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ocial media has changed the way we look at car culture. Instagram and Bookface allow us to see all kinds of crazy cars from across the world. So much so, it’s almost impossible to keep up on a print platform. Call me old fashioned, but while seeing cool images of inspiring cars is all very nice, I want more. What’s the story behind the build? The owner’s inspiration? How long did it take? What fitment are the wheels? In this day and age, it sometimes seems as if the lensman gets all the credit and the subject is secondary. That’s just not right. We are car guys. We need to know more. One of these Insta-famous cars popping up here, there and everywhere was a bright orange, aero-clad MR2. People would comment and lust after the pictures. But who was responsible for such a killer build? It was time to find out. A few emails later and we had a name: Smicha Thiramongkol. Momm, as he likes to be known, and his MR2 Turbo resided in Bangkok, Thailand. It would cost a small fortune to pack up our gear, jump on a plane and fly to Suvarnabhumi Airport, but I felt the car justified the budget and risk. We didn’t really know what to expect, but closer inspection revealed that all the likes and shares were justified. And you can judge for yourself by taking a gander at our detailed feature on page 10 – you just can’t get that kind of info on Insta! While we were in Bangkok, we decided to take a good look at their general car culture, too. All really interesting stuff (see page 18). And that’s all within the first 23 pages of this 148-page bumper edition of Fast Car. If you want to know what’s covered on the other 125 pages, just glance right. Big Love,

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“I love a good Thai. Tom yum soup, pad Thai and red curry. Lovely.”

“I could do with a Thai massage. Happy ending? Don’t be so disgusting.”

“Bangkok? Oh go on then. You only live once.”

“Phuket vegetarian festival? Sounds right up my street. Not the mutation bit.”

Seventeen years in publishing including a spell as a paparazzi, IMIAL Level 2 Mechanic, Poppadom Eating World Championship runner-up, Race National B Licence holder.

Uber-short serial Gumballer and monster truck driver, IMIAL Level 2 Mechanic, built 12 feature cars, five cover cars, five rally cars, has a degree in pottery and an addiction to Red Bull.

Thirty years of design experience, champion archer and currently working on proving inflationary cosmology propagation, through vacuum energy.

Social media guru, Gumballer, IMIAL Level 2 Mechanic, beard connoisseur, fully qualified lifeguard, purveyor of super lows and very large feet. Also likes cars rather a lot.





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Fast Car Magazine #387

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04/09/2017 16:20


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BANGKOK NIGHTS 018 068 We hit the streets of Thailand and found our

This Toyota has more titanium than the Williams’ F1 team.

If looks could kill, this naughty Nissan would be on death row. This thing looks as good as it sounds. And it sounds awesome.

This is what you get when a BMW gets jiggy with a Toyota.


BONUS FEATURE happy ending.

GET RIPPED OFF 046 076 DON’T There are lots of dodgy tuners out there. Here’s

We practise what we preach here at FC. Mike Kuhn’s Mazda is proof.

how to avoid them.





Want some tunes in your car? Let us help. All you need to know about blowers.









We head to the Performance Vauxhall Show. You can also test your car knowledge, look into the future, and try to calm the Angry Man down. Our S2K is finished. All that’s left to do now is give it away.

Now for the most important cars in the whole world… yours!


There are no words to describe this thing. Actually, there’s about 2,000 of them.

We get paid to do this stuff. Not much, but paid nonetheless.



There were so many cool cars on show that they only just ‘fitted’ into the report.


It’s December in the magazine world. But don’t fear, it’s actually only 13 October.

Defining Car Culture 005

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04/09/2017 16:20



Show of the Month

Words: Sam Preston Photos Chris Frosin



We hit the ’Pod to check out some hot-Vaux action...

ike a well-worn pair of jeans, some things in life just feel so right, you wonder how you ever lived without them. The Performance Vauxhall Show (PVS) at Northamptonshire’s legendary Santa Pod drag strip, certainly acts as a warm, familiar face for more than a few car enthusiasts in this country and beyond. It’s been a staple date on the performance show calendar for longer than we care to remember. And, it’s fair to say that with all those

years’ of practice, the organisers have got the event down to a tee nowadays. The 2017 instalment once again successfully celebrating all things griffin-badged in serious summer style. With an estimated 10,000 punters attending on the day and no less than 2,000 tasty Vauxhalls old and new to ogle over, it’s not difficult to see that the love for this brand, even in this day and age, is as strong as it ever was. Here’s a look at some of the highlights...

Moody looking Vectra 006

Fast Car Magazine #387 6

04/09/2017 16:57

Club Calibra had a cracking collection of high-caliber Calibras (try saying that after 3 pints)



Santa Pod’s infamous quarter-mile of silky smooth tarmac unsurprisingly played host to a whole heap of action on the day. At the root of it all was Run What Ya Brung (RWYB); affordable drag runs up the strip where the public work out who’s got the fastest road-going Vauxhall. From fiery, engine-swapped Novas through to supercharged V8 Monaro monsters, this section of the day never fails to get the crowd going. Laced in between the RWYB sessions, the pros took to the strip in the form of the Ten of the Best qualifier competition – the largest street competition in the UK, no less. With pretty much everything in this league sporting a turbo the size of a beach ball poking out of the bonnet. Our highlights included Dave Duthie’s Corsa and Craig Evans’ Nova 4X4. And of course, no Santa Pod event is complete without a few runs from the resident FireForce 3 jet car – the 10,000bhp Pratt and Whitney jet-powered beast successfully deafening the crowds with its insane 4G acceleration. Perfect. The VXR crew out in full force

Retro goodness


As well as the usual fantastic club displays, retail village and camping areas we’ve become accustomed to, this year also welcomed some exciting new displays out in the venue’s vast paddocks. Obviously, the dedicated Retro Paddock was the place to check out everything from vintage griffins through to modern classics and, unsurprisingly, kept us entertained for more than a little while. Then there was FC’s sister publication, Performance Vauxhall magazine’s stand, which this year included the likes of a 680bhp VXR8, a twin-engined Corsa B, as well as Top Gear’s very own reasonably-priced Astra Techline. It was also a year of celebration in the form of the Corsa VXR’s 10th Anniversary (celebrated with a selection of tuned examples from throughout the years) and the Cavalier Turbo’s 25th Birthday (commemorated with some blasts from the past such as Davide Rimonte’s rear-wheel drive Satin red stunner and Darren Bryce’s near-500bhp fast-road racer). Defining Car Culture 007 7

04/09/2017 16:57

UP FRONT Quiz Time

Word Search


There are eight brake manufactures in here, how many can you find?




Think you know your cars? Test your knowledge for fun, here… Q1) Name the wheel? Q2) Name the car?


Q3) Name the rear cluster?

Answers are in Arse End over on page 108! Good luck.

Coming soon…

We always aim to find and feature the best cars from around the world and bring you the most informative stories possible. So, in the next couple of months you’ll find features on this Rocket Bunnykitted Porsche Cayman and also this engine-swapped Audi A3.


Now, normally you’d just stay well away. But you’re busy and you’ve already subconsciously made the decision to take on the drive-through, before you even know it, you’re having a conversation with a black box and going large. You see, you’ve been tricked! That’s right, the huge double lane opening of the entrance looks so welcoming. But once that order is placed, the realism hits you. You’re in drive-through hell... The two, wide lanes merge into one narrow bastard. The small entry curbs have morphed into fucking mountains. Even Javier Sotomayor (Who? – Midge) would have trouble getting over those, and then they throw the first 90-degree bend at you. If you get the entry wrong, you can say goodbye to your rims. Trust me, they won’t survive. If you do manage to safely navigate the corner, it’s now time to be robbed of a tenner at window one. And there’s just one more terrifying bend between you and your food. You pull up, all wheels intact, with a sense of pride and joy. Only for the server to tell you to park up in waiting bay three, as they’re all out of double cheeseburgers. Arse. Yup, you could’ve just parked up and got your food yourself. But will we learn? Will we fuck! Oh well, we’ve taken on the drive-through and won. You’ve got your brown paper bag of heaven and you’re back on the road. Let’s just hope they haven’t forgotten that cheeseburger…

The Angry Man

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Fast Car or the publisher. So fuck you ;-)


Fast Car Magazine #387 8

04/09/2017 16:57


Words & Photography Ron Cesletine

Quick Thai One of the tastiest Thais around. We’re not talking tom yum soup or red curry, rather a titanium-clad MR2 Turbo…


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 10

05/09/2017 10:28

Defining Car Culture 011

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 11

05/09/2017 10:28

HOT RIDE: TOYOTA MR2 Momm was after a crazy power-to-weight ratio goal

“There’s more titanium on this SW20 than most of us have ever seen!”

hat is it that causes us to lust after having the only one of its kind in the world? Is it that magic allure of rarity? Knowing we have the only one makes it, and by default, us, more special. Or is it the human instinct that we want to shine or be somewhat different among the crowd? There’s a certain appeal with going against the grain of society from time to time. In regards to cars, we modify our cars to stand out among the sea of horrid ecoboxes. For us enthusiasts, the way we modify our cars is the perfect way of expressing our individualism. So, to understand why Smicha Momm Thira had such high aspirations for his 1992 Toyota MR2 SW20, all you have to do is spend a couple hours with Momm and hear his story out. Momm has been expressing himself through cars for well over 20 years and has always sought to have one of the more unique, and powerful, cars to roam the streets of Bangkok. The Thai government


is incredibly strict on imports and enforces a severe penalty on cars and parts, to encourage people to buy inside Thailand and stimulate their economy. Due to this, a lot of enthusiasts turn to Hondas and one of Momm’s first cars was a Civic EG6 that was pushing around 400whp to the front tires. Even by today’s standards, that is an absurd amount of power for a FWD car to handle. Realising this, Momm wanted his next platform to not only handle that kind of power, but be able to take corners for those late-night drives around the highway that loops around Bangkok in a similar way the Shutoku loops around Tokyo. Thus, the MR2’s mid-engine and rear-wheel drive platform made for an excellent candidate. Right away there was one major concern Momm had about his SW20. The weight. “Being around 1,300kgs, the car is pretty heavy,” he says. “So I wanted to make sure everything I add to it is strong, but lightweight as well.” Heavy usually isn’t the word that comes to mind when you think about the small Japanese car, but Momm was after a crazy power-toweight ratio goal. So there’s more titanium on this SW20 than most of us have ever seen! Almost everything you can think of is titanium.

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 12

05/09/2017 10:28

18-inch titanium S1 Work wheels, wrapped in sticky Toyo R888

Piping hot! Defining Car Culture 013

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 13

05/09/2017 10:28


Momm set out to make the most unique MR2 the world has seen The custom 6-point rollcage made by Preacher Header & Turbo is titanium. The wheel lugs that hold the three-piece 18-inch S1 Work wheels wrapped in sticky Toyo R888 are titanium. The rods that hold the rear diffuser and massive Custom GT wing in place are titanium. Every bolt and fastener is made of titanium and we can only assume that the amount of titanium used on this SW20 cost more than the car did when Momm picked it up. On the subject of fasteners, the titanium fasteners attach a rather unique custom bodykit. Since the SW20 doesn’t have the aftermarket support for a unique wide bodykit, his friend, who owns Garage Unique, made Momm his very own Street Warrior wide bodykit, which radically alters the overall look of the SW20. The Tein mono flex struts and Swift springs (7k in the front, 11k in the rear) make sure the car sits right and dramatically improves the handling.

Momm watches the gauges to ensure air temp is below 50˚C 014

Six-pot Endless racing brake callipers and 330mm rotors up front provide adequate stopping power that is required now the power plant that sits behind Momm has become an absolute monster. A peak under the hood instantly reveals more titanium, and a huge BorgWarner EFR 8374 turbocharger system that hides the 3SGTE inline four. The 3SGTE has been worked over and now has Eagle connecting rods, Arias pistons, HKS camshaft, larger valve springs and retainers. And APR rods and head studs to make sure it’s all sealed and can handle the 1.7 bar of boost. The stock transmission is still matted to the 3SGTE while the Cusco LSD makes sure all power is transmitted from the engine to the rear tyres. At low boost, Momm can access around 500whp, but at the push of a button, all 666whp is at the mercy of Momm’s right foot. At the time of our shoot, Momm had just finished the eight-month process of putting his engine back together and hadn’t had the time to tune it fully for full boost. But the way that low boost pins you against the Bride Venus seats after reaching 4,000rpm, we can only imagine full boost will be the literal definition of awesome. After a quick pull, he told us he still isn’t satisfied and wants to hit a target of around 750hp. A look inside reveals a host of Defi gauges. That styling of multiple gauges is hugely popular in Thailand, however Momm is looking at replacing them with GReddy’s new lineup. The two gauges in the centre dash reveal the air temperatures before entering the intercooler and afterwards. A lot of heat is generated from the turbocharger and making sure sufficient air can reach the intercoolers in the rear is always a challenge for mid-engine vehicles – a problem Momm has experienced in the past. Thus he is always paying attention to those two gauges making sure the air temperature after the intercooler is below 50˚C. Wanting for a more reliable read out, Momm has installed an AIM MXS Strada Dash. The entire build has taken roughly two years and like all project cars is still experiencing changes to make it a little bit better here and there. Momm set out to make the most unique MR2 the world has seen and he has more than well accomplished this goal. In fact, we’d go as far

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 14

05/09/2017 10:28

Momm has some 666hp at his mercy

DRIVER SPEC: Name: Smicha Thiramongkol Build time: Two years Car Club: Liberate Team & MR2 Club Thailand Power: 666HP

An engaging spectacle

Bride Venus seats

Momm wanted everything to be strong, but lightweight too Defining Car Culture 015

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 15

05/09/2017 10:28



3SGTE; Arias pistons; Eagle rods; Mishimoto rad; titanium fasteners: Masterpiece Automotive; HKS cams (272 , 9.4 lift); oversized valves: EX valve springs; Brian Crower titanium vale spring retainers; ARP head studs and rod bolts; Kometic gasket; Walbro 400LPH fuel; Sard fuel rail; Blitz air filter; Sard regulator; BorgWarner EFR 8374 turbo; Preacher intake manifold; GReddy intercooler with Preacher custom piping; Preacher titanium and aluminium intake manifold; Preacher header, downpipe, dual titanium muffler and exhaust system; GReddy Type R wastegate; Megan Racing short shifter; ORC twin plate clutch; eClutchmaster flywheel; Cusco limited slip differential; Preacher axles; 3UZ-FE throttle bodies; Link Extreme ecu; TRD dress up caps.


Tein Mono Flex struts and shocks; Swift springs; Ultra Racing antiroll bars; prothane urethane bushing; Tein adjusting ball joint alignment kit; Cusco front strut bar; Endless Racing 6-pot front and 4-pot rear callipers, 330mm front and 320mm rear rotors, Endless pads; Work S1 three piece wheels, 9.5x18 (f), 12x18 (r); Toyo R888R 265/25x18 (f) and Toyo R888 335/30x18 (r); Preacher custom 6-point titanium roll cage.


to say that his MR2 is one of the more unique cars in general that the world has ever seen. He tells us that he did have a lot of support through both his Liberate Team and MR2 Club in Thailand, which helped him in his time of need, encouraging him to take his project to the next level, turning some wrenches and helping to build custom parts. And that neatly sums up the car culture in Thailand that we experienced. The enthusiasts of Thailand are all out to show the world their individualistic styling and put Thailand on the map. “Thailand is filled with great car people,” says Momm. “And they all really want to show that Thailand has a rich and deep car culture just like Japan, the US and Europe.” Well Momm, we think that’s mission accomplished.

Muk delight orange respray; Garage Unique Street Warrior wide bodykit; Garage Unique 180cm GT wing; Border bonnet; Bomex engine cover; POON headlights; Ganador side mirrors; Mazterpiece Automotive titanium fasteners and bolts.


AIM MXS Strada Dash; 6x Defi gauges; GReddy Sirius Unify boost gauge; Defi Racer 80mm tachometer; AEM A/F meter; GReddy Profec 8k boost controller with remote; Bride Venus Japan seats; Takata 4-point harnesses; King of Vertex steering wheel; TRD 300km cluster speed meter; TRD shifter.


Liberate Team and MR2 Club Thailand; Preacher Header & Turbo; Street Warrior Custom Body Parts; Garage Unique; Work Wheels Thailand; NoiEleven; Addzest Car Color; Mazterpiece Automotive.

The BorgWarner EFR 8374 turbocharger system being put to good use


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr1_MR2.jt3.indd 16

05/09/2017 10:29

Not just standard parts! We offer a huge range of performance and styling products from all the leading brands! Available from stock.

Online, Click & Collect or visit your local branch

ww www w



Words & Photos Ron Celestine

After featuring Momm’s MR2, we were hungry to find out what more Thailand’s epic car culture had to offer…


n our latest adventures in Bangkok for a few feature shoots, we were determined to get a closer look at the car culture in Thailand. So when street team Liberate, informed us of an underground meet and extended an invitation for us to ride along with them, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. The meeting place was at a random service area on one of the extensive highways that run around the outskirts of Bangkok. If we were to make a comparison, it reminded us of a smaller version of Daikokufuto or Tatsumi parking areas in Tokyo, Japan. It seemed the place was used to car meets there as staff that pump your gas at the station didn’t seemed phased as we rolled in 10 cars deep. We arrived first, so it gave me a good opportunity to get setup, stroll around and scope out which locations I could use to take some decent pictures, especially given the limited lighting

Track-inspired MR2


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.bangkoknights.jt3.indd 18

05/09/2017 10:30

Defining Car Culture 019

FCR387.bangkoknights.jt3.indd 19

05/09/2017 10:30



conditions. As cars started to roll in, we noticed Hondas were a popular choice among the crowds as Civic EGs and S2000s continued to enter the parking lot. Thailand’s government has imposed a ridiculous high import-tax on cars and parts, to try and stimulate their economy and force both people to buy cars made in Thailand, and companies to establish facilities here and hire Thai people to work at them. This has dramatically affected the cars the enthusiasts can get their hands on. Cars that we take for granted can be up to 300 percent more expensive in Thailand. The notion that you work with what you have couldn’t be more real here. Of course, like all things in life, there are outliers, and a blend of high end and classic cars found their way to this little service area. One car in particular was a first generation Ford Mustang hardtop that instantly drew crowds. It had been perfectly restored and looked absolutely stunning. However, what lay hidden under the hood was anything but the normal carburettor straight six. In fact, no American powerplant of any type was used. The government’s tax laws apply especially to older cars. So when the owner was in the middle of the restoration process, getting his hand on an original or American engine would

We’re feeling the rear diffuser on this S2000 020

Slow down! Your paint is coming off…

have been a very costly proposition. Thus the 2JZ-GE straight six found its way inside the engine bay. To us, this might seem a bit of a strange swap but in Thailand when you are working with what you can get your hands on, 2JZ engines are plentiful and the most common engine to swap in pretty much anything. It’s like the LS swap of Thailand. Around the same time, Bangkok’s Auto Salon was going on and Liberty Walk’s Kato-san was in town to support the Thailand branch. Kato-san also appeared at this meet to check the car scene out and take pictures with fans. Normally in Japan, if a car meet gets too large or too rowdy, the police will be called in and close the venue down. This happens all the time in Daikokufuto, thanks to the Bosozokus that ride in blasting music from their cars and constantly revving their bikes to purposely piss off the police. A policeman also stopped by this meet and had a conversation with a few of the Liberate members. I assumed he was telling them that they were shutting down the parking lot. But in fact he was merely asking everyone to be respectful to the other patrons that were stopping at this rest area – and he wanted to take a look at some of the cars that showed up. Gotta love the laid-back nature of Thailand. In the late hours of the morning, we departed from the service area and had a spirited drive along the highway that makes a large loop around the city of Bangkok. The Liberate guys make

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.bangkoknights.jt3.indd 20

05/09/2017 10:30

Car friends

A Mustang rocking a 2JZ-GE lump

Hondas are popular but‌

‌they love all types of metal in Thailand

Defining Car Culture 021

FCR387.bangkoknights.jt3.indd 21

05/09/2017 10:30



EG Civic running VOLK CE28N rims was nice

They like S2Ks in Thailand…

… told ya!

runs along the loop almost every weekend late at night and have memorised every turn and junction. Once again drawing parallels with Tokyo, the loop reminded me of the Wangan and the Shutoko in Tokyo, which both become night circuits for underground racers. We pulled over on a random ramp along the highway that the guys use as a meeting spot. I can’t say I’ve ever just pulled over on the freeway and had a meeting with my friends. But once again, they assured me that little traffic comes that late at night (which was mostly true). As we said our goodbyes, everyone lined up in the middle of the freeway for a group picture. For an underground meet, it reminded me more of a family gathering than any kind of wild parties. Friends meeting new friends, relaxing, checking out each other’s builds, and overall just having fun. Truth be told, I think I prefer these kind of underground meets to the ones portrayed by The Fast And Furious.

Stance is big in Bangkok too

Looks tidy. We’d like a closer inspection…

Even Liberty Walk’s Kato-san turned up


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.bangkoknights.jt3.indd 22

05/09/2017 10:31



Words Sam Preston Photography Ronald Veth

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 24

04/09/2017 15:45

BREAKOUT! Tired of the styling restraints of other car scenes, Nick Gaerthe ventured into Japanese motors with this 350Z. And boy, has he celebrated the shift with a bang‌

Defining Car Culture 025

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 25

04/09/2017 15:46


“The Japanese car scene just seemed a whole lot more epic to me!” 026

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 26

04/09/2017 15:46


ver had one of those fleeting moments of madness where you’ve been tempted to sack it all in, dye your hair blue and go live in a hut in the woods? In this crazy age of be-cool-or-die-trying conformity, we’re surprised this hasn’t happened more in recent years. The world of modified cars isn’t safe, either. The internet is quick to judge every millimetre of offset on your new alloys and comment on how the colour of your brake callipers clashes so badly against your re-sprayed bodywork. Thumbs down. But why should it be like this? Surely if the owner is pleased with the outcome of their ride, the matter should end right there? For Rotterdam-based Nick here, the amount of control he felt was placed on him by social media in the German car world got so intense, he felt he needed a way to escape. And it didn’t take long to find a new car scene that appeared a little more open to a bit of silliness… “The Japanese car scene just seemed a whole lot more epic to me!” says our young metal worker on the shift from Golfs to Nissans a couple of years back. “You can basically build what you want here with no boundaries.” Because Nick was done with simple,

reserved tweaks to his cars and was ready to build something a little crazier in the form of this Nissan 350Z. And we think you’ll agree, he’s achieved it… Not that everything started swimmingly with Nick’s first foray into more Oriental metal. “I had a big accident in it soon after buying it,” he recalls through gritted teeth. Damaging the front and rear ends in the shunt (on his way back from getting his impressive Focal ICE install, no less), Nick used this opportunity to tuck the car away in his garage and go full-bore with his modification plans a little earlier than planned. Every cloud and all that. As he had extensive fabrication knowledge at his disposal, it was somewhat inevitable Nick would opt for a killer wide-body conversion in one form or another. But why follow the crowds? “I did consider heading to Rocket Bunny for the arches at first, but then thought, ‘Why not try and be a bit more exclusive?’” The quest moved in the direction of Florida-based Fiberglass Mafia, an up-and-coming firm that’s setting the East Coast on fire right now with some killer flared arch applications. Its four-piece kit trumps that of its rivals by offering a pretty colossal 2.25-inch and 3-inch extra width on each side (front and rear respectively). After hearing no other 350Z was rocking this package in Europe at the time, Nick pressed the button and got it ordered sharpish.

