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Quadient wants to take you on a journey, a journey that constantly improves. As the leader in the Customer Communication Management (CCM) market Quadient has taken our clients on a journey that improves the experience of their customers and employees for years (Gartner Peer Insights, 2020). Quadient’s 2020 innovations continue to improve the journey for our customers, as well as their customers and employees. Quadient knows communications are experienced in context, so it is important to organize, design and manage communications as your customers experience them. Quadient’s newest innovation, Quadient Customer Journey Explorer brings marketleading Journey Orchestration Platform technology to the CCM market by connecting customer experience decisioning with omnichannel communication. If you want to be a CX leader, you must actively manage your customer journeys. The most effective way to do this is with journey maps. Quadient’s award-winning Customer Journey Mapping technology gives you this view, while facilitating collaboration amongst the variety of teams that work together to design, integrate and deploy great omnichannel communications. Then, you need to effortlessly design messages for all channels and orchestrate the interactions that succeed to move to the next step automatically or quickly fail over to alternate channels to ensure you honor that customer’s need for communication. With a one-button single screen preview of every channel, Quadient delivers consistent design while removing risk and reducing approval effort. Well, if you are excited about customer experience transformation as we are, Quadient would love for you to join the CX journey with us. According to Aspire CCS 2020, Quadient has the highest capability scores in all of the CX-focused categories, including Omnichannel Orchestration, Communication Orchestration, Interactions tracking, Mobile design and Journey mapping. If you want to go on that journey quickly, Quadient has technology to get you there as soon as possible. With the industry’s highest score for AI Template Migration, Quadient has proven we can retire any and all of your legacy CCM applications using the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in a way that has reduced the burden of communication analysis by 90%, reduced project timelines by over 50% and reduced redundant content by over 70%.

Scott Draeger, VP of Customer Transformation Scott started his career by showing up early, staying late and working weekends to get the job done for his customers. He loved the thrill of finishing complex designs, but not the extra hours of frustration. So, he spent two decades co-creating technology to help people do better and work faster with less errors while collaborating naturally. If you’re into letters, he’s a UNLV alumni with an MBA with an M-EDP and a CCXP.





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