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By Kaspar Roos


Understanding the convergence of CX and CCM


ustomer communications management (CCM) is an industry in transition. Last year, we witnessed further convergence of CCM with customer experience (CX) and saw new approaches in configuration and deployment gaining wider adoption. Yet, a popular question remains: Is CCM still relevant today? One of the key challenges with this term is its ambiguity. Some think of CCM as a means to describe outbound transactional print communications, and others use it as a synonym for document composition. Still, many people—myself included—take a broader perspective, viewing CCM as the creation, management, and fulfilment of any personalized, omni-channel customer interaction at scale. This is irrespective of the channel, communication type, or touchpoint. Therefore, the domain of CCM could extend to anything from promotional marketing



emails, personalized web experiences, inbound scans, mobile forms, printed statements, and even call center communications, which can be transcribed, analyzed, and optimized using virtual customer assistant (VCA) technology. This definition places CCM right in the center of the customer experience management (CXM) space. This is a natural evolution of how enterprises are managing their customer communications and interactions, which is the result of advancements in information technology (IT), consumer behavior, and enterprise IT deployment models. For the foreseeable future, CCM will remain relevant, but it is distinctively different from CXM, even though both share objectives around leveraging customer interactions to improve CX, leading to increased loyalty or other business objectives. There are two reasons why CCM will remain a distinct subset of CXM. First, many CXM tools have been

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DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2017-2018  

DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2017-2018

DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2017-2018  

DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2017-2018