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Smart Communications™ is the only provider of a customer conversations management platform. More than 500 global brands rely on Smart Communications to deliver smarter conversations across the entire lifecycle — empowering them to succeed in today’s digital-focused, customer-driven world while also simplifying processes and operating more efficiently. This is what it means to scale the conversation. The Smart Communications platform includes the following solutions: SmartCOMM : Delivers personalized, interactive communications via all channels and at tremendous scale. Designed for the business user, it also simplifies and standardizes processes, thus improving internal efficiency and increasing ROI. ™


Smart Communications

SmartIQ™: Transforms traditional forms-based processes into intelligent, conversational user experiences. It increases customer engagement while streamlining internal systems, managing risk and reducing demand for support services — delivering more customers ready to transact.


SmartDX™: All of the G15 investment banks and some of the world’s largest energy and commodity companies trust SmartDX to help them simplify trade and relationship documentation for all market participants, across all asset classes and product types.




Smart Communications is headquartered in the UK and serves its customers from offices located across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit


2020-21 James Brown, CEO of Smart Communications


We knew that in 2020 it would be imperative for companies to evolve from simply sending communications to engaging their customers in smarter conversations, but we couldn’t have imagined how urgent the need for this shift would become. As businesses evolve, however, it is also critical to stay focused on what matters most — the customer experience. To deliver exceptional experiences, interactions must be digital-focused, two-way, relevant and timely. And that is what Smart Communications does best.