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SMART CHANGE. SMART ENGINEERING. SMART SUPPLY CHAIN. Parcel volumes are soaring across the supply chain. How will your organization face this challenge?


ccording to leading industry reports, parcel and express delivery volume has surpassed railroads as the second-largest logistics sector behind motor freight. Spending on small-package delivery jumped double digits in the last year. E-commerce sales as a percentage of retail sales nearly tripled in the last decade. And economic analysts predict parcel spending will surge to nearly $95 billion by 2019. These collective disruptions are bigger than the transportation profit and loss. Business concerns related to parcel shipping acceleration and


omni-channel complexity have reached the C-Suite. With smart devices fueling parcel growth, smarter supply chains are on the board room table. Managing disruptive change in logistics networks requires layers of multi-modal expertise supported by risk mitigation strategies. The most successful omni-channel shippers say the real game-changer for managing business growth in light of the e-commerce explosion is access to top-flight intellectual capital across all transportation modes. Smart engineering ensures shipping programs and the end-to-end supply


chain are optimized for performance and customer satisfaction. Successfully reconfiguring transportation and supply chain networks to meet escalating delivery expectations starts with understanding the data behind parcel trends and distribution network changes. High-volume parcel shippers leverage smart solutions, such as advanced analytics, digital technologies, and innovative transformational strategies, to create better alignment to the carrier networks. By understanding how a delivery profile impacts every carrier’s network, companies can adjust their shipping profile to optimize and align for maximum efficiency and serviceability. Companies often begin the process by getting answers to fundamental logistics questions:

PARCEL September/October 2017  

PARCEL September/October 2017