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Need a Spot? Be Covered for Injuries In-Person and Online As a fitness coach or trainer, today’s virtual world allows you to work with your clients from anywhere. However, accidents can also happen anywhere — and whether they occur in your gym or their living room, your supervision as a trainer could make you legally liable for incidents. Fitness trainers should have insurance coverage that’s as flexible as your teachings. Even individual instructors face similar liability risks as large, membership-based gyms or facilities. Whether you interact with clients on your premises or your computer screen, Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) provides specialized coverage tailored to your unique practice.

Why Insurance Is Essential for Fitness Professionals Just as accidents and injuries are an ongoing concern throughout the fitness industry, so too is insurance essential for protecting fitness businesses and professionals from their potential financial impact. So it pays to make sure you’re covered in the event of an insurance claim, and that there are no “gray” areas involved. For instance, unless there is an employment contract or similar written agreement in place that states explicitly that a personal trainer or group exercise instructor (whether an employee or independent contractor) is covered by their fitness facility’s insurance — they are not. So those individuals should definitely have their own insurance. All insurance contracts are different, and some general liability insurance policies exclude professional liability coverage — especially in the case of independent contractors. So all personal trainers and group exercise instructors are strongly encouraged to verify that they are covered by the insurance policy of the facility where they will be working—and that the policy includes coverage for professional liability. Of course, fitness professionals who teach clients privately outside of a

PHLY offers broad coverage for several fitness instructor categories, such as yoga, swimming, martial arts, dance and more. With a 96% customer satisfaction rating and over 20 years of experience insuring fitness studios, personal trainers and health clubs, our fitness insurance experts provide the knowledge and protection you need to train and teach from anywhere. You’re constantly on the move, so we’ve designed our one-page online application to be incredibly simple, user-friendly and completed in minutes from any device. Just create an account, enter any relevant information about your business and request a competitive insurance quote. In less than 24 hours, you’ll receive a personalized email

from a PHLY representative who will guide you through the process. With busy appointment schedules, lesson plans to create, and clients to motivate, let PHLY do the heavy lifting when it comes to your fitness insurance coverage. Get started today and learn why fitness trainers nationwide trust and renew coverage with PHLY! Visit to get protected in minutes! Email us at or call 877.438.7459 Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 8:00pm to speak with a representative.

health club must carry their own professional liability insurance policy. Other important insurance to have in place is coverage for sexual abuse/ harassment claims. Sexual abuse claims have been growing at a tremendous rate. So fitness professionals should take steps to protect themselves by purchasing sexual abuse and molestation coverage on their general liability and/or professional liability insurance policies. However, the best protection against such claims is to remain “professional” at all times. No matter how well you get to know a client, avoid overly-familiar communication or touching. While it may seem to come naturally, it may be unwanted or misinterpreted as offensive. Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC) has provided insurance exclusively to the fitness industry in the US and Canada since 1985. In addition to general liability and professional liability insurance, they offer property insurance, umbrella policies, workers compensation and surety bonds for health clubs, fitness studios, yoga & Pilates studios, dance studios, martial arts schools and more, as well as personal trainers and group exercise instructors.

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