PARCEL International 2021

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or years now, cross-border and global e-commerce volume has been skyrocketing. The world is truly shrinking for consumers by allowing them to purchase almost any product, from almost any company, no matter where the company or the consumer are based. This phenomenon provides a plethora of opportunity for businesses to grow their consumer bases and increase their profits, but as we all know, with this opportunity also comes a host of issues — many of which can derail a business’s global strategy if not avoided.


Global shippers already have to navigate challenging waters (no pun intended) in terms of customs dos and don’ts, forms and declarations, and duties and taxes — just to name a few. Add to that the recent material and product shortages, plus the backups in many ports (which are causing cargo containers to have to wait for days and sometimes weeks to be unloaded), and one can see that although this is a profitable time to be a global shipper, it can also be an incredibly stressful one. This year is our fifth time putting together this special international-focused issue, and as I look back on the previous editions, it’s clear that while cross-border commerce has always shown promising growth, no one could have predicted just how much it would skyrocket, and it will only continue to make up a larger and larger share of many organizations’ customer bases and profits. We at PARCEL are committed to being your industry partner as you expand your business into new territories, maintain a loyal customer base in your current ones, and stay one step ahead of the issues that can hamper an international shipping strategy. If there’s a topic you’d like to see us cover more in depth, please drop me a note at As always, thanks for reading PARCEL.

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