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O’Neil Digital Solutions





O’Neil Digital Solutions, a division of William O’Neil Companies, is a total communications service provider and a recognized leader in technology-driven, marketing communications for nearly five decades. Forward-thinking, resourceful, and nimble, O’Neil Digital Solutions specializes in Customer Communication Management (CCM) and provides hosted managed services in Customer Experience Management (CXM) for the Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services industries. ONEsuite: A Complete CCM/CXM Solution for Digital Transformation ONEsuite, is a robust CCM/CXM platform that supports every stakeholder throughout the client’s enterprise. Our latest version of ONEsuite includes a robust data analytics engine, content management, template creation and output functionality, CRM integration, and built-in omni-channel delivery. ONEsuite enables clients to interact with their data, content, templates, and create communications, with proofing workflows and multi-channel delivery to their audiences. ONEsuite also monitors SLAs and has a sophisticated reporting dashboard to track results. ONEscore, a Game-Changing Data Analytics and Intelligence Platform O’Neil recently launched ONEscore™, a hosted data analytics and intelligence platform that enables clients to accurately study recipient behavior in real-time and properly segment their customers using 360° live personas. Through its proprietary predictive modeling and AI engine, ONEscore allows enterprises to truly get to know their customers. It delivers a comprehensive snapshot, allowing for highly personalized, relevant, and timely communications. As a result, the customer experience is enhanced, translating to better customer outcomes, improved industry ratings, and increased revenue for O’Neil’s clients. ONEinteractive, a Virtual Host for Powerful Online Engagement ONEinteractive is an innovative service that integrates interactive video within the ONEsuite platform, for enrollment & education for new and existing clients. A virtual host guides individuals quickly and easily through the enrollment, educational, or crossselling process, providing a full-service solution that not only drives revenue-generating behavior but also increases customer retention and satisfaction.