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GEAR UP NOW FOR PEAK By Amanda Armendariz


or those people not in the industry, it probably comes as a surprise that companies start planning for their holiday shipping season in the middle (or even at the beginning) of the summer. Even to someone like me, who has spent more than a decade as the editor of this publication covering every conceivable supply chain topic, it’s sometimes difficult to make the mental shift to planning for editorial detailing preparing for peak season and the holiday rush as my kids and I are lounging at the pool in 90-degree weather. Even now, in the sweltering days of mid-August as we’re experiencing the excitement of getting ready for a new school year and the fun that fall brings, the winter holidays seem so far off. But as any shipper knows, if you haven’t started already preparing for peak season, you’re behind. No shipper wants to experience delays during the busiest time of year, and with the pandemic still in full swing, this year will likely shape up to be one of the most chaotic in recent memory.


Since you are reading this publication, I’m betting that you are probably a shipper who has been through the peak season many times and therefore already started preparing for the rush. Even so, you may be a little nervous for this holiday shopping season. After all, last year was plagued with delivery delays, missing packages, and volume restrictions. No one wants to repeat that, but with COVID-19 still impacting every aspect of the economy, it’s pretty much inevitable that this year is going to be a repeat of 2020. But, lest I sound like the bearer of doom and gloom, rest assured that I think shippers are better equipped this year to handle these uncertainties. We at PARCEL are committed, as always, to being your informational partner as you navigate these ever-changing waters. The information contained in this issue and at our upcoming PARCEL Forum will help novice and veteran shippers alike as they strive to optimize their supply chain operations. You’ll notice that many of the articles in this issue have a PARCEL Forum speaker badge, so those pieces should give you a preview of what you can expect if you attend this year’s show. We hope to see you in Washington DC September 14-16, and you can get more information on the conference by visiting We wish you a successful peak season, and as always, thanks for reading PARCEL.

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