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In the mid-seventies, O’Neil Digital Solutions (O’Neil) pioneered the field of automated composition and document delivery for the financial services industry. Since that time, O’Neil has become a leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM) for some of the largest and most influential Managed Healthcare and Financial Services companies in the U.S. O’Neil is recognized as an innovator in technology-driven, CCM and Omni-channel solutions, helping clients with their digital transformation initiatives and eAdoption strategies. O’Neil continues to build on the success of its world-class “CCM-as-aservice” platform, with a platform called ONEsuite™. ONEsuite centralizes every step in the Customer Communications Management workflow, and enables clients to create and deliver documents in all media formats, how and where their audiences prefer. Many organizations struggle with accessing and interacting with various data sources, rich media, content, document templates, CRM systems, email and SMS platforms, and the ever-changing Omni-channel preferences of their customers. O’Neil’s ONEsuite platform solves these pain points, increases eAdoption, and drastically decreases client overhead, printing, postage and inventory management costs. O’Neil’s ONEsuite Platform features include:  Preference Management  Data Normalization • Data Cleaning Engine • Data Integration  Self-service Composition Engine • Template Creation • Template Editing • Template Management  Content Management • Variable Messaging • Content Optimization • Business-rule driven content intelligence  Kit Management  Document Output  eMail & SMS Notification  eDelivery  Printing & Fulfillment  Production Tracking & SLA Dashboard  Document Archiving  Dynamic Reporting Engine O’Neil’s ONEsuite platform provides a configurable user interface and best-in-class technology, offering the industry an alternative to building and maintaining an in-house CCM platform. If your organization is struggling with managing data, business rules, content, templates, documents, composition, eAdoption conversion, and Omni-channel communications, it’s time to consider a proven solution that centralizes everything in one platform. In today’s ever changing, fast paced environment, you must have the ability to quickly adapt to keep up with market demands. O’Neil’s ONEsuite and Omni-channel solutions, provides the tools and experience to keep you in compliance, reduce costs, increase eAdoption, build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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