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SHIPPING SOFTWARE: A ROADMAP TO SUCCESS The term “shipping software” can encompass so many things, and some shippers (especially those new to the industry) may find themselves overwhelmed with the options as they attempt to evaluate which products would help them optimize their small-parcel operation. From multi-carrier systems to labeling and documentation software, the options are endless — and valuable. Many articles in this issue have demonstrated how the right shipping software can take your shipping operation to the next level, but choosing the wrong software for your business could create significant roadblocks. Take a look at some of these solution providers listed here and reach out; they can get you on the right path. 28  MAY-JUNE 2019



Cubiscan is a high-tech company that produces advanced dimensioning (cubing) and weighing systems designed to increase efficiency and profitability in material handling, logistics, supply chain, and freight handling operations. At Cubiscan, we are in the business of producing data — the most accurate dimensioning data available on the market. Our dimensioning systems range in capability from being able to capture dimensions on bus-sized generators to paperclips. With 30 years of experience, we are the pioneer and leader in cubing and dimensioning. We are humbled by the trust our clients place in us and work every day to remain worthy of that confidence. The data our systems provide is highly accurate, but our ability to interpret, use, and leverage that data truly sets us apart. That ability is guided by our experience. From warehousing and space management to shipping and receiving to logistics and transportation, we understand the challenges you face. Let our technology, our data, and our experienced team guide your company to increased profits and improved efficiencies. At Cubiscan, experience is our guide. For more information, visit or call us at 801.451.7000.



Shipping is often the final and arguably the most important touchpoint a consumer has with an online business. At Endicia, a company, our mission is to help e-commerce businesses of any size maximize the efficiency of their shipping and fulfillment processes, reduce shipping costs, and help provide a stellar customer experience. We are a technology company that offers solutions for businesses that ship parcels domestically or internationally, regardless of volume. Through our family of brands, we offer a wide range of options that solve virtually any e-commerce shipping need, including access to rate shopping across carriers, order management, inventory management, marketing tools, international address validation, bulk/batch printing, barcode scanner support, multi-user support, multi-warehouse support, actionable data for shipping and delivery performance, and much more. Users access our services via the web, APIs, or through integrations with over 450 e-commerce applications, platforms, and marketplaces. For high-volume shippers, we offer sophisticated automation tools, targeted delivery options, and expert technical support. And, for those businesses that want to grow internationally, we provide affordable, hassle-free global shipping and carrier services for lightweight packages to over 220 countries — with no minimum volume requirements. helps over 750,000 customers, from one person shops to

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