Fiberglass Mafia flared arches – a colossal three inches of extra width

Defining Car Culture 027

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 27

04/09/2017 15:46



Mainly focusing on Japanese and European wide-arch applications, Florida-based Fiberglass Mafia has made one hell of a name for itself in recent years. Nick’s four-piece kit may be extremely wide, but it’s been cleverly designed to work alongside standard bumpers and side skirts if necessary, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a whole new bodykit to obtain wider dimensions here. We’d recommend checking out the firm’s arches for the all-new Ford Mustang if you’re browsing, too. We can’t wait to see it slapped on a few examples in the coming months… With NISMO front and rear bumpers fitted and helping to accommodate the extra girth, Nick got to work with the cutting and riveting on the frankly colossal arch extensions, before whipping up some finishing touches only a professional metal worker could manage. “I thought the flares would look great with some extra bits, so fabricated front and rear splitters, side skirt extensions, and the carbon rear wing,” Nick casually informs us. Not exactly a walk in the park for most, but with a bit of focus and a lot of welding, Nick’s car was already becoming something rather unique in its class with the savagely aggressive new body mods. Once a carbon fibre bonnet and 370Z side repeaters blended in on the front wings were added for a bit of extra Z-Car bling, Nick’s V6 brute was ready for a lick of paint. And you’ve probably gathered that he wasn’t settling for a sensible grey hue here. “It’s from a limited-edition Fiat Panda, believe it or not!” he laughs, as he explains the origins of this truly awesome purple colour scheme, that seems to match the outrageousness of those new-found wide lines and brings the whole thing together. Keeping the impressively quick momentum going with the build, Nick next made light work of installing one of Air Lift Performance’s cutting-edge 3H air suspension packages, which uses trick sensors throughout the car to measure and adjust height and pressure on the move. Once dialled in with some decent height presets saved, it was just a case of what to prop up the car with. For these, it was back to the States. This time to Michigan-based WatercooledIND for a set of its spanking new forged, three-piece split rims, which Nick ordered up in his fully custom requirements. This meant going for a


brain-meltingly 14-inch wide on the rear and 12.5 inches up front, in a diameter of 19 inches and finished off in a fully polished colour scheme with gold hardware. Talk about wheel royalty! It’s pretty impossible to say they don’t look anything short of pornographic now they’re tucked under those cavernous arches. Inside, the aforementioned Focal sound system install from Nick’s friends at JM Car Hifi is topped off with a suitably hip fingerbanger ribbed gearknob that looks like it’s come straight out of a pro drift car. As does the uber-cool Vertex steering wheel for that matter. Both of which keep Nick in check when he’s up for a hard drive. The perfectly beefy V6 up front remains relatively standard for now, aside from the custom exhaust system that allows the burble to be unleashed to its full potential. Left with a fully-fledged monster on his hands and understandably wanting to show it off at as many events

That Focal sound system

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 28

04/09/2017 15:46

Super swish inside too Vertex steering wheel

Trick touches everywhere

The colour’s origins? A Fiat Panda Defining Car Culture 029

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 29

04/09/2017 15:46


TECH SPEC: NISSAN 350Z #boom #epic


Full re-spray in Fiat Panda purple; Fiberglass Mafia wide-arch kit; NISMO 350Z front and rear bumpers; custom front splitter, side skirt extensions, rear diffuser and carbon fibre wing; carbon fibre bonnet and mirrors; 370Z-style Z-logo side repeaters.


3.5-litre VQ35DE V6 engine; custom stainless steel exhaust system.


Six-speed manual gearbox.


Air Lift Performance 3H air suspension system and management; 12.5x19in (front) and 14x19in (rear) WatercooledIND MD1 three-piece alloy wheels with polished finish and gold hardware; Brembo brakes all-round.


JM Car Hifi ICE install; Kenwood headunit and Focal speakers all-round; Likewise fingerbanger grooved gearknob with shift extension; Vertex steering wheel.


JM Car Hifi; WatercooledIND; Street Customs;; SlammedUK; Violent Clique; BattleGang.

as possible across Europe, Nick takes some time to reflect on what he’s managed to achieve virtually singlehandedly in his garage. “It’s everything I dreamt it would be and I am over the moon,” he smiles. “There are a few more bits I’d like to do. But for now, I’m just enjoying taking it to shows. Especially VAG shows, it seems to go down well there.” By spending time immersed in several different car scenes, patiently learning the pros and cons of each, we think you’ll agree Nick’s managed to break out of his shell with his latest work of art and let his deepest styling desires blossom. Just have a good think about that next time you’re about to buy another tin of magnolia paint at the shops.

It’s come a long way since that early accident 030

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr2_350Z.jt3.indd 30

04/09/2017 15:46

TORQEN specialises in Japanese performance car parts, t offering ff i the th mostt comprehensive selection of parts and mods in the UK K. Our aim is to provide unrivalled customer service, while continuing to build d an ever-growing collection of parts for the Japanese market. We have unparalleled access to top brands in the world, being able to supply parts manufactured in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and Europe within days. TORQEN was born from the passion for sport cars, while building some of the most amazing Nissan 350z and 370z in the UK. We value our customers' passion for cars and we love to be part of the projects they undertake, helpin ng them sourcing the required parts at the most affordable price. We design and manufacture our own products for the Japanese market like e the Nissan 350z & 370z Big Brake Kits, coilovers, aluminium undertrays, clutch master cylinders, lights, tow hooks, titanium engine bay dressing bolts, forg ged engine blocks, carbon ďŹ bre bonnet struts, wheel spacers, silicone hoses kitss and many more. We are also Authorised Distributors for some of the biggest names in the Japanese Performance car parts market: AAM Competition, Vortech Engineering, ARK Performance, Stillen, Tanabe, SSR, COBB, Braum Racing, SprintBooster, Oracle Lighting, SoulFunction, SuperPro, Voodoo13, Air Lift, AccuAir, CJ Motorsport, Level10, SPL Parts, Treadstone, VMR Wheels, Cosmis Racing, Fortune Auto and many more. • 075 9913 9999 TORQEN, Unit 10, Fourth Way, Wembley, London, HA9 0LH


Can you guess what it is?

It’s a Nissan Sunny N13

FittedUK 2017 We head to Manchester to check out some epic rides as FittedUK rolls its slammed ass into town...


hen a car show claims to be one of the UK’s biggest indoor events, you know we’ll be there to check it out. Having established itself firmly in the car show calendar, FittedUK packed over 1000 vehicles into the vast halls at EventCity in Manchester. Originally, it showcased the best German-made metal, but has recently opened its doors to all makes and models. Featuring everything from money-no-object show cars to supercars, low-riders, and the cleanest, original cars around; there were motors to suit everyone’s taste. And with plenty

of sponsor and trade stands, the RC track, and special guest DJs (as well as food stalls and licensed bars dotted around), there was ample going on to keep the crowds entertained. With trophies for the best German and Non-German automobiles up for grabs, as well as the prestigious Car of the Show award, all 1000+ cars were cleaned and polished to within an inch of their lives (well, apart from the patina/rat cars that is). If you weren’t fortunate enough to make the show this year, you’ll be glad to know that plans are already in place for 2018, so keep an eye out on social media for updates.

Minty fresh

Alex Collins’ APR and QST tuned S1 032

Fast Car Magazine #387 Fitted.jt2.indd 32

05/09/2017 15:47

Shaun’s Civic has evolved – again!

Shaun Quinn’s Honda Civic EK

When it comes to the Civic scene, it’s always going to be hard to stand out from the crowd. But for former FC regular, Shaun Quinn, his ever evolving EK Civic always manages to push the boundaries. It donned the pages of the mag when it was white in 2012, was resprayed purple in 2013, and nabbed the cover in 2015 with its 400bhp turbo build. And at that point, it was deemed one of the best in the country. What can you possibly do to top an already astounding and well renowned show car? Well, Shaun decided to completely re-start the project and make it bigger (literally) and better than ever. Now featuring smoothed-in wide arches, stunning green paintwork, carbon everywhere, and the extremely rare SSR EX-C Xaxon Special wheels (originally made in 1988); he’s certainly managed to improve on perfection. So, is this the Civic’s final form or is Shaun planning another rebuild? Watch this space…

Love it or hate it – you gotta admire it

Rat-rod ahoy!

Tom Lilico’s Z3 has got even better since its feature in 2016 Defining Car Culture 033 Fitted.jt2.indd 33

05/09/2017 15:47


Richard Linster’s VW Scirocco Mk1

One of the most anticipated debuts at FittedUK went to a certain yellow Scirocco Mk1. Built and owned by Richard Linster (aka “Chill Winston”), this flawless 40+ year old VW certainly received a lot of attention. From the extreme tucked bay, bare shell interior, and super scarce Mad’in split wheels, it’s clear to see why. And the judges agreed: not only did it pick up a trophy in the top 25 German Cars’ category, but won the Wheel Whores sponsor’s choice, too.

Who said MINI Clubmans couldn’t be cool? Rotiform OZT splits and Ferrari stoppers. Very posh

Bradley Jenkins’ Ganza is amongst the most modified in the world. Pure awesome


Fast Car Magazine #387 Fitted.jt2.indd 34

05/09/2017 15:47

Max Edwards’ 1978 Bug is sporting BBS rims (with custom made turbofans) and rides on Air Lift 3P. Not to mention the 80s Kremer Porsche 935 Apple-inspired livery. Full feature coming soon

Karmann Ghia perfection

Does Jap retro-cool get any better? Nope 1980s 6-Series Coupe. Sweet baby Jebus...

Defining Car Culture 035 Fitted.jt2.indd 35

05/09/2017 15:48

SHOW: FITTED UK Niall’s Porsche runs hydraulic suspension. Top bombing

Ducktail spoiler, yum!

Niall O’Dowd’s Porsche 993 Carrera 4

When it comes to building a classic Porsche, it’s all about getting the right suspension and wheel set-up. The usual choice when it comes to suspension for these classic air-cooled supercars is bags or static. But Niall O’Dowd likes going against the grain and putting his own stamp on the cars he builds. Three of his previous feature cars (a Mini Cooper S, BMW Z4, and Porsche Cayman S) have all run hydraulic suspension set-ups, built by Peden Conceptz. And Niall’s current Porsche 993 Carrera 4 is no different. Sitting perfectly on fully polished, stepped-up BBS RS wheels, this stunning little Porsche just oozes class. With showgoers in awe, it’s no wonder it was judged one of the best German cars there.

SSR EX-C Xaxon Special wheels. Pass the tissues

There’s a blob-eye Scooby under there somewhere Auto Finesse’s turbo’d Mk2 is coming to FC real soon

Awesome, ’80s S-Class Benz 036

Fast Car Magazine #387 Fitted.jt2.indd 36

05/09/2017 15:48

HOT RIDE: VW GOLF GTI Words Sam Preston Photography Ade Brannan


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr3_Mk6 Golf.jt3.indd 38

04/09/2017 16:39

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING Treating himself to car goodies every time it’s his birthday, Daniel Coates has gradually built himself the best present anyone could ask for: a super-clean Mk6 Golf GTI show-stopper

Defining Car Culture 039

FCR387.hr3_Mk6 Golf.jt3.indd 39

04/09/2017 16:39



t only takes one look back at your seven-year-old self on Christmas Eve to realise just how much we all love a good pressie. Because let’s face it. It wasn’t the special edition of Songs Of Praise the next day that was stopping you from sleeping back then, was it? And when it comes to treating yourself on your birthday, Newcastle lad Daniel here has taken it to a whole new level. Firstly buying himself a spanking new motor and then following it up with some seriously impressive parts to attach to it in the subsequent years to create this stunning, slammed Golf you see here before you. Beats a fresh pair of socks, that’s for sure. Daniel’s generosity towards himself began on his 21st, a couple of years back. While most would choose to celebrate this milestone keeled over in a ditch on some high street pavement at 2am, our man here found himself in much more civilised surroundings: Edinburgh’s sophisticated VW showroom, to be specific. “I travelled up to view a slightly older GTI with a leather interior,” the Sky engineer recalls. “However, they’d sold it that morning. But they also had this newer, lower mileage example there.” Taking the plunge and going for this super-clean sporty version of the Mk6, complete with the all-important tartan interior, this was certainly a step-up from Daniel’s previous Citroën C2, and a suitably awesome way to celebrate 21 years on this crazy planet. Even in standard trim, this pokey hatchback acts as a superb daily driver for any car fan. But like with the Citroën that came before it, Daniel had no plans of keeping it standard for long. “It was on Spax coilovers within the first few months,” he reveals, a mod which was swiftly followed-up with a nice set of alloys and some breathing mods under the bonnet. Daniel’s keen to explain that most of the work was completed on his driveway, too. With the help of YouTube tutorial videos and his dad Scott’s extra pair of hands

Our plucky owner picks up the story: “The only thing I couldn’t do myself was tie all the mods together with a re-map. So the car eventually went down to The Performance Centre in Sunderland, where it managed 300.1bhp.” A nice figure from that boosted two-litre motor, which left the factory with over 80bhp less than the power it’s now kicking out. Not a bad transformation in under 12 months, we think you’ll agree. But with the turn of the year fast approaching, and Daniel’s birthday swiftly following that, he had his work cut out if he was going to match last year’s gift to himself! Thankfully, he’d been thinking about how he could step the build up a notch for quite some time, so it didn’t take too long to work out what he was going to treat himself to. “I purchased Air Lift

Certainly looks a bit of all white to us


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr3_Mk6 Golf.jt3.indd 40

04/09/2017 16:39

The numberplate says it all

POWER UP The boosted 2.0-litre TSI lump in Daniel’s GTI has become known as a rather tuneable little motor, with this one benefitting from an Airtec front-mount intercooler, full stainless steel exhaust system and an induction kit. When brought to life with a bit of mapping, power has been raised from around 210bhp to a much more impressive 300.1bhp. More than enough to keep Daniel entertained when he fancies a bit of a blast.

Defining Car Culture 041

FCR387.hr3_Mk6 Golf.jt3.indd 41

04/09/2017 16:40



Performance Slam Series bags for my 22nd!” he grins, explaining how treating himself on his birthday had become a bit of a running theme by this stage. Two days later and with the help of his dad and brother Lee, the full adjustable suspension kit was installed. Not bad for three blokes who’d had the grand total of zero hours’ experience with air systems beforehand. Running Air Lift’s V2 management, the system was finished off with a nice subtle boot install by Daniel, before it was finally time to show it off at some local car events. “In its first year it did win a few trophies, but I felt the need to make it better,” Daniel explains. Convenient then, that it was nearly time for another birthday! “This time, it was some custom, threepiece Rotiforms, which got shipped over from California just in time for that year’s Ultimate Dubs show.” What a generous guy Daniel is to himself, eh? The rims in question are beautiful BLQ-T splits: sporting those iconic, intricate spokes finished up in Candy Red, surrounded by polished dishes – looking the nuts in their staggered nine- and 10-inches of girth. Following a full re-spray in the standard VW Candy white hue from friend Simon to ensure things were nothing but perfect on the outside. With more shows and trophies under his belt over the summer period, there was one part of the car Daniel felt was really falling behind the rest now things had gotten really serious: the interior. “I couldn’t just put a set of Audi seats in here. It had to be something special,” he explains how the bar had been raised now,


meaning something a bit more unique was on the cards. The solution came quick enough in the form of a set of Recaro’s premium Sportster CS recliners (bought for himself on his 24th birthday – we kid you not), which Daniel got his friend Monty from Bass Mechanix to re-trim the centres in that all-important GTI tartan. A clever touch which only adds to the class. With Monty also applying the infamous chequered fabric onto touches of the boot install, and another friend Fraser whipping up a gorgeous stainless steel show cage to top the whole thing off, we think you’ll agree the interior now successfully matches the rest of the car, with its classy club-racer vibes, creating a stunning, less-is-more package that’s difficult not to love. Having created a thoroughbred show car practically entirely on his driveway and with a tonne of patience, Daniel understandably admits he still loves to drive this fully capable car hard when he gets the chance. “I’ve got a set of OZ Ultraleggeras as my winter/ daily wheels. When they’re on it, I love driving it! People say air suspension is terrible for handling, but my kit performs just as well as coilovers while being 10 times comfier.” In fact, there are plans to ramp up the driveability even more for this 300bhp monster. But we imagine we’ll have to wait until next year’s birthday to see the full results…

#boom #loveit

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.hr3_Mk6 Golf.jt3.indd 42

04/09/2017 16:40

TECH SPEC: GOLF GTI Happy birthday to you!


Full re-spray in VW Candy White; smoothed bumpers; widened arches; carbon fibre spoiler extension, side skirts and rear diffuser.


2.0-litre turbo TSI engine; stage 2 re-map; Airtec front-mount intercooler; de-cat, turbo-back stainless steel exhaust system; performance induction kit, six-speed manual gearbox.


9x18in (front) and 10x18in (rear) Rotiform BLQ-T three-piece split rims with polished dishes and Candy Red faces; 205/35x18 (front) and 225/35x18 (rear) tyres; Air Lift Performance air suspension with V2 management; EBC brake discs and pads.


Recaro Sportster CS reclining front bucket seats trimmed in GTI tartan and carbon fibre backs; custom stainless steel show cage; 3x 1.5-gallon stubby air tanks; 15in Rockford Fosgate P2 sub-woofer.


Special thanks to Bass Mechanix for getting the interior to a stage I simply couldn’t!

“I couldn’t just put a set of Audi seats in there – it had to be something special!” Defining Car Culture 043

FCR387.hr3_Mk6 Golf.jt3.indd 43

04/09/2017 16:40

Built so well you have to take a second look. Visit to find your suspension kit


Words Stav Pics Everyone else

TOP 10 WAYS TO NOT GET MUGGED OFF WHEN TUNING YOUR CAR Let’s be honest, it’s a minefield out there. But we’re here to help…


uning companies and parts manufacturers are our lifeline. Even the most skilled members of the Fast Car world could do with a helping hand, be it with parts, fabrication, mechanical work, or electrical trickery, from time to time. The trouble is, this is real life rather than a fairy story. While there are great guys out there, there’s just as much opportunity to get stung by someone in the car scene as in any other part of the world. So it’s time for us to give you some advice. We could sum it up by simply saying, do your research. But while that’s true, there’s more to it than that. So here’s our top 10 ways to not end up getting your pants pulled down by a dodgy tuner...


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.dontgetrippedoff.jt3.indd 46

04/09/2017 17:58


While there’s no harm at all in speaking to companies in person, make sure you get everything you plan to have done in detailed writing; parts, costs, the lot. The reason for this is in case there’s something you’re not happy with. If you think something’s been done differently to what you agreed, you can go back on your emails and there you have the proof. If you just have a verbal agreement, you haven’t got a leg to stand on if things go downhill. It’s possible they forgot, didn’t hear you say it, didn’t understand what you said, or they might know damn well but can still deny it without any proof.


When cars break you often hear people say “You get what you pay for”. But in the tuning scene, more than almost anywhere else, this just isn’t true in so many cases. While as a basic rule of thumb you could expect really expensive stuff to be good, there’s a hell of a lot of instances when much cheaper parts or companies are actually better value for money. Just like in most areas of life, you can sometimes be paying extra for a famous name on your parts for example. But that doesn’t always make it the top performer, no matter how cool it is. Do your research, look for proof of performance, and make your decisions from there.


While ‘You get what you pay for’ is simply not true, the other end of the scale, the wild, unsubstantiated claims of amazing performance for almost no money is usually just as big a lie. From eBay electric superchargers and other tat claiming to give you 30bhp for £30, to things that may well cost many thousands but also have suspiciously wild claims of performance. Unless you can do a little fact checking and find proof that what they say is indeed in the realms of reality, it’s probably one big rip off.


Don’t automatically assume that just because someone owns a tuning company, even the flashiest-looking one you’ve ever seen, that they have a flippin’ clue what they’re doing! Seriously, anyone, even your grandmother, can start a tuning company. There’s no exam to take, no inspections, no nothing. So owning a tuning company means literally zero when it comes to an indicator of knowledge or skill. While there are many tuners who are absolute geniuses, tuners are not all created equally. So do your research – ask around – about who these guys are and what they can do, before you open your wallet!

Not all tuners are geniuses like our Midge


Thanks to the wonders of the internet, unless you’re doing something totally brand new or incredibly unusual, it’s highly likely what you’re planning to do has been done before. Because of this, rather than just flatly trusting a company that what they say is true, hit up Google and spend some time searching to find the results of others who’ve already been there and done it. This is particularly useful for things like turbos, where while you might not find the turbo on your exact car, it’s highly likely you’ll find it fitted to an engine similar enough to make a pretty damn good estimate of how it will perform on your own car.

Defining Car Culture 047

FCR387.dontgetrippedoff.jt3.indd 47

04/09/2017 17:58



Some of the biggest tuning disasters we’ve ever heard of come from when a company bites off massively more than they can chew. Taking on a customer project they haven’t the ability to do properly. Even with the best intentions in the world, that doesn’t work out well. The easy way to avoid that is ignore their enthusiasm to do the job and use your detective skills to be sure these guys have a proven track record of being able to do similar things. Even if a tuner is world famous, have they a famous history of doing what you want? If not, you can’t be assured they’re the best guys for the job. And if a tuner is a complete unknown? Well then, beware of their big ideas.


It truly isn’t hard to make power from an engine, but power and reliability is much trickier, and that’s something many places struggle with. This point is especially relevant when choosing your mapper, as while most people are impressed when they squeeze huge amounts of power from an engine, how long did it last? An engine that makes loads of power is one thing, but if it doesn’t last more than a few weeks before it melts a piston or blows the head gasket, then what’s the point?


Business is business, and some people have far fewer morals than others when it comes to getting your money. Modified car fans in the UK are incredibly trusting of tuners, with most treating them like gods who can only have their best interests in mind. But while most are straight-up honest people, just like in every walk of life, there are also some dodgy people about. The biggest scams, the biggest tuning disaster stories, almost always come from people who had blind unending trust in a company. Ask questions, query everything, do your research. If they’ve got nothing to hide they should have no problem answering your questions.


No matter how hard you try to prevent it, occasionally things will go wrong. At this point, if you want it to work out as well as possible, you first need to seriously look in to the likely causes. When their car breaks a lot of people simply accept things break and it’s nobody’s fault. While that’s the case sometimes, so many times when people just accept it as ‘one of those things’, it is in fact due to massive errors by a bad tuner. This is such a big deal that certain cars, certain engines, have, at least for some point in their lives, gained a reputation for being weak and unreliable. In fact it was the bad tuners who made them look terrible.


Even if you’re a total tuning newbie, it really pays dividends to do as much research as possible in to what you’re planning to do. If you’ve got a good idea of what’s going on you can be sure it’s right for you, and you can be sure you’re actually getting what you paid for. Simply throwing money at a car or parts with literally no idea of how they work or the process involved means it’s so much harder to realise when something isn’t quite right. There’s no end of people who, due to lack of an understanding of their highly tuned engine, have no idea when things, even quite simple things sometimes, are wildly wrong. Don’t be one of those guys.


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.dontgetrippedoff.jt3.indd 48

04/09/2017 17:58

12V Digital Battery Tester


Promotion valid until 31st December 2017

VEHICLE SERVICE 3pc Mini Trim Panel Removal Set

• Just key in the battery rating from the top of the battery and results are displayed on LCD screen. • Rating Systems: DIN, EN, GB, IEC, SAE.

£59.95 £71.94

• Model No. BT103 • List Price £76.95


• Slim profile and manufactured from resilient nylon to minimise panel damage and marking. • Length: 83mm • Model No. RT014 • List Price £10.95

3pc Triple Leg Gear Puller Set


• Drop-forged, carbon steel reversible legs and body. • Hex head forcing screws suitable for use with a ratchet or spanner. • Reach: 75, 100, 150mm.


• Model No. VS020 • List Price £44.95

£29.95 £35.94


£18.95 £22.74



Twin Barrel Foot Pump


• Model No. FP6 • List Price £24.95


19pc 3/8"Sq Drive Oil Drain Plug Key Set


Impact Ball Joint Splitter


£15.95 £19.14 st




r 2017 mbe Dece


• Suitable for sump plugs on engine, gearbox and back axle. • Contents: Square Male; 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm, 5/16", 3/8", Square Female; 10mm, Hex; 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, Triangle; 10mm, TRX-Star*; T45, Tommy Bar 3/8"Sq Drive Slider.


• Model No. AK6586 • List Price £49.95

£39.95 £47.94


• Two piece impact ball joint splitter, with detachable fork for use with Sealey air hammer guns, SA12/S, SA11, GSA12 and GSA11. • Long shaft provides reach EXC. and stability when striking VAT with hammer.


• Model No. AK390 • List Price £39.95

Please send me a FREE copy of your latest printed catalogue and promotions.

ICLEE V EH IC R SE V otion Prom





• Spring loaded claws automatically adjust to the size of the filter. • Features magnets to help positioning on oil filter.


• No special reservoir caps required. • Uses regular 90psi air supply.

• Dial type pressure gauge calibrated in psi and bar and ranges from 0-160psi and 0-10bar. • Fitted with 700mm flexible pressure hose with locking connector.

Oil Filter Claw Wrench 60-93mm Capacity 3/8"Sq Drive

• Model No. AK6432 • List Price £19.95

£7.95 £9.54



• Model No. VS77 • List Price £19.95

£14.95 £17.94

Pneumatic Vacuum Brake Bleeder



£29.95 £35.94


Ref: FC/VST17.09

Name: ................................................................................................................................................ House Number/Name:.................................................Postcode: ..................................................... Email:.................................................................................................................................................



BATTERY TESTER • Perform battery and charging system tests from your smart phone or tablet. • Fast and accurate diagnosis with facility to forward results via email or text to workshop reception or customer. • Waterproof (IP65) rating and 500mm cable. • Rechargeable internal 3.7V Li-ion battery, allowing testing of batteries with as little as 1.5V of residual charge. • Fast Bluetooth® pairing, can store up to 2,000 detailed test reports. • Suitable for automotive (including start/stop), motorcycle, marine and leisure batteries. • Rated battery voltage 6/12V. • Charging system capability 12/24V. • Model No. BT3000 • List Price £249.95

*Mobile phone not included.



VAT £199.95 EXC. £239.94 INC. VAT

Valid until 31st December 2017

We comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and may use these details to send you information about other promotions from the Sealey Group. We may also share this information about you with third parties where we feel their services will be of interest to you. If you do not wish for your details to be passed on to these third parties, please tick this box.

Sealey Group Kempson Way, Suffolk Business Park Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. IP32 7AR Tel: 01284 757500 Email:


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UK MAINLAND DELIVERY* 0844 375 4401 0844 375 4402 SALES ORDER LINE

75 Ash Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, North Wales, LL13 9UG


Low rate call. Lines manned 8.30am - 5.30pm, Monday - Saturday

All major credit cards accepted and Paypal transactions. Cheques, postal orders or bankdrafts made payable to Demon Tweeks. Goods despatched on express carrier service £8.70 or economy carrier service £7.50.All prices are from and inclusive of VAT.



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Fast Facts • Sizes: 8.5x19, 9.5x19 9.0x20, 10x20, 10.5x20 • PCD: ET20-35 • Offsets: 20-45 • Finishes: Liquid Gunmetal, Candy Red and Smoke

JUDD T325 From £994 (set) staggering range of fitments and offsets. It’s pretty obvious that Judd are certainly not messing about here! There are three finishes available right out of the gate too, and they all seem to elevate the look of the T325 to something more like a custom-finished, forged monoblock, rather than an off-the-shelf cast rim. The Candy Red version is an awesomelooking bit of kit for starters but, if you’re looking for something thoroughly subtle and classy, the ‘Smoke’ finish (which looks like a swish dark grey candy/pearl) is right up there with the most unusual new finishes we’ve seen for ages. In any case, making a cast rim look like it’s been hand

carved out of gold-plated saffron is not an easy task, but there’s no way anyone would peg these as anything other than superexpensive hoops. And we like that. A lot. Anyway, they’re obviously aimed at the larger Euro and Jap cruisers, but the point here is that, by using blank, elongated bolt recesses, they can be drilled to any stud pattern between 5x98 and 5x130. This, as we all know, covers every single 5-stud car, van and truck on the street. Which means, that as long as you have big enough arches to fill, these will fit without any problems. There’s not many rims that can say that either. Impressive stuff.

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fresh kit

The guys at Judd wheels have gained a big reputation over the past few seasons for offering some of the most prestige-looking wheels around, but ones that come in at rather surprising, rock-bottom prices. It’s clear to see that this simple philosophy has served them well too, because it’s very much more of the same with their new, T325 wheel here. Due to land this month, these huge, staggered 19 and 20-inchers offer a modern take on the classic split-five-spoke or ‘spider’ style that was perhaps most popular in the early ’90s. There’s been quite a resurgence of this style in the past year or so, but none have been offered in such a


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• Sizes:............. Anyx20, Anyx21in • PCD:.............. Any 5-stud • Offset:............ Any • Centre Finish:. Any


There are some super-cool things in life. Like when you get a particularly flattering new T-shirt, look in the mirror and think ‘Yeeeassss I look like some sort of Greek god’. These wheels from Forgeline are like that, but at the rather more extreme end of the scale. We’re talking about walking all the way to the South Pole in a vest, just to cut a hole in the ice and drop your plums into what lies beneath. What you might call, a little fresh. Available in 20 and 21-inch fitments, the barrels are engineered from high-density carbon fibre, the custom centres are forged aluminium and, just so no one has any reservations about who’s got the biggest credit limit, they have ‘Carbon + Forged’ machined right there into the metal. Would we sell our own grandmas to get a set? In a heartbeat. But we have a feeling even that wouldn’t get us close to the magic number. That’s the price of exclusivity, and they don’t get any more exclusive than these two-piece puppies. Absolutely stunning.


It has to be said, we’re big fans of the cars from Tesla. After all, when they look so good and are THAT rapid, we couldn’t give a shit if they run on the blood of orphan children or the same stuff you stick up your toaster in the morning. So, don’t be put off by all the polar bear-friendly bollocks. These things are quick. We’d be more put off by the fact the new performance Model X variants cost more than a platinum-plated leer jet re-trimmed in nothing but renaissance paintings. Still, we’ve no doubt all that will change over the next decade, so it’s good to see Novitec and Vossen getting in early with this forged (not to mention fookin’ massive) 22-incher, designed specifically for the little streak of eco-lightning. To be fair, this one’s not gonna be cheap either. But as Tesla use a 5x120PCD, maybe there’s a few cars from the Bavarian Motor Works we could slap ‘em on while we wait, and save a couple of quid along the way? We can’t be the only ones thinking it!


Air Lift Performance M3/M4 Kit, £TBA

Here at FC we’re also rather fond of the M4, and we don’t mean the one that takes you in and out of Wales either. We’ve seen one or two of these German super-coupes slammed on air over the past year or so too, especially at the mighty SEMA. But, custom builds aside, Air Lift Performance have decided to make life a whole lot easier by offering a range of direct-fit kits. Offering 4.4-inches of drop without any modifications to the chassis, these cover all models from 2014-on and will also fit the equivalent M3s. Which is handy, because we quite like those too. As if we need another reason to hanker after our very own M-badged monster, eh? Cheers very much Air Lift!

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We all know that, in the motoring world at least, being a meth-head is very much a good thing. Due to methanol’s uncanny ability to raise the octane rating of unleaded fuel (to battle against the dreaded detonation), injection systems have become almost mainstream on turbo applications over the past few years. With more advanced, and most importantly, safer systems hitting the market, meth is no longer regarded as some sort of witchcraft any more, and DIY users are reaping the benefits. This spanky new hand-crafted alloy tank from Forge Motorsport is designed to offer an impressive, large-capacity upgrade to the more customary smaller plastic tanks out there. Complete with a level-sensor hole, a quick-check sight tube and coming in with a whopping 2-litre capacity, it’s not only functional, but it’s also a rather classy-looking trinket you’ll be proud to display in your engine bay. A proper little touch of class for the tuning world.


Apparently there’s this place called Silicon Valley, and while it’s rather unfortunate that it doesn’t contain booby enhancements as far as the eye can see (Damn, I was so sure it would too – Initial G), what you’ll find there are some rather clever boffins developing equally jaw-dropping smartphone apps, just like this little stunner from navigation giant Sygic. Actually, the word clever doesn’t do this slice of top tech justice. Sygic is already the world’s most advanced navigation app, with over 200 million users worldwide, and there’s also variants that will tie in with the OEM Navigation systems from various vehicle manufacturers. But what pushes this one right over the top is that it’ll find you the cheapest or nearest free-parking space in many of the world’s busiest cities. And even let you pay for it, all in real time. Driving is good, trying to find parking sucks, so we simply can’t think of anything better. Amazing stuff.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get all your favourite ValetPro essentials in one, economically priced, multi-pack? That way you can simply, ahem, Arrive and Shine. Yes it would be wonderful, is the answer. And the good news is that now you can – just in time to give your pride and joy the winter coat it thoroughly deserves! Joking aside, we’ve tested every one of these products separately over the last year or so and they all perform faultlessly. It’s pretty rare to have a box containing all the detailing gear you need, where every product has been independently tested and regarded as exceptional. The price is good of course, but that’s not the whole story here – it’s simply hard to find products that match this winning combo. For us, that’s reason enough.


Laser Tools Mini Thermometer, £30

OK, so strictly speaking, it may not be an essential; you could always stick your hand on your brake discs or exhaust manifold and see if it hurts or not. However, this little gadget from Laser is both frickin’ cool and amazing in equal measure. The idea is simple: it uses an infrared beam to take temperature readings in a matter of seconds, rather than traditional methods that take forever and are a right bugger in hard-to-reach areas. But, what would you need an item like this in the garage for? Apart from the obligatory seeing if your nads are sweaty or not – diagnosing sticky calipers and overheating circuit boards or checking heat-shielding and coolant circulation would be at the top of our list. Best of all though, you’ll feel like James Bond along the way. You just can’t put a price on that.

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Lifestyle Thumpstar DirtyB 140, £699

It may be fun to watch, but we’ve never been ones for dressing up in brightly-coloured leather cat suits, attempting back flips on dirt ramps and ending up in A&E with a broken back. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want one of these teeny weeny, pint-sized pit bikes from the guys at Thumpstar. In fact, we’re loving these so much we’d even consider messing up our perfectly-coiffed barnets by wearing a lid. And

that’d probably be sensible, because these little buggers are fast. Thumpstar have been one of the biggest brands for mini-dirt bikes since the early Noughties but, considering they’re in Australia, they’ve never been all that easy to get hold of here in the UK. They’ve still managed to sell over 40,000 of the bastards worldwide though, and now the guys at Pit Bike Direct are bringing

them onto our shores, we can all have one of these tiny tearaways stashed away in our boot. There’s no trailer and tow car needed here. Make no mistake, the 74cm DirtyB 140 here is one of the highest quality entry-level items in the world, easily competing with bikes that cost two or even three-times the price. Not to be confused with those novelty 50CC items you see on internet auction sites, these are packing a proper YX 140cc engine (with a race head and Z40 cam) and offer plenty of grunt for riders of up to 16-stones. There are all sorts of high-end touches too, but the point is, these are as close as you’re gonna get to a pro dirt bike… only a fair bit smaller. Amazingly bonkers.

Racing Gold F1 Kitchens, £POA

Got the sort-of-sized wallet that takes a crane and a team of civil engineers to heave out of your pocket? Well, you might be able to afford one of these F1-inspired kitchens then… maybe. Yes, we’re not sure on the price, because ‘if you need to ask’ and all that, but we do know that only ten will be made and each one takes 4-6 months to be completed. There’s no doubt that, although this is a fully-functioning place to cook your egg and chips, what we’re really looking at here is actually a bespoke work of art. It features plenty of seriously trick touches like handles crafted from racecar components, F1-adorned appliances (from high-end manufacturer Gaggenau & Dornbracht, no less) and even a wind tunnel-inspired extractor hood. All the materials are a little on the exotic side too; they only use stuff like ‘autogenous nanotech’ surfaces (you what? – Jules) and carbon fibre throughout. Most of all though, we’re convinced that these are right up our street. It’s always nice to have something pretty to marvel at while you order your takeaway, right?


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KitSound Slam 2 Speaker, £60

Apart from the simply ridiculous price of some of ’em, there’s one reason many wireless speakers (even the big name items) let themselves down – and that’s having the sheer grunt to produce loud music and sweet, accurate bass at the same time. Well, even though this new Slam 2 Bluetooth speaker from KitSound comes in at only 60-quid, we can confirm it kicks some serious bottom in both departments. In fact, with 20Watts RMS (which is a lot for home/portable audio systems) and an added passive bass radiator, it booms out the low frequencies with ease and, as for the rest of the sound spectrum? Well it’s pretty clever there too. This one uses a built-in digital signal processor that automatically optimises an internal equaliser for some of the most impressive full-range performance we’ve ever clapped our, erm, ears on. That’s not all you get with this little box of tricks either – you can pair multiple devices, it has an IPX4 water resistance rating so it won’t use the British weather as a good excuse to explode. And there’s even a handy USB charging port to keep your smart devices going for just that little bit longer. Need we say more? Thought not.

Zoo York 2017 Collection, From £22

Since the early ’90s, US East Coast brand, Zoo York, has carved out a reputation as one of the coolest skate apparel designers on the planet. In fact, in that time they’ve grown to be one of the biggest lifestyle brands out there, period, with more awesome streetwear designs than it’s possible to count. For 2017 though, they’ve gone right back to basics with a more neutral collection of tees, hoodies, jackets and chinos, inspired by the city where it all began. Featuring some sweet twists on iconic NYC imagery and their trademark ‘Unbreakable ‘93’ slogans, we’ve no doubt these will be as big as ever on both sides of the Atlantic. Get online and check out the whole collection.

Tamiya Konghead 6x6, £185 (kit)

Four-wheel drive, it’s like, so last Tuesday. What you really need to be king of the R/C world is this evil mother, complete with three, separate diffs, massive tyres and full-on six-wheel drive. Yes, there may be faster R/C cars out there, and others that go sideways with ease, but you’ll soon be crushing all of them into little piles of recyclable plastic if you get yourself one of these super-tough, go-anywhere monsters. Don’t get us wrong, with a 7.2-volt battery and steerable front and rear wheels, it’s still pretty quick, but the emphasis here is on the fact that it will conquer any terrain or incline and smash the shite out of your mate’s pony little racecar at the same time. You’ll find this one at HobbyCo, and right at the top of our Christmas list.

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Price: around £1199 The latest Kenwood DNX8170DABS is one of a new breed of Navigation/AV-Receivers, designed to provide an ideal in-car experience by Smart Driving with Advanced Navigation Features. Advanced connections like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto keep you safe and legal behind the wheel while being totally connected. Select music with Spotify, watch movies with a built-in DVD mechanism (only when handbrake is applied and car is stationary) and charge your phone with 1.5A Rapid Charge via USB. The DNX8170DABS is a versatile and feature packed receiver. Two phones can be paired at the same time, useful if you share the car with someone else. With Kenwood two phones full time connection, both phones can remain paired at-all-times and the unit will automatically pair when you enter the car. The DNX8170DABS comes with Apple’s CarPlay, the smart and safe in-vehicle interface to operate your iPhone. With Kenwood, the experience is taken to another level. Simply talk to Siri, or touch the receiver’s display and get directions from Apple Maps and make phone calls, listen to voicemail or send and receive text messages. Choose your favourite music and listen in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road. Additionally, Android users can enjoy the DNX8170DABS with 056

Android Auto, designed with safety in mind, helping you to minimise distractions and stay focused on the road The DNX8170DABS combines Android Auto’s intuitive voice controlled interface with a large 7in touch screen and superior sound quality, making it the perfect complement for your in-car life. What’s more, the DNX8170DABS is compatible with a wide range of media file formats and an enhanced sound quality control thanks to the built-in 13-band graphic equalizer, digital sound processor and digital time alignment.

Big news! Waze for Android Auto is here…

Regular ‘Wazers’ will notice that the Android Auto version of Waze looks cleaner. This is, in part, due to pressure from car manufacturers and the people that approve apps for Android Auto. The good bits remain, of course. So, you still can share info about traffic issues, police locations, accidents, hazards in the road and map issues. The best part of this simplified Waze? No ads. If you use Waze daily and are an Android phone lover, this is an exciting update which Kenwood is at the forefront of.

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Fast Facts • Removable, 7in wide capacitive touch screen • DAB+ tuner built-in • Built-in Bluetooth (HFP & Audio-streaming) • Apple CarPlay • Android Auto • European Garmin navigation • Direct Stream Digital (DSD) high definition audio playback • USB 2.0 x 2 • Dashcam compatible • 13-band EQ

Fast Facts • 1/3 inch colour CMOS • Wide viewing angle 117°(H) / 63°(V) / 128°(Diagonal) • Ultra-compact design, so camera can be hidden easily • Built-in G-sensor • Equipped with HDR technology • Supports Super HD video recording • 3m Pixels (2304 x 1296)


Price: around £199 Dash cameras are becoming ever more popular on our busy roads, and the DNX8170DABS uniquely comes ready to pair with a Kenwood DRV-N520 dash cam. This discreet dashcam is simple to install and can be connected to a selected number of Kenwood’s models. Dealers are also offering package deals on these products, so you can pick up the dashcam and the DNX8170DABS and have it installed into your car quickly and easily.


There are five models that this Kenwood camera will plug and play with. To save you searching for the part numbers, we’ve listed them here: DNX8170DABS, DNX7170DABS, DNX5170DABS, DMX7017DABS, DDX9717BTS Defining Car Culture 057

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Kenwood model: DMX7017DABS Location: Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße, the highest mountain pass in Austria

In association with VIBE


Boot Build Installation Fancy some big boom-boom in just a couple of hours? Well, here’s a little something for the weekend…


couple of months ago we (and by ‘we’ I obviously mean me) fitted a spanking Audiotec Fischer Match system to our Jules’ Beemer. The idea was simple, to demonstrate how an ultra-modern, direct-replacement audio upgrade, can be installed in next to no time at all. We did the whole job in an afternoon. That does beg the question though; what if you can’t find a plug and play woofer for your car? What if they simply don’t make one? Or maybe you’re just looking for some even bigger boomage. Well, don’t panic because installing a more generic subwoofer or two, won’t take you very much longer. To be honest, there’s not one passive sub and amplifier combo that can’t be fitted over the course of a weekend – you won’t be building an enclosure so we’re talking a matter of hours, not days. After all, these setups have been a DIY modding staple for years now, and that’s for good reason too. You see, without a woofer reproducing the sub-bass originally recorded on your music, you’re just not hearing it as the artist intended. You’re not getting the full picture. So a sub, no matter it’s size or output, is an essential. That said, a well-designed, permanent install is a thing of beauty, but they’re not for everyone. Some of us like to have the option of being able to quickly and easily remove the lot for such tasks as trackdays, getting a washing machine in the back or taking your mum to the airport (you put your mum in the boot? – Jules). And that’s where the genius of active woofer systems come in. An active woofer, is basically a sub and enclosure with a perfectly matched amplifier built in. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, from single 8-inchers to multiple ‘Twelves’ and everything in between. The thing to remember though, is that the fitting process may be more or less the same as with a passive woofer and amp (they’ve just connected both together for you), but these are mounted in one unit so are far easier to whip out should you need your boot space back. Anyway, installing a decent setup is a relatively easy job, so strap in because that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.

