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THE BEST 7 QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT YOUR PAST PEAK SEASON PERFORMANCE You already know the major factors to examine when evaluating your peak season performance. Here are some lesser-known (but just as important) questions to ask that could change your whole parcel game this year.


here are many things about football season that change from week to week. There are others that seem as predictable as the presence of the pigskin. Such is the case with what many sportscasters call the “keys to the game.” Although they pretend to be saying something original each time, the truth is they’re usually presenting a variation of the same five or six points. (After all, who doesn’t want to avoid turnovers, control the clock, stop the run, and protect their quarterback?) It’s a similar story where peak season post-mortems are concerned, at least in

26  MAR-APR 2017

BY ROY HUMES & TROY NARRON terms of the advice that’s being dispensed. You already know, for example, that you need to take a good hard look at what percentage of your deliveries arrived late or were incorrect. And you’re aware of the need to assess how accurately you predicted everything from shipping volumes to overall costs — and to scrutinize KPIs like average order-to-delivery speed and customer satisfaction levels. Just as important, you probably have ample tools in place to make these analyses happen. In light of that, we’re going to give you “a bye” from sifting through these important but well-known tactics and focus instead on several less obvious questions

you should consider. Some are large; others may seem small. But if answered honestly, all have the potential to be major game changers for next year’s peak. 1. How accommodating/sufficient were the receiving hours at your fulfillment centers? Freight that’s delivered late to a warehouse or fulfillment center can quickly put your company’s order fulfillment rate behind the power curve, so it’s important to determine whether your middle-mile carriers were unduly delayed by long waits for dock doors once they arrived at your locations. When we put this question to one of our key carriers after 2015’s peak season, we discovered that we could free up up considerably more of their capacity

PARCEL March/April 2017  

PARCEL March/April 2017

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