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WHICH CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT (CCM) SOLUTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU? As you continue to work with everyone and everything in your enterprise that is connected in developing a better customer experience, you need to make a key decision on who will help you with your communications management. As you search you will find a number of partner options; however, knowing that there is not one solution that is right for everyone, you will have to find the one that has the features and no-how that best fits into your strategy. Any of the following companies could be the right choice for you. Please take a good look at each one, check out their websites and then email or call them.

Crawford Technologies is an awardwinning, global provider of software solutions and services that help enterprises optimize and improve the secure and accessible delivery, storage and presentment of their customer communications. But beyond that, Crawford Technologies is a company that was built from the ground up to serve their customers in any way needed. Crawford Technologies continues to put the customer first in their approach to serving the CCM industry, and it only takes a quick look into their Net Promoter Score — an industry leading +73 — to see just how much they stand by their customer-centric business. Crawford Tech customers


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continue to speak incredible highly of their solutions and of the commitment of the staff in providing expert advice, whether that be during a strategic assessment, product implementation, migration, training or support. Contact Crawford Technologies today to set up a personalized discussion regarding your business needs and see how quickly and easily you can begin or continue your digital transformation. Crawfordtech.com 866.679.0864 sales@crawfordtech.com

Eclipse Corporation is a global provider of enterprise software solutions for documents, labels and forms, providing everything needed to design, generate, and deliver globally or in-house. The Eclipse team members created the leading document and label software from the 90’s to 2010 for companies like JetForm, Adobe, StreamServe, Resolutions. In 2010 we got the band back together and created DocOrigin. We applied our experience and wisdom to build the top-of-the-line solution to meet customer needs and stay ahead of current trends and technology. As businesses compete for their current and potential clients’ attention, they need to find innovative, alternative means to reach the market. Knowing that transactional documents are an essential part of every business, why not expand their role. Our DocOrigin Business Communications Center® (BCC) turns documents into powerful marketing and messaging tools to generate revenue, improve communication, and reduce costs with omni channel delivery. Now marketing, compliance, and legal teams can add and maintain content without negatively impacting the document template’s integrity. Real time data-driven messaging makes communication to customers, partners, and employees more relevant and useful. Upsell products and services based on current transactions or caution recipients of hazardous materials, critical deadlines, or State to State regulations based on unique data content. Contact Eclipse for a demonstration and learn more about how DocOrigin helps you save money, build value, and increase your investment return. eclipsecorp.us 678.408.1245 Info@EclipseCorp.US

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DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2020  

DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2020

DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2020  

DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2020