The Gear – VIBE SLICK SLR12 Twin Active, £320

As with choosing any audio product, quality is everything. We’d always recommend going for a brand you trust (at the very least one you’ve actually heard of), and plumping for the best kit you can possibly afford. For this test we’ve chosen perhaps the biggest mother of all, VIBE Audio’s flagship SLR12 Twin Active. With a hardcore monoblock sticking 2400watts (800watts RMS) of sheer grunt straight up two of their award-winning Slick 12 woofers. But remember it’s all down to your personal application. This one’s designed to provide serious air-shifting ability which is not only perfect for our Scooby saloon test car (where the boot is separated from the cabin by more than a flimsy parcel shelf), but spot on for our particular owner who wants loads of hardcore bass on his daily drive, but the option to remove the kit quickly to go racing. Yes, it’s huge, but don’t forget that’s missing the point. You can choose whatever size or configuration you want. From separate sub and amplifier systems, to under-seat active woofers and single boot-mounted bass cannons, fitting this bad boy is pretty much the same as all of them. And here’s how it’s done…

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HI-LEVEL INPUT Might be required with some stock stereos.


screwed down, others strapped and some you can simply secure with some Velcro tape or sticky pads. You don’t really want your expensive new kit sliding around all over the place, do you. Most good quality, active subs, will come with dedicated wiring that’s perfectly matched to the built-in amplifier. For passive sub and amp setups, you’ll usually have to purchase a wiring kit separately. Get the right one for the power output of your amp, and always follow the manufacturer guidelines. Last of all, make sure you have your headunit release keys handy. Fitting a sub nearly always includes popping out your stereo to get at the wiring behind, so you’ll need to be able to remove it. Now go and disconnect the battery (safety first) and we’ll get started.

GETTING STARTED First things first, you need to check your gear fits. Whether that’s under the seat, in the rear of a two-seater or, as in our case, in the boot; test the space available, have a cuppa and make your master plan. Have a think about how you’re going to secure your enclosure. Some will need to be








THE BLUE WIRE QUESTION There is one other wire that you may or may not need. This is the fabled ‘blue’ wire (or REMOTE) and it’s used to tell the amplifier to switch on and off at the same time as the headunit. In most cases this can be connected to the electric antenna on/off output on the back of the headunit, which is the blue wire on the back on a standard ISO adaptor. Most wiring kits include a dedicated cable for this, and they usually make it a blue one to save any confusion. This also needs to be run to the headunit with your RCA leads. Some modern active subs and amplifiers, (like this one), incorporate signal-sensing technology that automatically powers up the system as soon as it gets a music signal. In this case you don’t need a dedicated REMOTE wire. Winner.




The bit that everyone seems to get hung up on is always the wiring but, if you’re methodical, it’s actually pretty simple. All amplifiers (whether they’re built into an active sub or not) need a 12-volt constant live (POWER) direct from the battery, a ground (or EARTH) wire connected to the chassis, and a way of getting the music signal from the headunit itself. In most cases (especially with aftermarket stereos like ours) you’ll get a signal by using low-level RCA leads. These literally plug into the pre-outs at the back of the headunit at one end and into the amp on the other – they’re even colour-coded to make sure you can’t


cock it up! In some rare cases, usually with stock stereos, you won’t have headunit pre-outs so you’ll need to make use of the amplifier’s high-level input. This takes the signal directly from the speaker wires, utilising a little plug that will need to be wired into the rear left and right speaker channels. The only real difference between an active sub and passive sub is that with the latter you’ll need to wire the sub to the amplifier yourself, and mount the hardware separately.

Running the Wires GROUND Personally, I like to make a start with the GROUND wire, simply because it’s all too easy to forget, run all the others, put the sub in the boot and then have to take it all out again to find somewhere to connect the bugger. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve done that, so now I just do it first. You can do it whenever you like. Anyway, the GROUND needs to go to a

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In association with VIBE With the cable now in the cabin you can run it under the carpets between the doors and seats to wherever you’ve chosen to mount the sub. With most cars you can whip the plastic trims off and tuck the cable under the carpet. You’ll usually find a whole host of factory looms under there too.

cable to the battery and pop the fuses back in. Turn on the headunit and put some music on, preferably some with bass. Make sure the amp has fired up (there’s usually a power LED) and that you’re getting some sound from the sub. All good? Great, well, now here’s the important bit. Turn off your stereo and make sure the amp turns off (it may take a couple of seconds). If it does, you’re all wired in, so pop your headunit back in. If it doesn’t, recheck

all your connections and be grateful you don’t have to remove the headunit all over again.

good, clean chassis earth. Usually it’s best to find a ‘common ground connection’ which is usually a bolt on the chassis that the manufacturer has chosen to earth various electrical components. If it’s good enough for the vehicle designers, it’s usually good enough for us but, to be fair, any bolt that goes directly to ground will usually do the job. Just make sure there’s enough cable to get to where you’ll be mounting your amp!

SIGNAL High level input users can now connect the plug to the rear speaker cables. Most of the time though, you’ll be using RCA leads that will need to be routed through the car and to the back of the headunit. While you’ve got all the trim out, it makes sense to run them under the carpet with the POWER cable. The vast majority of installers do it like this, but others prefer to run them down the other side of the car to prevent any electrical interference. It’s up to you, although personally I’ve never had any problems with running RCA and POWER cables on the same side. The final thing to consider here is the REMOTE (blue wire) if you need one, that will have to be run with the RCA leads. Now, pull out your headunit and plug them all in – if you have dedicated ‘sub out’ pre-outs use those. If not, most people simply use the rear pre-outs and turn on the lowpass crossover on the amp (so it only gets the low frequencies). Don’t put your headunit all the way back in for now and make sure there’s enough slack on the wires in the boot, especially if you have a big, bastid box to try and hook up.

POWER (12V+) This will be the big red cable in your kit which goes, always via a big fuse or circuit breaker, to the positive terminal on your battery. You may be lucky and have your battery in the boot (like on some BMWs), in which case you’ll only need a short length of the cable. Chances are you’re not though, and that means the cable has to be rooted through the car, behind the dash and into the engine bay. The established way of doing this is to start under the bonnet and find a grommet in the bulkhead (or somewhere where the factory loom is coming through) to feed the cable through to behind the dash. Don’t hook it up to the battery terminal just yet or, if you do, make sure you’ve taken the fuse out first!

SET UP YOUR SOUND Now you’re fully connected, the last thing is to set up the woofer. Most subs take a while to loosen up so don’t hit it with everything straight away. You’ll need to tweak the settings over a few weeks to get the exact sound you want, but that’s half the fun, right? Besides it’s different for everyone, so you can experiment with crossovers and bass boost as much as you like, what’s most important is that you don’t turn the gain all the way up until everything’s bedded in nicely. Even then you may not want to, it’s down to personal preference and often the size of the subs. To get you started I’d recommend turning your headunit volume up to around threequarters, turn up the gain on the amplifier until you start to hear the beginnings of distortion, then back it off a little from there.

HOOK UP YOUR KIT Now it’s time to connect all the wires to the amp (and connect your sub if applicable). It’s essential you get this right, but don’t worry, they’ll all be labelled, either on the hardware or in the instructions. It’s best practice to pull the fuse out of the amp before you do this too, just in case. With that done you can have a quick test. Turn the gain control up slightly, connect the

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Turbo Tech The art of turbo tuning is a complex and scientific business involving years of expertise, research and product development. That said, the principle is simple; To safely ramp up the boost pressure to the engine.


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Compressor Outlet

As the name suggests, the compressed (and very hot) air exits here on its way to your motor – the next stop is usually the intercooler.


This centre section joins the two housings together and covers the turbo shaft. At the top and bottom of the core you’ll find holes allowing the engine oil to flow in and out, which lubricates the shaft and bearings. Many turbocharger cores also have holes on the sides for water to flow through, allowing extra cooling.

Turbine Outlet

The exhaust gas passes through the turbine wheel and leaves the turbo to continue out of the exhaust system.

Compressor Inlet

This is where it all starts. Air gets sucked into the turbo from your air filter at seriously high speed.

Compressor Housing

Turbine Inlet

Once air gets sucked through the inlet it Exhaust gases exit your motor, go through becomes pressurised in the compressor the exhaust manifold and into the exhaust housing. The compressor wheel lives inside side of your turbo through the turbine inlet. here.

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Compressor Wheel

A bit like the wheel of fortune but a whole load betterer, this forces the pressurised air into the motor. It’s connected via a shaft to the turbine wheel which is spun by exhaust gas. It rotates at over 100,000rpm!


Turbine Housing

Usually made from cast iron, this sealed unit houses the turbine wheel and has to withstand temperatures of above 1000°C!

The shaft connects the turbine and compressor wheels, spins at speeds of 100,000rpm-plus and floats on bearings. There are two common types: regular floating bearing and the latest ball bearing. With the floating bearing set-up, the core literally floats on a thin layer of pressurised oil that prevents wear. This method works very well. These days, though, ball bearing versions get all the hype. As the name suggests, the shaft sits and rolls on tiny ball bearings. The result is less drag and a faster spool-up.


Turbine Wheel

The hot exhaust gases exit the motor and get routed through the turbine housing at high speed, causing a lot of pressure. These gases spin the turbine wheel which, in turn, spins the compressor wheel.

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Wastegate Actuators

The amount of boost the engine can receive is ultimately controlled by the wastage actuator. The integral wastegate, built into all standard turbos, basically acts as a valve that opens to relieve pressure at a predetermined point, and the actuator controls when it opens. The higher the pressure before it opens the more boost is getting to your lump. An uprated or adjustable actuator can be set up so the turbo has to produce more boost to open it, therefore passing more on to the engine. Most of the time, especially if you are planning on any tuning whatsoever, it’s worth replacing or uprating your actuator as a matter of course. Over time, standard items can deteriorate and start opening before their specified boost level is achieved, causing a drop off at higher RPM. All that boost going to waste is almost a crime!

Boost Controllers

Boost Gauges

Wise man say it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your turbo pressure. Gauges do this and come in a variety of spandangally designs!

The clue is in the name here; they’re designed to control the boost your turbo sends to the engine. In their simplest, manual form they disrupt the pressure on the actuator by letting some escape or bleed out to the atmosphere or back into the system. This in turn means the turbo produces more boost before the actuator can open the wastegate. Electronic devices add enhanced controllability to the mix. Often an air control solenoid will strictly regulate the air pressure to the actuator via a computer, meaning boost levels can be adjusted at the touch of a button from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Many also allow for a number of preset boost levels for applications like economy, performance and balls-to-thewall undertaking of that BMW in the fast lane.

Blowoff Valve

External Wastegate

On some high-boost, aftermarket setups the turbo will have an external wastegate mounted away from the turbo, on the manifold. Like a standard integral wastegate, this baby is basically a valve that opens at a preset level to let exhaust gases bypass the turbine wheel. Only serious tuners need apply for this one.

The serious adults we obviously all are will marvel at the performance benefits, but the children in us will just delight at the loud ‘pschst’ every time we let off the throttle. Either way the fabled dump valve (or blowoff valve) is about as classic a turbo mod as there is. These have been around terrorising pedestrians for years now and, although they don’t actually add power, they’re designed to significantly reduce turbo spool up time, reducing lag and installing big smiles when planting that right foot. They work by venting off excess pressure when the throttle is shut during gear changes, either back into the system (quiet recirculating valve) or to the atmosphere (noisy atmospheric valve). Without this relief the pressure build up will try to stall the turbine blades in the turbo at the very least slowing them down. A well designed dumpvalve will keep ’em spinning, and that’s exactly what you want. Defining Car Culture 065

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Upgrade Your Turbo

If your heart is already set on big BHP you’ll probably be looking to upgrade your turbocharger too. Stock turbos can usually be tuned effectively to produce significantly more boost than standard, but they do have limits as to how much they can physically churn out. There are many turbo specialists out there who can recommend everything from larger units to ones with special hybrid internals and they all have different characteristics that are engineered for just about any application. Unfortunately though, replacement turbos aren’t exactly cheap. An all-singing, all-dancing hybrid jobbie can run into many thousands of pounds. That said, for the ultimate in bolt-on tuning, a mental turbo is always a good option.

Keep Cool And Carry On

Making sure your cooling system can cope is as important as upping the horses. As your engine is tuned for more power it stands to reason that it’s working harder, getting hotter and putting more strain on the components desperately trying to keep the temperature down. Put simply, your cooling system has to be effective and up to the job of keeping the coolant flowing around the engine and not all over the floor. Silicone hoses not only look great and are available for just about every motor going, but they’re specifically designed to resist cracking and bursting under high pressures and temperatures. The same goes for those shiny header tanks which replace the factory (usually plastic) units – they’re not just there to look pretty! Further upgrades, such as an alloy radiator, will help dissipate heat more effectively than the standard item. You can never have enough engine cooling.

Looking Pretty?

Don’t Forget Your Oil!

You want your oil to be warm, but not red hot. This is because with massive amounts of heat the engine oil becomes less viscous and less effective at lubricating the vital components. A remote oil cooler kit is a simple bolt-on mod that can be mounted somewhere up front to bring those temperatures right down. Some even come with a race-style filter relocation kit making future filter changes a doddle. 066

Of course it’s not essential, but if your car goes like stink you just know every bugger is gonna wanna peek under the bonnet. Just imagine the disappointment on their little faces when you pop the hood to reveal an absolute mess. Yes people, if it looks good, it is good. So it’s lucky there’s more dress-up kit out there than you can shake an oily dipstick at. Spanky rocker covers, oil caps, bottle covers, battery clamps, engine covers – they’re all just begging to be bolted on.

Getting Enough Juice?

When tuning a car it’s vital to ensure the engine is getting enough fuel. Running too lean can cause real problems. There are all sorts of components in your car’s fuel system and many can be effectively uprated. One cheap and easy upgrade is to fit an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Standard regulators are generally non-adjustable and designed to flow fuel at a proportional rate to the throttle, maintaining the lean-ish mix required by EEC emissions regulations. An adjustable unit lets you ramp up the pressure creating a stronger mix – to make the most of those extra tuning mods you’ve bunged on. Other fuel system upgrades, including bigger injectors and uprated fuel pumps, can be instrumental in gaining big power. But do your research.

Fast Car Magazine #387

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Internal Wastegate Acuators • Wastegates • Diverter Valves Fuel Pressure Regulators • Blow-off Valves• Boost Controllers • Oil Pressure Regulators


Words Dan Goodyer Photography Ade Brannan




Fast Car Magazine #387

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Defining Car Culture 069

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The famous FC

HOT RIDE: BMW E36 Xxxxxx x x xx x xx xx x x xx x xx xx xx


here were you the first time you came across drifting? For 25-year-old Callum Marshall, appropriately enough Driftland was the place where drifting grabbed him by the balls, slapped him across the face and yelled: “Build an awesome E36 drift car you idiot!” Not wishing to upset the voices in his head, that’s exactly what Callum went and did. It was during that passenger ride in a Drift Taxi back in 2014 that Callum became instantly addicted to the smokey automotive art form. He sat there wide-eyed as the driver flung the car around the track, back-end fully sideways, insanely loud exhaust rattling his brain and smoke pouring off the rear tyres. When he got out, he instantly wanted a drift car. No, he needed a drift car. Like a crackhead needs their pipe. He was hooked. He was also already a pretty serious E36 enthusiast. The BMW 3 Series E36 is a rear-wheel drive car, so it was a perfect match. Callum knew his 323i daily-driver wasn’t going to cut it, the underside was a bit scabby too. So just one week after his joyride, Callum bought this car. At the time, it was a bog-standard 328i in good condition. No mods and no idea what was in store for it. “Straight away I carried out some basic mods,” remembers Callum. “I parked the car up at home and got to work. I welded the diff, fitted some coilovers and modded the hubs. With the hubs, I shortened the knuckle that the track-rod attaches to, which gives you more steering lock. I went to my first drift day back at Driftland like this. I live about five minutes down the road. Perfect for me.” Even with just these basic mods and standard power, the 328i rocked. Callum had previously raced Motocross bikes. You’re sliding all over the place on those anyway, which probably helped Callum with his throttle control. “Straight away I could do the easier stuff, like the S-bends,” he says. “But the faster stuff needs more commitment, so I needed more practice. And I also wanted a bit more power.” Over the winter of 2014, Callum decided to swap the 190-odd bhp 2.8-litre M52b28 engine for a 290-odd bhp 3.0-litre S50b30 from an M3. He fitted the engine round his mate’s house, with the help of a few keen pals. As the 328i and M3 share the same close-ratio ’box, he kept it, along with the short-geared small-case diff from his previous setup. So acceleration was pretty rapid. “That was a big jump in power,” admits Callum. “I started doing a lot more drifting in 2015. My aim was to do as many events throughout the year as possible. I didn’t go out drinking. I just saved


my money up for the track time and tyres. By the winter I must have done at least 20-odd weekends. Seat time really helps and I improved a lot that year.” Towards the end of 2015, Callum wanted to enter a round of the Drift Cup. The rules required a minimum of a 6-point rollcage, so he quickly managed to fit an Italian-made Sassa Roll-Bar cage with the help of some mates. While they were welding this in place, they also added their own ladder-style doorbars from CDS Seamless tubing. These are particularly important in drifting, with the constant danger of crashing into your opponent during the battle stages of a competition. Plus they look kinda cool. Like you’re climbing in and out of a NASCAR. “I qualified 20th out of about 50 drivers in my first Drift Cup event,” says Callum. “That’s when I realised I enjoyed the competitive side of it. That really inspired me to get the car ready for a full year of competition in 2016.” Over the winter, Callum grabbed the opportunity to buy an E36 with a Toyota 1JZGTE conversion already done. This is a 2.5-litre straight-six twin-turbo engine from a rare version of the Mk3 Supra or a Soarer, plus this one had a big single turbo on it. Callum spent the winter transferring bits over from that car to his. Why didn’t he just use the car he’d just bought though? “It wasn’t really my thing,” he admits. “The E36 with the 1JZ had been converted into a pick-up truck from a Touring. I removed the bits I wanted and then sold it as a rolling shell. To be honest, I’ve got about 10 E36s at the moment. Breaking them helps me pay for all the drifting.”

TRS tow strap isn’t for scene points

Fast Car Magazine #387

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“Seat time really helps and my drifting improved a lot”

Defining Car Culture 071

FCR387.hr5_JZ36.jt3.indd 71

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Anyone feel like they’re being watched? The Toyota 1JZ was removed from the donor car and the custom engine mounts were swapped over. New lugs had to be welded onto the chassis rails to fit them. With the engine in place, Callum had to think about what gearbox to fit. The donor car had a 5-speed R154 gearbox, as used in the Mk3 Toyota Supra Turbo. However, Callum didn’t think the ratios suited the short-ratio, small-case diff he was running. In fact, the extra power was probably going to tear the diff apart. So Callum had to rethink the whole lot. He opted for a 5-speed ZF gearbox from a BMW E46 330d, a big diesel ’box. PMC Motorsport supplied an adapter plate to mate the BMW ’box to the Toyota engine. A custom propshaft was made by sleeving the front half of a 330d prop onto the rear half of the original E36 prop and welding them together. While the 318i welded diff was upgraded to a 3.15 ratio 210m large-case diff (which is still in the car but will soon be swapped for an even shorter 3.64 diff). These numbers relate to the final drive ratio; a bigger number means shorter gearing, more torque and faster acceleration. The downside is a lower top speed as the car runs out of gears, plus marginally lower mpg. Neither of which really matter to a drift car. The original Toyota ECU and piggyback management was also swapped over from the donor car. The big Holset HX35 turbo, fuel injectors and pretty much all the engine spec was the same then as it is now. The only thing that’s changed is the bottom-end and management. With the car putting out 380bhp, Callum had to learn to drift the car all over again. He smashed his debut season in the Drift Cup, finishing third overall and gaining himself a British Drift Championship license as a reward. “That was my goal at the start of the year,” admits Callum. “Once you’ve got a BDC license you can’t go back into the Drift Cup. So I was now in the Pro AM class of the BDC. I knew I had to step my game up.” With a big following and more serious competitors in the BDC, Callum gave the car a cosmetic and mechanical makeover last winter. He had noticed the 1JZ engine was getting tired, filling up the breather tanks during events throughout 2016. He admits: “I always wanted a 2JZ, ’cos I’d seen the Irish guys have great


You catch my drift? (Sorry) results with ’em. My mate Stuart Mallet at Everley Garage came on board as a sponsor. I took the car there and we just went for it.” “You can get a naturally-aspirated 2JZGE fairly cheap,” he adds. “They don’t have the under-piston oil squirters like the turbo 2JZGTE engine does, but when you change the pistons there’s no hole for the oil to pass through anyway, so you’re just squirting oil at the underside of the pistons. I did look at retro-fitting the oil squirters, but they’re really not needed in my opinion.” With a forged bottom-end built up from the 3-litre 2JZGE mated to the 1JZGTE cylinder head, Callum and Stuart created what’s commonly known as a 1.5JZ. The piggyback ECU was replaced with a fully standalone EcuMaster EMU by Martin at AMK Garage. He also mapped the engine management unit on the road, before adding the finishing touches on the dyno. The result was a screaming 425bhp at the wheels at 1.4bar of boost (20psi), using Shell V-Power fuel and a very conservative map; safe AFRs and no crazy ignition timing. That’s at least 500bhp at the crank. With the engine sorted, Callum turned his attention to getting the car looking right. The car was damaged down one side, following an incident at the start of 2016. Craig and Marc Paterson, two brothers with a talent for fabrication, helped fit a set of sexy overfenders to cover the dished Rota Kyusha 9.5x17in rims. While Callum’s other mates Gordon Smith and Ross Ogillvie were always there to lend a hand when needed too. You can’t miss the huge Battle Aero rear wing either. This monster attaches to the chassis to generate real downforce, rather than just sitting on the bootlid for looks. Cooling was improved by fitting a Nismo bonnet vent and by moving the radiator to the boot. This is something Callum wishes he’d done from the start: “The rear-mounted rad has kept the engine temperature under control – the front of the car doesn’t get much airflow when you’re drifting ’cos the car’s always pointing at an angle.”

Fast Car Magazine #387

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04/09/2017 16:45

“I was in the Pro AM class. I had to step my game up”

CALLUM MARSHALL You’ve got 10 E36s. Don’t you think that’s too many? No. You can never have too many E36s! Where the heck do you park them all? Most of them are in bits to be fair. Selling the parts earns me money to go drifting. What happened to the Tourer that was made into a pick-up? It’s around somewhere, back out there with a new engine under the bonnet. Can we ’ave a go in yours? You can have a passenger ride, aye. I saw your driving earlier...

Callum smashed his debut season in the Drift Cup, finishing third overall Defining Car Culture 073

FCR387.hr5_JZ36.jt3.indd 73

04/09/2017 16:45



BMW E36 Coupe in Hellrot Red; M3/328i Sport bodykit, front lip, mesh lower grille, fog light covers; TRS tow strap; headlight air intake; Nismo bonnet vent; bonnet pins; rivet-on fibreglass over fenders front and rear; DTM-style door mirrors; roof spoiler; Battle Aero rear wing mounted to chassis; rear bumper cut away and 8in air ducts in rear windows to feed rear-mounted radiator; perspex windows; German pressed numberplates.


