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As the USPS attempts to maintain its place in today’s digital world, it is taking several steps to choose the right path. | By Harry Stephens


fork in the road is often defined as a metaphor for a deciding moment in life or history when it’s required to make a major choice — any of which will have distinct consequences. In business, as in life, there are always forks in the road. We make choices and decisions and hope we are lucky enough to make the right ones. “Lucky forks” is what I call them. Sometimes, we make a decision and find out we have to correct it. But that, too, is life. To



be successful, we must have the capacity to adapt to a changing environment almost daily. There is no doubt that speed is the name of the game in business these days. The mailing industry is not exempt when it comes to the speed of change and the required decisions to accommodate them. With every change, there is a fork in the road. A decision made in one area usually causes something else to change. Were they lucky forks? I guess it depends on where you sit and how you choose to look at it.

The USPS’s Fork in the Road A good example of a current fork in the road is the ongoing conversation about the financial difficulties of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and what to do about it. The USPS has been losing billions of dollars a year and, while we are all aware there are several legitimate reasons for these losses, something needs to change. Two recent articles in the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal reported that the latest entrant into this controversial conversation

Mailing Systems Technology September/October 2017  

Mailing Systems Technology September/October 2017

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