Mailing Systems Technology November/December 2021

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OUR ANNUAL SURVEY: PART TWO What do our readers think of the USPS and other current industry events?

By Amanda Armendariz

It’s not a big surprise that the survey results from this fall, 20+ months into the pandemic, aren’t necessarily the most encouraging. But even though negative results are to be somewhat expected, that doesn’t mean that we welcome them. This year, the number of respondents who rated the USPS negatively rose, while the number of people who utilize offerings such as Informed Visibility and Informed Delivery decreased fairly significantly. The vast majority of our respondents (70%) think that the proposed USPS 10-year plan for financial stability will simply lead to slower delivery times, increased costs, and fewer pieces in the mail stream, rather than the stated objectives of improving operational efficiency and decreasing costs. We at Mailing Systems Technology will continue to monitor the current happenings in the industry as we bring you the information you need to keep your mail operation viable and successful. And in the meantime, take a look at the survey results, and see how your opinions and experiences compare to those of your peers.

USPS Performance, Programs, and Current Events Unfortunately, the number of respondents who rated the USPS “excellent” or “good” went down compared to last year, while the number of people who rated its performance as “poor” more than doubled.

COVID-19 and Your Mail Operation Our mail volumes have dropped significantly since the start of the pandemic. We have not really noticed a difference in terms of volume we send out.



We have actually increased our mailing volumes during COVID-19.


On a positive note, last year, 50% of respondents said that their mail volumes had dropped significantly, so this year's 32% is a welcome change. Likewise, the number of people who have increased their mailing volumes has also gone up compared to 2020.

16% 41%

38% 40%







If you have decreased the amount of mail you send out, have you noticed a negative impact in terms of customer retention, customer engagement, revenue, etc.?