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One Simple Solution for a Better Customer Experience Transformations, a software solutions company, is the developer of Uluro, a comprehensive customer communications management (CCM) software. The exciting difference Uluro brings to the CCM space is the opportunity to lower costs and empower new revenue with the ability to build your own customized workflow around Uluro’s unique core technology. Transformations designed Uluro to provide a higher level of automation for unifying a host of CCM processes. Uluro is an all-in-one, integrated solution that makes you more efficient and productive in an increasingly competitive industry by eliminating manual steps in the operational workflow, providing faster implementation and maximizing ongoing process efficiency. But there is more. As the workforce grows more mobile, your CCM solution needs to include methods for securely delivering communications via multiple channels. Transformation’s breakthrough uSecure, and Smart Delivery, address industry-critical issues specific to data security. What sets the unmatched uSecure workflow apart from other security solutions is that uSecure offers intelligent protection that travels with the file, keeping data encrypted throughout the entire workflow. Smart Delivery makes instant access to documents possible, eliminating the timeconsuming activity of following a link to again follow an online sign-in process within a web portal. It is the only standalone system on the market today that can safely email data-sensitive, regulatory compliant communications and provide proof of delivery to the intended recipient exclusively, proof of access and a built-in real-time audit trail. We also make it possible to add the advantage of a new revenue stream with a real-time payment solution. Integrate uPayments with your current CCM software and add EBPP, eBill, EIPP or payment processing without IT intervention. uPayments lets you easily send electronic bills or payment notices to customers through their preferred channel and securely receive payments on their behalf. Transformations’ continued innovation is driven by our commitment to create awesome products that deliver a significant competitive advantage by making it possible to streamline workflow processes, generate revenue with new services and elevate the customer experience.