PARCEL International 2021

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If you are a US-based company, is the final destination for the majority of your international shipments (more than 50%) within North America (Canada and/or Mexico)?

Do you work with an international 3PL?

5% 16%

Yes No





This is quite a change from last year, when almost 60% responded in the affirmative.

Is there a specific region to which the majority of your international shipments are sent (regardless of whether it is in North America or not)?


Not right now, but we have in the past Not right now, but we plan to in the future

Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your international shipping?

79% 0%

16% 26%




Yes, we send more shipments internationally now Yes, we send fewer shipments internationally now

What is your biggest challenge when shipping internationally?


No, our global shipping is about the same as it was pre-COVID Other 5%

Have you found it beneficial to establish a distribution center in a different country, in order to reduce the distance your orders have to travel to consumers?

47% 37%

5% 0%

Understanding local laws/regulations regarding duties and taxes Keeping costs down when sending shipments cross-border Understanding cultural nuances/local customs with respect to packaging/marketing/etc. Choosing the right carrier Other Last year, 50% of respondents reported that keeping costs down was their biggest challenge, but this year, that concern slipped to the number-two spot.



No No, but we are considering it


While the number of respondents who have established a DC elsewhere to be closer to their global consumers has increased, the number of people who are considering this as an option has greatly decreased compared to last year. INTERNATIONAL 2021  15