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COMPANIES In 2017, Kern is celebrating their 70-year anniversary of being a solution provider to companies all around the world. Best known for its state of the art, Swiss-crafted inserting systems, Kern has expanded its reach much further into solving production needs, both in and out of mail rooms. To celebrate 70 years of success, Kern has unveiled a handful of new product lines. The first is the highly toted K1600 inserting system. The Kern1600 is fast, simple, and versatile; and can be used with flexibility in the professional sector. This compact yet multi format system is perfect for the low to medium capacity range. This machine truly impresses with its high degree of flexibility, fast changeover times, exceptional reliability and straightforward operation. Another piece of hardware released this year that is causing a big stir in the card industry is the Kern Card Sorter. This machine uses robotics to quickly and efficiently sort and stack gift cards or credit cards to be mailed out, eliminating any potentiality of “human error”. Once sorted, these cards are then able to be attached to mailings using the K90/91 card attaching systems. Kern again is helping expand the fastest growing arm of the mailing industry. Coupled with the release of great new hardware for Kern, the announcement of new Real-Time Reporting on system performance during production has customers eyes wide open and focused in on Kern. The expansion in the software of Kern doesn’t stop their either, Kern EDGE and the document workflow management platforms have helped multiple industries with small department level applications, to full blown workflows that affect sales order, accounts payable/receivable and so much more. Finally, Kern has announced a brand new solution to the rapidly expanding parcel locker market. The Kern Lockers are automated parcel lockers for simple and flexible delivery and pickup of packages. With three variants (refrigerated, freezer, and dry lockers) and numerous possible applications: Kern Lockers not only improve internal and external workflows, but also provide a wide range of logistical services, both in the business and in the private sphere.




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Mailing Systems Technology July/August 2017  

Mailing Systems Technology July/August 2017

Mailing Systems Technology July/August 2017  

Mailing Systems Technology July/August 2017