Personal Fitness Professional Summer 2022

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TAKE TRAINING TO ANOTHER LEVEL Technology solutions to help grow your business

Fitness Professionals Succeed When Their Clients Know Their Numbers! MicroFit offers fitness professionals a variety of Fitness / Wellness assessment solutions: 1) Their HealthWizard standalone software and manual testing devices allow you to provide comprehensive baseline testing and is a good starter package; 2) Their FAS-2 FDA registered medical grade testing devices allows for more accurate and efficient test administration do to its direct interface to your computer and HealthWizard software applications; and 3) A complete FAS-2 Fit-lab which often includes their advanced Monark 828e/RoboBike, MF-1215 testing / training treadmill and other accessories. For more than 36 years, quality fitness centers have relied on MicroFit assessment products as an essential member service and to promote a much higher level of personal training. MicroFit Fitness / Wellness

assessments allow trainers to easily meet new members, gain their trust, understand their goals, recommend results-oriented programs and track their progress. Reminder: Your clients are looking forward to “Realizing Realistic and Reliable Results” and MicroFit has a track record in helping you to assist them in this effort. Most importantly, the MicroFit team is committed to your success and offers training on: 1) Your initial HealthWizard software setup; 2) A better understanding of the “Why” and the “How” to properly conduct an assessment for best results; 3) How to Sell / Market assessment services profitably; and 4) A proven way to engage your local medical groups and business leaders to expand your impact throughout the community. Footnote: This can actually be your best source of quality referrals to sus-

tain and grow your personal training business. In summary, MicroFit, Inc has served a wide range of fitness professionals for over 36 years and their commitment to excellence has been the guiding principle, which has allowed them to survive and thrive in a highly competitive industry. So if your goal is to improve the “member experience,” upgrade your personal training, increase your retention and ultimately grow your business with a new revenue stream and higher quality referrals, be sure to check out MicroFit for yourself by contacting:, calling 800.822.0405, or checking out microfit. com. You won’t be disappointed!

IntelaMetrix, Inc. is a technology company that designs, develops and markets cutting-edge solutions for the health, fitness and wellness industries. Our passion and belief in measuring and monitoring various metrics with precision allows for timely intervention while motivating and sustaining a long-term commitment to physical activity, proper nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

overlooked today and constitutes a lack of muscle and a body composed primarily of fat. The BodyMetrix™ Pro’s distinct advantage features a 2D cross-sectional scan option, performed at targeted areas to visualize and quantify changes in fat and muscle layers, providing irrefutable proof of what’s happening inside our bodies. Scans motivate clients; they see the truth and can understand how fat and muscle is distributed in their body. The progress the client is making toward their fitness, health and nutritional goals becomes visible and is validated. For the practitioner, it’s an excellent opportunity to better evaluate training, diet and nutrition compliance, relative disease risk and progress by comparing the scans over time. BodyView™ Pro software is packed with various performance metric test options which allow you to tailor HTML

reports to your specific protocols and present to clients. In addition to monitoring body composition, you can track blood pressure, resting heart rate, circumference measurements, BMR and BMI and see changes over time. The BodyMetrix™ Pro is an affordable, cost-effective solution loaded with an arsenal of tools, providing exceptional value at a price point unmatched in the industry. It’s a powerful revenue generator with a quick ROI, backed by science and trusted ultrasound technology. Visit us at for more information.

SEEING IS BELIEVING! Have you ever had a client or athlete question or doubt their body composition numbers or body fat percentage? It’s quite common, particularly for those who are aesthetically “thin” looking or have low “scale weight” numbers. However, being “thin” doesn’t necessarily equate to being metabolically healthy! The “skinny fat syndrome” is a BIG PROBLEM often



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