The new bits of bodywork were given a lick of Hellrot paint by Callum’s pal Cameron Sommerville, in the spray booth at Everley Garage. While everything underneath the car was powder-coated blue. The suspension setup is done at Everley too and all the bushings and arms have been upgraded. Callum can’t speak highly enough of Stuart’s knowledge and the quality of his work. After the rebuild, Callum entered his first round of the BDC at Teeside. “I qualified in 11th, but my inexperience let me down in the battles. I was winning after the lead run, but when I followed, I went in too hot and had to slam on the brakes so I didn’t hit the car in front.” At least it showed Callum and his Toyota-engined BMW have the pace to compete in the Pro AM division. He didn’t seem too bothered about going home early. “Ultimately, I just want to keep drifting fun,” he says. “I like competing when I’m there, but I don’t want things to get too serious. I still really enjoy going out there and having a blast with my mates.” That’s a great attitude and this is an insanely cool car. A Hellrot BMW pushing the back-end out with over 500bhp of Toyota JZ madness under the bonnet. What’s not to love about that? Callum may spend most of his time looking through the side window, but he knows where he’s going.

Original (M52b28) 2.8-litre straight-six NA 328i engine replaced with a Toyota 1.5JZ engine built by Stuart Mallet at Everley Garage using a 2JZGE block and a 1JZGTE cylinder head; OEM 2JZGE crankshaft; Eagle forged con-rods; CP-Carrillo forged pistons; Holset HX35 turbo on top-mount exhaust manifold; Kevlar turbine blanket; 38mm external wastegate with screamer pipe; 3in exhaust; large cone air filter with polished inlet pipe; large 3in front-mounted intercooler with 2.5in boost pipes; clear timing cover; 650cc fuel injectors; Turbosmart FPR-1200; Bosch 044 fuel pump; boot-mounted swirl pot; boot-mounted radiator; water/methanol injection; EcuMaster Engine Management Unit mapped by Martin at AMK Garage; 5-speed ZF gearbox from an E46 BMW 330d; PMC Motorsport gearbox adapter plate; CG Motorsport custom twin-plate clutch; braided clutch line; custom propshaft; 3.15 welded differential; 425whp (over 500bhp at the crank) at 1.4bar (20psi) on Shell V-Power Super Unleaded.


9.5x17in Rota Kyusha alloy wheels all round; Avon ZZR 205/40x17 front tyres; various 245/40x17 rear tyres; HSD Monopro coilovers; H&R front and rear anti-roll bars; E46 front lower control arm; SLR Mini steering lock kit; front strut brace; Powerflex polybushes throughout; E46 BMW 330d brakes front and rear featuring big single-pot callipers and 330mm discs; factory pads; braided brake lines; OBP hydraulic handbrake with Willwood cylinder.


Sassa Roll-Bar 6-point roll-cage with additional custom NASCAR door bars; 2x Sparco bucket seats with 3in TRS 4-point harnesses; deep-dish OMP steering wheel; original dash but rest of interior fully stripped; Innovate wideband, boost, oil temperature, oil pressure and coolant temperature gauges.


Stuart Mallet at Everley Garage for his help and knowledge; Cameron Sommerville for paint; Craig Paterson and Marc Paterson for their help with the overfenders and welding/fabrication; Gordon Smith and Ross Ogillvie for lending a hand to get jobs done.

500bhp can create a bit of smoke then 074

Fast Car Magazine #387

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HOT RIDE: MAZDA RX-8 Words Dan Bevis Photography Mike Kuhn


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.Hr6_ RX8.jt4.indd 76

04/09/2017 18:26

l u f e t a F t h Eig The

anted w e h w e n k n h ge, Mike Ku e’s all grown-up, a g n u o y a t a Even And now h p with him… . r a c e c a r s s a a bad grown u that first car’s

Defining Car Culture 077

FCR387.Hr6_ RX8.jt4.indd 77

04/09/2017 18:26


Mike has three wheel/tyre setups – one for racing, one for mountain runs, one for shows


f you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’d like you to close your eyes and try to visualise your first car. Picture its curves, its angles, the condition of the bodywork, the cleanliness and reliability of the mechanicals, the way it smelled. Its registration number, the way it felt when you thunked that lever into gear, the swish of the wipers, the angle of lean as you cornered… Is that bringing back happy memories of a shouty and sylph-like sports car? Or are you shuddering at the grotbox bag-of-nails your motoring adventure began with? Me, I’m picturing a £200 1.0-litre Nova, with irretrievably rusty arches and insufficient power to trouble the skin of any rice puddings lurking nearby. But not everyone had such a questionable start. Indeed, superstar photographer and regular contributor Mike Kuhn is able to boast a Mazda RX-8 as his sweet first-timer. And no, he’s not a fresh-faced 17 year old any more. He bought this car a decade ago. And he’s been fettling, honing and refining it ever since. “Being 17, I wanted something sporty with good handling,” Mike reasons. “I attended a BMW Racing School when I was 16 and I knew I wanted something I could throw around on the track. So it was really between an RX-8 and an E46 BMW 330i. “At the time, the RX-8 had a lower resale value and I thought it looked much better and more interesting than your average


3 Series Beemer. So after a few months of looking I found the perfect one. It had 40,000 miles on the clock and was totally bone stock. I learned everything I know about working on cars from friends and RX-8 forums, and I’ve been learning from this car since the very start.” Ominously, Mike made his portentous purchase on Friday the 13th, way back in July 2007, and a gentler soul may well have taken this to be harbinger of terror. Used Mazdas with rotary engines can have an unfortunate habit of teaching unsuspecting buyers harsh and expensive lessons about engine rebuilds and rotor tip carnage. But thankfully, our man bought well. “It was a joy to drive from the very start,” he grins. And that was very good news indeed – not just for the obvious reasons, but for the fact that Mike wasn’t only going to be using the car on the road as a daily driver. The plan from the off was to give the thing death on track, and that’s precisely what he set about doing. “Within a few months of owning the car, I’d already ordered sway bars, some cheap aftermarket wheels and tyres, and a Borla exhaust,” he recalls. “I took it to my first SCCA Autocross at the age of 18, and from then on I was hooked! Most of my future mods were chosen with the express aim of making the car faster for autocross and track days.”

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.Hr6_ RX8.jt4.indd 78

04/09/2017 18:26

“I took it to my first SCCA Autocross and was hooked!”

Power supplied by the 2x654cc 13B-MSP Renesis rotary engine Defining Car Culture 079

FCR387.Hr6_ RX8.jt4.indd 79

04/09/2017 18:26

HOT RIDE: MAZDA RX-8 Mike’s next move was to try out a set of Megan Racing coilovers. They were then swapped out for Stance GR+ items, which he raced along with a set of Enkei RPF1s for a year. Perceptions shifted in 2010 when he partook in his first SCCA National event, running against people who’d spent four times as much as he had on their suspension, with names like Penske, Moton and Öhlins demonstrating you do get what you pay for. Ever eager to grasp a learning opportunity with both hands, Mike bit the bullet and tricked out his Rex with some bona fide Moton suspension, from the appropriately titled Small Fortune Racing. “That completely changed the car,” he laughs. “In my next National event I finished third in class, and started winning my class shortly after that. The car was built to look good during the week, and be a national level race-winning RX-8 on the weekends. “For the first four years I ran a street tyre class, won multiple national tours and trophied three times at the National Championships. In 2014 I switched to a race tyre class and added more aero, bigger tyres, and a few other mods that made the car much faster. In the new class I’ve already won four national tours and finished second last year at the National Championships.” This is all very impressive stuff, and as much testament to Mike’s keenness to learn and adapt as to his driving prowess, but it’s also important to pay attention to one key statement you might have passed over just now: “The car was built to look good”. Mike’s currently rocking three entirely different wheel/tyre setups – one for racing, one for tearing up mountain runs, and one for shows. And his interior, while logically functional and uncluttered, isn’t the filthy, pared-back mess so many pure race cars are. He’s taken a more holistic view, paid attention to the details. Elegantly chosen upgrades, fitted with care and finesse. “I did most of the work to the car myself,” he says. “With some of the bigger installs going to a local shop that sponsored me called Motion Lab Tuning.”

What’s arguably most impressive is just how much use the car gets on the road. While it wears the two disparate hats of being both a race car and a show car, it also sees a fair amount of tarmac. Mike’s daily is an E36 that he’s slammed over some tasty BBS rims, but the temptation to take a few traffic light scalps in the Mazda is always strong. “I do drive the RX-8 to photoshoots a few days a week. I take it to shows on the weekends on my Work Meisters, or if I have a race I’ll switch to the Volk CE28NRTs with Hoosiers,” he says. “I race probably 25 weekends out of the year between March and November. And when I drive around the city it breaks necks everywhere – the combination of looking and sounding like a race car in the city, people just aren’t used to it and I always get good reactions. I always get comments about how clean the car looks in

A game of spot the difference anyone?


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.Hr6_ RX8.jt4.indd 80

04/09/2017 18:27

“It was built to look good in the week – and win races at weekends!”

Defining Car Culture 081

FCR387.Hr6_ RX8.jt4.indd 81

04/09/2017 18:27

HOT RIDE: MAZDA RX-8 person as well, considering how much I race it. Keeping it in the garage and detailed with the full line of Adam’s Polishes is key to a flawless finish. At the races people seem to love watching me run too – I’m leading the pro-class points championship so far this year, so maybe my competitors don’t always like it when I show up, but it is good healthy competition.” The tale of Mike’s RX-8 is one of perseverance, determination, and kinship. It’s been a steep learning curve at times, but the faithful old Mazda has always proved willing and eager, and has taught him untold lessons about how oily things interact. It’s proof of the logic of buying the car you want rather than just grabbing what’s there. My own first car lasted about four months before I blew it up and threw it away. Mike’s rotary odyssey has been a decade-long love affair – and we get the feeling this story has a fair few more chapters to go. The car’s already at Rotorsports Racing in North Carolina to get some more power out of it, and we’ve heard Mike whispering about a single-turbo 13B-REW swap. Don’t worry, we’re confident you’ll definitely be seeing this thing around for a while yet…


Mazdaspeed front bumper; Mazdaspeed sideskirts; Seibon carbon-fibre bonnet; APR GTC-200 wing with 2.5in risers and Gurney flap; Evo R eyelids.


2x654cc 13B-MSP Renesis rotary engine; Adaptronic ECU; BHR ignition upgrade; Racing Brake intake and air duct; lightweight Deka 11lb battery; Moroso catch can; HKS Hi-Power exhaust system; custom 3in catless mid-pipe with vibrant resonator; 220whp; 170lb.ft; OS Giken Super Lock 1.5 LSD.


Show wheels: 9x18in +22 with 15mm spacer (front) and 10x18in +22 (rear) WORK Meister S1 3P with 255/35 (f) and 265/35 (r) Toyo R1-R tyres. Track wheels: 10x17in +45 Volk CE28NRT with 295/35 Hoosier A7 slicks. Mountain run wheels: 9.5x18in +35 Volk TE37SL with 265/35 Toyo R888-R tyres; ARP extended wheel studs; Moton Clubsport doubleadjustable race shocks; 750F/600R Hyperco springs; Progress Technology front anti-roll bar; Racing Beat rear anti-roll bar; Agency Power end links; Racing Brake 4-pot BBK with 2-piece discs.


Corbeau FX1 Pro driver seat; Bride Low Max passenger seat; custom seat rails; Sparco 383 steering wheel; custom red footwell LED lights.


I would like to thank my girlfriend Sami for always supporting me with the car and at my races, as well as my dad, who’s been going to the races with me to support since I started, 10 years ago.

Proof that buying the car you want (rather than just grabbing what’s there) is the way forward 082

Fast Car Magazine #387

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04/09/2017 18:27

nothing is constant

custom machined to all PCD’s sizes from 15”-18” exclusive new hybrid paint finishes








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600BHP Rocket Bunny RX-7

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Rusty paint? Whatever next, gravity hooks? Start

P88 Never Finished



The S2000 has finally had an altitude adjustment courtesy of Bilstein and R-Tec. Nice. Start

P090 Finished



We don’t just say goodbye to one Honda this month but two! Sob. Start

P94 Never Finished


TRICKY’S PUG 309 THUNDERSALOON It’s back to business as the 309 hits the track and picks up some silverware. Start

P96 Never Finished


Defining Car Culture 087

FCR387.projop.jt1.indd 87

04/09/2017 17:31

FAST Projects

MIDGE’S BEETLE TURBO THE RUSTY BUG SHENANIGANS CONTINUE… You may remember from the last issue that I started a Rusty Paint test on an old Beetle bonnet I procured from the scrappy. The trouble is, I started the job on deadline day and there was no time to carry out the last stages and see the results before the mag went to print. Well, it may have been a whole four weeks ago for you guys, but for me the test continued the very next day. As promised, here’s how I got on… After using a household gloss paint roller to slap on the Rusty Paint mix and letting it all dry overnight, I gave the whole lot a quick sanding with 240-grit paper to get the base coat nice and smooth. After that, in normal circumstances, it would be time to skip to the stage where you cover the whole lot in activator to get it to rust but, as I was in a rather creative mood, I thought I’d apply a spot of colour first. My reasoning is simple, for this project I’m looking more for a kind of weather-worn patina’d look, rather than a whole rusty panel. After all, the idea was always to make the Beetle like the anti-TT with similar beige paint and rust creeping


through. Of course, it sounds like a right bastard to pull-off, but to be fair it’s actually pretty easy. By using the un-activated rusty paint as a primer you can simply spray (or roller) your chosen colour over the top, if you’re feeling frisky you can even add a bit of grime to the mix and create some texture. By experimenting with different colours, primers and textures there’s no end to what can be achieved. For me though, the job was simple. I used a standard Ford colour (Ivory) and sprayed it over the top, leaving a few soon-to-be-rusty patches unpainted. Once that was dry I simply sanded over the Ivory paint using a bit more pressure in random places to allow the Rusty Paint coat underneath to show through a little. Easy enough. It’s the final stage where the real magic happens though. After giving the whole lot a good de-greasing, you spray the entire panel with a special activator and Robert, as they say, is your mother’s brother. All that’s left to do is watch it rust, which starts in a matter of minutes and, after a couple of

days (you can even drive the car in the meantime), it’s fully rusted out. Don’t forget that the panel underneath isn’t rusty, it’s just the paint, so the structure of the metal remains intact. In fact, if you don’t like it, you can sand it all back and paint or wrap over the top! Personally, I don’t like it – I fookin’ love it. It looks like a beige bonnet that’s been left in a ditch for a couple of decades, exactly what I’m after. The real question then is; will I do the whole Beetle over winter? Well, I think you already know the answer to that one…

THIS MONTH PARTS Bonnet: .............................................................. £26 Rusty Paint:...............................................£Samples Total ................................................................... £26 Contacts

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.proj1.midge_Beetle.jt2.indd 88

04/09/2017 18:36

Work in progress...

A quick rub down, thanks, love

Activator – ready!

Wonder if Midge got his rusty sheriff’s badge for completing this?

Defining Car Culture 089

FCR387.proj1.midge_Beetle.jt2.indd 89

04/09/2017 18:36

FAST Projects

WIN THIS CAR! LAST CHANCE For your last chance to get your hands on our Honda S2000 look out for the Competition Station tent in the main paddock area of TRAX at Silverstone on the 1 October 2017. The winner will be drawn at TRAX, time and location TBC. So make sure you enter ASAP.

FAST CAR’S S2000 GT THIS MONTH WE TAKE A TRIP TO R-TEC AUTO DESIGN AND GET DOWN WITH BILSTEIN… If you’re a regular reader of FC, you’ll know we like our cars low. So it may come as a surprise that we’ve waited this long into the build to lower the S2000. Normally it would be the first mod on our list. But good things come to those who wait and this month we took a trip to R-Tec Auto Design to finally get the S2K dropped a damn sight closer to the tarmac. But, why did Glenn drive all the way from Bristol to St Albans to get the work done? Was it due to his decade-long man crush on R-Tec bosses Adrian and Jason Ripp? Or was it so he could dribble over the 500+ wheels R-Tec have in stock, their customer’s stunning cars and spend half a day drinking posh coffee and watching TV in their awesome 10,000sq/ft state-of-the art premises – all while someone else did the


hard work? Well, this is Glenn we are talking about here, so embarrassingly the answer is, yes, to all of the above. But, more importantly, he made the 250-mile round trip to R-Tec because they are damn good at what they do, and have been since 2001! That’s right, 16 years of car modifying experience and that’s without counting their family’s history in the scene, which goes back decades. Now, as you can imagine with a tuner’s favourite like the S2000, there’s a plethora of coilover kits available, many of which can be supplied and fitted by R-Tec. But we wanted something special, make that really special. After all, this car maybe ours at the moment, but soon it won’t be (boo hoo – Glenn) and we want to make sure the winner gets not only a great-looking car, but one that drives

amazingly too. And that’s why we’ve gone all out and chosen Bilstein, one of the world’s most established performance suspension and motoring brands. These guys have been involved in motorsport since the early ’60s and when it comes to suspension R&D Bilstein go further than most. Think product and car testing at the Nürburgring is a new thing? It is for some. But not for Bilstein, who have spent nearly 50 years using the Nordschleife for development. And trust us, no track in the world tests car parts harder. All this stringent and relentless testing went into Bilstein’s B14 coilover suspension kit, our choice for the S2000. So what makes it so good? Well first is the GasPressure Technology, which gives more reliable shock absorption and suspension

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.proj2and3.S2000.jt2.indd 90

04/09/2017 18:40

The B14 kit

Can you spot the difference?

Cheers to Dan for fitting the kit

Defining Car Culture 091

FCR387.proj2and3.S2000.jt2.indd 91

04/09/2017 18:41

FAST Projects

The B14 kit has transformed the S2K

TUV-approved and simple to adjust

Bilstein setup has a motorsport pedigree

under any load, a technology that’s now an industry standard in mono and twin-tube design and was developed in the ’50s by Bilstein. Fact! Also, their threaded body adjustable shock absorbers (which allows lowering between 30mm to 50mm) are TÜV approved, a true sign of quality. Add to that Bilstein’s Triple-C-Technology (a three layer protective coating against corrosion), which trounced the competition in the German salt spay test and rigorous testing under what Bilstein call ‘road-tested under extreme motorsport conditions’ and you are ensured one kick-arse set of coilovers. In conclusion, the best way we can describe this kit is coilovers for the road with motorsport DNA, perfect for a spirited, high-revving drive like the S2000.


Now we could lie and say we got greasy and helped with the fitting and setup. But we didn’t. Nope, we just took pictures and left that in the very capable and safe hands of R-Tec’s resident Honda expert and EP3 owner Dan Parfitt. Fortunately fitment of the kit was pretty straight forward and was done is less than three hours. Which was lucky as by then Glenn had demolished R-Tec’s supply of complementary biscuits and bored all the staff, customers and even the sandwich lady to death with his Gumball Rally anecdotes. Guys, we do apologise! And how’s this for service? R-Tec even took the S2000 out for a test drive to ensure the setup was all-correct and ready to go. All that was left was for us to drive off and test it out for ourselves. And, wow, what a difference the Bilstein

B14s have made! The S2000 has always been a great handling car out-of-the-box. But the difference in entering and exiting corners now is unbelievable. In fact, we would go as far as saying it’s the biggest difference we’ve seen after upgrading suspension – and we’ve driven a lot of cars before and after suspension work. In fact, the drive was so much fun we even took an early detour off the motorway so we could blast round some country roads on the way home. We really can’t commend this kit any more, obviously we wanted the S2000 low, but didn’t want to compromise on the drivability of the car. Basically, we wanted the best of both worlds, and Bilstein gave us this and more! Whoever wins this car will be one lucky bastard.

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.proj2and3.S2000.jt2.indd 92

04/09/2017 18:41

The soon-to-be given away S2K Dammit, where’s that Pokemon?

Look out for flying Porsches...

THIS MONTH PARTS Bilstein B14 47-080386 coilovers ................ £1,070 R-TEC labour for fitting .................................... £249 Honda suspension stabiliser bolt links............... £72 Total .............................................................. £1,391 Total car and build spend so far:.............£11,777 Contacts Bilstein – – 0116 2898345 R-Tec – – 01727 790100

Rims, loads of em! Defining Car Culture 093

FCR387.proj2and3.S2000.jt2.indd 93

04/09/2017 18:41

FAST Projects

DAN’S CIVIC TYPE R THE CIVIC REACHES THE END OF THE ROAD. BUT THERE ARE GOOD TIMES AROUND THE CORNER… I’ve never been all that great at goodbyes. I prefer to slip quietly out the back door rather than making a big show of shaking everyone’s hand and telling them how much I’ll miss them. And it’s with a heavy heart that this month I’ll be saying a quiet but final goodbye to the Civic. We’ve had a lot of good times. When I bought the car about 18 months ago, it was the end result of an exhaustive search by Palmdale Motors to find me the best EP3 available in my budget. It was bone stock and completely mint. So obviously the first thing I did was get stuck in to mucking about with it straight away. First came an ITG Maxogen carbon-fibre induction kit and a stainless Sportex


cat-back exhaust, quickly followed by a set of Rota Blitz wheels with fresh Bridgestones. Then it was the suspension, with Eibach springs and camber bolts and Hardrace camber arms along with a Beaks tie bar. Then came the big ridiculous spoilers – because why the hell not?! And a fancy Kenwood DAB headunit with Apple CarPlay. I swapped out the Sportex system for a better-quality M2 exhaust, and then the brakes got a comprehensive overhaul and upgrade thanks to EBC. The Civic’s been thoroughly reliable throughout and a hell of a lot of fun too. I’m a full-on VTEC junkie now. It’s so addictive. But then… Well, I kinda fell out of love with it. It’s not the car’s fault. It’s the fault

of the company I tasked to fit a Hondata K100 and remap it. I won’t name names. But suffice to say they really messed me about. Not once but twice… The first time I took them the car, they kept it for four weeks and didn’t do anything at all. The second time, they took out my ECU and broke it, which cost me £500+ to sort out. After all of this palaver, I just wasn’t feeling the love for the Civic any more. Which is a shame, because it’s a brilliant car. But it feels sullied now, it left a sour taste. The car gives me a nagging sense of doom which I can do without. But nil desperandum! I’ve already lined up its replacement. And I think it’s going to be even more fun…

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.proj4_EP3.jt3.indd 94

04/09/2017 17:18

Goodbye my friend. Sob...

