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Intelligent Audit provides its clients with a global, all-mode transportation audit, recovery, freight payment, and business intelligence reporting partner. Started in 1997, Intelligent Audit has grown from a small parcel audit solution into one of the largest freight auditors in the marketplace today. Recently named the fastest growing company in the Transportation and Logistics industry by Inc. Magazine, Intelligent Audit works to analyze and recover transportation costs on behalf of nearly 2,000 clients across dozens of industries. Freight Audit, Recovery & Payment – Using its proprietary software, Intelligent Audit takes a 360° approach to transportation recovery, meticulously auditing, analyzing and reporting across all modes, locations and systems. Our small parcel audit focuses on 150 audit points, weeding out overcharges due to late shipments, duplicate billing, loss and damage claims, manifested not shipped packages, residential adjustments, address corrections and much more. In doing so, we not only recover your overcharges; we help prevent future overcharges from occurring. Unlike other audit solutions that recover less than 50 percent of entitled refunds, IA recovers 100 percent of overpays, claiming thousands of dollars previously left on the table.


Business Intelligence Reporting - IA has the ability to provide the business intelligence needed for smart business decisions — including carrier choice, proactive mode and service level management, and shipment consolidation, to name a few. IA provides its industry-leading, cloud-based software and services to all of our partners, allowing them to manage both small and large logistic networks 24/7 at no additional cost.


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Dedication to Quality and Customer Service - Intelligent Audit continually improves on its best-in-class technology by reinvesting profits into research and design in order to provide clients with an unparalleled mix of analytics and reporting. IA pairs its top-of-the-line technology with an experienced staff of transportation and logistics professionals who offer cost savings expertise and incomparable client service. With the combination of dynamic technology and seasoned staff, Intelligent Audit acts as a true partner and trusted advisor in every client’s business. Perhaps the best part is that IA stands alone in the fact that it is a fully self-¬funded solution, so clients don’t pay until the savings begin.

Scott Langley, President of Global Sales & Strategy Scott Langley brings nearly 30 years of transportation and logistics sales management, supply chain, and software development experience to the team at Intelligent Audit.


Langley has been in the transportation and logistics industry since the day he graduated from Bowling Green University. Prior to IA, Langley worked for UPS and FedEx, held sales positions at Oracle, Manhattan Associates and Intrepa, was a managing partner of nSite Supply Chain Solutions, and contributed to the start up of several supply chain management software companies. With his experience, Langley understands the complicated issues both shippers and carriers face today, and his commitment to finding solutions for shippers remains as strong as the day he entered the business. In addition to his role at Intelligent Audit, Langley is also an active member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, and this fall, Langley will have speaking engagements at the 2015 PARCEL Forum and CSCMP’s 2015 Annual Conference.


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PARCEL July/August 2015

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