DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer

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ISIS Papyrus Software





One Company — One Voice ISIS Papyrus Software offers integrated enterprise software solutions for personalized customer communications and business process optimization in banking/finance, insurance, utilities/energy, telecom, healthcare and the public sector. A common platform seamlessly supports high-volume, on-demand and interactive document applications to centrally manage, administer and deploy document resources, data and definitions for all types of business documents and users. Consolidating inbound and outbound communications with processes linked to enterprise systems, the Papyrus Platform enables your organization to interact with customers as a unified entity. Business teams are empowered to create their own templates and mailings The Papyrus Correspondence Solution enables Business administrative users to assemble and make changes to the document content and template, uploading images and managing standard text paragraphs used across online/batch, interactive/ad-hoc and Web communications. A document solution for the multichannel world Papyrus integrated output management for all types of business documents generated centrally in batch/online, as well as individually by the business users, can be collected for optimized print, mail and digital output delivery to desktop, browser and mobile — based on customer preferences. The unique concept of document pooling results in substantial cost savings and a flexible, high-quality output for each delivery channel using final document composition capabilities. Two-way communication capabilities with response options and powerful reporting on e-mail, printing and archiving are further capabilities of the platform. Recognition from industry experts Experts in business communications and customer service technology have evaluated the Papyrus Platform positively for leading capabilities across document output and automation, CCM and DCM/ACM, with recent highlights including: “The Forrester Wave: Document Output for Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014”: Leader “The Forrester Wave: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2014”: Strong Performer For more detail from the experts, request a free download of The Forrester Wave on the ISIS Papyrus Web site — for a limited time!