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Hollywood Blockbuster “Passion Play” - An Incredible Love Tale When did you last admire a scintillatingly gorgeous woman with angelic wings at her closet that almost took your breath away? The latest of Rebecca Wang Entertainment is a touching love story, “ Passion Play.” It revolves around its central characters and portrays love and evil in one action-packed movie. The lead characters are played by three most prominent Hollywood actors - Megan Fox (as gorgeous Lily), Mickey Rourke (as Nate Pool, the trumpet player), and Bill Murray as (Happy, the gangster). Passion Play is a touching tale of love and rivalry. The beauty of the movie lies in its picturesque shots, exotic locations and the aesthetic vision of producer Rebecca Wang. It is a must-watch movie since the story line is an inspiring experience for those who are strong optimists and are obsessed with true love and passion. Megan Fox is certainly the center of attraction in Passion Play as she has ravishingly portrayed the angelic role of a woman with wings and has enthralled every man’s fantasy of staring at someone so sensuous and gorgeous at the same time. The movie starts with scenic views of exotic locations, and it becomes tragic when a gorgeous lady with wings falls in love with a nobody played by Mickey Rourke. They end up falling for each other, and this is where trouble begins. The director shots the scenes so intensely that viewers will feel numb wqatching those scenes in the Passion Play film. Rebecca Wang Entertainment has successfully completed the story that personifies drama, tragedy and a love triangle. Rebecca Wang as producer has worked brilliantly with making the movie light-hearted movie and deserves a brilliant applaud from audiences worldwide. Go and watch the movie as it surely succeeds in giving that pleasurable experience. Passion Play was directed to portray love at its finest with a combination of humanity and cruelty at its best and worst. Check out the trailers and watch this Rebecca Wang Entertainment production, Passion Play. To know more about Rebecca Wang and to get latest updates on her movies, gossips, upcoming projects, work and life, you can visit her official site - Also read more about one of Hollywood blockbusters of Rebecca Wang - Passion Play Film, an innovative story starring leading casts.

Hollywood Blockbuster “Passion Play” - An Incredible Love Tale