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One of the biggest issues that companies face today is fragmentation. Fragmentation of technology, processes, and facilities. The causes are many, and the more silos a company has, the bigger the struggle to advance their operations. Accumulation of software, hardware, and other systems over time burdens companies with a mix that supports and constrains the business at the same time. As companies grow, merge, and acquire other organizations, problems intensify, negatively affecting profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee performance. Racami helps you reach your goals by eliminating constraints caused by fragmentation. In a word, Racami is an integrator. Racami knows about data, printing, mailing, and electronic communications. Companies start projects right away and move them to completion more quickly with Racami than they can with internal resources.


Racami Products Alchem-e™ is an integration platform that ties your software and hardware together into a master system. Alchem-e™ includes functions to do work like manipulate and normalize data, do proofing, index and re-engineer PDF jobs, send jobs to printers, create inserter control files, and support multi-channel workflows including bill presentment and payment.





Racami’s Professional Services: } Integration and migration services } Implementation support } Staff augmentation } Offshore and onshore software development } Industry specific expertise and skill





Matt Mahoney serves as Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing at Racami. Most of his 25-year career has been spent working in the print, mail, and customer communications industry. Prior to working for Racami, Matt contributed to the growth of several software and hardware suppliers as well as two service bureaus that performed direct marketing and transactional customer communications. This broad experience working for both suppliers and users of technology gives him the ability relate to his customers’ issues and goals and provide valuable advice for achieving success.

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