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the new face of Flavia

Inside: meet your new team, how to order online, all about KafĂŠvend

Meet the team Welcome to Kafévend, the UK's fastest-growing coffee machine company. We’re delighted to have been appointed a Mars Drinks’ Preferred Partner which means we’ll be looking after your Flavia account from now on. We supply coffee machines, hot and cold drinks machines, snacks/can machines and water machines all over the country and currently have over 10,000 machines that we look after supported from our network of locations including Crawley, Bristol, Durham, Enfield, Leeds and Runcorn. We didn’t grow by accident, though! Kafévend has a total focus on providing unrivalled customer service - see ‘Our unique Service’ on the facing page - which means we’re not happy unless you’re delighted with the service you’re getting from us. Any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to call the exclusive New Customer Helpline on 0800 294 7003

Flavia Customer Helpline 0800 294 7003 For Service & Supplies go online at or call our Customer Service Team on 0870 6060668

Meanwhile, see overleaf for how to register at our website so you can order your Flavia supplies online 24/7. You’ll need your new account number and your new agreement number which are on the Kafévend Customer Card that you received with this booklet. “Welcome to Kafévend! My team and I are here to help you get the very best from your Flavia drinks machine. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions on the exclusive New Customer Helpline. We’re waiting for your call!” JJ Collins, Managing Director, Kafevend Group Ltd. Our unique Service Order your drinks and we aim to deliver them within three working days, although it’s usually within 24 hours. Request a service callout and we aim to respond within 9 working hours, although it’s usually within 5 hours.

Order online 24/7 With Kafévend, you can order all your drinks supplies online any time of the day or night, any day of the week. You have your own personalised drinks menu and you can re-order your favourites with just a couple of clicks. You can track the progress of your orders too, so you can plan your orders like clockwork - especially useful if you have several machines to look after! If you need to request a service call, you can do that online too. Setting up your Kafévend online account couldn’t be easier… It takes two minutes to register 1: Go to 2: Under Registration Details, click Register Now 3: Complete the registration form 4: You’ll need your Agreement Number and Account Number which you’ll find on your Kafévend Customer Card 5: Choose a memorable user name and password (both these are case-sensitive, so make a note of them somewhere safe and be careful to record capital letters exactly as you’ve entered them) 6: Click Register Now. 7: Call 0870 6060668 to activate your account

Flavia Customer Helpline 0800 294 7003 For Service & Supplies go online at or call our Customer Service Team on 0870 6060668

Next time you visit the site, just click the green Account Login at the top right of the page. Simple! But if you have any problems at all, call your New Customer Helpline - 0800 294 7003 KafÊ is, of course, the first place to find out about all the new and exciting Flavia drinks that become available. If you’ve been ordering simple coffees and teas you should check out some of our more exotic flavours - speciality coffees like Sumatra and Italian, healthier teas like peppermint or green tea with jasmine, and deliciously luxurious Galaxy hot chocolate.

SPECIALITIES cappuccino/latte swirl mars/swirl

TEAS earl grey english breakfast english breakfast decaf selection royal blend GREEN & FLAVOURED japanese green tea green tea with jasmine exotic chai HERBAL peppermint raspberry spark rooibos lemon calm

Coffees Teas



FRESHGROUND COFFEES ROASTS AND BLENDS smooth roast rich roast mild roast italian roast decafeine espresso roast ORIGINS kenya colombia sumatra FLAVOURED hazelnut

A range to suit all tastes


Check out the latest Flavia flavours

From Sumatra to Kenya, Colombia to Costa Rica and beyond, Flavia carefully source its wide range of high quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from growers and master roasters around the world including from certified sustainable sources.

The key to perfect tea is sourcing exactly the right part of the leaf. Flavia only use leaves sourced from some of the most plentiful, fertile growing regions in the world. The Flavia tea selection has something to suit everyone.

Will it be a frothy Cappuccino, Choccocino or maybe a Mochaccino? The best part of the FLAVIA speciality range is that each hot drink is tailored to your tastes. Why not try our Mars Swirl速 for an indulgent caramel twist.

Enjoy a little luxury and indulge in our hot chocolate made from premium cocoa beans carefully blended to create a rich and creamy chocolate drink. It truly is a taste sensation.

The Kafévend difference With six major UK locations, over 60 support staff at your disposal, and many more service technicians ready to be with you in under nine hours, we believe we can offer Flavia drinks customers a level of service and support that is currently the best in the UK. But we believe our responsibilities should stretch way beyond the shores of Britain. That’s why we’re excited about the current initiatives from Flavia’s manufacturers. They’re providing a growing range of coffee and tea products that are sourced in a sustainable, ethical way and approved by The Rainforest Alliance programme. This doesn’t just help the environment, but also improves the lives of coffee farmers and their families.Find out more at Kafé

Flavia Customer Helpline 0800 294 7003 For Service & Supplies go online at or call our Customer Service Team on 0870 6060668

From delicious hot coffee to refreshing cooled water There’s more to Kafévend than just Flavia. Although we’re a Mars Preferred Partner and now supply your Flavia drinks, we also offer a full range of vending products. These include snack machines (who doesn’t fancy a snack with their Flavia Latte every now and then?), canned drinks machines and mains-supplied water coolers. These are brilliant no messy blue bottles to lug around and change. Our machines take water from the mains, then filter and cool it for a drinking experience that’s just as refreshing and pure as bottled water. Find out more at Kafé

It’s our aim here at Kafévend to give you a level of service that’s unrivalled in the UK. That’s why we’d like you to call our exclusive New Flavia Customer Helpline if you have any questions or problems.

We’re here to help

Our exclusive Flavia Customer Helpline: 0800 294 7003

If you wish to order Supplies or place a Service call, you can either go online to the Kafévend website or call our Customer Service Team.

Order online at: www.kafé Order via telephone on: 0870 6060668

If you wish to contact our Head Office to find out more about Kafévend then please call 01293 523222 Total Vending Solutions Head Office: Kafévend Group Ltd, 65 Gatwick Road, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9RH

Welcome to Kafevend  

Welcome to Kafevend

Welcome to Kafevend  

Welcome to Kafevend