map at Soi Sutep area. Contact John Ellis at 084-055-4997 118 | MAY 2013

Mrs. Chirapan Leetavorn Since 1969

Mrs. Pimpa Limpaphayom Since 1967

NOTICE The Super Sports Shop in the RSC Building (Mezzanine Floor) will be closed on Racedays effective on Sunday, 31st March 2013. If the Raceday is on Saturday, the Super Sports Shop will be closed on Saturday and will be opened on Sunday. If the Raceday is cancelled, the Super Sports Shop will be opened.

ประกาศหยุ ดให้ บ ริ การร้ านซุ ป เปอร์ ส ปอร์ต ร้ านซุ ป เปอร์ สปอร์ ต อาคาร RSC ชั ้ น M จะหยุ ดบริ ก ารเป็น ประจำ � ในวั นที ่ สมาคมฯ มี การจั ดการแข่ ง ม้ า โดยจะเริ่ม ตั้งแต่ การแข่ ง ม้ าในวั น อาทิ ตย์ ที ่ 31 มี น าคม 2556 เป็ นต้ น ไป กรณี ที ่ ว ั น แข่ ง ม้ าตรงกั บ วั น เสาร์ ร้ านซุ ป เปอร์ สปอร์ ต จะหยุด บริ การในวั น เสาร์ น ั ้ น และจะเปิ ดบริ การตามปกติ ในวั น อาทิต ย์ แทน กรณี ที ่ การแข่ ง ม้ าถู กยกเลิ ก ร้ านซุ ป เปอร์ สปอร์ ตจะเปิด บริก าร ใน วั นดั ง กล่ าวตามปกติ

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CHANGE IN GATE OPERATING TIMES – EFFECTIVE 13TH MAY 2013 Members are advised of the following changes to the gate operation times: Gate 2 : Operate from 6 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. as usual and after the gate has closed, members wishing to gain entrance to collect their vehicles may contact the night security between 10:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. and between 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.

เรื ่ อ งการเปลี ่ ย นแปลงเวลาเปิ ด บริ ก ารประตู ทางเข้ า -ออกสมาคมฯ เริ ่ ม ตั ้ ง แต่ ว ั นที ่ 13 พฤษภาคม 2556 เรี ย น ท่ านสมาชิ ก สมาคมฯ จะปรั บ ปรุ ง เปลี ่ ย นแปลงเวลาเปิ ด-ปิ ดประตู ทางเข้ า -ออก สมาคมฯ ดั ง นี ้ ประตู 2 จะเปิดบริการตามปกติตั้งแต่เวลา 06.00 น. – 22.00 น. หากท่ านสมาชิ กประสงค์ จ ะนำ � รถออกจากสมาคมฯ ในระหว่ างเวลา 22.00 น. – 01.00 น. และ 05.00 น. – 06.00 น. โปรดติด ต่อ เจ้ าหน้ าที ่ รั กษาความปลอดภั ย

Between 1:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. the club will be totally closed and members may not enter to the club car park to collect their cars between those times.

หลั ง จากเวลา 01.00 น. ประตู 2 นี ้ จ ะปิ ดบริ การ ซึ ่ ง ท่ านสมาชิก จะไม่ สามารถเข้ ามาภายในสมาคมฯ เพื ่ อ นำ � รถออกจากสมาคมฯ ได้ จ นถึ ง เวลา 05.00 น.

Gate 4 will open from 5:00 a.m. for members to enter the club who like to come to exercise early in the morning.

ประตู 4 จะเปิ ดบริ การตั ้ ง แต่ เวลา 05.00 น. สำ � หรั บ สมาชิก ที่ ประสงค์ จ ะมาออกกำ � ลั ง กายในช่ ว งเช้ าตรู ่

Gates 6 & 7 (the link road between Henri Dunant Road and Rajdamri Road) will operate from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For your information. BY RESOLUTION OF THE GENERAL COMMITTEE 25th March 2013

ประตู 6 และ 7 (ประตู ทางเชื ่ อ มระหว่ างถนนอั ง รี ดู น ั ง ต์ กั บ ถนน ราชดำ � ริ ) จะเปิ ดบริ การตั ้ ง แต่ เวลา 06.30 น. – 22.00 น. จึ ง เรี ย นประกาศมาเพื ่ อ โปรดทราบ โดยมติ ข องคณะกรรมการอำ � นวยการทั่วไป 25 มี น าคม 2556 MAY 2013 | 119


Racing Operations Results for March 2013 2nd Mar 13 17th Mar 13 31st Mar 13 Total Revenues Before Expenses & Taxes

38,925,263 41,700,889 43,083,099

Total Revenues Before Other Expenses




Total Other Expenses



6,108, 521

Net Surplus / (Loss) From Racing Operations 147,851



Guaranteed Donation to Charity




Allocated Costs to Racing




Total Surplus / (Loss) (422,522) (365,908) (132,891) No. of Race Goers




The Club continues to hold charity races which all Racing profits are donated to charities. 120 | MAY 2013

MAY 2013 | 121



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124 | MAY 2013

RBSC Magazine May 2013  
RBSC Magazine May 2013  

RBSC Magazine May 2013