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ustomer communications is no longer only about delivering paper documents to mailboxes and archiving files forever. Today, organizations actively manage documents and the data they contain during the entire document lifecycle. Reducing operational and postal costs while improving production and delivery processes are still very important, however, emerging global trends are driving sweeping industry changes: • Regulatory compliance — ever-changing data security and privacy laws, including accessibility regulations, are forcing fundamental changes to avoid the risks of data breaches and fines • Migration to digital — formerly paper based workflows are evolving to all-digital, necessitating technology and process changes • Mobile access — increasing demand for immediate, secure, 24x7 electronic access to documents via mobile devices has forced companies to adapt legacy output in ways they never anticipated • Color inkjet — adoption of high speed, high quality, low cost digital inkjet presses are changing production and fulfillment workflows dramatically • Big data — To gain new customer insights or for e-discovery/compliance reasons, companies are combining real-time and archived data in data warehouses and applying analytics tools.


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“SO WHAT?” you may ask… Why should you care? CrawfordTech’s solutions and services are positioned at the intersection of customer communications, content management, and analytics. Crawford Technologies can help you navigate the challenges in leveraging legacy applications and data in the platforms and applications of the future • Manage and automate end-to-end high volume workflows with complete visibility and one point of command and control — See our ad! • Consolidate workflows and eliminate redundant process steps — reduce costs • Realize maximum postal discounts with CrawfordTech solutions without reinventing the wheel --USPS offers discounts for using color and lets the “2nd ounce” get delivered for free • Accelerate ROI on you high speed color inkjet technology – get into production fast without requiring changes to your composition workflow and processes • Avoid fines and risks of non-compliance with data security, redaction, and accessibility solutions from CrawfordTech For more information contact us at 1.877.679.0864 or

An electronic document industry pioneer, Ernie Crawford, is the President and Founder of Crawford Technologies. Over the past 20 years, Ernie has grown Crawford Technologies from a basement startup into a leading international technology company. Crawford Technologies has been listed as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies for the past five years.



Crawford Technologies is a worldwide leader in print-stream conversions, document re-engineering, high-volume document workflow, document accessibility and archiving software solutions. Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2015, CrawfordTech is dedicated to helping organizations improve their customer communications delivery systems so people can receive documents in their format and channel of preference.




DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer  

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer  

DOCUMENT Strategy 2015 Summer