DOCUMENT Strategy Hot Companies 2020-21

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2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a fundamental change to how companies communicate with their customers. Communications that are timely, targeted, and aligned with your brand are more important than ever before. With AI-enabled technologies driving change, timing is perfect for companies to make a shift in the way they manage their content. Imagine the power of having an intelligent assistant to help you migrate, optimize, author, and manage your customer communications. An assistant that makes it easy to create consistent, personalized, and relevant customer experiences across all channels and platforms. That’s the power of MARCIE, the Messagepoint Advanced Rationalization and Content Intelligence Engine. MARCIE adds the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to Messagepoint and Rationalizer, enabling you to intelligently manage the critical content that is the foundation of your customer communications. Rationalizer enables advanced content migration and optimization by automating the ingestion of your content, enabling you to migrate content libraries from legacy platforms 99% faster and with far less cost than manual services-led approaches. Additionally, Rationalizer’s analysis reveals actionable insights for cleaning up your content, to make it more manageable and eliminate issues relating to brand violations, inappropriate reading comprehension levels, and improper sentiment that negatively impact the customer experience.






Messagepoint leverages MARCIE as an intelligent assistant for business user authoring to ensure that content is optimized as it is created in the system. The same factors of brand violations, reading comprehension levels, and sentiment are assessed, while also identifying duplicate and similar content which exists in the system. This enables organizations to control the proliferation of content and ensure consistent messaging across channels and communications. What would normally take teams months or even years of manual effort, can now be done in a fraction of the time with greater accuracy and far less cost by harnessing the power of AI. The result is more consistent, timely, and easier to understand communications — ultimately leading to better customer experiences for your valuable customers. Visit to learn more and request a demo.


Steve Biancaniello, CEO of Messagepoint “The world of customer communications has changed dramatically over the last few months, and Messagepoint is here to help marketers and customer experience teams manage the new reality. We believe that providing AI-powered solutions that solve some of the biggest problems companies face around migrating, managing, and optimizing customer communications to enable a better customer experience is a true game-changer.”