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THE STATE OF THE INDUSTRY How did this last year treat mailers and their organizations? Part one of our annual survey takes a look at wages, certifications, and more.

By Amanda Armendariz


utting together this survey every fall is always an interesting exercise. I enjoy seeing how the statistics change from year to year; obviously, there are some we want to continuously go up (wages and the number of managers and supervisors who hold certifications are among my top two), while we hope that some stats go down (the employee turnover rate is one we naturally want to be as low as possible!) Unfortunately, it’s rare that the statistics ever converge in such a perfect manner. It’s usually much more balanced, with some promising stats kept in check by some that aren’t so great. This year is no different. There are some wage increases for certain positions, but some actually saw a decrease in salary. The number of respondents who reported that the economy has had no effect on their positions increased for the most part, which could be a positive or a negative, depending on how you look at it. And it appears that the number of boomers (which are the folks who typically held the management positions in the mail center) leaving the workforce continues to grow, which drives the average number of years employed down. This brings to mind conversations that I continually have with many in the industry, in which we discuss the importance of attracting and retaining younger workers as the older generations are exiting. It will be interesting to see what the survey results in the next few years hold. And as always, thanks to all of you who completed the survey. We couldn’t put this together without you.





2% CMM

The number of mail center managers who possessed the EMCMP and CMM certifications went down drastically compared to last year, while the number who held the CMDSM certification increased slightly. Last year, 23% of our respondents reported that their mail center managers held an EMCMP certification, while 10% possessed the CMM certification. This is quite a significant drop; hopefully, in 2020, we’ll see the numbers back on the upswing.

Number of Full-Time Employees Supervised

14.89% 0-5

Mail Center Managers


Male vs. Female




16-20 20+



We had an increase in the number of female mail center managers this year; 48% compared to last year’s 42%. 14


25.53% 0%

Just like last year, the biggest number of respondents supervise between zero and five employees. However, the number of managers supervising between six and 10, and 20+ employees, went up quite a bit compared to last year.

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Mailing Systems Technology Sep/Oct 2019  

Mailing Systems Technology Sep/Oct 2019

Mailing Systems Technology Sep/Oct 2019  

Mailing Systems Technology Sep/Oct 2019