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By Rafael Zimberoff

PARCEL IS KING For price-conscious shoppers, here are seven tips to manage shipping costs


ately, talking about the future of shipping feels like peering into an old 1950s sci-fi movie complete with flying robots and self-driving vehicles or a steampunk dream featuring blimps and parachutes. Many of these new innovations strive to offer solutions that will lower shipping costs and address the increasing number of last-mile deliveries driven by ecommerce. Same-day grocery delivery by Amazon and Walmart recently launched, using car services like Lyft or Uber as the last-mile delivery option. However, mainstream use of drones and many

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other innovations are still years away. In addition, a 2016 McKinsey study found that, despite increasing availability of same-day and instant delivery, only 20-25% of consumers would pay significant premiums to receive their items instantly. More than 50% of ecommerce buyers still choose the lowest priced option, while another 20% prefer the cheapest available home delivery. This means that regular parcel delivery (delivered several days after the order) should continue to play a major role in your e-commerce strategy. Most small business shippers know the basics for saving money, like using

the smallest, lightest packaging, using USPS First Class Package for everything up to a pound, negotiating rates with carriers, and using an advanced postage system. However, when profit margins continue to narrow, it is more important than ever to watch your bottom line and make the most of all the shipping options available to meet your customer’s budget and delivery needs. SEVEN TIPS FOR MANAGING YOUR SHIPPING COSTS 1. Use a Cloud-Based Shipping Solution An online app gives you a central place to compare shipping rates, print shipping

PARCEL July/August 2017  

PARCEL July/August 2017

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