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THE HYPOCRITICAL TRUTH 3 reasons you’re just like your clients | Joe Drake


ost of us are walking contradictions. We pick and choose which areas of our lives we follow certain rules, while giving ourselves a pass in others. It doesn’t make us bad people, but it does highlight the challenge to stay true to our mission and values in all aspects of life. Think about your clients who are extremely disciplined and committed to their work, but struggle with basic eating habits. Is losing weight really that complicated? Is it really this challenging mathematical equation only to be solved by the fitness elite? Of course, there are exceptions, but not really! For most people the path is easily defined, but difficult to follow. Most of us have no problem identifying the habits and issues holding back other people but miss the boat when it comes to our own lives. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not making progress on making more money and having more time, the answer is likely in the advice you give your clients. A theory on coaching is that information is important, but implementation is everything. Ease of information access means you have to do far more than spew knowledge but find


ways to make it actionable and relevant. It means creating the awareness, structure and accountability to keep them on track. PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL SUCCESS IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY (OR PROBABLY ANY INDUSTRY) IS REALLY THE SAME PROCESS AND REQUIRES THE SAME SKILLS; IT JUST LOOKS A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT. Just like weight loss, the equation to success in this industry isn’t rocket science. It’s just challenging for most because it requires daily consistency and exploration of things that don’t come as easy to many fitness professionals as working out and eating broccoli does. WE’RE JUST LIKE OUR CLIENTS BECAUSE: 1. We don’t eat our broccoli Everyone knows they need to eat veggies, but so few people do it. Success is not always sexy, and this is where most personal trainers struggle. There are plenty of things like following up with potential clients, writing emails, and creating content that most know are necessary to build a following. Yet, most still avoid doing it because it’s not fun or convenient.


It’s natural to want to spend more time on what you’re good at, but that’s the funny thing about success. What got you to where you are now may not be what gets you to the next level. Further success requires new skills and a willingness to take on not just what you want to do, but what you need to do. Takeaway: Face the difficult tasks and make it happen. Be honest with yourself about what you have been avoiding. Do a comprehensive self-assessment and take action on at least one of those things every single day. 2. We struggle with consistency Even when we do bite the bullet and finally eat our metaphorical broccoli, consistency is tough. Just like our clients, we tend to be extreme creatures and live on one end of the spectrum or the other. Just like clients, we go all-out for a full week and try to tackle everything at once and get de-motivated when we don’t see immediate change. Baby steps just don’t sound like they are enough to drive change, but they do. This is why long-term change is so hard. We actually have to keep doing it every single day. Most fitness pros do things sporadically. They

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