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2021: WHAT’S NEXT? To help us answer that question, we went straight to the experts.





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Here we are, exiting the challenging year 2020 and entering the unknown year 2021. We know what the past was like and are preparing for the uncertainty of the future. I believe that Alexander Graham Bell put it best when he said, “Before anything else preparation is the key to success.”

Bob Larrivee Throughout 2020, many businesses had to change their operational processes, enhance their information ecosystems and support a growing remote workforce as a result of viral disruption due to COVID-19. This was not planned; it was a reactionary response driven by the need to keep businesses running, maintain revenue streams and retain the customer base. Let’s look ahead at 2021. At the time of this writing, it is uncertain whether the challenges of 2020 have fully passed,


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In this article, DOCUMENT Strategy Advisory Board Members have shared their views and opinions of what 2021 will bring. In this way, we hope our insights will provide some perspectives and awareness that you can use in your preparation for 2021 and the beginning of what we all hope will be a successful year.

but a few things are clear, businesses and employees have come to realize that supporting a remote workforce is doable, technology is available to enhance the information ecosystem in areas of automation and extended workflows, and the remote workforce is a reality that not only opens the door to reduced operating costs, but also has potential to increase productivity when implemented properly. So, in 2021, what do I think is next?

others according to a report by FlexJobs, cited by Travel and Leisure, are moving in this direction. An article in the World Economic Forum cites that Microsoft will allow many of its employees to remain as remote workers and that Facebook is predicting up to 50% of its staff will work remote. One caveat is that if an employee chooses to move to a different location, compensation will be readjusted to match the geographic norm.

Remote Workforce Remains We are already seeing signs that the remote workforce will remain in some sectors and for some roles. For example, Microsoft, Facebook and at least 25

Rise of the Robot Worker We have seen an increase in the use of robotic process automation (RPA) where software robots are used to automate business activities within a digital

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DOCUMENT Strategy Winter 2020  

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