Nil desperandum indeed! Wait. What?

THIS MONTH PARTS Nowt ................................................................ £000 Total ................................................................ £000 Contacts

NEXT MONTH Looking for a new project. Wahooo!

Defining Car Culture 095

FCR387.proj4_EP3.jt3.indd 95

04/09/2017 17:18

FAST Projects

Race Photography


BACK ON TRACK, FINISHING RACES AT THE SHARP END. BUT STILL ONLY 400BHP, DUE TO SOME MINOR GLITCHES… So with the differential all back together again, we thought we’d carry on where we left off last year, just after the new extra big radiator was fitted. But as usual, racing cars have no end of things to bite you back with. One thing we might be experiencing is the bigger rad in the front of intercooler could be restricting the efficiency and causing the intake temps to be too high. But without running with a temp sensor we can’t prove it, so that’s one for the next test session. All we know is, on the dyno the engine pushes out over 500bhp. And for the first three laps it feels like it, but from lap four onwards it tails off and becomes somewhat sluggish with about 400bhp. This means we can’t play with the front runners and have to settle for a third or second spot. But hey ho, we are up there. And I suppose it does save on tyres!


So we went to Silverstone in May and were fastest in qualifying and finished with two class wins (second overall). Then up to Croft in July, and had a sixth from the back having qualified on slicks in the rain (not funny with 500bhp!). A forth after two evasive manoeuvres around people considerably running out of talent. And a fifth with the exhaust manifold split and boost chuffing into the northern countryside along with the hot no-power syndrome. Still again, two seconds and one first in class, so the mantle piece is full again. Last meeting of the year is at Donington Park, 9 September, so hopefully we will be back on song for that one after a quick visit to Abbey Motorsport to tune the engine, followed by a test session to make sure she’s good to go. And voila… Watch this space!

THIS MONTH PARTS Nothing this month ...........................................£000 Total ..................................................................£000 Contacts Abbey Motorsport 01883 732 331 Photos FC Team 309 CSCC

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.proj5_tricky.jt3.indd 96

04/09/2017 17:23

Hello my precious

The 309 going to battle at Croft

Good year? Could have been better, thanks Defining Car Culture 097

FCR387.proj5_tricky.jt3.indd 97

04/09/2017 17:23



TOM FORSYTH’S EJ9 CIVIC FC says: Young Tom here reckons he might have the lowest static EJ9 Civic in the country. And take one look at it in the flesh and you probably won’t doubt it! Using custom coilovers with some serious camber adjustment thrown into the mix, this sweet hatch is sitting satisfyingly close to terra firma, and looking the business because of it! But a low ride height isn’t this beauty’s only party piece. In fact, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Helping it to stand out further is the sumptuous Black Pearl Rose body wrap, which is contrasted by the glow-in-the-dark (yes, glow-in-the-dark!) engine bay re-spray. Talking of the engine, this is a heavily modified version of Honda’s 1.4 D14 screamer, tucked and shaved to perfection for that show-winning aesthetic. Inside, Corbeau buckets and a flocked dash set off the classy cockpit theme, which is continued with the custom carpeted boot build out back where a huge FLI sub-woofer takes pride of place. With every aspect of Tom’s ride receiving well-thought-out upgrades, we think you’ll agree that this is a pretty damn cool little Civic! (Photos by Callum Alton)


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.readers.jt3.indd 99


Smoothed and tucked engine bay sprayed in glow-in-the-dark Mint Green; rebuilt D14 SOHC engine; D16 intake; adjustable cam gear; stainless steel exhaust manifold and straightthrough exhaust system; uprated fuel system; aluminium radiator; MJC Automotive strut brace; smoothed bonnet; custom painted headlights; Mugen front splitter; smoothed front bumper with LEDs; vented wings; Pro Sport shocks with custom springs; grooved brake discs; Blox front camber arms; Skunk2 rear camber arms; 3M Black Pearl Rose vinyl wrap; flocked dash; Corbeau bucket seats; LUKE harnesses; 7.5x16in (front) and 9x16in (rear) Keskin KT5 alloys with smoothed pearl Pale grey finish.

Defining Car Culture 099

04/09/2017 17:35


Mondeo ST24 alloys; 35mm H&R lowering springs; full Cobra Sport exhaust system; custom black headlights with panther eyebrows; Tron-style pinstriping; front splitter; rear carbon fibre diffuser fins; K&N induction kit; mirrored engine bay; Pioneer stereo.


FC says: Doesn’t Kieran’s Zetec S look epic with its Tron-style lime green pinstriping?! At only 19 years of age, our proud owner wanted to find ways of making his car stand out without taking a beating from his insurance company, and we think he’s well and truly nailed it! With body-coloured Mondeo ST24 four-spoke alloys perfectly propping up his pride and joy, there’s also a subtle 35mm drop on some lowering springs, along with a new splitter and rear diffuser fins to help add to the menace. Under the bonnet, the already pretty pokey motor is enhanced with a K&N induction kit and full Cobra exhaust system, leaving Kieran with a tidy hatch he can certainly be proud of showing off. Good effort! (Photos by Charlie Maslin)



FC says: They say there’s no school like the old school, and based on the fizzing feeling Jess’ insanely retro 205 Dimma is giving us all here in FC Towers, we’d say they’re probably right! With its seriously Eighties T16 rally graphics adorning those extra wide, boxy body panels, combined with those suitably dished, period Revolution split rims, it’s hard not to smile when seeing this awesome, classic hot hatch. But it’s not all show and no go. Jess has gone for a beefy, 2.0-litre turbo engine swap from none other than a Citroen XM up front, which has received a host of tuning goodies such as a frontmount intercooler and new camshafts to ensure those front wheels always have a tonne of grunt going through them. Inside, it’s all motorsport with the OMP buckets, ’cage and steering wheel being about the only mod cons you’ll get. We bet this one is a whole lot of fun to hoon around the back roads – Gallic awesomeness right there!



Full Dimma kit; T16-style spoiler and vinyl stickers; 15in Revolution split rims; GTi-6 brakes; Bilstein suspension with gravel-spec springs; 2.0-litre turbo Citroen XM engine; full stainless steel exhaust system; 1.9-litre GTi camshafts; uprated fuelling and ECU; front-mount intercooler; close-ratio BE1 gearbox with Mi16 flywheel; OMP roll cage, bucket seats, harnesses and steering wheel; Nitrous Express nitrous system.

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.readers.jt3.indd 100

04/09/2017 17:35



Short-shift gearbox; HKS unequallength manifold and full exhaust system; Rota Formula Mesh alloys; Nardi steering wheel; Prodrive brake calipers with Alcon two-piece discs; PPP Package.

FC says: Gurveer’s love for the Impreza came from watching the likes of Colin McRae and other Group A heroes tearing up rally courses. “The flat-four sound his car gave off meant I just had to have one!” he tells us. Several years later and he’s now the proud owner of this absolute stunner – one of the last of the classic shape cars, in the desirable STI spec. Wanting to keep it as pristine as possible with only a few choice mods, the car now boasts the likes of a closer-ratio gearbox to improve acceleration, bigger brakes, and a few styling tweaks to freshen it up. The most significant modification of all, though, has to be the full HKS exhaust system, giving Gurveer that all-important burble that mesmerised him all those years ago!



Prosport coilovers; 17in bronze BBS alloys; GT-spec front bumper with blended VTS corner splitters; Lester front splitter; VTS side skirts and spoiler; VTS interior; carbon-dipped grilles and wipers; flocked A, B and C pillars; angel eye-style headlights; Longlife cat-back exhaust system.

FC says: Robert’s come a long way with his humble C2 over their 11-year relationship. Bought for him by his late grandfather, it’s become a sentimental part of his life that’s seen many changes over the years. The spec is now mighty impressive, with the colour-coded car benefiting from some striking bronze BBS wheels, blended VTS-spec front splitters and a drop on some Prosport coilovers leaving the outside looking super fresh. Inside, a full interior from a VTS-spec’d C2 sharpens things up, while a Longlife exhaust system enhances the 1.1-litre lump. But he’s not finished – Robert has big plans to slide a VTS motor on throttle bodies in there. Good work, sir!


Here’s your chance to show off both your ride and your photography skills in the pages of FC. To enter your car just open a fresh new email, put ‘Readers’ Rides Submission’ in the subject line and send us a few pics of the best bits (larger than 1MB with no ghosting or logos, and you must have the photographer’s permission) along with a short spec and a paragraph telling us why your motor deserves to adorn these hallowed pages. Pop the whole lot over to and we’ll do the rest.

Defining Car Culture 101

FCR387.readers.jt3.indd 101

04/09/2017 17:35

WILD CARD: 1973 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Words Dan Bevis Photography Eric Arnold

Sick Bug Volksrods used to be a cheaper alternative to traditional hot rodding. But as this super-premium example shows, the game’s moved on a bit‌


Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.Wild_beetle.jt3.indd 102

04/09/2017 17:48

Defining Car Culture 103

FCR387.Wild_beetle.jt3.indd 103

04/09/2017 17:48




Powered by a retro Porsche flat-four with dual Weber 40 carbs

he cult of the Volksrod is something that’s been ebbing and flowing ever since Model A and Model T Fords started to sell for serious money. The essence of it, as the name clues you in on, is to take the ethos of a traditional hot rod build and paint it all over a VW Beetle canvas. Beetles are, after all, rather easier to get hold of than vintage Fords (albeit not as much now as back in the 1980s) and the design of the original Volkswagen dates back to the 1930s. So you can’t really argue with the appropriateness of the platform. The traditional way to hammer together a Volksrod is to unbolt all the wings, fit the front beam from a vintage Ford to pull the wheels forward, chop the top, add a bit of pinstriping, and away you go. Naturally there are countless approaches and, over the generations, anything that can be done has been done, somewhere, by somebody. But what you’re looking at here is arguably the zenith of Volksrodding, the apogee, the ultimate manifestation of the art. For while this has been lovingly crafted by one man in his garage, along with the help of some good mates and some pretty spectacular skills between them, it’s still ended up costing the thick end of $85,000. So much for Volksrods being the poor relation. The brainchild of California’s Eric Goodman, this project is one of a number of classic VWs residing in his personal collection. “I bought the car from Craigslist for $600 back in 2009,” he explains. “Back then it was a fairly stock 1973 Beetle that had been in an accident and hit in the rear. It was the perfect donor, as my desire from the start was to build a custom hot rod with my friends and not pay a shop to build it.” Honourable intentions indeed and Eric and his friends didn’t waste any time in tearing the thing down and getting to work. This was to be no rushed job, however. In spite of their haste to get moving, Eric was clear that everything had to be done perfectly and done right – meaning the build would take the best part of five years. But when your project is a labour of love, such frivolous matters as days, months and seasons really don’t factor into it.


This really is a phenomenal piece of artwork. So you’re quite into your VWs, then? That’s right. I’ve been collecting them since 2008. What was the first one you bought? It was a 1973 VW Thing, which I still own today. In fact, I’m President of the VW Thing Registry, as well as being a member of Inland Valley Volkswagens. Can you pick a highlight from this Volksrod build for us? Sure, the gearknob. The brass ball actually came from my late grandfather’s old walking cane. After he passed I had it made into a shifter knob so he’d always be with me in the car.

“We removed the body from the frame, and had the entire car sandblasted,” Eric recalls. “It was a complete body off restoration. In fact, the body was off the frame for three years in total. The pan was rebuilt and painted, and we had a lot of fun speccing the engine!” The motor in question bullishly ousted the stock Beetle lump, instead squatting its 1.8-litre Porsche 914 case in place and radiating awesomeness from all angles. The retro Porsche flat-four wears dual Weber 40 carbs with racy cams and an exhaust system which features custom 3-inch side pipes (more cars should have side pipes?!). It all adds up to around 150bhp – more than enough to shame a stock ’73 Beetle. Not that this car has anything to do with stock ’73 Beetles any more. Eric’s buddy George Forget Jr designed and fabricated a custom 911 fan shroud, which certainly keeps the Porsche nerds guessing when the bootlid’s lifted, and the general sense of rasping, popping aggression is more than appropriate for hot rod shenanigans. Of course, a rebuilt frame with a sports car motor does not a Volksrod make: the body has to be something special. Oh, and it is.

Transformers… robots in disguise!

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.Wild_beetle.jt3.indd 104

04/09/2017 17:49

And how. The word ‘shaved’ features heavily in the spec list, pretty much insisting that you pronounce it in the voice of Jim’s dad in American Pie, because that’s precisely how saucy it is. The body sides, the doors, the decklid. It’s all been shaved to a super-smooth sheen. As has the dash and much more besides, to imbue a frisson of streamlined butterflies and aerodynamic slipperiness. This also, handily, helps to showcase the flawless perfection of the paint job, handled by the aforementioned George, resplendent as it is in black and mocha with gold pearl. An unforgiving mix that would immediately highlight any imperfections. Which it doesn’t. As there aren’t any. The chassis is worthy of note too, serving up as it does a pretty unbeatable mix of old-skool tricks and fresh new ideas. Those wheels, in case you were having trouble placing them, are Vintiques 52-spoke wires, wearing tyres rather thicker than anything you’d have found on an early-’70s Bug, and they hide ’68 Camaro discs at the front and Porsche drums of a similar vintage to the motor out back. The front beam’s been extended by a handful of inches and

Old-skool tricks meet fresh new ideas

Defining Car Culture 105

FCR387.Wild_beetle.jt3.indd 105

04/09/2017 17:49




1972 Porsche 914 engine (1.8-litre flat-four); twin Weber 40 carbs; Web Cam HYD cams; oil breathers; chromoly pushrods; hydraulic valves; EMPI aluminium valve covers; EMPI oil cooler; EMPI aluminium fuel tank; Bosch ignition; Tri-Mil exhaust system with custom 3in side pipes; Porsche 911 fan and housing; Porsche 200mm flywheel; 150bhp (est); KCR SuperStreet transmission.


Vintiques 52-spoke 15in wire wheels; 195/65 (front) and 245/60 (rear) BF Goodrich tyres; extended front beam with 2in lifted unibody; internal roll bar; 1930s Ford dropped-axle front suspension; 1955 Ford spindles and tie rods; SoCal Speed Shop shocks; 1968 Camaro front disc brakes; Porsche rear drums; Porsche 914 steering.


Body and paint by George Forget Jr: black and mocha with gold pearl; lengthened, widened and shaved body; shaved doors; shaved ’68 decklid; Frenched plate; chopped hood; split windscreen; suicide doors; front-hinged bonnet; Harley Davidson headlights; C5 Corvette LED taillights; chrome by Superior Plating.

joined by 1930s Ford dropped-axle suspension, along with various 1955 Ford bits. There’s nothing here to offend the hot rodding purist, and yet it’s bristling with fresh approaches. Much like the interior, in fact, with its ’68 Beetle seats retrimmed in Ultraleather, and plush Mercedes-Benz carpets. The whole thing oozes inherent rightness. There’s not a single shot off-target on the spec list. “It took over a thousand hours of bodywork and modifications before the car was ready for paint,” says Eric, understandably with a mixture of gratification and extreme weariness. “Having had the body off the frame for three years, it then took a further two years to get everything back together, perfecting every element as we went. “I’m proud to say everything on the car was done in my garage, aside from the engine build and upholstery trimming – no shop did any work on this car! It was just me and four friends. That’s it. George is the one who did all of the body modifications and the paint – he has 40 years of experience in doing just that, so he was clearly the man for the job.” The work’s been speaking for itself ever since, winning dozens of first-place trophies all along the Pacific Coast, including at the fabled Grand National Roadster Show in Los Angeles. This is one Beetle that belies its humble beginnings to take on the establishment and win on its own terms. The fact it’s a personal, home-baked build makes it all the sweeter.



Shaved dash; 1968 Beetle seats custom trimmed in black/brown Ultraleather; EMPI seatbelts; Mercedes-Benz Ultra Black carpets; Porsche 914 steering wheel; Porsche gauges.

This is how good 1,000 hours of bodywork looks

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.Wild_beetle.jt3.indd 106

04/09/2017 17:49

Better Braking Stops Here

Choose from 3 stages of brake system upgrade to suit any vehicle and budget:



Sport Discs & Pads

Improve braking by up to 30% from stock.

• 4 brake disc and 5 pad options to choose from. • Pads are 100% UK made and range from our entry-level street upgrade Greenstuff™, to our flagship sport road material Yellowstuff™, to our highest performing track material Orangestuff™. • Sold as separates or save 15% if bought as a Pad+Disc kit.



Pad+Line Kits PERFORMANCE PACKS (YellowStuff™ Pads & Lines)

Maximise the performance of your vehicle’s stock braking system.

• Braided lines give firmer pedal coupled with fade resistant sport pads front and rear. • Choose ‘Performance Packs’ with Yellowstuff™ pads for road use or ‘Track Packs’ with Orangestuff™ race pads for track use. • Kit includes free Super Dot 4 brake fluid and saves 10% on buying as separates.

TRACK PACKS (OrangeStuff™ Pads & Lines)



NEW Balanced Brake Kits™

The ultimate full vehicle braking upgrade, delivering massively improved braking performance and feel whether used on road or on track. • 100% UK made lightweight aluminium 4-piston brake calipers. • Oversize fully-floating brake discs available in 300/330/355mm sizes.

• Kit includes: Calipers, 2-piece floating discs, braided lines (front and rear), Yellowstuff™ pads (front and rear), brackets, brake fluid and all mounting hardware. • Every EBC kit includes rear pads and rear lines at zero extra cost to you, ensuring every kit results in a fully balanced brake upgrade for maximum braking performance. • Available soon, contact for details.

from £1,395 inc. VAT.

Buy direct from

Starts in Great Britain, stops all over the world


Quotes of the Month:

Jules: “You know I’m from Pratts Bottom, sounds dirty that! Midge: “It’s not as dirty as Dartford!” Jules: “Dartford doesn’t sound dirty at all.” Midge “You should see it when you get here!”

One Brave Mother

Considering he’s shit scared of a great many things (not least heights, Ryanair, wasps, bananas and trains), we were most surprised to receive these phone snaps from our Midge the other day. Turns out it’s not him standing on top of some 1950s bi-plane though, it’s actually his mum – who’s obviously far more of a man than he’ll ever be. Er, we mean that in the nicest possible way though Mrs Midge, naturally.

Midge: “Name any late ’90s rear-engine car that’s not a Porsche.” Jules: “How about a Nissan S14.” Midge: “You’d make an amazing mechanic.”

Best. Cake. Ever.

MA. Anything!” thing for a free trip to SE “Midge will do literally any

You know what they say; time waits for no man, and that means, one day, we’ll be all grown up and have to get married (Easy son, don’t say that in front of the missus! – Initial G). Well, being partial to the odd cake (Did someone say cake? – Jules) here at FC, we can only hope that when that day finally comes, we get one like this top creation from ‘Mrs B’ in Kent! Just check out the disgruntled bride and proper tread patterns for starters. That’s gonna be right up our street!


Text of the Month:

BRUTAL CIVICS Like your Honda Civics sporting a pair of gargantuan bollocks? Well, here’s 22 of the buggers! (Civics, not bollocks.)


Out of Office

Fed up with having to do all that ‘I’m out of the office until next Tuesday’ bollocks on your emails? Why not just take a leaf out of our Jules’ book and send a picture instead. His latest one says a thousand words too. Most of ‘em being “Piss off I’m busy.” Class.


SLAMMED AMAZON There’s old skool, and then there’s seriously old skool. Have a little guess as to what this Amazon is…

SUPRA FUJI MEET Talk about a supreme collection of Japanese icons, eh? Check out this load of Supras rocking around the equally legendary Fuji Speedway! toyota-supra-meet-at-fuji-speedway

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387.arse.jt2.indd 108

04/09/2017 16:08

Quiz results from page 8: WORD SEARCH:

Forge, Brembo, Alcon, KSport, AP Racing, EBC, Wilwood and StopTech (bonus point for that one) Q1) Corvette C4 Q2) BMW E36 Q3) VW UP

Top Tool

Our Midge has always prided himself on having the right tool for every job going. But we’re still not entirely sure what he needs this one for? Or perhaps we just don’t want to know. It’s certainly the last time we go rooting around his tool box without latex gloves on.

Hats Off

As our most famous purveyor of dodgy headwear (Yes, he wore a beanie hat all around Las Vegas, the friggin’ tool – Jules), we were kind of worried when he said he had to find a new hat for his mate’s wedding in Portugal. Luckily though, he didn’t go for his trademark tea-cosy this time. No, bizarrely he found something that suits him even better. Beautiful.

Top Mechanic

They say real men don’t read the instructions, and that goes double for anyone with a qualification as a mechanic. Or a massive beard. Or both. Well, all that’s obviously gone out of the window when it comes to our Glenda’s “rather complicated” new roof box. Presumably it says, “Bolt it on the roof you big, beardy tit”.

TOP 10 LS SWAPS Here’s a cracking little video from Australia’s Full Boost boys showing their top 10 Chevy LS swaps. We’re loving the Toyota van for starters!

Getting On

We can’t believe it’s been a whole 25 years since our Tricky first had his racecar on the cover of FC. It just goes to prove that you shrink a bit when you get old. I mean, he was never what you’d call tall. But he’s proper fookin’ tiny now! Bless ‘im.

BLAST FROM THE PAST- ISSUE 361 NOVEMBER 2015 In this very issue two years ago… • Bonkers RB-swapped S14A was a bit bloomin’ tasty! • We check out Opel Treffen. • One of the hottest bits of kit of all time… and a rather sweet RX-7 too. • Behind the scenes at Europe’s biggest GT-R tuner. We certainly found out what 25,000bhp looks like. • As amplification goes, VIBE’s T5 wasn’t what we’d call shy. There’s 87,000 watts in this one and 24 subs. No wonder it’s the loudest fookin’ thing in Europe. • We love a Fridolin, and here’s the best one ever… and probably the only modified one we’re ever likely to feature. Awesome.

STANCE WARS LAS VEGAS We never need much encouragement to check out what’s going on in Sin City. As it happens this time it’s Stance Wars at the Boulder Station Casino.

Defining Car Culture 109

FCR387.arse.jt2.indd 109

04/09/2017 16:09

Our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Everything you would expect from Britain’s leading wheel refurbishment company. For details call 01908 28 26 28 or visit

CLASSIC & MODERN ALLOY WHEELS MADE IN ENGLAND SINCE 1987 so... ...Celebrating 30 years of manufacturing!

