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leading technology provider for financial services, insurers, utilities and billers, FIS delivers integrated data, delivery and payment solutions for the full document lifecycle. The CSF Designer CCM suite anchors the FIS Customer Engagement platform – offering a broad feature set for virtually any design to centralize your enterprise customer communication strategy.

FIS meets your infrastructure needs by deploying the suite via license, SaaS and fully outsourced. IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Deliver all your communications – from high-volume statements and bills to ad-hoc, interactive customer service correspondence – wherever your customer desires. • Responsive design to optimize mobile viewing • Web-based content management tools for business users, customer service and customer self-service • Wizards to target messaging content by geography, demographics, transactional history and more • Content on demand by user or system generated requests • Integration to EBPP (push and pull) and eBill distribution solutions with proven adoption strategies CUSTOMER SERVICING CORRESPONDENCE The increasingly regulated world in which FIS clients operate has placed a greater emphasis on the documents generated through customer service and policy or loan origination. Compliance violations can have a significant, negative impact on a company’s financials and brand image. Corralling these communications not only reduces risk but increases efficiency. As reported by Madison Advisors in their FIS Output Solutions Designer Intuition whitepaper dated March 2011, “By using Designer Intuition, organizations can improve customer service and reduce costs for multi-channel document production. Business value will be realized by multiple groups in the enterprise from measurable improvements to productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Madison Advisors’ analyses identified several key areas of cost savings and productivity improvements.” For a copy of the report on how FIS can improve your customer experience - Email or call FIS today.




DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer  

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer  

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer