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HOW TO REALLY STAND OUT ONLINE 5 digital marketing strategies fitpreneurs need to grow By James Patrick


et’s face it — it has become nearly impossible for fitness professionals to stand out online. This is due, in part, to the pandemic forcing everyone to move their brands online and also, in part, to the natural evolution of consumer demand for online services. Regardless of the reasoning, it is imperative to find new ways to stand out to the right audience and the following five digital marketing strategies can help. 1. Lead Generation The “algorithm” is not suppressing you or your posts; in fact, it does not even care about you. The primary focus of Instagram or Facebook is to keep users on the platform as long as possible. Your mission is not just to grow your audience or follower size, but to attract relevant leads into your ecosystem. Whereas an audience member is passively watching your content, a lead is fully engaged and closer to becoming a client.


To grow your audience while understanding the algorithm requires you to:  Create content worthy of sharing or saving. These are the only insights you should care about. Are the posts you are doing engaging your audience to share your content to their followers, thus marketing you and your brand or are your posts so valuable that your followers want to save them for future reference? The posts that get shared and saved the most are posts that are entertaining, informational or inspirational.  Earn media features or digital partnerships. Tap into your target audience where they already are and give them a reason to enter into your ecosystem. These could include magazine features, podcast guest spots, digital publications or social media accounts that have the right audience for your brand. Pitch the various outlets with potential value-driven content you could contribute to their channel, which in turn positions you as a subject matter expert worth following.


2. Content Marketing Plan To succeed at content marketing is not to invest every waking hour into creating content. Primarily focus on no more than 1-to-2 channels so you can have more impact instead of spreading your efforts too thin. Also seek ways to repurpose content whenever possible. For example, taking a single video and taking just the audio to make a podcast, take the transcript and make it your blog and newsletter, etc. Your goal with content should be to add value to your audience’s lives as you nurture those relationships. Ask what problems your audience has that you are amazing at solving and that becomes the content you create. 3. Engage Your Audience Before a lead is ready to purchase from you, they must have an established trust and rapport with you. With so many options and so little attention, your goal is to focus on nurturing your audience with such great value that you stay top of mind when they are ready to invest.