+ 44 (0) 121 522 2442

• Manufacturers of two & three piece aluminium road / race wheels. • All our wheels are made to order with a range of classic & modern styles available. • Checkout our website for the full range of wheel styles... Available from 10” to 22” diameter & widths from 3” to 16” wide.

! IN S2000

Wnda o





TRAX2017.coverplay.jt1.indd 1





04/09/2017 20:43

4>6 :>? $( =>63 #($;0 &$0& @< )3*;36 Montan wax -the perfect su bstitute for Carnauba. To use, simply: 1) Apply a thin layer to a pa nel of your car. -+ 73>!3 %8 9#)3 18) *!3 =$; #%3(. ,+ 2#' 8' >;6 3;"8< > 6335 / 0@8(( (&$;3. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s as easy as that. Maxim um result for =$;$=#= 3'8)%.

01323 287980




Welcome to TRAX 2017 The Ultimate Performance Car Event.

TRAX has had enthusiasts at its heart since the show started as a club meeting over 20 years ago. With over 4,000 club cars on display, it’s become Britain’s biggest performance car show. The next 32-pages of this show guide are dedicated to helping you get the very best experience from the show. They are packed with handy maps, event timetables, and show information that will allow you to plan your perfect day at Silverstone. If you want to see a full list of the activities that make up the event look no further than the ‘What’s On’ section on page 116. Naturally, being held at Silverstone means that the famous tarmac will be put through its paces throughout the day – make sure you don’t miss the smoke-inducing British Drift Championship demos by checking out the ‘Event Timetable’ on page 119. Among the highlights of the show will be the huge display of modified cars put on by the guys at Fast Car magazine. The Car Culture Collection will feature a whole host of modified royalty, from modern day show-stoppers to triple rotor-powered classics. TRAX is also one of the best places to grab goodies for you and your modified car, whether that’s a new performance part, a fresh hoody or a killer deal on your insurance, it can all be found in the Retail Village. We hope you have a fantastic day experiencing all of what TRAX has to offer.

CONTENTS What’s On ......................................116 Event Timetable.............................119 Club Guide.................................... 120 Car Culture Collection.................. 122 Toyo Live Action Arena ................124 Retail Village ................................. 126 Big Picture .................................... 132 Win a Car ...................................... 134 Track Time .................................... 136 Event Map .................................... 140 Top 10 ........................................... 142

TRAX Show Guide 2017 115

TRAX2017.contents.jt1.indd 115

05/09/2017 16:01



BDC Drift Demonstrations Public Track Time

Silverstone’s legendary National circuit will be in full swing all day. Take to the track in your own car, or head to the viewing areas to catch a glimpse of the action. As well as the public track sessions, there will be sponsor, display and club sessions. Whether you’re lucky enough to be driving on the famous Silverstone tarmac or simply spectating from the stands, there is plenty of high-octane action for you to enjoy. TRAX is the place to put your car through its paces. Whether this is your first time or you’re a regular track driver, follow in the footsteps of the British Touring Car drivers as you navigate the same corners as the pros. No matter what your experience or skill level, get the thrill of your life! Track sessions are 20 minutes and cost just £35 in advance from the TRAX website. Limited track sessions may be available to buy on the day from the Brooklands Building. Book online now to avoid disappointment. Want to take your mate on track? No problem! Passenger tickets are available to purchase for only £10. Terms and conditions apply.

The British Drift Championship will be at TRAX with full throttle sessions throughout the day. Expect to see fast-paced and unhinged backwards entries into the first corner. It will be foot to the floor with wings in the doors as these guys smoke their tyres to the canvas, while battling it out around the circuit. When they’re not burning rubber, you’ll find the cars and drivers in the BDC pit area by the Brooklands building. They’re always up for a chat, photo, or autograph signing session.

The Toyo Tires Challenge Club Displays ValetPRO Show and Shine This competition attracts some of the best cars in the UK to battle it out for the coveted prize. Over the past few months, you have been sending in photos of your pride and joy. We have finally narrowed it down to the top 20 finalists, who have been invited to the dedicated Show and Shine display. So, who will be awarded the prestigious trophy, ValetPRO prizes, and, of course, the bragging rights?

With over 4000 cars expected to display, TRAX has the dedicated enthusiast clubs at its heart. The quality and variety on show is unrivalled. Expect an incredible turnout, featuring everything from stripped out track weapons to the very latest performance and tuned motors, mixed in with some old-skool classics. We will also have the ‘Best Club Stand’ Award up for grabs. The winner will receive a trophy and up to £500 off their booking for next year’s show. For a list of the car clubs attending and for more information turn to page 120.

Fancy yourself as an F1 pit lane mechanic? Reckon you can change a wheel just as quickly? After the roaring success of our sister events, Japfest Donington and The Fast Car Festival, we’re teaming up with renowned tyre manufacturer, Toyo Tires, to bring the Toyo Tires Challenge to TRAX. The challenge is simple: change all four wheels in the quickest time possible. With an exciting prize on offer from our partners, the winner will be announced at the Toyo Tires Live Action Arena at the end. All you need to do is visit the challenge area on the day and sign yourself up. It’s as easy as that. For more information on this and Toyo’s Live Action Arena turn to page 124.

116 TRAX Show Guide 2017

TRAX2017.what's on.jt2.indd 116

04/09/2017 20:41

Car Culture Collection sponsored by VIBE Audio

Win a Car

We’re giving you the chance to drive away one of the best sports cars ever made. The beautiful to drive Honda S2000 ticks all the boxes for the performance car enthusiast: well-balanced, rear-wheel drive, and a 2.0-litre engine that screams all the way to an 8,800rpm redline. The team have been busy working on the car and have transformed this already great vehicle into every motoring enthusiast’s dream drive. TRAX is your final chance to win this car, so make sure you look out for the Win a Car tent in the main paddock area. Listen out for the winner announcement. It could be you. For more information on this fantastic competition turn to page 134.

Fast Car magazine’s Car Culture Collection sponsored by VIBE Audio is back at TRAX! 2016 saw the biggest ever CCC display, so the pressure is on to go bigger and better for 2017. More information about this can be found on page 122.

TRAX Legends

For the second year running, we will be hosting a display of purpose built track day machinery. From out and out racers to custom built track cars, the display aims to showcase the weird and the wonderful. From lightweight machinery, genuine race cars, models from the ‘golden era’ of saloon car racing, purpose custom built track cars, and genuine supercars, this will be an eclectic mix that will get you talking for a long time. In addition to this show-stopping new static display, we’re letting the owners loose on the circuit with their machines for some all-guns-blazing sessions during the day.

Hot-hatch display

New for 2017, we’re launching a hot-hatch display to celebrate the cars that we love in the UK. The mix of performance, practicality and, ultimately, value, makes them a hit with us Brits. The hot-hatch market has changed dramatically over the years: from the original 205 GTIs and Renault 5 Turbos to the iconic Golf GTI. The concept of a hot-hatch isn’t new. But in recent years, power/performance and usability has sky-rocketed, with manufacturers battling it out at circuits like the Nurburgring and with 0-62mph times featuring highly. The idea that a hot-hatch can haggle a supercar on the right stretch of road is appealing to a lot of enthusiasts. As a

Retail Village

Need a part for your car? Chances are you will find it within TRAX’s vast Retail Village. Sandwiched between the track action and thousands of club cars, the trade area is packed with everything you need for your car. From deals on insurance to wheel and performance upgrades, it’s all here! And let’s not forget that the retailers love to give you show exclusives; so don’t miss out on the great deals our sponsors and partners have on offer.

result, the manufacturers have employed various mediums to be the best, with the premium brands taking a strong interest in occupying the top of the hierarchy. The likes of the Audi RS3 and Mercedes A45 AMG both use an AWD system and dual-clutch system to launch the cars off the lines with incredible velocity. Where power figures once hovered no higher than the 200bhp bracket and weight as close as possible to 1000kg, modern variants like the two mentioned are upwards of 350bhp and close to 1500kg. This makes for a less nimble car, but a much quicker one, and with the practicality of four/five seats and a big boot. Other cars in the market are BMW’s

M140i, a RWD, no nonsense straight-six turbocharged 3.0-litre engine, with similar performance to the RS3 and A45 AMG. Ford, notorious for supercar-performance cars within the working man’s budget, has elected for a clever AWD system in its latest Focus RS. The system can send the majority of its power to the rear wheel to conquer understeer and also has a Drift Mode button to, well you know, drift! We’re hoping to have as many of these modern hatches on show as possible, highlighting the top end of the spectrum, the premium brands, right through to the Nurburgring FWD king, the Civic Type R and other FWD warriors. Whatever you do, don’t miss this display at TRAX.

TRAX Show Guide 2017 117

TRAX2017.what's on.jt2.indd 117

04/09/2017 20:41

#TEAMSAMCO Steve Baggsy Biagioni’s 1200hp LSXR35


THE PO OWER SamcoSport offer a large range of direct replacement hose kits, giving guaranteed performance at the high temperatures and pressures seen in today’s modified engines. All SamcoSport hoses come with a lifetime warranty and are hand crafted in Britain. Available in these colours or be bold and create your own. FIND US AT



#TEAMSAMCO Silicone Hoses handcrafted in Britain. Victorious around the world. For the full range and to check availability for your car visit



If you want to make the most of your TRAX 2017 experience, you’re going to need to plan your day with military precision. Make sure you don’t miss the BDC drift demos or the ValetPRO Show and Shine winner being crowned. Here are the main events to see…





Clubs & Display Car Access

All Areas


Track Time Begins



Show Opens

All Areas


BDC Drift Demo



Show & Shine Winner Announcement

Scrutineering Bay


BDC Drift Demo



Best Club Stand Winner Announcement

Best Club Stand


BDC Drift Demo



Honda S2000 Giveaway

Live Action Arena


BDC Drift Demo



Show Closes

All Areas

TRAX Show Guide 2017 119

TRAX2017.EventTimetable.jt2.indd 119

04/09/2017 20:08



TRAX has long been the number one show for car clubs. Each year, thousands of motors fill Silverstone’s infield...

Make sure you’ve got your walking boots on because there are literally miles of car clubs to see. You’ll find every make and model in a variety of styles, from track day weapons to show and shine stunners. Your only problem is having enough time to see them all…



Car club displays National Circuit




nneerr ccoorr e e t t oo ddcc ooo


er corn























er rn


eld co






ain tr





vil l

ec ag o

120 TRAX Show Guide 2017 guide.jt3.indd 120

04/09/2017 19:45

CLUB LISTINGS* Here’s a list of the Car Clubs that have already confirmed their attendance, but don’t be surprised to see many more than this on the day, as the show organisers will be taking club bookings right up to the final deadline... #Project404 #Team Tuning #freshfords #teamcuprar 207info 208 Owners Club 350z-UK A45 AMG Owners Club A45 AMG Leeroy A46modified ALLCARSUK Apex Titans Apex To Apex Area 52 Astra J UK VXOC Astra Owners Network AutoNation Awkward Racing BHP ADDICTZ BWS Motorsport Beds-Modified Black Sheep Car Culture Bodge IT Motorsport Boostjunkies Bravo Enthusiasts Budget Modz Essex C2UK CIMA CUSTOMS Car Chicks Society UK Car Culture UK Car Girl Culture Cars&Co. Clio Sport Owners Club Cliosport Club Civic Club JDM UK Club VXR Club-vaux ClubAClassUK ClubEvo-UK/IRE Corrado Corps Cruise North Wales Cruise-Herts & Z20let Lovers DS3GB Owners Club Definitive Cruisers Derbyshire RSOC Devon JDM Diesel ST Owners Club Dragonspeed North Wales Driven Aliance East Yorkshire RS Owners Club Eastside Vectra Owners Electric Orange ST Owners Essex Scooby Crew

Extremebhp F-Lawless Fenland Edge Motors Fiat Panda UK Focus Enthusiasts Ford Enthusiasts North And South Ford Probe Central Ford monkeys Ford-Mania GDC GForce GT Renault Sport UK GeneralMotorsClub Giulietta Enthusiasts ‘alfabook’ Grease Junkies GridLock Cruisers Hampshire BMW Owners Club Hampshire Hot Hatches Hand Wash Only Harrogate Modified Herts Scooby Crew Horizon Ibiza Owners Club Ikon Bodyz Car Club Isle of Wight JapCrap Isle of Wight Modified Jade’s French Krew Jap Modified Kings&Queens Klutch Killerz Kode Stance Kuruma Shakai LN Customs LUXEMINI Leon Owners Club Limitless UK Lincs Driver Lonestar Cruising Low Conformists Low Ethics MIG Performance Vauxhalls Midlands Kollective Midlands Smart Club Midlands_skodas MiniTorque Misfitz UK Mitsubishi Lancer UK Mk6 Special Edition Owners Club Modificata Culture Modified Abarth

Modified BMW Owners Club Modified Girls Modified Performance Modified Revolution Modified Van Owners Club Modified365 Multi Mods Car Club Nissan Cube Owners Club Northanz Cruisers Club Northern Fords & Friends Octane Junkies Odd Mods UK Oval Owners Club Perfectly Ruined Performance Direct Petrol Heads Car Club Peugeot Enthusiasts Group Pouts ‘N’ Pistons Pure Citroen R32 UK Owners Club RCS TUNING/RUSTBUCKETS RG Cruisers RS 197/200 RSUK Real Car Enthusiasts Renault Twingo Owners Club RenaultUK Revolution Cruisin UK Reworked UK Rockbottom Automotive Rollin Low Rolling Oval RollingEvolution RollingStatic Room For Improvements SEAT SIDC SLOC SOUTHERN MODIFIED UK SVOC Scooby Spotting Show Offs Shropshire Performance Owners Simply Modified Skirts & Nuts Skoda Gang Slammed Essex Slammed Society UK SleeperCrew UK South Coast Cars South Wales RenaultSport South West Ford Southdowns French Car Club

Southern Hatch Network Southern Society (2017) Squad StaticRoyals Street Defects Street Monarchs UK Streetcartel Strictly French Stripped and Styled Subaru Outlaws UK Subaru Owners Of Northamptonshire Sump Scrapers Surrey Customs Suterusu Project Swindon Street Cruise Team Boc! The Drivers Club The Inbetweakers The Lincs Lads The Mad Buss Club TheFordBible Three Countries Modified 3CM TimeScene Total Fords Total Vectra Toyota Lifestyle TQmodified True-AddictionUK Ultimate Street Ridez Unit 6b Urban Customz V4xhl VAUXHOGS Vaux Life Vauxhall Owner Central Vivid_UK Weekend Racer West Midlands Car Club West Midlands Vauxhall Owners Club West Midz Modz Zafira VXR Owners Club

*List correct at time of publication

TRAX Show Guide 2017 121 guide.jt3.indd 121

04/09/2017 19:45


Get up close to the UK’s finest modified cars

Fast Car Magazine’s

in partnership with

Now in its fourth year, Fast Car’s annual show stand bonanza is set to be one of the biggest yet


ave you ever seen a car magazine come to life? Well, this is about as close as you’ll get. The Fast Car team has been busy for approximately half the year sourcing the best collection of past, present and future feature cars, all for your viewing pleasure. The magazine prides itself on featuring a huge selection of modified cars. Everything from stanced Subarus to track-focused machinery is welcome (if it’s worthy) in the pages of the UK’s longest running and most-loved modified car magazine. And the assortment of cars that the FC team is bringing along to TRAX is a reflection of the magazine’s philosophy. There really is no better place to see such a variety of top quality cars on show. Make sure you pop over and take a look around the 100 strong car display that also boasts a hero exhibition of the magazine’s favourite builds of 2017. You won’t be disappointed…

The Cars

The Fast Car team is still busy putting together the final list of display cars but here’s just a few that have already confirmed their attendance…

Sam Flack’s S2000

The last three years of this West Sussex-based travel exec’s life have almost entirely been filled with trying to prove his peers wrong by building one of the first, wide arch-kitted S2000s on this continent. And here it is! It’s wearing a seriously JDM M&M Honda wide-body kit, a rarity in itself. Make sure you pop along and have a look at this build in the flesh. It’s one not to miss!

Practise What They Preach

Not only will there be 100 of the finest Fast Car feature cars on display, but the magazine’s staff will also be showing off their latest builds. Contributing editor, Midge, will be showcasing his 300bhp Audi TT and Fast Car Editor, Slim Jules, will be bringing along his heavily tweaked BMW E92 335i. Nice work.

122 TRAX Show Guide 2017

TRAX2017.Fast Car Stand.jt2.subbed.indd 122

04/09/2017 21:26

Max Edwards’ 1978 Beetle

One of the best old school builds of 2017, Max Edwards’ 80s-inspired Bug is more retro than Salt-N-Pepa in a tie-dye T-shirt banging out Push It. Luckily, it’s a lot cooler as it sits on Air Lift bags and BBS rims. Make sure you don’t miss this ballin’ Bug.

Jak Titch’s Polo

Jak’s Polo was one of the most talked about cars of TRAX 2016. But you won’t recognise it from last year’s look, mainly because it hasn’t got Donald Trump’s orange face plastered all over it. And believe us, that’s a good thing!

Daniel Coates’ Mk6 Golf GTi

Is there a cleaner looking Mk6 in the UK? If you’ve seen one, can you let us know? Anyway, this Candy White stunner is pushing over 300bhp and proudly boasts three piece Rotiform BLQ-T rims and Air Lift suspension. The innards are just as cool with retrimmed Recaro Sportster CS recliners taking pride of place.

Hero Builds – Pipey McGraw’s E Type

The Jaguar E-type is one of the world’s best-loved sports cars, so you’d have to be totally insane to chop one up and turn it into a drift car. Fortunately, Pipey McGraw, is just the right amount of loony to do just that – and then lob a fire-spitting triple-rotor in its nose. Photos don’t do this thing justice; it is an absolute assault on the senses and you can see it on display at Fast Car’s Car Culture Collection. Pipey is also taking on Silverstone’s famous tarmac at 15:40pm, and as we all know, there’s nothing quite like the audio heaven of a triple rotor, so get yourself trackside. *We hope all of these cars make the show, but please be aware that we can’t guarantee their appearance. However, in the event of a no-show, a suitably awesome replacement will be found!

Not only will you find the best mix of show cars on the scene, but yet again Fast Car has teamed up with VIBE Audio. With a full PA rig and DJ set-up, there’ll be performances from a whole bunch of famous DJs throughout the day, and you’ll be able to take a closer look at VIBE’s demo cars. They’ll also be putting their truck’s famous bass tunnel through its paces – if you don’t see them, you’ll certainly hear them! Keep your eyes and ears peeled throughout the day because VIBE has £1000 worth of goodies to giveaway. All you have to do is take a selfie in front of their truck. Then tag @fastcarmagazine and @ vibeaudio on Instagram with the hashtag #TruckMe. Good luck!

TRAX Show Guide 2017 123

TRAX2017.Fast Car Stand.jt2.subbed.indd 123

04/09/2017 21:27



We’re pleased to announce that TRAX will be partnering up with Toyo Tires who will be taking over the Live Action Arena at Silverstone on 1st October! The team from Toyo will also be hosting an awesome tyre challenge, which will be located next to the arena.

Toyo Tires has been one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the business since its establishment 70 years ago. Offering a wide range of tyres from the top of the line performance models right across to SUV specialised designs and premium road tyres, the aim is for its

New tyre alert: Toyo Proxes Sport Just in time for the event, Toyo Tires has launched its latest performance tyre. The Toyo T1 Sport has been one of its maker’s most successful products; however, never one to rest on its collective laurels, Toyo has wasted no time in drawing up a replacement for the T1 Sport, the all-new Proxes Sport, a tyre that builds on Toyo’s decades worth of experience to deliver superior wet and dry weather handling, stopping and comfort. The new compound in question is the product of an exhaustive development process, and the result is a high silicone content with a special elastomer. This unique

formulation imbues the Proxes Sport with excellent adhesion properties, in turn resulting in enhanced handling performance through vastly improved grip levels. The upshot to such an exhaustive development process, one littered with unique design traits and significant developments, is a tyre with supreme wet and dry weather handling ability, along with class leading wet braking performance, the latter a full 6-percent better than the already impressive T1 Sport. Similarly, the Proxes Sport also boasts a 33% reduction in rolling resistance coefficient over its forbearer, and a

10-percent improvement in wet weather grip. The stats don’t lie, the Toyo Proxes Sport really is an astonishingly capable tyre, more than fit to follow on from the illustrious T1 Sport. Available in a wide variety of sizes and fitments, it will no doubt make a fine addition to the wheels of any performance car.

tyres to perform well in both wet and dry conditions. The Toyo Tires area will also feature its very own exhibition stand where you can check out the latest tyres available from the global brand, including the all-new Toyo Proxes Sport.

Toyo Tires Challenge

Fancy yourself as an F1 pit lane mechanic? Reckon you can change a wheel as quick as those guys? This year we’ve teamed up with Toyo Tires to created this new challenge to find out who’s the quickest wheel changer in town. It’ll sit alongside the action packed Toyo Tires Live Arena, which will be easy to locate (see map on page 140). The challenge is simple… change the wheel on the Toyo Tires branded car in the quickest time possible. Thanks to Sealey Tools you’ll have no excuses on why you didn’t win because all of the equipment you’ll need to complete the task will be on hand.

The winner of the event will be announced in the Toyo Tires Live Action Arena at the end of the day with prizes offered to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from our partners. It pays to be the fastest mind you, as the prize for coming first is a full set of Toyo Tires! Second place will win you a detailing kit and a 12 month magazine subscription to either Fast Car magazine or Retro Cars magazine. Third place still receives a great prize with a pair of free tickets to one of Fast Car Entertainment’s performance events in 2018. This is a fun challenge for everyone to take part in, all you need to do to enter into this exciting challenge is to visit the challenge area adjacent to the Toyo Tires Live Action Arena and sign yourself up. It’s as simple as that!

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Retail Village Don’t miss the chance to grab a bargain or three from the huge trade area at TRAX…

Here are just some of the top brands and retailer you can expect to find in TRAX’s huge Retail Village TRAX offers car enthusiasts the chance to bag themselves a bargain, at the famed Retail Village. Found by the old pit garages, the Retail village is a huge area dedicated to traders and exhibitors. Here you’ll find everything you could ever need for your performance car, from tuning upgrades, styling products, hard-to-source accessories, and even clothing, plus loads more. So whether you want to track down that specific part you’ve been looking for, have a hunt for some detailing bargains, book your ridel in for a complete makeover, or just talk to the leading lights in car culture for sound advice, the Retail Village is the place to head – be sure to check it out!

