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Crawford Technologies Inc.(CrawfordTech) provides innovative, production grade, document and data solutions that streamline, improve, and manage document processing in all stages of the document life-cycle. CrawfordTech offers output management, eDelivery, archive management, enterprise content management (ECM), Content Services and document accessibility solutions – all designed to assist organizations on their path to digital enterprises. The company’s deep expertise in print description languages (PDL) and document formatting drives solutions that are practical, efficient, robust and production worthy. A complete suite of PDL transformations that include much more than simple transformation – data extraction, font changes, colorization of B & W formatted data, insertion of barcodes to ensure mail piece integrity are just some of the enhancements that can be made. All of these are designed to increase efficiency, allow for better control and increase flexibility in operations. CrawfordTech’s document reengineering solutions work in conjunction with solutions for total output management workflow. Print and eDelivery options are all accommodated in a consolidated system that provides complete command, control and execution through an easy to use dashboard interface. Dashboards can be extended to customers for them to monitor their workloads, reducing customer support costs for print centers. Uniquely designed to integrate existing hardware, software and processes, it allows organizations the ability to continue to extend their return on investments already made. A significant challenge facing most output providers is the need to create output that is compliant with accessibility regulations for the blind and vision impaired. CrawfordTech’s AccessibilityNow platform accommodates the need for multiple accessible formats (large print, audio, braille, as well as Accessible PDF and HTML files compatible with screen readers). AccessibilityNow automates as much as possible, reducing the implementation costs. Organizations can outsource as much of the work as they would like using CrawfordTech’s extensive services offerings. CrawfordTech ’s +75 Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is a testament to the quality, timeliness and accuracy of support and professional services. Products and services are offered directly and through a global network of partners.

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