Arrival Photos

Grab a picture of your arrival to TRAX in your very own modified car Fancy grabbing a picture of you arriving at TRAX 2017? Well, head to the Photography UK stand in the Retail Village, where you can pick up an awesome memento of you arriving at the show in your very own car. Photography UK will have a team of pro snappers catching each and every car as it enters the show, both at the bridge and tunnel entrances, so your picture is guaranteed to be among them somewhere! Once you’ve found your image, thanks to the on-site printing

facilities, Photography UK will be offering 9x6-inch and 12x8-inch, framed and unframed, copies of your arrival photo to take away with you as a memento of the day. The same images can also be ordered to be printed on coffee mugs, phone cases or one of several types of key rings on offer. If you’re too busy enjoying the rest of the features TRAX has to offer – fear not, as all images will be uploaded to www. after the event, where they will be available to view and purchase.

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Goodridge TRAX 2017 is delighted to welcome Goodridge as the official brake line partner of the Fast Car Entertainment series of events! Since 1969 Goodridge has been the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading designer and manufacturer of fluid transfer systems. Goodridge engineers bespoke systems for the full range of vehicle fluid transfer applications but is best known for their innovative performance braided stainless steel brake lines, loved by speed enthusiasts the world over and is ideally suited for The Fast Car Entertainment events portfolio which includes Japfest, The Fast Car Festival, Japfest Donington, The Performance Vauxhall Show Santa Pod, Classic Ford Show, Ford Fair, FordFest, TRAX and The Performance Vauxhall Show.

The Design Goodridge performance brake line kits feature the finest quality hose comprising a PTFE inner liner with a stainless steel outer braid. Goodridge performance brake lines offer flexibility and perfect fit, and such superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion that they come with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you keep the vehicle. Brake line kits are complemented by a comprehensive range of precisely engineered fittings to completely match every OE system. All fittings are designed to fit first time with no need for bending banjos or badly fitting universal parts. Goodridge can also produce completely bespoke brake lines for custom build systems with the same precision technology and benefits.

The Difference Goodridge performance stainless steel brake lines eliminate spongy pedal feel under arduous conditions, offering muchimproved braking, consistency, reliability and safety. Goodridge performance brake lines do not degrade like rubber lines and do not corrode like OEM lines. Goodridge are the only performance hose manufacturer to 100% pressure test every assembly. Goodridge are the only performance hose manufacturer that are also a tier one supplier to over 25 OEMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worldwide including BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, Lotus, Triumph, Ariel, Morgan, Caterham and many more, companies like these only use the best products on the market. Every Goodridge performance brake line is fully TUV, ISO, TS, ABE, ADR, DOT approved. Goodridge has 9 locations worldwide and over 250 handpicked dealers to fully support its customers anywhere in the world. Goodridge are a UK established company with its head office still in the UK where it designs, engineers and manufactures its own fittings and components. Goodridge are full technical partners to championship winning Aston Martin Racing, Team Dynamics Honda BTCC team, supply every world rally team, Formula 1, 10 times European drag bike champion Ian King, Smiths Racing BMW, Gearlink Kawasaki & PR Racing BSB teams. These teams only use the best products to enable them to win not ones that they are paid to use or given free of charge. Innovation and quality underpin every development at Goodridge, with well-established roots in motorsport and a reputation trusted by champions, Goodridge is the only name to consider for fluid transfer systems. To find out more, visit the Goodridge exhibition stand which will be located within the Retail Village at TRAX.

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Apex Performance This year sees the addition of another fantastic show sponsor, Apex Performance. With them they bring three of the biggest brands in the scene to TRAX 2017. We’re delighted to welcome one of the UK’s top motorsport and performance brands as sponsors of TRAX 2017, Apex Performance. The company looks after a selection of top automotive brands including KSport, Hardrace, BC Forged Wheels and BC Racing. All of which are well established in the tuning scene. Be sure to head over to their stand in the Retail Village to check out these awesome products for yourselves.



Hardrace was founded in 1998 and specialises in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for race and road cars. An enthusiasm for high speed and precise car control lead this Bradford-based firm to specialise in chassis development. A passion for innovation and an insistence on quality has meant that Hardrace provides the finest products using the latest materials and technology from performance bushings to anti-dust pillow ball suspension arms. Professional drivers test all of new Hardrace products to their limits on circuits under extreme conditions. This usually ensures that the product is right first time, but Hardrace will also respond to feedback and make modifications until you’re 100% satisfied.

So once you’ve got your chassis sorted and can corner faster, you’ll want to be able to stop better, right? Well Apex Performance can sort you out here too, with its subsidiary company, KSport. KSport UK is the world’s largest KSport brake distributor and has been working hand in hand with the factory since the release of the very first prototypes. No other distributor has more experience of the KSport big brake kit range. The KSport kits have proven themselves to be able to hold their own in comparisons to the biggest and most established brands on the market, not only in terms of outright performance but also in their incredible reliability and durability. The special twin-piston seal design has been shown to be more than a match for the worst that a British winter can throw at them, and they shrug off salt and dirt without problem. Sticking pistons and failed leaking seals just don’t arise with these kits.

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Coilovers from BC Racing are the pinnacle of adjustable performance for your ride. They’re designed to compete at the very highest levels and take the punishment of circuit and fast road abuse in their stride. The BR Series street and circuit coilover offers height adjustability via a bottom mount (to maintain full damper travel) aluminium top plates, pillowball upper mounts and a dust boot to protect the damper seals. The dampers themselves incorporate a large 46mm diameter piston, housed within a 53mm diameter damper body to ensure maximum oil capacity. Damping has been worked out so carefully that BC units are filled with a viscosity of oil that favourably alters the damping to take account of the oil heating up during hard use. The large capacity of the oil reservoir in BC dampers reduces temperature fade of the oil keeping damping performance at the highest possible level. BC’s damper units are also pressurised with nitrogen gas that reduces the aeration of the oil and improves damper consistency and damping quality. In short, if you need a coilover to use every day, fast road, or even circuit and competition use, then BC’s range is ideal.


Built to meet the JWL/VIA standards, BC Forged Wheels epitomise lightweight, high durability and strength to provide you with the visual upgrades you want at home, while also providing that extra weight saving on the track. Whether it’s a classic or contemporary, BC Forged covers all basis thanks to their very own designs. Formed in 2010, BC Forged Wheels produce custom multipiece/monoblock wheels that are machined from T6061 aluminium with precision, finished in various styles to the highest of standards. The craziest engine transplants in car culture… Including: Mid-engined V8 Caddy, RWD Corsa pickup, Ferrari-powered GT86 and engine-swap tech guide









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At TRAX, Blue Pig Photography are offering you the chance to make your dreams come true with an exclusive, personalised cover shoot of your car at the world famous Silverstone circuit! Blue Pig’s pro photoshoot will take in all the best angles of your car, and you can choose your three favourite shots to be placed on your very own exclusive cover to take away - all for just £40! To pre-book your photoshoot time you can via our ticketing page. If you would like to book with Blue Pig Photography directly call them 08000836638 or visit their branded tent outside the Brooklands Suites (by the track time sign in) during the event. It’s time for your car to be the cover star it deserves to be!



Have you ever dreamed of your car appearing on the cover of your favourite magazine? Well it can at TRAX 2017…

r Ferrari 458




Audi V8 powe

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SamcoSport Get connected to SamcoSport, the world leader in performance silicone hose and accessories With over 20 year’s experience in the design and manufacture of automotive silicone hoses, SamcoSport is the brand trusted by various disciplines in motorsport including Formula 1, Nascar, WRC, drag racing, BTCC, World Superbike, MX GP, BDC and more. All our hoses are designed, tested, hand crafted and made in Britain from the finest quality European sourced silicone and reinforcing fabrics, specifically designed for automotive use. Our high-grade silicone offers much better stability at the high operating temperatures and pressures encountered during racing. Additionally, flow rate and heat transfer to the radiator can be improved whilst expansion and deformity under load is reduced. Our hoses meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J20 & are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality system.

Our hoses are available in a wide range of original and premium solid colours as well as our unique camo designs, allowing the driver to choose a hose which either compliments or contrasts their car’s colourways or team livery. SamcoSport constantly develops new and innovative products such as the Samco ProFuel™, the world’s first performance silicone hose for permanent fuel use. With over 650 replacement kits for the car tuning scene, over 500 replacement kits for motorcycles and the world’s largest range of universal parts for motorsport and race cars, SamcoSport can offer you the best quality hoses, for exceptional performance, and guaranteed reliability. We are so confident of the quality and durability of our hoses that we offer a full lifetime warranty for the ultimate peace of mind. Make sure you come and see us in the Retail Village at TRAX 2017.

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You read that right. We are giving away this gorgeous Honda S2000! All you have to do is head for the orange competition tent, fill out a few details and you’ll be in contention to drive this amazing sports car home…

It get’s better too, this isn’t your average Honda S2000, over the past few months the boys at Fast Car magazine have been treating it to some tasteful upgrades with the help of the biggest names in the industry. So far modifications include 17-inch Rota Fighter alloys, EBC discs and pads, Falken Ziex rubber, an EMP custom exhaust system, 3M wrap and Bilstein B14 coilovers. We just hope the competition winner enjoys this car as much as we have, if not we’ll happily have it back.

You gotta be in it to win it: Get yourself to the competition tent (see map on page 140) before 2:30pm so you can enter this amazing competition. The winner will be drawn and announced at 3:30pm in the Live Action Arena!



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TECH SPEC: S2000 Rota Fighter 9x17-inch (ET50) rear and 8x17inch (ET48) front wheels; EMP Performance custom exhaust system; EBC discs and Yellowstuff pads all round; full Auto Finesse valet kit; brand new Monsoon Car Hoods replacement soft top; 3M 1080 wrap in Satin Thundercloud; Bilstein B14 Coilovers.

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So you fancy taking on the National Circuit at TRAX Silverstone, but aren’t sure where to start? Read on to learn the basics…

YOUR CAR You have two main options here: drive your car to TRAX, thrash it around the track, and then drive it home again; or trailer a dedicated track car to the event, unload it, have some fun in it, and trailer it home again. It’s pretty obvious that if you drive your car to the show and spend all day on track, there’s a possibility you face a long walk home again if things go wrong! And while the second option does mean having the expense of a trailer and the hassle of towing, it does mean you can spend all day on track without the fear of ‘how am I going to get home if this breaks?’ and you can therefore push that bit harder Many track-dayers have proven that it is perfectly possible to have fun on track in a car costing peanuts, but a sensible budget would be around £2000-£3000, as this should give you enough to buy something half-decent, strip it, and fit uprated brakes and suspension, and some good rubber too.

TOOL KIT It’s no use turning up at TRAX expecting to spend all day on track with nothing more than just you, your car, and your helmet – your track time could be over very quickly! It’s wise to take a tool kit containing the things you’re likely to need, including sockets, spanners, screwdrivers, jack, axle stands, basic hand tools, foot pump and tyre pressure gauge and anything else you think you might need. It’s also worth packing a selection of ‘bodge-it’ materials such as hose clips, cable ties, duct tape and the like, in order to patch your car up if necessary and keep you on track – you’ll be surprised how many track days have been ‘saved’ by cable ties and duct tape!

136 TRAX Show Guide 2017

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A selection of simple spares may help keep you on track throughout the day!

Naturally, thrashing your car around the National circuit at Silverstone is going to put extra stresses and strains on your car, and even if it’s in tip-top condition before you start, there’s a chance something will wear out or break. Therefore carrying a selection of spares is a good idea. Now, you and your mates are not a WRC crew, so don’t expect to change engines and gearboxes in the paddock area before your next session, but simple parts such as brake pads, brake fluid, drop links, oil, fuses, electrical wire, spark plugs, hoses (coolant, oil, boost) and a variety of nuts, bolts, and washers are all good spares to carry. Plus, if you are driving your car to and from the show, take a spare set of ‘road’ wheels with legal tyres that you can bolt on to get you home. It may sound stupid, but don’t forget that lapping Silverstone at speed is going to use fuel – lots of it! Therefore fill up a jerry can or two and bring enough juice to keep you going!

TYRES Tyres are probably the single biggest thing to consider if you’re venturing on to a track. There’s nothing to say you can’t turn up on your road rubber, drive round the track all day, and then drive home again. However, the chances are that hammering around the track all day will eat your tyres, and Mr. Plod won’t take kindly to you driving home again with illegal treads! A spare set of ‘road’ wheels and tyres is a great idea, as you can guarantee being legal to drive home again. It also means that you can fit your ‘track’ wheels with some better rubber designed for track use. We’re not saying whack on a full set of race slicks – the marshals wouldn’t let you out on track if you did – but some decent ‘track-day’ rubber like the Toyo R888, will offer improved grip and help you get round the circuit faster.


A well-prepared car will reduce the likelihood of mechanical problems on the day

You won’t want your time on track cut short by an ill-prepared car, so make sure yours is in tip-top condition before you set off. Ensure you’ve given the car a thorough spanner check and that all fluids (coolant, oil, fuel, brake) are topped up before you even leave the house. It’s also worth replacing the oil and filter to ensure everything is nice and fresh. At the track, don’t forget to check/set all your tyre pressures, and ensure the car has enough fuel – you won’t want to run out half way round! Also make sure to take on board any mechanical work the car has had done recently – for example if you’ve fitted new brake pads take it easy for the fi rst few laps until everything has bedded in.

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BREAKDOWN COVER Even the best-prepared car in the world can break down when subjected to the stress and strains of a track session, so unless you have trailered the car to the show, track breakdown cover is something worth considering. Speak to your breakdown company about adding track day cover to your policy; otherwise you could be looking at a hefty tow bill to get home again.


FLAGS During your time on track you will see the Silverstone marshals waving flags at you, so you’d better make sure you know what they mean…


This is the one you’re most likely to see during your session. It means there’s been an incident ahead and you should slow down, avoid overtaking, and keep your eyes open for marshals and or debris/broken down cars/mud on the track.

Everyone else out on the circuit will have the same goal as you – to drive as fast as possible and not crash! Listen to what the instructors tell you in the briefing, take that advice on board, and you’ll have a great time. But, it’s up to everyone out there to obey the rules and respect other drivers. All it takes is someone overtaking on the wrong side, or doing something stupid, for there to be a big crash – that has knock-on effects for everyone out there. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t drive beyond your limits. And don’t let the red mist set in. Be vigilant, be respectful of others out there, and have fun.


Game Over! The red flag means everything has stopped and the session is over. Slow right down to a crawl, and make your way back to the pits (or as directed by the marshals). If the session still has time left, you may be held on track until the circuit is clear to use again, but if the session is finished you will be directed to return the pits and your time on track is over for that session.


A waved blue flag means there is a faster car approaching behind you – don’t ignore it! Check your mirrors, and move over to let them past when it’s safe to do so.


Slippery surface! The yellow and red flag means there’s something on the track that can cause a slippery surface – usually oil or fluid of some kind, but it can also be used to warn you of mud on the track from a previous off. Slow down and be careful, otherwise you’ll get a close-up view of the crash barriers!


Someone’s been naughty! The black flag signals the end of your time on track, and means you’ve either been driving like an idiot or there’s something dangerously wrong with the car. Either way you need to go to the pits straight away!


Time’s up! The chequered flag signals your session is over and you should make your way back to the pits – use your last lap after seeing the chequered flag as a cool down lap before you get back to the pits.

Things can (and do!) break on track, so insurance is wise!

TRACK INSURANCE Understandably, pushing your car to its limits on track is going to invalidate your normal car insurance, but there are specialists out there like Adrian Flux, who can offer specific ‘track day insurance’. It’s a worthwhile investment for the added peace of mind in case anything does go wrong on track.

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KEEP COOL By its very nature, pushing your car to the limit on track is going to mean everything gets hot, very hot! Keep an eye on your temps when on track and slow down (or pit) if you see the red needles start to rise too far. Also, use chocks rather than the handbrake when back in the pits – there’s enough heat in the discs to mean that applying the handbrake can actually cause them to warp! Also, putting the heater blowers on maximum heat can help dissipate the heat from the engine bay quicker too. Once you’re happy everything is under control and the temps have dropped sufficiently, you can switch off the engine.

Use the last lap to help cool things down

READ THE RULES Before you hit the track, take five minutes to read the rules that can be found on the TRAX website (www. These outline what you can and can’t do, what cars the marshals will allow on track, and what modifications are acceptable. Make sure you read them, and make sure you/your car complies with them, otherwise you won’t be on track at all!

Track-time always sells out – book now to avoid disappointment!

TOP TIPS ■ Don’t forget to take your driving licence! You will need it, and it must be valid and in date. ■ Don’t forget a helmet! ■ Don’t forget to wear long sleeves and trousers – the marshals won’t let you out in shorts and a T-shirt. ■ Listen to the instructions given in the safety briefi ng – follow these simple rules and you’ll get the most from your track experience. ■ Book a session that suits your level of talent. There’s no point in booking onto an ‘advanced’ session if you’ve never been on track before – a ‘novice’ session will see you out with other drivers of a similar level. ■ Follow someone who knows the track. If you’ve got a mate who’s been round Silverstone before, ask to follow them so you can learn the correct lines around the track – just remember to leave a sensible distance and don’t drive beyond your limits.

THE NATIONAL CIRCUIT, SILVERSTONE The National Circuit at Silverstone is where the British Touring Cars do battle and you too can experience the speed and fun of the 1.64-mile circuit.




In Advance: Simply visit the TRAX website ( and select the time slot you require. Each 20-minute session costs £35, and passengers can join in on the fun for £10. On The Day: If there are any track sessions left you’ll be able to purchase these for £35 from the Brooklands building. If you are unsure where that is, take a look at our event map on page 140.

Ma gg otts


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Wellington Straight

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Lluuf ffieflide

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Event Map Silverstone is a BIG place, make sure you don’t get lost or miss-out on any attractions with this handy map…

KEY Car Club Displays

THE NATIONAL CIRCUIT, SILVERSTONE The National Circuit at Silverstone is where the British Touring Cars do battle and you too can experience the speed and fun of the 1.64-mile circuit.

Track Time Parking

Wo odc ote

Retail Village

Event Features / Displays

r rne o C

Individual Displays


National Circuit

Track Time Sign On

C ds


TRAX Legends Display

Fast Car / Car Culture Collection




Cor ne



Individual Displays

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Show and Shine

Copse Corn er W SHOD N A INE SH








er Corn











Wel lin










LAY S ec ag o

vil l










Layout subject to amendment In the event of bad weather this layout is subject to change

TRAX Show Guide 2017 141

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Top 10 Things To Do @


Car Culture Collection by Fast Car The Car Culture Collection – sponsored by VIBE Audio – is back at TRAX! Fast Car’s CCC is a display of the coolest, biggest, baddest and loudest car cultures, which make up the UK’s modified scene. There’ll be over 100 feature-worthy cars on display, from track toys, to old-skool classics. Plus, our friends at VIBE Audio will be supplying the soundtrack to this year’s display.

All-day Track-action TRAX is the place to put your car through its paces on track. Whether you’re lucky enough to be driving on the famous Silverstone tarmac, or simply spectating from the stands, there’ll be plenty of high-octane action for you to enjoy throughout the day. Take your car on track for just £35, but be quick, space is limited and sells out fast – don’t miss out!

Drift Demonstrations from the BDC The British Drift Championship will be at TRAX with full throttle sessions throughout the day. Expect to see fast-paced and unhinged backwards entries into the first corner, then it will be foot to the floor with wings in the doors, as these guys smoke their tyres to the canvas, while battling it out around the circuit.

Club Displays Clubs are the heart and soul of TRAX. The quality and variety on display is unrivalled, so expect an incredible turnout featuring everything from stripped-out track weapons to the very latest performance and tuned motors.

Show and Shine Awards, sponsored by ValetPRO Show and Shine, sponsored by ValetPRO, brings together the best examples of the UK’s finest cars. You’ve been sending in your entries all year and our team has selected the Top 20 – from impeccably-detailed rebuilds, to quarter-mile demons and highly-tuned track weapons, you’re guaranteed to be impressed.

Win a Car This year, we’re giving you the chance to drive away in one of the best sports cars ever made – the Honda S2000! We’ve been running our competition all season and TRAX is your final chance to enter, as we’ll be drawing the winner at the show. Head over to the ‘Win a Car’ tent to try your luck.

Retail Village Need a part for your car? Chances are you’ll find it within the TRAX Retail Village! Sandwiched between the track action and thousand’s of club cars, the Retail Village is packed with everything and anything you could need for your car, including car parts, accessories, clothing and much more.

TRAX Legends This display celebrates the best track day & race machinery out there! From out and out racers to custom-built track cars, the display aims to showcase the weird and the wonderful, from ‘golden era’ saloon cars, noughties’ greats and genuine sports cars!

Toyo Tires Challenge Fancy yourself as an F1 pit lane mechanic? Reckon you can change a wheel as quick as those dudes? This year we’ve teamed up with Toyo Tires to find out who’s the quickest wheel changer in town. It’ll sit alongside the action-packed Toyo Tires Live Action Arena, which will be easy to locate.

Hot Hatch Display New for 2017, we’re launching a hot-hatch display to celebrate the cars that we love in the UK. The likes of the Audi RS3, Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes A45 AMG, BMW M140i and Ford’s Focus RS will all be in attendance. Whatever you do at TRAX, don’t miss this!

142 TRAX Souvenir Edition 2017

TRAX2017.topten.jt2.indd 142

04/09/2017 20:18



Includes: mission, Show Ad T-shirt e exclusiv Guide w o h S &

Book online at Advance tickets £25*, *Booking fee applies. FREE entry for TWO children aged 14 & under when accompanied by a paying adult, any additional children will be charged at £5 each. All attractions subject to change. Warning motorsport can be dangerous. Advance bookings close midnight Saturday 30th September.

! s i h t f …all o


Mazda RX-7 • UK built and owned • Rocket Bunny wide-arch bodykit • 14.5x18in (rear) Weds Kranze ERM split rims • 13B twin-turbo rotary with large street port

Feature Cars:

RB-kitted Cayman Mad Mazda RX-7 Awesome Audi TT E27 slammed 7 Series 80s Apple-inspired ‘78 Bug

Bonus Feature:

The Top 10 Wheel Brands you’ve never heard of

Out There:

Retro Rides Gathering: The coolest show of the year doesn’t disappoint

#388 On Sale Friday October 13 146

Fast Car Magazine #387

FCR387 NextMonth.jt3.indd 146

*Subject to change because we’re Fast Car and we do what we want

04/09/2017 17:03

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